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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service





Thea was silent as she tried to comprehend what the doctor was talking about, it made no sense and she was confused.

Why would he say Davis is not her son? She births love and raised him. He has been her life, why will he…?

“There seems to be a misunderstanding here doctor. Davis is my son, there is no way he isn’t,” Thea argued.

“She is right doctor, there has to be a mistake Davis is our son,” Cisco stated too.

“But the results….” The doctor trailed off. “You didn’t run a DNA test did you?” Thea questioned.

“No, but… One of you should have been a match if you are his parents,” the doctor stated.

“Run a DNA test before jumping to conclusions, and get blood for my son!” Thea stated and stormed out of the office.

Cisco followed and grabbed her forearm, “Thea.” He called.

“What? Do you want to believe that bullshit too? You don’t think Davis is our son?” She questioned.

“That isn’t true, I don’t care if he is our son or not. I love you both,” he replied and she freed her arm from his grip.

“You sound like you believe him,” she referred to the doctor. “You are unbelievable,” she shook her head sideways and walked away

Cisco roughed his hair as he watched her disappear into the corridors.


It has been four days, the test results were given to them a day ago and it was negative. Thea is devastated, she has been avoiding Cisco since she found out the truth.

‘I have to find answers, why isn’t Davis my son?’ Thea thought as she walked into the hospital, she stopped at the counter and a nurse smiled warmly at her.

“Good morning, how can I help you?” The nurse asked.

“I am here to see doctor Rose, is she in?” They asked a nurse. “Do you have an appointment with her?” The nurse asked.

“No, but I was her patient,” Thea replied.

“Follow me,” she replied and led her to the doctor’s office. “Good afternoon doc, you have a guest,” she informed and the doctor gestured at her to let the person in.

They had a smile on their face as she walked into the office, and the doctor’s heart raced as she saw her.

“T… Thea, wh… What brings you here?” She shuttered shortly on her feet. “Good afternoon doctor,” Thea greeted.

“Afternoon,” she replied reluctantly

“You look prettier,” Thea complimented and the doctor could only fake a smile since she was getting uncomfortable

“Aren’t you going to offer me a sit?” Thea asked. “Oh, um… You can sit,” she motioned at the chair and Thea sat.

“How are you?” Dr. Rose asked as she still felt uncomfortable, she just wanted her to leave.

“I am fine,” Thea replied.

“And your baby? How long has it been, nine years?” She guessed.

“Do you remember my baby?” They asked and she nodded. “Of course, who can forget such a cutie? She had the perfect smile and looked a lot like you,” Dr. Rose replied.

“She? You remembered she was a girl?” Thea asked trying to play along, as much she wished it wasn’t true it was the truth Davis was not her child.

“Yes, a beautiful girl,” she replied. “Really?” Thea chuckled awkwardly.

“But I had a boy, I went home with a baby boy,” she blurted and the doctor hit her mouth unconsciously.

“What are you talking about?” She faked a cough and Thea brought out her phone, she showed her the recent picture she took with Davis.

“He is my son, the child I birthed here,” she replied and the doctor stared away. “Why did you say I had a girl?” Thea questioned.

“I am blurting nonsense, it has been so long, I forgot you had a son,” she smiled nervously.

“You can stop the act, I know he isn’t my son. He got into an accident recently and neither I nor his father could give him blood because we are not his parent, what happened to my child Dr. Rose?” She questions.

“No, what did you do to my child?” She inquired with her eyes burning in rage, her face squeezed in a frown.

“Thea, you are mistaken,” she tried to come up with an excuse but she was in a tight spot.

“I want nothing but the truth!” She banged the table and Dr. Rose shivered.

“Nine years ago!” She screamed. “What happened nine years ago?” Thea questioned.

Nine years ago…..

Dr. Rose walked out of a room with heavily pregnant Thea, Thea rubbed her stomach with a smile.

“You will be due in a week or less,” Dr. Rose informed her. “You are excited,” she added.

“Yes, Dr. You have no idea how happy I am,” she replied with a smile.

While secretly April was watching her, she watched keenly.

“See you tomorrow,” Dr. Rose waved and walked to her office, April followed Dr. Rose.

“Good afternoon, Dr.,” she greeted and took a sit on the chair.

“Afternoon, how may I be of help to you?” Dr. Rose inquired with a smile. “You can be of help in lots of ways,” April replied.

“What do you want?” Dr. Rose queried. “I am April,” she replied

“Okay…” Dr. Rose trailed off as she waited for her to continue but she stared instead.

“You are not a patient, are you?” She asked and April shook her head sideways. “Why are you here?” Dr. Rose questioned.

“I like you, you’ve got sharp eyes. I am here because of Thea, Thea Robert,” she answered

“Are you a relative of hers?” Dr. Rose asked. “No, an old friend though,” she replied.

“She just left you should catch up with her if you are fast enough,” Dr. Rose said.

“I want her baby,” April blurted. “I don’t understand?” Dr. Rose’s eyes widened.

“I want you to give me her baby once the baby is born, tell her she lost her child or give her some kid,” She said nonchalantly.

“Hey, do you have any idea how unreasonable you sound?” Dr. Rose asked.

“Yeah, but this is reasonable,” she smiled and brought out her phone, she typed a few things and five million dollars was sent into her account.

“How did you?” Dr. Rose’s eyes widened. “I have my ways, now are you in or not?” April smirked, and Dr. Rose stared away nervously.

“You will have the rest once the job is done, I will be waiting on the day of her delivery,” she said and left the office.


Thea’s lips shiver as she tried to comprehend what she just heard, she was separated from her real child.

“You took my child from me? Wait, how could you? What makes you think you have the right to make that decision?!” Thea snapped as tears flooded her face.

“I am sorry Thea, I was blinded by greed,” she apologized.

Thea closed her eyes briefly and breathed in, she opened her eyes and questioned.

“Where is she?!”

“Who?” Confused Dr. Rose questioned back. “My daughter,” she replied.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “What are you talking about?! You should have an idea of what she did to my baby,” Thea cried.

“She left after paying me, I am sorry Thea,” she pleaded. “I don’t need your apology, I need you to give me my daughter! Where is my daughter!?” She sobbed and the nurse could only stare.

“My baby, give me my baby,” she cried.


With the help of Greg and Victor, Thea was able to track April within the day.

It was getting dark but she was careless, all she wanted was to uncover the truth. What has April done to her innocent daughter?

They took a deep breath and stepped forward, she pressed the doorbell and waited for a response.

“Good evening,” April greeted as she opened the door, she raised her head and gasped lowly.

“I don’t have to introduce myself, the look on your face tells me you know who I am,” Thea forced a smile and walked into the apartment

“Why are you here?” April asked. “Where is my daughter? What did you do with her after you took her?” Thea questioned and April gulped down.

She stared into Thea’s eyes and could see her anger, she won’t be intimidated by her. She is going to keep her head up.

“What daughter are you talking about?” April questioned back.

“I bet the orange was sweet,” Thea walked to the table and picked up the knife which she guessed was used for cutting an orange

She picked up the knife and rushed to April who had no time to defend herself, Thea raised the knife to her neck.

“Where is my daughter?!” They glared with the knife close to April’s throat

“Fine! Fine!! I will tell you!” She screamed in fear, Thea stared into her eyes with the knife still on April’s neck.

“Chloe took your daughter,” April blurted. “What?” Thea’s eyes widened.

“Chloe’s present daughter is your daughter, Chloe has your child,” April elaborated and the knife dropped.

Thea felt weak and her legs lost balance, she fell beside the knife.

T. B. C

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