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It was Sunday morning, and the day started off with cold,
Calista was fast asleep when the sound of her ringing phone woke her up from her nice slumber.

“Hello…” She mumbled into the phone, her voice croaky.
“Hey Cal, wait! Are you still asleep? Did I wake you up or something.” Ray’s voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

“Yes… You did and I am going to lose it because of you” Calista sighed.

“I’m sorry, I’m around your neighborhood and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out.”

Calista paused to look at the time.

“i thought you would be busy today” Calista added, breathing out a yawn.
“I thought I would, but turns out I’m free, so what do you say?”

“I don’t know… I plan to sleep in more and maybe by ten p.m I’ll get my ass off my bed.” Calista replied.

“So this is a no?”
“It is… Thanks for calling Ray.” And with that word, Calista hung up and closed her eyes to catch more sleep.

“Sir I am telling you, Mr Gasby needs this collaboration with us, and from his email this morning I could tell he was pretty satisfied with the dinner meeting last night, great job Noah.” Boris smiled.
“The dinner was okay, but next time, you’re filling in.” Naoh sighed.

“What?” Boris scoffed.

“Look Boris, I am the town’s young billionaire in his late twenties and I have enemies, I could tell by attending meetings, not everybody likes me, so that’s why I have to attend the good ones and save a seat for you at the bad ones, that’s all am saying, and beside, I have this meeting with Conrad on Monday by 5pm, another with Kimberly at 3pm and also have to deal with the company’s employee “.

” wow. ” Boris looked stunned.
“What?” Noah snapped.
“You know your schedule more than I do.”

“Of course I do, I mean it’s mine to begin with, I don’t actually need a personal assistant to be clear but maybe I just need someone to take a spot for me sometimes.” Noah sighed.
“That means you do need an assistant”.

“Okay let’s end this conversation.” Noah sighed. “How was the meeting with my dear Janice.? Did she like your company?”

“Not Really, she was grumpy and angry the whole time, she said she wanted to see you, and well probably hates my guts for saying I was a far more better company than you” Boris breathed out.
Noah laughed. “Are you trying to steal Janice from me or what?”
“I don’t know why I said that either.” Boris smiled.
“Anyways, I’ll take a quick rest and then go see Janice after. You’re excused.” Noah sighed, taking a seat.
“Will do” Boris said and wasted no time in exiting the room.

Noah threw a brow up seeing how Boris left the room. He must have wanted to leave Noah’s side for while now.

The Sunday went away as fast as Calista could recall it and she recalled she had spent her day on cheese cake and a bottle of apple juice in front of her laptop, and then during the evening, she had gone out for a smoke in a small alley behind her apartment building.

She had really promised to quit smoking at the end of the month and it has been three months ago since she promised herself that. Had doctor had warn her several times, but she couldn’t bring herself to really quit, tho she had lessen the amout she takes in a day, before she would smoke about three times in a day.
But now she had lessen it up to one time a day, with having hope she would quit one day, singing the word ‘baby steps’ in her head every single time.

If only curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of her three years ago when she wanted to know why people got addicted to smoking she wouldn’t have ended up getting addicted.
After brushing her teeth that night Calista threw a mint candy into her mouth before getting on her bed which is clearly the only reasonable place her room had to stay.
She had no other cushion, no TV and her room’s space wouldn’t be enough for a couch or even TV.
Her tiny kitchen was not enough and her bathroom could do better.

Since she was already used to such confined place, she couldn’t care less.
Dressed in a perfect suit and with his perfectly jelled hair and his outstanding blue eyes matching the pitch black suit.
Noah checked himself in the mirror and his perfect lips curved into a smile.

“Now thank you for setting the meeting up with Janice. Now I will go meet my queen in peace. You can go home now Boris. It’s 9:30pm” Noah added walking away from the mirror.

“Well if you do need me with anything just call me and I’ll be on my way” Boris smiled.

“You’ve already done enough. Now go.” Noah breathed out. “I know you want to.”

“Of course I do.” Boris laughed, and with that he grabbed his car keys and iPad before leaving Noah’s mansion.

Noah stood in his dining room patiently waiting for Janice to walk in, he could hear her footstep making way to the dining room and he immediately stretched his lips into a smile.
Janice walked into the dining room and her pink dress was the first thing that caught his eyes.

Janice’s lips suddenly curved into a smile and with a scream she yelled. “Daddy!”

Running up to Noah, Noah suddenly caught grabbed her and pulled her in his arms.

“How are you my little angel.” Noah smiled.

“I’m fine.” Janice smiled.
“look at you, you grow big every single day, aren’t you supposed to be six.” Noah scoffed and Janice giggled in excitement.
They both seemed almost too identical, with their matching blond hair and blue eyes.

“I wish I’d see you every time daddy, and not Boris.” Janice frowned.

“Sorry pumpkin you know I’m always busy. But also so make time for us to hang out.”

“I know but I do want to see you every day” Janice added.

Noah sighed and glanced at the door. “Now where’s Nana that brought you here?”

“She left me at the front porch making a call.”

“Good heavens. My mother and her never ending calls.” Noah sighed.

“So now… What would you like, name anything in the world and I’ll get it for you” Noah smiled placing Janice on the table.

“Tomorrow’s bring your parents to school day and I would like it if you come instead and not Nana.” Janice frowned.
“I wish I could come pumpkin, but I can’t let people know you’re my child. Or else the bad guys are going to come get me” Noah added dramatically, and after seeing the frightened look on his daughter’s face. He lets out a laugh.
“I’ll come honey, I was just joking” He smiled.
If only he was actually joking and if only he would keep his promise.
T. B. C.

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