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Noah pondered on Miss. Anonymous’ message before finally replying.

“And why do you think hell is the opposite of earth.?”.

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Because it is, obviously.”

Noah smiled at the message before texting back.
“Whatever you say.”

Waiting for about five seconds, Noah’s head snapped towards his phone when he heard a ‘ding’.

“So how did your day went? Let me guess, you were busy?” Miss. Anonymous sent with an eye rolling emoji.

“Okay she is definitely mocking me.” Noah scoffed, squinting his eyes at the message, he sucked in both of his lips as he replied.
“And let me guess, you were bored all day”.

Miss Anonymous replied. “How did you know, boredom and I, are kind of related, incase you don’t know.”

Noah let’s out a snicker seeing her message.
“And busy and I are related too, I only get time to play on this app during nighttime.”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Play on this app? Seriously. Gosh you are so pompous with your words, now let me guess, you wear suits and neck ties for a living?”

Noah laughed hysterically seeing the message, how she had managed to crack him up.
After laughing his breath away he turned back to his phone and produced a text.

“Maybe play on this app was a little too much, I don’t always sound pompous with my words.”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “You don’t always? Now can I ask a question, what do your heart desire, what do you want the most?”

Noah looked at the question for about ten seconds. What does his heart desire. With a shrug, he poured out what he thinks his heart desire.

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Like i suspected, nothing.”

Noah scoffed as he texted. “What is that supposed to mean”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Oh nothing, just forget about it.” with a smiley face emoji.

Noah threw his brows up and asked.
“And you Miss. Anonymous, what do your heart desire.”

Miss. Anonymous replied without wasting time. “Oh my heart desires a lot, first I’d love to get out of my cramped up apartment, get out of this city, then have my own dream house, car, and get a golden retriever, a pomeranian and a savannah cat, P.S I’m an Animal person.”

Noah’s eyes almost bulged out of his head, and the corner of his lips turned into a smirk.. He typed.
“You have so many heart desires, and besides, do you need a dream house to get yourself those dogs and the cat you mentioned, you can get them now, right?”.

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Oh, yes, I do, I can’t let two dogs and a cat live with me in my tiny apartment, we’re all going to have a brawl every single day”

Noah laughed at the message, and shook his head while he typed, a smile still on his face.

“So okay, noted, if you do get your dream house, you’re going to get your pet dog and cat, and I guess you’ll get to drive them around town if you do get your dream car too, what dream car do you have in mind anyways.”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “The one that Flys, with steering wheels at the the top.”

Noah’s laugh filled the whole room, and after Getting a hold of himself he asked.
“Why sterring wheels at the top, why flying cars, this isn’t Disney land”

Miss. Anonymous. “Joking! Actually the dream car I have in mind has reset automatically after running into this rich gentleman yesterday, who almost hit me with his car, I suddenly want his.”

Noah tilted his head with a smile as he typed.
“You almost got hit? Are you okay?”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Well, I am okay, though I slammed by back against a pole but the owner of the car bribed me but it’s okay, I kind of liked his bribe.”

Noah shook his head. “You are one hilarious woman.”
The next went on with Noah and Miss anonymous engrossed in their little chat room, feeling like teenagers again and talking about the most petty things.

The next day came after a long night, and as Noah got up from his bed he found his phone on his face, which almost slid down and collide with the tiled floor, but luckily Noah caught it and wondered how it got on his face, he suddenly recalled last night seeing the message icon on his screen.

“Did I really stay up all night messaging this woman. Way to go Noah” He scoffed as he threw his phone on his bed and walked Into his bathroom.
Dressed for work that morning, with his aura beaming with success, Noah grabbed his car keys and wasted no time in hitting the road to get to his office.
Boris greeted Noah with a smile as he stepped into his office, placing his car keys and phone on his desk.

“So how was your night?” Boris asked.

Noah paused and glanced up at him. “It was good, why do you ask?”

“I always ask about your night Noah, don’t take it the hard way” Boris laughed shaking his head.
“Anyways” Boris sighed. “I have gotten everything ready for the interview tomorrow, I bet you, you will be proud of the people we get to hire, because not only have I placed professional interviewers for tomorrow and Friday, but also how our ad keeps running around town.”

“What will I do without you Boris” Noah sighed.
“Wear your own shirt” Boris joked.

“Typical. And well of course, our ads should run this town, I won’t be surprised if half of the town comes for the interview” Noah smirked.
“I won’t be surprised either, and I did kind of run into a lady on Monday, and well it’s a funny story, I got out of control with my car and almost hit her but luckily I didn’t, she didn’t take it lightly with me, and well I didn’t call it a bribe with her, but since it’s just the two of us, I did kind of bribe her with the company’s interview since she mentioned getting fired from her previous job.” Boris laughed.

“You’re not se-
Noah paused, not completing his words, Boris story suddenly sounds familiar to his ears.

“You almost got a lady hit and then bribed her?” Noah asked.

“Yes, was it wrong of me. Now I suddenly feel guilty, because she slammed her back against a pole.” Boris sighed.

“She what?” Noah yelled getting on his feet.

“I get it okay! It was wrong of me, I apologized, I promise.”

“It can’t be.” Noah shook his head.
It was definitely Miss. Anonymous.

“What can’t be? I’m getting a little confused here” Boris gave an awkward laugh.

“Never mind that, How did she look like, scratch that, I don’t care, why would you bribe her with the company’s interview because she was fired, isn’t that a little petty? Do you think she can make it?” Noah asked.

“She looked like a fast food cleaner, speaks more than she can count, she looked unsophisticated, and like she buys her clothes from a thrift store. She is definitely not the company’s material.” Boris gave a promising smile.

Noah paused and gawked at his personal assistant, who just tarnished the looks of Miss. Anonymous he has been talking to. But somehow he couldn’t care less.

“Well… Anyways, she might be Anees material, you never know, anyways I’ won’t be here while the interview is happening tomorrow, I’ll be with Mr Gasby and Adrian Kowalski.” Noah added with a frustrated look.

“You seriously do not like Adrian, you should see the look on your face right now.” Boris laughed
“A lady once said my words ways are pompous, she should meet Adrian” Noah shook his head.
Boris smiled. “You’ll both come Around.”

“Not in this life time, he hates my fuckin guts. But what do I get, I kind of have no choice.”

“Oh” Boris suddenly spoke up. “Your mother called the office this morning, saying you won’t pick, not knowing you were late and probably driving, she said she would be dropping Janice off with you tonight.”

“What? Again?” Noah breathed out, frustrated.

“She is your daughter Sir, and your mother made that clear to me on the phone, saying she needs more time with her father since her mother is, well you know.” Boris shrugged.

“No I think my mother is just tired of her, I should get her a baby sitter or something, Janice doesn’t let me focus on anything, and she thrash the whole house. Sometimes I wonder if she’s my child”

“Oh she is yours, no DNA required” Boris laughed.
Adrian could be seen in bright and bold spectacles, his eyes buried in the black and red writings on a newspaper, and suddenly his name curved up into a smile. He closed the newspaper and took a sip from the hot coffee sitting on the table beside him.

He paused and looked up at his one of a kind backyard, the sun was up and bright, giving the green grass some highlight, He glanced at Mika’s exercise bike sitting at the corner of the backyard.
His lips stretched when Mika walked out of the house and into the back porch to sit with him.
“You called me? You wanted to talk to me?” Mika asked, adjusting her over short, short to sit down.
“Yeah, I did.” Adrian cleared his throat taking off his glasses.
“Okay, I’m here” Mika shrugged, you could tell she just showered for her hair looked wet and glossy.

“Mikasa.” Adrian sighed, his British accent thick as ever.
Mika threw her brows up. “Going by my full name, okay, is this something serious, like drop dead serious?”.

“I want to talk about our wedding.” Adrain breathed out in one go.

“Whoa!” The words shocked Mika.

“Are you surprised?” Adrain asked.

“A little” she replied sincerely.

“Well I have been thinking about it a lot and I think it’s time we get married” He smiled.
T. B. C

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