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“Happy birthday to you… Sorry for being such a bad singer.” Adrian apologized, placing the pink square shaped cake in his hand, beside his fiancé.
Mika grinned. “You didn’t really have to.”

“Am I crazy? Of course I have to, it’s a special day and of course, it should be special. A special day, just for my special girl.” Adrian smiled, placing a kiss on Mika’s lips.

“Well, okay, thanks.” Mika smiled. “But… I told you not to make it any different from any other day. I just want today to be just like any other day”
“You know that’s never going to happen.” Adrian scoffed.
“I tried” Mika mumbled, rolling her eyes.
She glanced at the cake beside her and grabbed a strawberry that was used for the toppings,
throwing it into her mouth she muffled.
“Well, I was planning to sleep in more… Last night wasn’t enough.”

“You are such a bore, it’s your birthday for crying out loud” Adrian sighed.
“If I’m such a bore then you must be rubbing off on me, and well I never said it wasn’t my birthday, I do want the presents to come in but maybe not the whole party and making a big deal out of everything.” Mika shrugged.

“How come I do want to make a big deal out of it” Adrian asked.
“Because you’re Adrian” Mika scoffed.

“I took a day off for you, and you want to sleep in more on your birthday, really mika?” Adrian sighed, taking a step forward and cupping Mika’s cheeks.

“I know, and I’m sorry, but I did warn you.” Mika sighed.
“Fine. I guess we’ll just celebrate this day your way, boring just the way you like it” Adrian rolled his eyes.
“Come on now” Mika scoffed, circling her hand around Adrian’s torso.

“Whenever are your friends going to be here anyways, it’s your birthday and they don’t show up.?”.

Mika smiled. “They’re busy, calista just got a new job, and well Ray is Hella busy, but I know they’re going to be here tonight.”

“So it’s just us for the main time?.” Adrian smiled.
“Yeah… So who said this day could be boring.” Mika bit her bottom lip, taking a hold of her tank top and pulling it over her head, exposing her lace bra.

“Oh my, this went from zero to hundred real quick” Adrian smiled.
“You were saying?” Mika smiled, throwing her tank top and it accidentally got on the cake.

“Holy shit.” Mika cried, rushing up to the cake to save it.

Adrian burst out laughing. “You ruined the cake with your singlet, a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday”

“It’s called a tank top Adrian. Not a singlet” Mika snapped, carefully taking off her tank top from the cake.
“What do you expect Mika, enough with your teachings. And go dispose your singlet, so we can continue where we stopped.” Adrian added putting a lot of stress as he pronounced the ‘singlet to anger Mika.

“Typical.” Mika rolled her eyes.

Adrian laughed, walking up to her and grabbing her waist.
“Who cares if your singlet or tank top, got into the cake, what matters is that we should continue.” Adrian smiled, leaning to kiss Mika, who hungrily took him.

Tugging the waist side of his pants, Adrian looked down at his fiance.
“You really want me don’t you.” He smirked.
“Can you ever stop talking.” Mika rolled her eyes.
“Fine” Adrian beamed, his hands reaching for her bra as he unhooked it.

“I feel like you want me more.” Mika mumbled on Adrian’s lips.
Adrian moved back with a sigh. “Okay, are we going to argue about who wants each other the most or just have s*x”

“I’ll shut up now.” Mika sang.
“Better” Adrian smirked, as he leaned down to kiss her again.
Focusing on her first and actual work, Calista’s fingers fastened on the computer’s keyboard on her desk and her eyes never left what she wrote, her head re-reading every single word she wrote and after a hundred and twenty seconds later, she was done.
Printing out what she had just wrote, Calista placed the warm papers into a folder, and with a smile she walked to her department’s manager desk to hand her what she had just organized.

“Thank you Calista.” Mrs. Alvara, the manager of the sales department added with a smile as she took the folder from Calista. White streaks could be seen through her glossy shades of brown hair.
She was in her late forties, but still looked the best.

Calista nodded, about to leave when she was called back.
“You know Calista” Mrs. Alvara began. “The marketing department are a little short on hands, and the company will be bringing in models for the new brand and stuff that will need to be advertised.”

“Okay…?” Calista was listening.

“So I was wondering if you could be a helping hand and join them tomorrow afternoon.”

If i could get paid extra, then that would be perfect. ‘ Calista wanted to say, but wasn’t dumb.
Mrs. Alvara spoke up. “Is that a problem Miss Calista?”
“Oh, no of course not, I’ll be happy to help” Calista beamed.
“Wonderful, because among all new workers here, you’re the most focused and fast and most spontaneous person in here.” Mrs. Alvara beamed.

‘All these compliments for me?” Calista chuckled on the inside, trying not to look flushed.

“Well thank you” Calista smiled. “Anything else I can do?” she asked.

“Ah, Yes.” Alvara smiled getting on her feet and glancing down at her wrist watch, “It’s lunch time now, but after that, I would love it if you create a new folder for the company’s sale for last month on your computer, then print it out hand it back to me, I’ll forward it to you, and after lunch you can look at it”

“Okay then it’s no problem” Calista smiled.
“Well, then enjoy your lunch” Alvara smiled and Calista walked away.
Having a burger and a smoothie at the office was real smooth for Calista as she was full and ready to pin down any work on her plate.
Work continued, and Calista never failed to pay attention.
The afternoon was more than hot when Noah stepped into his office and with a sigh, he snitched the bottled water from Boris and gulped down the cold liquid.
“I am exhausted” he announced.
“You’re doing well Noah. Keep it up.” Boris breathed out a sigh.
“What’s the time anyways?” Noah asked, sitting down.

Boris looked down at his phone. “Three thirty pm.” He announced and Noah jumped on his feet.
“Fuckin Great!” He spat. “I was supposed to be at hillfeid by three o’clock, to pick Janice. And I’m already thirty minutes late”.

“First you gave her fruits for lunch and now you almost forgot you daughter at school.” Boris sighed.
“Uh excuse me for trying to keep my company and daughter stable at the same time.” Noah added sarcastically, tapping his pockets to confirm if his car keys were intact.

“Your daughter should come first”. Boris reminded.
“Okay, F*ck you Boris, how about that.” Noah snapped.
Boris smirked.

Rushing out the door and to his car outside the building, Noah wasted no time in hitting the road, immediately he got into his car.

“All my friends went home leaving me in the class, I was waiting for you, but you didn’t show up.” Janice cried as Noah drove her home after picking her up from class.

“I’m here now honey, I’m sorry okay, I was busy” Noah sighed.
“Nana always picks me up on time.” Janice sniffed.
“Okay that is great, but guess what, I’ll be taking you to school and picking you up every single day from now on.” Noah beamed.

“I want Nana.” Janice sniffed, trying to clean her tears.
“I am your father, and speaking about Nana that way when I’m willing to be considerate, is hurting me on the inside you know.” Noah shook his head.
“Nana never picks me up late”.

“Today was a mistake” Noah stated “And it will not happen again, I promise. So what about that icecream we spoke of.”

Janice’s eyes beamed at the word ice cream and Noah breathed out a sigh of relief, how he had easily worn her over.
The day went faster than ever and before Calista new it, work was over, she found herself wrapping Mika’s gift in a haste, and throwing it inside her purse, ready to leave the company and go see her best friend.
“Boris, you will not tell me how to train my child.” Noah spat, grabbing his car keys and glancing at the evening sky.
“I am not telling you how to raise your kid, but having fruit for lunch and ice cream for dinner isn’t healthy, she needs to go stay with her grandmother again” Boris stated.

“We’re going to have a proper meal once we get home.” Noah stated.
“Right.” Boris rolled his eyes.

“Come on Janice. Let’s hit the road.” Noah said, stepping out of the office glaring at Boris, with his daughter trailing behind him with stains of chocolate icecream on the sides of her cheeks.

Calista walked briskly through the hallway of Anees, but her legs went even faster when she saw an already opened elevator door closing.
She wasn’t going to wait for the next elevator.

Hurrying up to the elevator Calista slipped her hand in between the closing doors, and immediately the doors opened again, causing her to breath a sigh of relief.
Seeing the familiar face of Noah Leonhart inside the elevator, Calista wondered if it was more than coincidental to always run into this particular man, and always inside the elevator.
Slowly stepping into the elevator, Calista eyes went down when she heard a joyous voice call out “Miss. Calista.”
And immediately some mini person, hugged her.
T. B. C

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