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Calista gasped at Janice suddenly hugging her and she lets out a surprised scoff.

“Janice” Calista called immediately the elevator door closed.
Noah’s eyebrows went up as he watched his daughter’s action with this woman whom everybody seems to knoe except him.

“What are you doing here?” Calista asked, not having the slightest idea of Janice being Noah’s daughter.

“I’m here with my daddy.” Janice jumped, holding Calista’s hand.
Calista looked up at Noah. “Your dad” she mumbled.
Seeing the heavy resemblance, Calista gasped.
“Oh.” She blinked a hundred times all at once.
Never imagining Janice’s father to be the dreamy man she always bump into in the elevator was sure shocking for Calista.

And suddenly Noah recalled the all time famous Calista as Janice pestered him to say hi.
“You must be miss Calista, Janice’s teacher.” Noah asked.
“Ex teacher actually.” Calista added with a laugh.
“Oh right, ex teacher” Noah nodded.

They both said nothing again, and just stood still, Calista good feel Janice tiny hand still holding on to hers, and she could tell how happy Janice was to see her again.

Calista decided to brew up some conversation with Janice.
“So how is school?” Calista smiled at the little blondie beside her.
“School was… I had grapes and apple for lunch and Miss Karl got angry and told me to call daddy” Janice ranted.
Noah paused and his pupil almost escaped as he turned to look at his daughter.
“And you didn’t tell me this because?”

Janice shook her head. “You would get mad.”

Noah sighed. “I won’t get mad Janice, but please tell me everything that happens in school. You can’t just tell some stranger and forget me. I am your father.”

Calista scoffed. “I am not just a stranger to her for your information. Janice really grew to be comfortable with me, maybe you should raise her to be comfortable with you too, to be able to tell you anything and as a father to her.”
Noah rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me how to raise my child”.

“Well I don’t have a child of my own, but I do know I am not telling you how to raise yours. I am just letting you know what you should do if Janice doesn’t seem open.”

“Yeah, right.” Noah added sarcastically.

Calista sighed, knowing he was one of those difficult people.
“Anyways.” Calista turned her attention back to Janice.
“How’s your new teacher.?” Calista asked..
“Mrs. Karl.” Janice shook her head. “She’s not very nice. Nana doesn’t like her too.”

“Oh” Calista could feel herself smiling.

“One time she placed a duct tape over my mouth and Sharon’s mouth because she said we talked too much”. Janice explained.

“She what?” Calista and Noah said in unison, giving each other a little glance before turning back to Janice.

“Why didn’t you tell me, your teacher placed a duct tape over your mouth.?” Noah growled.

“I forgot” Janice looked down at her feet.
“You seriously have to start telling me things Janice.” Noah snapped.

“Don’t yell at her.” Calista scoffed.

Noah looked up at her about to say a word when Calista spoke up. “And before you say anything like, she’s my daughter and you don’t tell me how to raise my daughter blah blah blah, you seriously need to calm down while talking to girls her age, they only listen when you don’t lose it”.

Noah sighed. “Take the lead then.”

Calista slowly looked away from Noah as he suddenly starts to get familiar and turned to his daughter.
“Did Sharon say anything to her parents?” Calista asked.
“Yes” Janice nodded. “She did and her mom came to school the next day and Mrs. Karl got yelled at” Janice beamed.

“Oh Janice, you really should start telling your dad things” Calista said, and immediately the elevator doors opened.

Calista walked out with Janice still holding her hand, and Noah behind them.

“Don’t forget, if Mrs. Karl does something like that again you can always tell your dad or your grandma.” Calista shrugged.
“I live with daddy now” Janice announced.

“Huh?” Calista was a bit confused. “You don’t live together.?”

“It’s none of your business, now Janice. Come on we have to go.” Noah said.

“Don’t be so cold.” Calista rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry cold?” Noah scoffed.
“This is why she never tells you anything.” Calista shrugged.
“And what do you know.” Noah huffed.

“I know better than anyone that Calista likes talking and the fact that she doesn’t tell you anything means a lot. Are you really her father?” Calista squinted her eyes at him.
“Okay that’s it. Janice we’re leaving.” Noah sighed, snatching Janice’s hand from Calista.

“Okay careful with the girl.” Calista scoffed.

“Daddy you almost hurt me.” Janice frowned.

“The fact that you keep spilling everything to this stranger Janice… It’s ugh” Noah was more than annoyed, and low-key felt betrayed.

“Now, I am not a stranger. Am I Janice?” Calista smiled at the little girl.

“No.” Janice shook her head with a bright smile.

“You heard right.” Calista smiled at Noah. “Anyways, I should go Janice, I’ll see you again.”

“Will you be here tomorrow?” Janice asked.

“I’m always here. I work here now.” Calista beamed. “So goodbye?”

“Bye” Janice waved as she watched Calista wave one more time before walking towards an opposite direction.
Noah sighed before turning to his daughter whose eyes never left Calista.

“Why don’t you go with her then.” Noah scoffed.
Janice looked up at him and said nothing.

“Come on.” Noah sighed for the one hundredth time, before taking his daughter’s hand and walking away.
Dollar bills fell to the ground and Calista suddenly bent down to grab the notes before handing it to the driver.
“Sorry” she apologized for carelessly handing him in the money and letting it fall from her hand.
The driver said nothing and Calista shut the door immediately she walked out.

“Damn I am late” She muttered as her feet hurried through the quiet street. Glancing up at the sky that was showing signs of it becoming night soon. Calista paused when she saw a familiar tall figure in front of her.

“Could it be…?” Calista mumbled as her legs went faster than ever.

“Ray?” she called.
Just like she had guessed, it was Ray and the person turned around.
“I was right. You almost fooled me with this hoodie of yours.” Calista scoffed, taking down the hoodie that covered the back of his head.
“Calista.” Ray smiled.
“Wow. Never thought I’d run into you, I thought you’d be at Mika’s by now.” Calista added.
“Today was extremely hefty, but anyways I’m here.” Ray smiled.
Hearing a small bark, Calista looked down at ray’s feet to see a Maltese dog, and a gasp escaped her lips.

“No way… You actually got Mika a dog?” Calista huffed.
“Yep. I still remember that one time she drank so much and cried about having a Maltese dog. And then we both promised to get her one behind her back.” Ray beamed as he explained.
“You are so thoughtful.” Calista smiled.

“I’ll say it’s from the both of us, since we both promised to get her one anyways.” Ray added. “How are sweet of you”.

Ringing the gate bell, Seconds later, the gate opened and Calista and Ray walked in.
Ray immediately hid the puppy at the side of the house, tying its leash to an iron bar and waiting for anyone to get the door.
The door opened and Adrian appeared in front of it.

“You’re both here.” Adrian added bitterly.

“Are you mad to see us or what?” Ray scoffed.
“Don’t misunderstand” Ray rolled his eyes.
“Let us in then” Calista added.
“Oh. My mistake” Adrian smiled, before opening the door wider and letting both of them in.
Mika got on her feet with a smile on her face seeing Calista, and immediately they both shared a warm embrace like they haven’t seen each other for ages.
“Happy birthday!” Calista grinned.
“The day’s almost over just so you know.” Mika rolled her eyes, walking out of Mika’s hug and walking up to Ray to embrace him.

And as they both fell into a friendly hug, Adrian cleared his throat giving Mika an unnecessary stare.
“Oh grow up” Mika barked and he smiled.

Walking out of Ray’s hug, Mika plopped down on the couch and with a sigh she turned to Adrian.
“Babe can you get the cake?”.

“Sure” Adrian nodded, before walking away.

Sitting beside Mika, Calista breathed out a sigh. “Goodness I am exhausted”.
“And we’re just getting started, you know how it goes, don’t get exhausted suddenly.” Mika grinned.

“F*ck.!” Calista cussed glaring at Mika.

“You started this Cal,” Ray added sitting down.
“I just wanted us to do something fun. But then it became this stupid tradition for us” Calista sighed.
“it’s not stupid, it’s fun.” Mika corrected.

“What became a stupid tradition?” Adrian asked coming out from the kitchen.

“Oh nothing, just how Calista came up with a couple of games we’ve been playing every year for each of our birthdays”. Mika smiled.
“Really? Games…? Can I join.?” Adrian asked dropping the cake.

“Adrian, you’re bad at games and well this game Calista came up is a bit extreme”.

“I don’t mind.” Adrian shrugged staring at Mika.
“Still you might want to stay out” Ray added.
“I said I’m in okay! And what fun is it excluding your fiancé.?” Adrian barked.
“I warned you.” Mika smiled getting on her feet.
T. B. C

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