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“So these are the models outfit, I’ll need you to take them to the dressing room” The short petite girl in glasses, rushed her words as she filled Calista’s arms with heavy dresses.
“Okay…” Calista lets out a grunt when another dress was added to the pile of dresses in her hand.
“And where is the dressing room?” She asked.
“Walking out of the room you’ll see a door opposite this one, that’s the dressing room.”

“Roger that” Calista nodded.
“And I’ll bring the shoes later, you can leave with these.” The girl added, and with another unseen nod, Calista walked out of the room with the pile of dresses almost obstructing her view.
As she walked past everyone on her way, she heard Jeremy’s voice asking if she needed help.

“I’m good” she replied before bumping into someone and almost letting go of all the dresses but didn’t.
“The hell.” a familiar voice snarled and Calista leaned her head to her right to take a better view of the person she just bumped into.
“Janice’s dad.” She called.
“Miss Calista” Noah scoffed.

“What are you doing here?” They both asked in unison.
“Funny how we both asked that, obviously, I work here. And I guess you do to, anyways. I’ll see you around” Calista rushed her words before walking away.

Boris suddenly walked up to Noah.
“Sir, Are you okay?” He asked.
“I was almost covered in dresses but thankfully, I’m fine” Noah replied.

“Now who was that careless worker who didn’t clearly see the company’s chief executive officer standing still. Do they need to be fired?” Boris asked.

Noah sighed. “Well it was your unsophisticated friend who shops from a thrift store.”
Boris gave a nervous laugh. “Please, I dare not call her unsophisticated anymore, I was mistaken and let my mouth wander. But do you want her fired, because if you want I’ll-

“No…” Noah interrupted. “And I don’t think she knows I am the company’s CEO so maybe just let her find out herself.” Noah said and with a small tap on boris’ shoulder, he walked away.
Calista walked into the dressing room and all the model’s eyes fell on her as she walked into the room.
She suddenly threw a smile.
“Don’t mind me. Just delivering y’all dresses”.

The models adverted their eyes and Calista breathed out a sigh of relief before slowly placing the dress on a wide desk, and as she arranged the dresses, she carefully eavesdropped on the girls conversation.

“Like I said, he did looked at me.” One of the models said.
“For real for real, if Noah looked at me like that, I might just have an orgasm at that spot.” Another said, and Calista’s ears almost fell to the ground.

“You are so gross.” Another model laughed.

“When my manager told me I was going to model for a company, I was like, ugh, but then she mentioned that it was Anees and well, Noah Leonhart. I didn’t Blink twice before signing the contract”.

“Noah is every woman’s dream.” A model breathed out like she was daydreaming about him at that moment.
“I can’t wait to go out there and look at his face again.”
“But wait, I heard Noah has a child.” A model suddenly spoke up and Calista brows flew up.
“I heard he has three children.” Another said.
“You’re all just blabbing nonsense, he’s single and is child free, which means i have a shot.”
“You wish.”.

Calista smoothen the last dress before clearing her throat and interrupting the girls. They all paused and turned to her.
“I’ll be leaving now” she smiled, and walked out.

“Noah Leonhart is here?” Calista gasped to herself. “Since Mika described him, I hope I recognize him if I do see him. Let’s see how handsome he really is.”
During the whole shoot, everyone’s attention were on the models as they took gorgeous pictures with the company’s product. With the photographers praising the models and Jeremy taking a different picture for the models every corner he stood.
Calista was getting bored and somewhat sleepy at the same time, but was trying to keep a straight face.
The shoot took hours before it finally came to an end, but Calista was already seated in a corner slowly sipping a cup of coffee, Jeremy had gotten for her, himself and a couple of other people. He was way too nice and Calista had seen more than his nice self during the whole shoot.

As the models walked into the dressing room, Calista looked around hoping to find Noah Leonhart, but sighed and gave up after seeing the familiar faces and no sign of of Noah.

“Calista.” Hearing her name, Calista turned to see Jeremy.
“Well the shooting’s done and now it’s time for our part.”
“And what’s our part?” Calista asked.
“So cleaning up after the shoot is our part?” Calista scoffed as she untied a rope that hung a reflector.
“Well technically just taking down the equipment is what we do, not cleaning up, the people cleaning up will be here after us”. Jeremy replied.
“It’s the same thing, cleaning up, taking down equipments. Give me a break.” Calista scoffed, her voice loud and sharp.

Busy with his phone, her familiar voice got his attention and Noah found his eyes darting from him phone to Calista complaining to Jeremy.

“So I was an extra hand to take down equipments.” Calista sighed.
“Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s really fun taking down cameras and stuff you just have to be super careful, you should be happy you get to touch these cameras, I’m literally the only who is allowed to touch these, well the honour is now restored in your hands so have fun while it lasts. I usually do this alone ever since Noah fired almost every worker here, but now you’re here and well let’s have fun.” Jeremy beamed, a very deep dimple appearing on both sides of his cheeks..

“There is no fun in touching cameras.” Calista scoffed.
“Well I studied photography, so I understand if you don’t get it like me.”
“Well a business administration student here, so yeah, I definitely don’t relate to you” Calista shook her head and Jeremy laughed.

“You’ll be used to it soon” Jeremy assured, as he helped Calista take down a camera from its tripod stand.
“Nobody get used to this Jeremy. I didn’t get to work here to take down cameras”. Calista rolled her eyes, and Noah found himself smiling.
Realizing he’s been listening to Calista and Jeremy talk, instead of focusing on what he has been organizing in his phone, Noah silently cussed before turning back to his phone.
As calista took down the last tripod stand, she heard a shutter sound, followed by a bright flash of light.
She paused and turned to Jeremy who was looking down at his camera.
“Did you just take a picture of me.?” Calista asked.
“Yeah” Jeremy smiled. “You look really good.”

“Why?” Calista scoffed.
“Why not? For memories you know, one day we’re going to look back and be like, oh look it’s the we met and the day you complained about hating to take down photo shoots equipment.” Jeremy added sarcastically.

“Okay, I’m going to have you to delete that”. Calista sighed.
“Why? You look great”

“Today out of all days, I look dead today.” Calista complained.
“You look your best today” Jeremy smiled.
“Jeremy, we just met today you don’t know how I look other days”.

“Well just forget I took a picture of you, I don’t know I’m picture-taking obsessed if that’s even a word, I never go anywhere without my camera.” Jeremy stated and made a turn before taking a shot of Noah, who was seated and focused on his phone not knowing about the picture.

And with another turn, Jeremy took pictures of the crew, a picture of the girl in glasses bumping into someone and a picture of Boris saying hi to one of the photographer.
The day’s work finally came to an end and Calista immediately unplugged her computer before breathing out a sigh and getting on her feet.
Grabbing her purse, Calista fled the office before Mrs. Alvara could get to her.. She had, had enough today and couldn’t wait to get home and fall on her bed.
Noah shut his eyes as his mother never failed to mention the thing he never wants to hear.
“I get now mom” Noah sighed, glancing back at his company.
“No you do not.” Caroline said calmly before glancing at Janice. “You forgot Janice in school, it’s five thirty and I went to pick her up two hours after school’s closing hour, after her mean ass teacher called me.”

“I am deeply sorry, the company was busy today and i-
“The company this, the company that, if you can’t kill two birds with one stone, then get another stone or focus on one bird.” Caroline sighed.
“Fine, I’ll leave Janice under your care. I was wrong thinking I could take care of her, she really do need a mother” Noah sighed, not really meaning what he was saying but just to shut his mother up.
“Exactly. Because you admit default, I’ll take Janice back and whenever you do get married to a better woman who is ready to takeJanice in. Then I’ll let you have her, but she’ll come stay with you on weekends. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Noah sighed at his mother.

“Miss Calista!” Janice suddenly yelled and ran up to Calista who suddenly walked out of the company.
Calista smiled at the mini hug around her waist to her leg before raising her head up to see Noah and Caroline gawking at her.

“Calista?” Caroline gasped, after taking in her face.
“Mrs. Caroline.” Calista smiled. “Oh my goodness, it’s so good to see you again.”

“Oh Calista.” caroline sighed, walking past her son to give Calista a hug.

“And my entire family, knows this woman.” Noah muttered under his breath with a sigh, as he watched as his mother tightly pulled this woman into a hug she had never given him before.
T. B. C

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