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Tilting her head and staring down at her phone, Calista tapped Jeremy’s shoulder and got on her feet immediately.

“I need to make a quick call” She said.
“Alright.” Jeremy nodded.

Calista walked out of the cake shop to meet the cold night and she rushed her hands on her phone as she called Mika, who picked up on the second pick.

“Mika.” Calista called.
“Yeah?” Mika replied, her voice calm.

“Is everything okay?” Calista asked.

Mika scoffed. “Why do you ask that, everything is fine.”
“Really? You sent me a text asking if you and Adrian were meant to be, hello!”

“Oh, I didn’t know I sent that to you” Mika giggled.
“Drop the act Mika, what’s going on?” Calista asked.

Mika sighed. “I don’t.. I don’t know okay, everything with Adrian is just making me lose my mind.” Mika huffed.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Calista’s curious voice got Mika sighing countlessly.

“Talk to me Mika, what happened.” Calista breathed out.
“I don’t know, Adrian’s just doing the most lately, I mean we went on a date tonight and couldn’t even stay up to an hour, he was pissed and so was I, and it just didn’t end great” Mika explained.
“Well okay, do you want me to come over tomorrow?” Calista asked.

“It’s okay, I don’t want to stress you out after work.” Mika smiled
“Okay, but call me if you feel like you need someone to talk to alright?” Calista breathed out.
“Hmm. Okay.” Mika replied before ending the call.
Walking back into the cake shop, Calista got to the the table with Jeremy and saw him drinking by himself.

“Jeremy, I think it’s time to call it a night” she sighed.
“Why? Is something wrong?” Jeremy paused.

“Nope, everything is fine, if I stay any longer, I’m afraid I might drink more than I can carry”.

“That’s a good thing then.” Jeremy smiled.

“it’s not.” Calista snarled, grabbing her purse.

“Okay then, it’s my birthday and I should be allowed to have more than my body could carry” Jeremy shrugged.
“Well you’ll hate the outcome. Anyways I better get going”

“I should walk you out then.” Jeremy offered.
“No, it’s fine, thanks… It’s alright” Calista stopped him.

“Okay then, thank you for today anyways, it was fun.”

“Glad I could keep you company.” Calista beamed, waving one last time and walking out of the cake shop.
Wrapped in a purple blanket and sitting at the balcony under the night sky, Mika suddenly dropped her phone after hearing Adrian’s voice behind her.

“Are you cold?” He asked, sitting beside her on the wide sofa.
“A little.” Mika replied tucking her jet black hair behind her ears.

“I’ll keep you warm.” Adrian smiled, sitting behind her and pulling her In a cuddle, she usually loves.

“Thanks.” Mika mumbled.

“Hey…” Adrian called. “Are you still pissed about tonight?”
Mika said nothing.

“Look, I was being a little sensitive about the dress, and I already apologized for my behavior, I’m sorry.” Adrian mumbled.

“it’s not about the dress” Mika finally spoke.
“Then Is it about getting angry that we were both pissed and called off our date earlier than usual?”
“That, and also the fact that you kind of acted juvenile when that man with the funny hat and his entourage stared at me.”
“What was I supposed to do, let them stare?” Adrian scoffed.

“Yes Adrian. You didn’t have to say anything about it. And besides I didn’t wear the too revealing dress, but yet I got stared at, the thing is Adrian, men will be men, they will stare at you no matter what you wear. And I don’t dress for anyone, not even for you, but for me.”

“But… I… Just wanted you to look decent” Adrian scoffed.
“And it didn’t change what you were avoiding, it’s not like the ones dressing decent are actually decent, so save it” Mika sighed, her voice calm.

“Okay, okay I am very sorry, I really am.” Adrian sighed, suddenly kissing Mika’s neck, and then her cheeks.

Mika moved to the right to avoid the kiss, and immediately got on her feet. “I’ll go to bed now, goodnight” And with that, she left Adrian alone in the balcony.
Calista squeaked when she turned on the shower expecting a full wave of hot water when it rained cold ice water.

“What the hell.” she cussed, turning the faucet angrily when the water stopped running. “Huh?” she looked up at the shower.
“What is wrong with our stupid power supply.” Calista ranted trying to turn on the shower, but was receiving no water.
And then it suddenly hit her. “Oh sh!t” she cussed. “I haven’t paid my water bills for this month. Way to go Calista”
Dressed in a blue matching pajamas, Calista plopped down on her bed with her bag of chips hung under her arm.
And as she got herself ready to enjoy her chips and sleep on her favorite movie. The notification sound on her phone suddenly grabbed her attention and her eyes widen when she saw it was a message from Mr. Anonymous.

“You alive?” The message said.

Calista snickered as she opened her bags of chips.
She grinned from ear to ear as she typed. “I brought this on myself, this you alive thing, I’m afraid we’re becoming too obsessed with it”.

Mr. Anonymous replied with a teary laughing emoji. “It’s basically a question and I kind of like it.”

Calista typed. “Then I need a raise.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “A raise? touché, how was today?”

Calista suddenly recalled her today experience and shook her head as she typed. “Well we’ve basically talked about Noah Leonhart before and well today I finally met him in person after meeting him a billion times not knowing it was him.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Now that was an unexpected turn.”

Calista typed. “I know right, tell me about it, I have been making a fool out of myself not knowing he is literally the Noah Leonhart the whole world seems to know, to be honest I don’t even know how to face him if I ever run into him again.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “You seem pressed, I’m sure you’ll face him just fine. Anyways what does he look like according to your perspective.”

A smirk appeared on Calista’s face as she typed. “He’s gorgeous to be honest, but he also looks like your average gorgeous man, I’ve seen girls tripping on him like he’s some god, I might trip too, but he’s definitely not my taste, I’ve hear him speak, he’s too pompous and self centered, and having those two traits blocks the word gorgeous.”.
Noah scoffed as the message he finished reading and gave a quick eyes roll.
“Pompous and self centered. Not your taste?” Noah yelled out as he turned back to his phone and typed.

“He’s not your taste? What if you’re also far from his taste and level.”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “I do know, I’m far from his taste, he looks like he’s those guys who would date a stripper with ease.”

Noah blinked at the message and shut his eyes.
“This woman is something else.”.

Slowly opening his eyes, Noah took in a deep breath as he typed his message.
“Date a stripper with ease?” He repeated

Miss Anonymous replied. “Yeah, you know, the fact that he’s rich young and gorgeous and feels like no woman is up to his taste. Alas he gets tired and dates a stripper”

Noah smiled, as he mumbled to himself. “I can’t with her.”

He got comfortable on his bed as he texted her, well he did brought this on himself after messaging her first.

“I think you’re wrong, Noah doesn’t look like someone who would do something like that” Noah typed.
Calista laughed at her message and let’s out a yawn, she glanced at the time at the top of her phone and lets out a gasp, she’s been chatting with Mr. Anonymous for so long she forgot she had work the next day.
Bringing the chat to an end that night, Mika snuggled under her blanket to get a good night rest.
Getting ready for work the next morning was something Calista never wanted to experience again. As she had woken up late, paid for her water bills and had to wait for it, while preparing breakfast that got burnt.
Pushing all that aside, she looked at the bright side and got to work, despite being late.

“No… Please don’t close.” Calista repeated her words multiple times rushing up to the closing doors of the elevator,
immediately she fixed her hand in between the elevator door, it reopened and she stopped on her tracks when Noah’s eyes met hers.
“Yikes!” she blurted.

“Aren’t you going to get in?” Noah raised a brow.
“Silly me.” Calista gave a nervous laugh before walking inside and letting the door close.
“Good morning.” she greeted.
“Good morning” Noah replied and they both remained quiet.
Until Calista took in a deep breath and turned to Noah.
T. B. C

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