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The dinner was finally over, and as everyone made it back to their suite room, Adrian slowly cornered Calista, as she got to the door with Jeremy behind her.

“Can I have a word. As we had promised?” Adrian threw his brows up.
“Sure” Calista nodded, giving Jeremy a ‘You can go on without me look.’.
Seated in a request table, facing each other and balancing their backs on the soft chair.
Calista sighed. “What do you want to talk about Adrian, make it quick, I feel sleepy”

“You’re drunk, so I’ll make this quick.” Adrian breathed out.
Calista nodded.

“I don’t know where or how to start, but can I just put it like this, Mika has been acting weird.”

“And how do you mean by weird.?” Calista squinted her eyes.

Adrian sighed. “Well I don’t mean weird in a weird way, I mean she’s been acting a little too distant from me, like I have done something wrong, and I was wondering if she’s spoken anything related to that to you”.
“And why would Mika spill or tell me anything from your relationship.?” Calista snapped, she’s the sharpest when drunk.

Adrian gave an uncomfortable laugh. “I mean, she’s your best friend, and I assume you might know so-

“Listen here, pretty boy” Calista interrupted shaking her head, “if Mika did tell me anything, you’re not going to hear it from me.”

“Why?” Calista yelled,

And the waiters in the room clearing the tables flinched.

“Why?” she lowered her voice. “I am not some sort of relationship hallway okay? If you and Mika are having problems, talk it out.”

“Believe me, I’ve tried but she just yank everything off.” Adrian scoffed.

“Maybe that’s because you’re not trying enough.” Calista shrugged.
“How far can I go? How far do I go. She doesn’t want to see me breathe.”

“You’re not trying enough just try to talk things out, and talk things out with your head underwater not in the clouds, because you kind of have a way you talk to people.” Calista crossed her arms over chest.
“Have a way I talk to people? How do you mean?” Adrian asked.

“How else, you talk like everyone’s your shoe, like no one can ever be at your level of some sort. You act and talk all mighty and domineering. Maybe you might or might not have made Mika feel so small, so maybe you need to lower those shoulders of yours and have a real conversation with her, that is, if you do not want to lose Mika. And God it is hot in here.” Calista yelled her last sentence.

Adrian remained quiet for a while before breathing out a sigh.
“Thanks, but the air conditioning is good perfect in here, you’re always hot when you’re drunk..”

“I’ll be leaving now.” Calista sighed getting up on her feet and almost crashing down flat on the tiled floor, but luckily Adrian caught her.
“Geez. You’re worse than Mika when drunk, are you sure you can get to your room all by yourself?” Adrian asked holding her shoulders.
“I don’t need your help, just treat my Mika right.” Calista shrugged his hands off before finding her way to the door, and walking out of the room.

Adrian slowly sat on the chair and breathed out a sigh. “I thought, getting drunk would let her spill anything about Mika, but she’s really at her brightest when drunk.”
“Okay so the next game is our none other than the oral of Tee… I’m going to ask you a question and you’re going to spill all the Teas, do not lie Ray.” Mika warned as she slammed the pillow on her thighs.

Adrian adjusted his body on the couch. “Okay then go on.”

“First question. When and why did you fall for Calista.” Mika smiled.

“I should have seen this coming” Ray sighed.

“Go on, spill it, I’m all ears.” Mika grinned.

Ray sighed. “Okay fine, I think I liked her but didn’t realise it until summer a year ago, I realized I had liked her more than ever, and well why I like Calista is because, she’s everything to like, her charisma, the way she speaks everything about her is so unique and she’s pretty, and also pretty funny” Ray paused. “You’re nor going to tell her all these now, are you?”

“Trust me, as much as I am enjoying your eyes lit up while talking about Calista, my lips are sealed.” Mika beamed.

Ray breathed out a sigh of relief. “Okay. Thank goodness. And what’s also funny about her is that, when she’s drunk she’s rather sensitive, unlike you”.

Mika laughed. “I get it, Calista is actually the most sensitive with her words you can never get her when drunk. But she’s actually the most dumbest with her actions when drunk.”

Walking past the shiny hallway of the hotel, Calista’s eyes searched for her suite room,
“Two zero nine” she read out loud seeing the number on her door, before walking to it to swipe her card key over the door security check in. But was surprised when the door opened without her getting the card close to the small security machine at the door.

Getting into the room, throwing her card into her purse and closing the door shut.
Calista threw her purse on the floor and started to take off her shirt.

“Geez, it is so hot.” she complained as she threw her black top on the floor, leaving her in her black bra and palazzo pants.

Calista was unzipping her pants when Noah walked out of the bedroom with a towel around his waist. He looked like he just had the nicest shower, and his blond hair became dark due to the fact that it was wet.

Noah stopped on his tracks when he saw Calista stripping in his suite room.

“What the hell are you doing?” Noah yelled.
Calista’s head suddenly snapped at Noah and her eyes widen in shock seeing him in nothing but a towel.

“What are you doing in my room and with that?” she yelled, pointing the towel on his waist.
“Your room?” Noah scoffed.
“Yeah.” Calista answered aggressively.

“This is clearly my room, look around.” Noah replied.

Calista paused, and turned to look around the room.
It looked exactly like hers, but at the same time they were a few changes, the small chandelier hanging at the top of the room was suddenly big and some part of the room walls had marbles, and her room didn’t have extra chairs at the back of the nice couch.

Calista looked back at Noah.
“And you were saying?” He raised a brow.

“I was saying…” Calista, didn’t know what to say and remained quiet for a while.

After waiting for her to get her head back up, Noah gave her a stare.
“I thought this was my …” Calista looked around one more time before turning back to Noah.
“What are you waiting for then? Leave.” Noah breathed out, and slowly his eyes dart down to her chest, but immediately went back up to her face.

But not being a fool and seeing where Noah’s eyes had gown, Calista looked down at her body to see her upper body only in a bra.
She gasped. “You perv, what the hell did you just look at!”

Noah rolled his eyes. “Just pick up your clothes and leave.”

“I just asked you a fvcking question, you perv… What the hell did you just look at?” Calista snapped.

Noah sighed and walked up to her. “I see you’ve had more than enough of that wine, seeing how you’re speaking to your ‘boss.”

“Well I have every right to speak this way, because you just looked at my boobs.” Calista yelled.

“And who’s at fault here?” Noah asked, bending down to pick her elastic top. “You walked into someone’s room and started to take off your clothes, and You could have covered up immediately you saw me in the room, but you didn’t. So maybe you did want to be looked at, so don’t call me a pervert” Noah Warned, taking her hand and placing her top on her palm.

He paused and looked down at her chest again, she watched him, speechless.

“And besides” he started. “It’s not like there’s much to look at”.

Speechlees, Calista pushed him back and immediately wore her top, before grabbing her purse and shoes.

“About time.” Noah scoffed and watched her leave the room, glaring at him.

Opening the door and walking out of the suite room, Calista bumped into boris, causing her shoes to fall on the floor, she lets out a frustrated grunt before picking it up and walking away.
Stunned, boris watched her go before walking into the suite room and closing the door.

“Noah…” Boris called, seeing him in just his towels. “I just saw Miss Calista walking out , with her clothes backwards, her shoes in her hand and her hair up, please tell me my thoughts are completely wrong.”

Noah laughed. “Do you think I’m that stupid?”
“I don’t know, I mean you never know.” Boris shrugged.

“Really?” Noah scoffed. “Is that how you see me. Having s£x with an employee on a business trip”

“I didn’t say it like that” Boris scoffed.
“But at least you’re thinking it” Noah shook his head.

Boris took a seat “How could I not, we both know who you are, you are kinky, a flirt, a seducer, all sort of names that fit your categories Noah”

“What the fvck.” Noah looked at Boris in disbelief.
“Well… Correct me if I’m wrong” Boris fold his arms.
“Maybe, I used to be like that, but not anymore.” Noah shrugged.

“I’ll let myself believe that, I mean after Janice, you’ve been calm and cool headed. You wouldn’t want another Janice now, do you?” Boris smirked, and Noah rolled his eyes before walking back into the bedroom.
T. B. C

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