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“Sir… You have a meeting tonight, Mr Gasby will like it to be more of a dinner date than a formal meeting. You know how he is… Sir… Are you listening to me… Noah?” Boris almost punched the car window in anger when he saw his boss spacing out in the passenger’s seat.

“Noah!” Boris yelled furiously, causing Noah to flinch.
“Goddammit Boris, are you trying to make me lose my shit on an already destroyed evening?” Noah snapped, his aqua blue eyes glaring at his personal assistant.

“I have been talking to myself for the past few minutes sir. I had to yell” Boris sighed clutching the iPad in his hand.

“You could have just tapped me.” Noah sighed.
“My mistake, you’ve been staring out the window for minutes now”.

“Anyways… You were saying?” Noah sighed.

“You have a meeting with Mr Gasby and he would like it if you keep the conversation and everything less formal.” Boris explained.

“What in the world, I like my things formal and…
“He is aware..” Boris interrupted “That’s why he wants you to losen up”
“Shit no Sherlock.” Noah cussed, he suddenly glanced at his driver before turning to Boris.

“Why don’t you fill in for me. I’ve got a date with Janice… Please.” Noah sighed, hoping his best friend and also assistant would say yes.

“No… I have filled in for you way too much, you have to meet with Mr Gasby, you are the CEO of Mane’s cooperation not me. Your date with Janice can be rescheduled.” Boris nagged.
“Why are you like this” Noah shook his head.

“Sir… Noah… Take it from me, you do want to attend this dinner, you will not regret it, I’ll meet in with Janice instead and while keeping her company, you enjoy the dinner with Mr Gasby, I’ll prepare another date for you and Janice, tomorrow’s Sunday and you are perfectly free.” Boris beamed and suddenly looked down at his iPad to confirm Noah’s schedule.

His brown hair fell to his face and he mirthfully breathed out a smile. “You are free”

” I plan to rest tomorrow but sure, Janice is all that matters.” Noah sighed.
“She is your world sir.” Noah added and got a quick glare from his boss.

Noah’s index finger scratched the bottom of his perfectly Jelled blond hair, and as the car suddenly slowed down because of the little traffic ahead, Noah’s eyes suddenly reached the sidewalk and he noticed a rather confident lady.
Dressed in red khaki fitted pants and black t-shirt, her left hand clutched on a red shoe and on her right feet was the shoe’s pair, leaving her left feet bare.

“Should I call this fashion or an accident?” Noah mumbled under his breath as he watched this lady go, her brown hair swaying from left to right as she walked in a grumpy way.

The car suddenly sped up and Noah cussed silently when the car drove ahead losing the lady in a single red shoe.

Before Calista got home, the day had already turn Grey, and after taking a shower and changing into something comfortable, the day finally turned dark.

“Finally… Some alone time.” She mumbled under her breath as she fell on her one person bed. She had had enough today, first from the horrible movie Mika made her watch and from the way her only red perfect shoe decided to end things with her.

Crawling to the mini fridge on the other side of her bed, Calista suddenly opened it and pulled out a bag of doughnut with a juice box alongside.
She grabbed her laptop, ready to start another movie to get her mind off the one she saw today, when her phone suddenly vibrated.
Seeing Mika’s name on the screen she sighed.

“Hello…” Calista said dryly after picking the call.
“Calista!” Mika almost yelled.
“I can hear you, no need to scream.” Calista shook her head.
“Yeah sorry, so I am in the bathroom right now at Fein’s Hotel and I am losing my shit”.

“Losing your shit? Is everything okay? And hold on, pause, I’m sorry did you just say Fein hotel?”
“You heard me right” Mika breathed out.

“Uhm… Fein hotel isn’t for people like us, or should I say people like me, because there’s a fifty percent chance that you can be there, considering who Adrian is, we all know he’s one arrogant millionaire. Isn’t he.” Calista scoffed.
“My fiance isn’t arrogant, he’s a total opposite of what you and Ray see him as.” Mika corrected, and Calista could swear she felt her eye roll.
“And okay fine… Why are you losing your shit then.?” Calista asked.

“Okay so the reason why I’m here in Fein’s hotel is because, Adrain had this business meeting and he wanted me to come with him and like you wouldn’t believe who he was having a meeting with?”. Mika sighed.
“I can take a wild guess that he’s having a meeting with other millionaires.” Calista laughed.
“Okay, f*ck… The meeting is with Gatsby Mercury, CEO and founder of Win-Tech, Connie soy, CEO Of Gold-Group and Noah Leonhart… They all came with their dates, except Noah and I am seriously losing it” Mika breathing hitched.

Calista’s eyes almost popped out of her face when she heard the golden names Mika had just mentioned.
“Wait..? Hold on, your fiancé has connections with people like this? What? I mean Noah Leonhart, that dude could buy the entire universe and I wouldn’t mind being purchased by him. But for real, I was just exaggerating on Adrian being a millionaire, I know he’s fancy rich but I didn’t know he was close to people like that, Mika you are so lucky. ”

“Lucky my ass, they all brought their dates and I didn’t know Rich people spoke a different language, I mean it was all English but I could barely understand what they were talking about. And I kind of made a fool out of myself. And then I suddenly took an excuse to go pee and I’m here in the bathroom trying not to cry my eyes out for making a fool out of myself.” Mika sighed.

“Look it’s okay, we all make a fool out of ourselves when we’re close to people like that.” Calista said, assuring.

“You should see the look on Adrian’s face when I pronounced jelly as jellin, I shouldn’t have ordered it to begin with. I was just so nervous.” Mika muttered.

Calista let’s out a laugh. “It’s okay Mika, we all make mistakes, it’s not like they’re gods or anything. Or maybe they’re close to one.”

“You’re not helping.” Mika seethe.

“I’m just saying, but anyways I’m sure Adrain will understand, he’s dead drop in love with you, you have nothing to worry about.” Calista smiled.
“Thanks, I needed to hear that” Mika beamed.
“Now go back to your rich people party. Your boyfriend… I mean fiance, is waiting for you”.

“I know we got engaged two weeks ago, but still, you seriously have to get used to him being called my fiance” Mika scolded.

“Yes mom.” Calista teased.

“Alright then, I just wanted to reach out to you and get a little word of encouragement, thanks for tonight Cal, now I have to go face the town’s gods.”
“They are gods indeed” Calista laughed, and with one last bye, both ladies ended the call.

“How lucky… Mika.” Calista smiled staring at her phone.
Adrian and Mika had known each other for over a year, and they had met in the mall where Mika worked and how they clicked the first time they met, seeing how he strangely fell for Mika, Adrain wasted no time in courting her.

Calista sighed at her memory of when Mika had given her an earful of how she and Adrain met, and she couldn’t help but reason how lucky her friend is.

Turning back to her laptop, Calista teared the bag of doughnuts open and tuned in to her favorite movie, she wouldn’t care repeating ten times.

The dinner was finally over and Mika could feel herself breathe properly as they walked outside and towards Adrian’s car.
Walking behind Adrain, she glanced up at him before breathing out a sigh.

“Adrain.” she called.
The tall black haired man in front of her turned around and she swallowed hard.

“Yes?” Adrian asked, his too perfect face features beautifying the night.

“Are you mad or something?” Mika asked.

“Mad? Don’t be ridiculous.” Adrian scoffed. “Remind me why I should be..”
Mika couldn’t tell if he was actually mad or it was the fact that his British accent had always sounded so thick.

“I mean, I kind of made a fool out of myself tonight, and you haven’t spoken to me since we left the hotel’s restaurant” Mika gulped.

“That is because, you wouldn’t let me talk to you, you’ve been walking behind me ever since we left the hotel, I tried to slow down to talk to you but it seemed like you didn’t want to talk to me. And what do you mean made a fool out of yourself.?” Adrian asked taking a step forward.
“I kept going off topics, I mispronounced words, laughed when no one did, everyone must think I’m a freak or something.” Mika rolled her eyes.

Adrian let’s out a laugh. “Nonsense, you were anything but a freak tonight.”

“Are you sure, cause I’m pretty sure everyone glared at me at some point.” Mika laughed.

“They didn’t, now come on let’s head home it’s been a long day” Adrian smiled, and with a that he placed a soft kiss on Mika’s cheek before hurrying to the door and getting the car door for her.
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