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“I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think it’s time we get married.” Adrian stated, watching his fiance’s expression.

She looked blank.
“Well…” Mika sighed.
“What? You don’t seem thrilled with this idea.” Adrian scoffed.

“Believe me, I am thrilled, but sorry I am just a little on the left side of the rock here and I do want to get married to you but…”

“But what? Mika…” Adrian sighed.

“Don’t you think it’s a teeny tiny too soon, we just got engaged weeks ago.” Mika pointed out.
“So?” Adrian shrugged.

“A lot of people take up to a year to get married after engagement Adrian.”

“We are not like a lot of people Mika. We should be different” Adrian never failed to scoff again.

“I know, but we should let the engagement dig in first.” Mika shrugged.

“It has been dug enough. Don’t you love me?”

“it’s not about loving you and you know that I love you, I just want you to see and understand that marriage should be properly arranged and shouldn’t be rushed, come on now Adrian. Give it some thoughts.” Mika sucked in her bottom lip.

“What part of I have been thinking about it a lot do you don’t understand.?” Adrian asked.

“A lot means, a lot, and how we give it another thought” Mika said, grabbing Adrian’s hand.
Adrian paused to look at her. “We’re not going to take up to year, if that’s what you’re thinking then I strongly disagree.”

“No, of course not, we’re not taking up to a year, but I promise we are going to get married soon, but not now.” Mika smiled.

“Okay, I’ll respect your wishes, but pray I don’t snap.” Adrian smirked and Mika laughed.

“I love you” Mika smiled.

“Come here.” Adrian added and held Mika’s hand as she walked around the table to get to where he was.
Mika sat on his thigh, completely straddling him with her hands circling his neck.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Adrian smiled, his hand circling Mika’s waist.

“I know right?” Mika rolled her eyes.

“Classic Mika” Adrian laughed and watched Mika bury her head in his neck.

“Your hair’s wet” He stated.
“Sorry I was in a hurry to come listen to you, I forgot to blow dry it”

Adrian laughed. “Okay then”

“Oh and Adrian, I don’t think I want to come with you tomorrow to your meeting” Mika breathed out, raising her head up.

“What? Why?” Adrian asked.

“Because, apart from the dinner meeting you’ve been to where everyone got to bring their dates, you’ve been taking me to almost all your meetings, well not all, but most of them, and being the only woman there just feels so awkward, and you guys all talk and joke about business and stuff I don’t relate to, and you should see my faces each time, it screams boredom. ” Mika sighed.

“I’m just trying to show you off” Adrian scoffed.

Mika Laughed, “Well don’t, because it’s a little bit, I mean I don’t think I’m worth showing off.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You are worth more than showing off, if I could draw you face in the sky, then I would.”

“You and your cheesy comebacks, I’m done with you” Mika shook her head wanting to stand up when Adrian pulled her back, slowly moving his hand under her shirt.

“And if you don’t come with tomorrow where are you going to be? It’s going to be way boring for you at home, you should just come with me.” Adrian said, kissing Mika’s neck.

Mika tried not to moan. “I’ll invite Calista over.”

“And doesn’t Calista have anything better to do.?” Adrian asked.

“She just got fired, so she has all the time in the world.” Mika beamed.
“And you’re inviting just Calista over right?” Adrian asked.
“No six foot Ray coming here, just Calista.” Adrian repeated.
“Yes” Mika rolled her eyes. “Ray’s busy, I don’t know why you hate his guts so much”.

“I don’t hate him, he just looks like he’ll have his hands in something shady.” Adrian added.
“Trust me, he doesn’t.” Mika smiled.

“Whatever you say, anyways I can’t wait to start calling you Mikasa Kowalski, and stop calling you Mikasa Suzuki” Adrian smiled.
“Just think about it” Mika smiled, placing a kiss on Adrian’s lip, before standing up and walking inside.
“Believe me I would love to come but I have an interview tomorrow.” Calista yelled over the phone, clutching the plastic bag in her hand.
The evening sky looked welcoming as it also welcomed more wind.

“An interview?” Mika asked.

“Yes, I got lucky, but worry not, after the interview I’ll fly right over to yout place, I’ve been bored lately and tired of sitting at home.” Calista sighed.

“Okay call me when you’re done. I’ll wait” Mika said, trying not to sound disappointed.
“Okay, bye then.” Calista smiled, as she heard Mika’s little bye, she hung up.

Calista walked Into her apartment with the plastic bag in her hand, and as she got on her bed, she emptied the plastic bag, and tampons and body lotions escaped the bag.
She got herself busy, by cleaning out and resetting the cabinet in her bathroom. And after that she decided to talk a walk outside, where she stayed under the sky till it got dark, before stepping inside.

Calista stood by her window, watching the night sky and her hand touching the cash notes in her pants pocket, her head contemplating whether or not she should get the cigarettes she was craving for.

Walking up to her bed to scream into her pillow, Calista paused when a message got in her phone.
Seeing the message was from Mr. Anonymous from ‘Chat and fall in love’ Calista tilted her head and slowly took a seat on her bed.

“You alive?” The message had said and she scoffed.
“Is this our new hello or what?” she laughed to herself as she typed.

“Should we make that our official hello?”.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Since you seem fine with it, I guess so”

Calista smiled recalling their conversation last night and how they mostly talked and argued about animals and what they thought about penguins fitting into birds breed than fishes breed.

“So How was your day, is that okay to ask?”
Calista sent.
“It was okay, I guess.” Mr. Anonymous replied.

“Okay, you guess, well mine was the same.” Calista sent with grinning face with sweat emoji.

“Now can I ask a question.?” Mr. Anonymous asked.

Calista titled her head, curiosity waiting for the question.
“Yes sure” she texted.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “It’s just a question, I just want to know your thoughts about it, now what would you do if someone called you a fast food cleaner, and that you look unsophisticated and also looks like you buy your clothes from a thrift store”

The question seemed a little bit weird for Calista so she asked.
“Did someone call you that?”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “No, not really, but if you were called that, I bet you’d get mad.”

Calista nodded at the message of course she’d get mad, and with a brief thinking she wrote.
“Take it from me, if someone calls me that, of course I’d get mad, but maybe what if the person had seen me in that way, what if I did dress like someone who had shopped from a thrift store and what if I had looked unsophisticated. It’s a pretty complicated situation. You never know how you may present yourself to others.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Wow.”

Calista shook her head as she typed.
“Wow? Did I sound too elderly?”
Noah breathed out a sigh when he felt pressure on his back as he tried to type back to Miss. Anonymous.

“Get off my back Janice.” Noah sighed.

“No.” Janice giggled.

“It’s past nine. You ought to be asleep. So come down my back this instant.” Noah yelled, and Janice slowly sat on the bed with a frown on her face.
Noah glanced at her and turned back to his phone to reply the message.

“You didn’t sound elderly.”

“Daddy!” Janice called pulling Noah’s hand.

“Yes Janice.” Noah sighed.

“Nana said you were supposed to play with me today” Janice frowned.
“As you can see I am just” Noah added, waving his phone in the air.

“Fine.” Noah interrupted. “What did you learn in school today?”

“We played with crayons and paints and Nana didn’t like it, because she said I stained my uniform” Janice explained, her tiny hands moving her hair from her face.

Noah helped her move her hair back and lets out a smile. “Then you shouldn’t have played with paints.”

“Miss Calista doesn’t come to school anymore and Nana hates it too. She said miss Calista was an angel.” Janice smiled.

“Miss Calista? Is that your teacher?” Noah asked.
“Yes” Janice nodded. “Nana said she was hired. And that’s why she never comes to school anymore” Janice shook her head, slowly batting her eyes, making her long lashes collide.

“You mean fired, and that’s why she doesn’t she up anymore.” Noah laughed.

“I guess your Nana must have liked miss Calista, do you like her too?” Noah asked, his hand reaching for his daughter’s stomach.

“Yes” Janice nod, watching her father’s hand on her body, and knowing what’s coming.

Noah suddenly gave her one of his monster tickle, and she fell back on the bed laughing like never before.
“Stop” she cried for help and Noah stopped with a smile.
“Time for bed, if you go to sleep early, I bet miss Calista will show up tomorrow.” Noah smiled.
“Nana said she’s never going to show up.” Janice glared at her father.
“Well just go to bed early and you’ll stay with me tomorrow instead of Nana”.

“Coworking Desk?” Janice beamed with excitement.
“Yes really” Noah smiled.
He turned off the lights and out and put his daughter to bed and after seeing how sleepy she was getting, he grabbed his phone again only to see new messages from miss anonymous.

“Hello…? Are you there?”
“Mr. Anonymous? Hello? I’m talking to myself here.”
“You know what, I am just going to head to bed now, I have a big day tomorrow, good night.”

Noah sighed after reading all the messages. “I guess I’ll call it a night too” He added.
T. B. C

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