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Thea decided to return his call, she called him but he was not picking up, “what’s wrong with him? Wasn’t he just desperate to speak to her?

She called five more times but he still didn’t pick up, “Is he taking a revenge?” She said to herself. “There is no way, he would be that childish,” she added.

She decided to call her ex co-worker, she picked up at first ring more like she was waiting, well she could be, she left twenty missed calls anyway.

“Where have you been?!” She yell before Thea could say, ‘hello’. “You don’t have to destroy my eardrum you know,” she joked.

“Mr. Charles wants to talk to you,” she informed and Thea knew it was serious, her friend would have replied her joke but her not doing that means something is definitely up.

“I saw his fifty missed calls,” she said pretending to be nonchalant, she was actually curios about what’s going on.

“He is with a strange man who refused to leave our company,” she informed. “A strange man?” Thea asked.

“Yeah, rumors are going around that he is a fan of yours and your secret admirer. Mr Charles wants you in the company,” she said that last part mimicking Mr. Charles strict voice.

Thea tried not to laugh but she ended up laughing, “you could lose your job for that,” Thea said. “Maybe but I doubt it, Me Charles is bush giving the strange man a tour,” she said.

“A tour?” She asked. “Yes, I think it’s to keep him busy until you are reached,” she replied. Is the stranger really important? Who could it be? Thea wondered as she stared into space.

“Got to go,” the girl said and hung up. “Should I go?” She asked no one as she stared at Mr Charles messages.

‘No, he threw you out. He should beg,’ her subconscious advised and she nodded in agreement.

She was about to drop her phone when her phone rang, displaying Vin’s name. She smiled unknowingly as she picked up, “good evening beauty voice,” he flirt and she found herelf blushing.

“Evening,” she replied. “Are you almost ready?” He asked and she furrowed her brows, if he saw her right now, he would be disappointed.

“For the dinner?” He added and she hit her head, how could she have forgot. “But I never said I was coming,” she tried to play hard.

“You didn’t reply so I took it as a yes,” he said. “I didn’t guess wrong, did I?” He asked. Her mind drifted to Mr. Charles and the strange man waiting for her, if she stood Vin up he will be hurt.

A guy has never buy her dinner, if she turned him down. She might never experience it. “You didn’t, you will come pick me up right?” She asked.

“What if I don’t have a car?” He joked. “I guess I’ll come directly to the restaurant,” she said.

“I’ll come pick you up, be sure to look pretty,” he flirt and she blushed. “Alright,” she replied and he cut the call.

She dropped her phone and rushed to take her bath, that is actually the second bath. She dried her hair and tried to look for something pretty but nothingf was beautiful.

“This can’t be happening!!” She cried getting Mavis attention, she rushed out of her room frightened. “What happened to you?” She inquired kneeling beside her.

“Mavis!” She pouted.

“Yes” she answered

“It’s unfair,” she cried

“What’s unfair?” She asked.

“I don’t have any pretty clothes!!” She sob.

Mavis was dumbfounded, she was scared that something bad happened to her, and rushed out of the room only to find out that, she’s crying because of pretty clothes.

“You don’t have a fever,” she said touching her forehead to check her temperature. “Is something wrong?” Thea asked noticing her strange stares.

“I should be asking that, are you losing your mind because you are jobless?” She asked and Thea rolled her eyes. “You should ask the doctor to run some test on you when next you visit your mom, you never know you might get a ward,” she shrugged and Thea hit her with a dress.

“Do you have a death wish?” Thea glared and she chuckled. “Why are you looking for pretty clothes anyway? It’s late,” she said.

“Uh… This… it’s nothing. I was just looking,” she lied, if she told Mavis she’s going on a date, she will definitely tease her the whole night.

“Okay, I might be able to help if you need one,” she said intentionally so it would trigger her to spill the bean.

Thea kept mute and thought about what she said, “stop!” She said as Mavis was about to open the door to her room. “What?” She asked putting on the most innocent face you will ever see.

“Will you really help me?” She asked looking like a high school girl about to fail her exam. “With what?” Mavis asked pulling her legs.

“I… I have… a date tonight,” she blunted. “What? You got yourself a boyfriend?!” She freaked rushing to sit beside her.

“I wouldn’t call him a boyfriend,” Thea said. “If he’s not your boyfriend what is he? He’s taking you out and you want to look pretty for him,” she teased.

“He’s the guy that saved my life, and it is just dinner,” she said. “Just dinner, huh?” Mavis teased. “Stop,” she cautioned shyly.

“Why do you want to look pretty if it is ‘just dinner’” she air quoted her. “He asked me to look pretty,” she answered.

“Asked me to look pretty,” Mavis winked. Thea face palmed herself, she knew telling Mavis was such a horrible idea. “You gonna help or continue teasing?” She asked sounding a little angry.

“I’ll help,” she said and stood up pulling Thea along. They went to her room and she got her a off shoulder orange gown that stopped below her knee.

With a love shape earrings and necklace, she transformed her face with light make up. Her hair was packed in ponytail, “tell me what you think,” Mavis said and she opened her eyes, she checked herself out in the mirror and a gasp left her mouth.

She never knew she was that beautiful, “what did you do to my face Mavis?” She asked touching her cheek.

“Nothing much just few magic touch,” she replied proudly. “I am beautiful,” she blushed at her own words.

“Aren’t you running late?” She asked. “Yeah thanks for this,” Thea appreciated getting up. “One more thing to look perfect,” she said and reached for a white bag.

“You are the best,” Thea blew her a kiss which she caught. “One more thing!” Mavis yell as she ran after her. “Congratulations on getting yourself a rich boyfriend,” she said. “He’s just a friend,” she replied.

“Call it whatever you want,” Mavis said. “Bye!” Thea waved. “Wait!” She stopped her again. “What?” Thea groaned. “You forgot your phone,” she said giving it to her.

“One more thing,” she said as she turned to leave. “I’m going to be late Mavis,” she complained stylishly stomping her leg on the floor. “Get your lips disvirgined,” she said and Thea rolled her eyes.

Mavis smiled as she watched her got into a car through the window, she waved at her which she returned. “Why didn’t he step out of the car?” She wondered and went to pick her phone.

She text Thea, *Is he crippled? Why didn’t he step out of the car?* Thea ignored the message and kept her phone in the bag.


“Our company is beautiful, don’t you agree?” Mr. Charles asked as they returned to his office. Cisco was lost in thought of something else, he wanted to see the girl with the magic voice not the company.

“Do you want me to order something for dinner?” Mr. Charles asked. “You left your phone,” he said instead. “Yes,” he answered.

“She might have retuned your call,” he guessed and Mr. Charles reluctantly walked towards his desk. Just like he said there was six missed calls from Thea. ‘Rude brat, I called fifty times,’ he thought before dialing her number.

“I’ll call her,” he said before dialing her number. It was not reachable so it assumed it to be network problem.

He kept on trying.


“You look beautiful,” Vin compliment and she blushed. “Thanks,” she muttered. It seemed like he already ordered something in advance, a waiter just served them pasta and wine.

“Pasta?” She called more like a question. “Don’t you like it? Do you want something else?” He asked.

“No I love it,” she admitted and he nodded with a satisfactory smile. “Thea” he called diverting her attention. “I have something to tell you,” he said and her phone rang preventing him from going further.

She checked the caller ID and it was Mr. Charles, she cut the call and raised her head to ask, “what is it you want to say?” He pouted his mouth to say something….
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