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“Aren’t you going to get in?” Noah raised a brow.
“Silly me.” Calista gave a nervous laugh before walking inside and letting the door close.
“Good morning.” she greeted.
“Good morning” Noah replied and they both remained quiet.
Until Calista took in a deep breath and turned to Noah.

“So… Uhm… Good morning…” Calista giggled.
Noah paused and turned to her. “We already shared our greetings.”

“Oh right. Just recalled that, how is Janice by the way.” She asked.

Noah turned to her. “Are you asking me about her to give me one of your lectures?”

Calista gasped. “What? Of course not.”

“Then why else are you asking, suddenly interested in my daughter.”
Calista glared at Noah from the corner of her eyes but immediately soften them and threw a smile when Noah’s eyes met hers.

“I am trying to be nice here, I am just asking about her as her ex teacher, nothing more.” Calista breathed out,
Now that she knows he’s the boss she totally has to get on his good side, it wouldn’t be funny if she lost her job because of something she said.

“Trying to be nice?” Noah couldn’t help but chuckle recalling their conversation last night on the phone.
Her words were not nice and nothing to write home about.

“D..Did I say something funny?” Calista bat her lashes.
“Certainly not” Noah composed himself and his fierce looked appeared on his face again. “Anyways, thank you for asking, but Janice is fine.”

“Ah, that’s good to hear.” Calista nodded and stopped talking.
They both remained quiet until Calista made it to her floor and as she walked out she threw in her best smile before the door close.

The elevator started to move again and Noah smirked adjusting his collar.
“So just when she finds out I’m Noah Leonhart, she suddenly wants to get on my good side. How sad.”
Walking into his office, Noah was welcomed with a Boris friendly smile.

“You’re late.” Boris said through gritted teeth.
“I uhm.. I overslept” Noah replied sitting behind his desk and rubbing his template.

“And what kept you up all night.?” Boris asked.
Noah glared at him. “I slept early and still I overslept”
“I can tell you’re lying, but anyways let’s scratch that” Boris sighed, taking a seat opposite Noah.

“So has a date been set?” Noah asked breathing out a sigh of relief.
“Yes, and well it is this weekend, Mr Gasby agreed to this weekend and so did Mr. Kowalski.”
Noah sighed.
Boris gave him a smile. “I know you hate business trips, but you have no choice in this one.”
“How many days” Noah asked.

“Two” Boris replied.
“Two days is way too much, and it’s weekend, Janice will be coming over this Saturday a-
“No excuses sir, your mother is aware and letting Janice stay with her.” Boris interrupted.
“How wonderful” Noah added sarcastically.

“Anyways.” Boris got on his feet. “We will have three of our best employees come with us, Mr Gasby will have two of his and Mr. Kowlaski will have one of his, I have already called your hotel and have spoken to them about the reservations on Friday and Saturday and to get our suites ready, I’ll start arranging our flights tonight, and I have also tell the heads of the main departments to get their best workers. So we’re all set.” Boris explained.

“What exactly will I do without you Boris.” Noah sighed.
“Nothing to be honest.” Boris replied blantly and got a glare from Noah.
“Wait what?” Calista blinked, her hands dropping from the keyboard on her desk, she was sure she heard Alvara right.

“I’m sorry, what did you just say… Mrs. Alvara.” Calista blinked at her department’s manager.
“I get that you’re surprised, but you’re literally the only capable workaholic here. No offense everyone.” Alvara giggled at her workers.

“But… A business trip. Suddenly?” Calista repeated.
“Well I was told last night, I get it is sudden, but if I’d choose anyone, it’s you Calista, you have to go to this business trip, and you can’t say no because you might get fired” Alvara rushed her words.

“But… But… I can’t go on a business trip.” Calista shook her head.
“I’m sorry honey, but you have to, this is something you can’t say no to.” Alvara added.
“But… But why me…”

“Like I said, you’re the only one who’s really focused on their work and also faster these days and also remember how you were late this morning and begged that you were going to do anything, so well, This is you doing anything. I will not hear anything again Calista, this is for the company’s big project and our department is counting on you, good luck, I’ll inform Mr. Goodman about you” And with that Alvara walked back to her desk, leaving Calista speechless.

“What in the actual fvck, tomorrow’s Friday, they could have actually mentioned this earlier. What is wrong with these people” Calista scoffed. “A business trip is not how I have planned to enjoy my Friday and Saturday, and the mention of Noah at the trip. Oh goodness, this is literally what I would never sign up for”
The evening sky made its way through the city and as Noah got ready to leave his office, the door opened and Boris walked in, his eyes focused on his eye iPad.

“Finally, I’ve been calling you nonstop and you haven’t been picking my calls.” Noah sighed.
“Oh.” Boris paused. “You were. Maybe my phone went on silent again, I think I’ll need to get a new phone, I’ve been using this for just a year and it’s already acting up.”

“Yeah, please get a new one before the trip, tonight, if possible.” Noah added.

“Yeah, will do so.” Boris stated throwing his phone back into his pocket and looking back up at Noah.
“Anyways, I got the three employees that will be coming with us, Debbie Tyler from the research and development department, Calista Williams from the sales department and Jeremy Paolo from the marketing department. If you feel like they’re not good enough we can change them immediately “. Boris breathed out.

Noah paused.
“So Debbie Tyler is new, I guess. And of course I know Jeremy, and Calista Williams, is she the Calista I know, your unsophisticated friend who shops from a thrift store?” Noah smirked.

“Okay, please do not describe her that way, I already scold myself enough for that, and yes, she is the Calista you know, Janice’s ex teacher.” Boris nodded.

“I know all my employees new or old, and well I am fine with these three. Suddenly looking forward to this trip.” Noah scoffed, grabbing his brief case.

“That’s the spirit, I’ll contact the three of them tonight and tell them all they need to know” Boris smiled, and immediately his phone start to ring.

“Oh, my wife” he smiled.

“So your phone doesn’t ring when I call but it rings when your wife does?” Noah paused halfway through the office.

“Well…” Boris shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll send you David’s contact, tell him your address and he’ll deliver a new phone to your doorstep.” Noah furrowed his brows.
“Oh don’t bother I can ju-
“I insist” Noah interrupted. “Have a good evening now” and with that Noah walked out of his office.

After taking three steps forward Noah paused and let’s out a smirk.
“Calista” He muttered under his breath.
“Calista, Calista, listen to me.” Mika sighed.

“Okay fine I’m listening”

Mika continued. “I am fine, Adrian is not treating me badly, everything is fine, i get that you’re just worried, but now I regret sending you that text yesterday”.

“Okay fine. Since you’re so chill about it” Calista huffed.
Mika laughed. “I am fine thank you for calling.”

“Okay, ouch.” Calista yelled on the other side of the phone.

“What, what’s wrong?”

“Ugh. This stupid bra hook almost sliced my skin open. Ugh.” Calista yelled.

Mika giggled. “Okay, I’m pretty sure that is not the first time happening, is anything bothering you, you sound mad.”

“Of course. I was thinking my Saturday was going to be me binge watching Maid’s seduction, but no Noah Leonhart suddenly called for a business trip and my department’s manager had to pick me.” Calista scoffed.
“Aww, yikes, bummer. Heard Adrian, Noah and Gasby Anthony, the owner of Snibe and other company, are working on this project they don’t want to mention, Adrian’s going on a business trip, I think it’s connected, anyways it’s a good thing you get to leave your cramped apartment for a while.” Mika smiled.

“How cruel. Oh. Getting another call from an unknown number, I’ll call you later, after I take a bath” Calista sighed.

“Okey dokey, bye…” Mika slurred as she ended the call.
The door opened and Adrian walked in looking exhausted.
“Evening my love” He breathed out seeing Mika on the couch.

“How was day?” Mika smiled getting on her feet..
T. B. C

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