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Boris and Calista swallowed their laughs and, Calista glanced at Noah before turning back to Boris.
“Oh I’m kind of a bit lost, I was trying to leave and I kind of ended up in this hallways and it seemed a bit Peculiar, and then I realized I was lost, So if you could just direct me to where I need to go and get to exit the building then that would be great ” Calista beamed.

Boris smiled. “Just take a left turn and another left turn, you’ll see an elevator, it’ll take you down and that’s basically it.”

“Thank you so much.” Calista breathed out. “Nice to meet you again, have a good evening.”

“Have a good evening too Miss…?
“My Name’s Calista. ” Calista helped and Boris smiled, Noah’s eyebrows twitched at the name.
“Calista.. Ah alright, have a wonderful evening.”
Calista smiled and turned to Noah. “I met you in the elevator this morning, have a good evening too.”

And with a smile, she left the two men in the hallway, with her heels hitting the concrete floor with no mercy.

After disappearing out of sight, Boris breathed out a. “Wow.”

Noah scoffed.

“I totally underestimated her. She made it, I guess she’s Anees’ material after all,” Boris smiled.
Noah spoke up. “So clearly, she’s the woman you called, unsophisticated, speaks louder than she could count, and also looks like she shops from a thrift store.”

“I spoke too soon.” Boris sighed.
“You sure did.” Noah added before taking a step forward.
Calista took the bus home and for first time in days, she actually felt good.
Walking down the road that led to her apartment building, Calista smiled at the wind as it pushed her hair to her face.

She got herself a freaking job. It was really worth almost getting hit.

Stepping into her cramped apartment, Calista pulled her shoes off her feet and threw them both in a corner before falling on her bed.
“Home sweet home.” She mumbled into her pillow, wanting to fall asleep from there, but she needed to take off her clothes, take a shower and of course think of Mika’s birthday present.
The thought of doing all that tired Calista even without trying and she groaned loudly, before forcing herself to stand up and go take a shower.
Changing into a baggy shirt and an almost tiny pair of shorts, Calista shoved her legs into a pair of brown flip-flops before heading out.
The day was already dark when Noah pulled up in front of his home, and after making a quick call with Boris, he parked his car in his garage, before walking inside.

“Daddy!” Janice’s voice filled the whole house and Noah flinched as his daughter hugged his legs.

“Janice. What are you doing here?” Noah asked.

“And why in the world would you ask her that” Caroline, Noah’s mother suddenly spoke.
She would be clocking sixty soon, but she looked as young and beautiful as if she would be clocking thirty, her height was impeccable, her ocean eyes matching her son and granddaughter’s shone strong and demanding, and her blonde to almost white hair looked the glossier than ever

“Mom, I know this may sound weird but you do know jani-
“Noah!” Caroline interrupted, taking a step forward.
“Janice… Go upstairs.” Caroline ordered, and Janice gave a nod, before skipping her way up the stairs.

Caroline turned to her son. “Janice is your daughter.”
“And I know that” Noah sighed.
“You keep pushing her away.”

“I am not” Noah disagreed, loosening his tie.

“She lives with me Noah. How do you explain that.?” Coraline sighed.
“Because, I’m always busy, she can’t stay home alone, it’s not safe”.

“She can’t, but you always kind of lose it when she does come around.”

Noah sighed. “Look, I love Janice, but due to the fact that I’m always busy I can’t have her around. And I’m sorry if you’re getting tired of her.”
“Of course you are, I’ve been taking care of her for four years now and funny how you still bear the title father.” Caroline scoffed.

“Okay. Fine. I’m sorry, but all this will be over if I just her her a nanny or a babysitter or whatever, she’ll live with me. You’ve done more than enough mom, and I can’t thank you enough for that” Noah breathed out.

“Babysitter? Nanny? Are you serious right now. Do you really think that is the best option for Janice.?” Caroline scoffed.

Noah sighed. “I don’t!, but if you have any idea, let’s hear it “.
Noah was about to walk away, when his mother uttered the words, he expected.

“Get remarried then.” she had scoffed aggressively, stopping Noah on his tracks.

Noah huffed, slowly turning around. Those words are never new to him coming from his mother, she had always had her ways of making him lose his mind with those particular words.
“Get remarried, do you think it’s that easy?” Noah tried not to yell.

“I know it’s not. But luckily I got married to your father, a week after I met him.” Caroline shrugged.
Noah scoffed. “The fuck do you think this is? The 18th century? Want me to take off my freaking clothes and go on the streets and yell that I want to get married?”.
“Well if you put that way, a lot of ladies might turn up you never know.”

“I am not joking mom, getting remarried is the last thing I’ll sign up for. Now leave me be, and yes sure, Janice can stay with me since you’re so sick and tired of her.” Noah rolled his eyes.
“I am not sick and tired of my granddaughter, I am just pointing out that she needs a mom.” Caroline shook her head.
“Well, if you do know where they sell one, please do well to update me.” Noah spat.

“This is not a laughing matter” Caroline yelled, watching Noah walk away. “Fine.” she added. “Let’s see how well you do, waking up early in the morning and taking Janice to school, I’ll bring her stuff here and you can see ten thousands reasons why she needs a mother and not a baby sitter.”

Noah paused, halfway though the stairs. “I’ll be waiting for my daughter’s stuff, thank you. I’ll prove to you who how reliable I am, and the door is that way, if you leave now you’ll be back before midnight.”

“How rude of you Noah.” Caroline spat.

“I am just saying.” Noah smirked.

“Pretty soon, you’ll take back your words, for now, I’ll let you take care of your own daughter.” Caroline smiled, before making a turn and grabbing her purse from the chair..

“I’ll be waiting mother.” Noah added before ascending up the stairs.
After wrapping Mika’s present, Calista fell on her bed, breathing out a sigh, she was in her very good mood and wanted to keep it that way as she grabbed her phone to text Mr. Anonymous. Their last fight and chat was juvenile, but she wasn’t going to let the dice roll that way.

Typing a “Hello” with a smirking emoji, Calista patiently waited for a reply, but never got one.
The night went on with her still waiting for a reply from Mr. Anonymous, but never got one and finally decided to let go and then drifted off to sleep.
Noah jumped when his morning alarm which he had set an hour before his usual alarm, went off.

Groaning at his sudden situation, he turned to his daughter who was slowly waking up from her deep slumber due to the alarm noise. And when her eyes went open. He smiled.
“Wakey Wakey time to get ready for school.”

“I don’t want to go to school.” Janice groaned.

“Oh dear, but you have to, now come on, I’ll get you icecream after school.” Noah promised.
“But Nana never lets me get icecream.” Janice frowned.
“The thing is, your grandma isn’t here and you’ll be staying with me now” Noah announced and Janice’s eyes beamed with excitement.
“I love strawberry” she yelled.
“I know, now come on, let’s get ready for school.” Noah smiled.

After he had managed to get his daughter dressed after so many tries and fails with his daughter’s complicated school uniform. Noah managed to get dressed too. And packing up a box of grapes and apple as lunch food for his daughter, Noah threw her lunch bag in the car, before telling her to get in.
Dropping her off in school, Noah could finally breathe, but got clogged lungs when he realized he was getting late for work.
Calista cursed multiple times as she pressed the elevator button multiple times for it to open, but it didn’t respond.
She had got out of bed late and never woke up when her alarm went off, until after an hour, and here she is, late on her second day.

“You are going to ruin the elevator button if you keep pushing it that way” A voice said from behind and Calista turned around to see the familiar voice she has met yesterday in the elevator, whom she also so with Boris. The tall blond and ocean eyes man.

“I’m running late” she cried.
“And so am I.” Noah added. “Just be patient, someone’s inside that’s why it isn’t responding”
Calista remained quiet tapping her feet nervously on the tiled floor.
Noah shoved his hand in his pocket and glanced at her, them at her tapping feet.
The elevator made a sound, and Noah stepped forward to press the button and it finally opened.
“Thank goodness.” Calista breathed out and stepped in before Noah could even say a word.
Noah shook his head, and walked in, and both of them watched as the elevator door slowly closed.

Pulling out his phone from his pocket, Noah squinted his eyes when he saw a message from Miss. Anonymous and glancing at Calista, he smirked on the inside.
His fingers rushed through his keyboard and immediately he produced the words. “Hey.” and pressed sent, Calista’s phone made a sound.
Ignoring her phone, Noah rolled his eyes and placed his phone back into his pocket. But he was now optimistic that his miss anonymous, works for him now.
T. B. C

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