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Ray stared at her before sitting down and turning to her. “A lot worse” he mumbled.
“Oh really?” Calista laughed. “And do explain what you mean.”

“Oh, you definitely know what I mean” Ray added leaning closer to Calista, their faces inches apart.
“You sound like you’re going to take advantage of me.” Calista narrowed her eyes.
Ray laughed. “You know for someone drunk you are sure smart. But I can’t do that, anyways” Ray got on his feet. “I’ll leave you to it”
“You’re still leaving?” Calista groaned.
“Yes… Now good night, and sleep tight” Ray smiled.
“You are so mean.” Calista groaned.
“I know I’m not, bye now” Ray added and with one glance at Calista, he grabbed his dog before walking out of her apartment.

Calista fell back on her bed and breathed out a sigh, and immediately she shut her eyes, she drifted off to sleep.
Getting a jump scare from her alarm, Calista immediately turned her alarm off and winced when she felt a sharp pain around her forehead.
“What the hell” She muttered, and glanced at the drawer beside her bed to see a plastic wrap and suddenly recalled Ray handing it to her saying it would help her hangover.
Feeling nauseas, Calista rushed to the bathroom to puke but it was a false alarm.
Getting dressed for work, Calista grabbed her purse and turned to her mirror beside the mirror.
“Ugh” she scoffed when she saw how pale she was, her eyes looked dead and her eyelids had shadows, her skin looked white and her lips looked cracked.

“Just a bottle of alcohol last night and I look like this? What sorcery is this” Calista rolled her eyes rummaging her through her purse for her lipstick to brighten up her lips.
Not satisfied with her looks but couldn’t care less, or rather not being able to do anything about it, Calista left her apartment for work.
Taking a bite out of the toasted bread in his hand, Mika smiled at Adrian…
“So?.. How are you feeling this now?” Mika asked, getting on her feet to place her hand on Adrian’s forehead.
“I feel fine, thanks to you” Adrian breathed.

“Oh last night was fun, how you couldn’t stop talking before finally falling alseep.” Mika giggled.
“You enjoyed drunk me?” Adrian shook his head.
“Yep, you were like a whole new version of yourself.” Mika beamed.
“Well you’re never seeing that version of me because I am never drinking again.”
Mika adjusted Adrian’s tie as they both stood in front of the door.
“So…” Adrian began. “I’ll be back home early today”.
“And then I’ll give you your birthday surprise. Which I had saved for today” Adrian smiled.
“Okay then.” Mika smiled.
Adrian was about to leave when Mika called him back.
“Hmm?” was his reply.
“About last night” Mika began.
“What about last night?”.

“Ray got me a Maltese. And well I was wondering if you’d let me have one here at home, since I’m always so bored and lonely at home, maybe having a pet won’t be a bad idea, right?” Mika shrugged.

“A pet? In here? Are you crazy?” Adrian laughed. “Mika we’re talking about dogs here to be precise, with their mouth slobs and never failing to litter the place whenever they can, pets are dangerous and dirty especially dogs and I don’t want one in our home.”

“We’re talking about a Maltese dog here Adrian. Dirty, dangerous, seriously??” Mika scoffed with an eye roll.

“Be it the harmless cleanest dog. I do not want a pet in my home” Adrian stated.

“Not even because I want one? I know you hate the idea, but can’t you reconsider because of me!” Mika almost yelled.

“I’m sorry Mika, but not in a million years.” Adrian sighed, placed a soft kiss on her cheek before walking out.

Mika sighed before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
“You’re five minutes late miss Calista” Mrs. Alvara added, immediately Calista stepped into the office, and all eyes went on her.
“I am deeply sorry” Calista apologized pursing her glossy lips.

Mrs. Alvara sighed. “Because you’re helping the marketing team today, I won’t give you an earful. Now drop your things and take this.”

Calista dropped her purse and walked towards Alvara to take the folder from her.
“I get you’re still new here, but I’m sure you know where the marketing department is, or if you don’t our dear Bella will take you there.” Alvara added, and Calista glanced at the red haired behind her desk.

“Oh no, I did study the company on my first day and about the department, it’s just right beside ours, taking a right turn after the left hallway” Calista explained.
“Wow.” Alvara added. “I’m impressed, you do know your games, keep this up and you might win employee of the month, despite being new.”

“Hope so.” Calista mumbled.
She always took her job way more serious, if she hadn’t let little Michael see her smoke, then everything would have been fine, with her teaching. And speaking of smoking, she has been really keeping a good record of it.

Walking out of the office and into the hallway to the marketing department, Calista’s three inches heel made elegant noise as it collided with the tiled floor.
Placing a knock on the open door before walking in, Calista froze at the sudden amout of eyes that turned to her.

They were only a few people in the marketing department but it felt like two hundred eyes.

“Uh, excuse me.” Calista breathed out. “I am looking for Mr. Charles, the manager?”

A girl pointed at a desk at the end of the room and Calista breathed out a smile and a thank you nod, before walking towards the desk to see a man in his forty’s taking out his anger on the computer in front of him.

” Uh, excuse me sir? Mr. Charles…” Calista called getting the angry man’s attention.

“Oh.” He said, after raising his head to see Calista.
“I am Calista from the sales department and I am the extra hand the marketing department will be needing, and Mrs. Alvara asked to give you this.”.
“Thank you” Charles breathed out taking the folder from her. “You can see Jeremy, he’ll let you on what to do.” Charles added, pointing to a young man at the corner with a digital camera in his hand.
Calista sighed, before walking up to Jeremy who seemed busy.

“Hey” Calista called as she got to him.
He paused to look at her. “Hi?” he replied, glancing at Calista enough for her to catch his Hazel eyes.
“I am Calista and well I’m the marketing department’s extra hand, Mr. Charles directed me to you”

Jeremy looked down at his watch and his long hair followed his face.
“About time you showed up, the models will be here soon, so we have to go. Like immediately” Jeremy rushed his words, before aggressively placing his camera on Calista’s hand and walking towards the door.

“How Rude” Calista scoffed before trailing behind her.

As they both walked down the corridor, Jeremy pulled out a rubber band from his pocket and pulled his hair into a ponytail at the back of his head, exposing his attractive nape.
“So where exactly are we going?” Calista asked.
Jeremy sighed, “The company’s photo studio”

“You did answer my question, so what’s with the sigh.” Calista mumbled her her breath.

“What?” Jeremy asked, because he barely heard anything.
“Nothing” Calista shrugged.

Jeremy took his camera and shook his head “I can’t afford you break this camera, it’s really important to me.”

“Then you shouldn’t have gaven it to me from the start” Calista mumbled under her breath but this time Jeremy heard it.
“Okay, that was rude to say” Jeremy scoffed as they both took a turn.

“No the only thing rude was you aggressively handing me the camera and then saying you can’t afford me breaking it” Calista shook her head.
Jeremy narrowed his eyes at her. “Okay that was rude of me, how about we start over, I am Jeremy Paolo, and you are… Celestine right?”
“Calista” Calista coreccted. “Calista Williams”
“Oh my bad, sorry” Jeremy chuckled. “Anyways since you are our department’s helping hand, we’ll be seeing each other and working together a lot” Jeremy stated, putting a lot of stress on the “A lot”.
Stepping into the company’s photo studio, Calista’s jaw dropped when she saw how big it was, with big bright lights fixed at every angle that was facing one direction.
Camera stands were placed on every angle of the room, reflections arranged at a corner, and a giant studio wind machine.

Suddenly the models started to walk inside and Jeremy turned to Calista with a smile. “we’re just in time”
And immediately he took pictures of the models walking in.

“Goodness they’re gorgeous” Calista gasped.
“They sure are” Ray muttered examining the photo he just took.

A girl with glasses suddenly rushed by and stopped right in front of Calista.
“You’re free, please I’ll need a helping hand with the outfit”.
“Sure” Calista shrugged, before following the girl to a closed door.
And immediately Noah walked into the stupid with Boris behind him and everyone politely giving out their greetings to him.
T. B. C

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