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Lying on the bed of her suite room, Calista breathed out a sigh when she heard the suite’s magical bell.

“Who the hell is it.” she mumbled as she walked up to the door, trying not to fall flat on the floor as she staggered.

Opening the door, Calista paused when she saw Adrian standing by the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?” He asked.
“Why?” Calista narrowed her eyes.

“Just let me in.” he sighed, walking in and closing the door behind him.

“What? Do you want to talk about Mika or something?” Calista asked.

“Uhm… No… Yes, kind of” Adrian nodded.

“Okay, I’m all ears.” Calista sighed, her flushed face suddenly looking puffy.

“Okay, truth is. I don’t think I’m interested in Mika anymore.”

“What?” Calista paused.
“I’m serious, I just…
“No no Adrian, you take that back, you’re not interested in Mika? Are you for real, you have to be kidding me,” Calista yelled.

“Just let me finish” Adrian rubbed his template.
“Fine. Finish then” Calista barked.

“I think I’m interested in you.” Adrian breathed out.

“Me?” Calista was more than confused.

Adrian took a step forward, his height towering hers as he cupped her face.
“And I’ve always wished you’ve notice”

“No this is wrong,” Calista shook her head bringing down Adrian’s hand, and trying to walk away from him when he grabbed her and kissed her.

“Okay thank you for coming over, honestly, I kind of don’t want you to leave.” Mika smiled at Ray as they stood outside the house.
“You should buy a robot that would keep you company okay, since you always look for nothing but company!” Ray joked, tapping Mika’s shoulder. And if Adrian comes back, have that talk with him.”

Mika sighed. “Well I did tell you about Adrian, but it’s not really about what’s he’s done, it’s just about how I’m feeling now.”

“Just talk things out” Ray rolled his eyes.

“You know what… Good night” Mika sighed.
Ray laughed. “Good night.”
Shutting the door, Mika breathed out a sigh, before back to her room.
“How can you be so dumb, Calista. Your room is two zero six, not nine, I can’t believe I almost stripped myself naked in front of Noah” Calista yelled as she walked into her room, finally taking off her clothes.

“And the fact that, he looked at my…” Calista looked down at her chest and lets out a gasp. “And how dare he indirectly call me flat” Calista spat before walking to the bathroom.
The night was getting old and as Calista got ready for bed, a notification suddenly popped up in her phone and it was from Mr. Anonymous, wanting to open the message icon, she breathed out a sigh and dropped her phone.
She was definitely not in the mood to text anyone, she was still feeling a little soggy from the drink she had.
Closing her eyes to sleep, another message came in on her phone and Calista lets out a grunt, grabbing her phone and placing it on the carpet under the bed.

“Not today…” She mumbled, closing her eyes again before finally falling asleep.
The sound of the suite door bell woke Calista up and she found herself groaning like a child as she walked out of the bed.
Her head felt heavy and her eyes throbbed.
Looking down at her body to see herself in only her undies, she rushed into the bathroom to grab a robe before walking back to the door to open it.

“Jeremy.” Calista called, taking a step back as she opened the door.
“Good morning.” Jeremy beamed walking inside with a smile on his face.
“What are you doing here?” Calista asked. “It’s still morning and I ought to be in bed, still sleeping.” She yawned.

“It’s Saturday morning on our business trip, not a vacation, and almost nine thirty, tell me you didn’t forget.” Jeremy scoffed.
“Forget what?”
“Forget what? You’re seriously asking me that, didn’t you receive the message from Boris about the sight seeing today.?” Jeremy leaned forward.

Calista paused. “Sight seeing? Message?”

“Oh sh!t” she gasped, recalling receiving a message from someone else last night apart from mr. Anonymous.
Rushing into the bedroom and picking up her phone from under the bed, Calista eyes widen when she saw the message from Boris.
Mika laid in bed feeling exhausted, heavy and tired, she was sick and she knew it, trying to get out of bed was something that could take all her strength and she was not ready for that, lately she’s been feeling different every morning, but this morning had to be worst..
Slowly getting up and reaching for her phone, Mika wanted to call for anyone, she needed help. If anything she needed, it was to go to the hospital.
Staring at Ray’s name on the screen, Mika contemplated wether or not to call Ray, if it would be anyone it had to be Ray, Adrian wasn’t in town and so is Mika.

“But he could be busy” she thought and let’s out a sigh before scrolling up and tapping on Adrian’s contact.
Calling Adrian more than once, Mika sighed countlessly when he wouldn’t pick up.
What is she ever going to do.
Standing under the hot morning sun in a deserted place that had nothing but sands rocks and grass, Calista watched as Noah, Gasby and Adrian walked around the place, mumbling unheard words to themselves with their assistants beside them taking notes, and leaving the employees to burn under the sun.

“Okay, I can’t deal with this anymore.” Debbie breathed out. “I mean they’re not even including us in their so called business talks, why the hell did we have to tag along.”
“I heard what they’re working on is top secret and they don’t anyone to know, including their employees” The employee Benjamin, working under Mr. Gasby chipped in walking up to the girls.

Calista sighed. “Top secret? Then why did we tag along in the first place, they could have just called a business trip for themselves”
“I guess they wanted it to look normal, you know take the employees along so it wouldn’t look like a secret” Jeremy chipped in.

Calista’s head snapped down to her pants pocket when her phone vibrated, excusing herself from the rest, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and answered the call, without looking at the caller.

“Calista.” Mika breathed out, her voice husky and weak.

“Mika?” Calista called. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
“I don’t feel good, I can’t even get out of bed.” Mika breathed out.
“What? Oh and you’re home alone, sh!t. Call Ray” Calista rushed words.

“He’s busy” Mika breathed out. “I tried calling Adrian but he’s not answering, I don’t know what to do. I feel like sh!t”

“I wish I can ditch this trip and come meet you, and then take you to a hospital, I have to tell Adrian about this” Calista breathed out.
“What is he going to do from over there anyways,” Mika sighed, and lets out a gag.
Calista heard a loud thud and the sound of something breakable crashing.
“Mika..! Mika… Are you alright?” she yelled.
Hearing nothing but the sound of Mika gagging worried Calista so much, that she felt like pulling her hair off.

“Mika…” Calista called, not caring and walking towards Adrian and his business partners who seemed lost in whatever they were talking about.

“Mika are you there?” Calista called again.

“Oh no.” Mika finally spoke up.
“Oh, thank goodness. What’s wrong Mika. Are you okay.?” Calista asked.
“I just puked on the carpet, Adrian is so not going to like this..” Mika sounded even more weaker.
“The last thing you should worry about is Adrian caring about his golden carpet, so just… Look, I’ll talk to you in about three minutes, just try not… Just stay with me.” Calista sighed and ended the call.

Getting close to Adrian, Calista interrupted the engrossed business men with a clear of her throat, and they all turned to her.

“Sorry for interrupting, but can I have a word with, with Adria… I mean, Mr. Kowalski?” Calista swallowed, not liking the eyes on her.
“Calista, you can see we’re busy here.” Adrian sighed.
“It’s an emergency.” Calista almost glared at him.
“And what is this emergency” Adrian asked.

“Mika.” Calista breathed out and Adrian’s stern eyes went soft and worried immediately.
“Excuse me.” Adrian breathed out before walking away with Adrian.
Walking back to Noah and Gasby, Adrian shook his head.
“I have to go back home.” Adrian breathed out.
“Is everything okay Mr. Kowalski?” Mr. Gasby asked.
“I am afraid not, Mika is ill and is puking all over the place, there’s no one at home, I have to go Back home, my assistant can cover for me”

“This seem like quite an emergency, you should go home to your dear fiance then.” Mr Gasby stated and Noah agreed with a slight nod.
Mika sat on the floor of her bathroom, her head buried in between her palms, she felt her the discomfort in her stomach again and slowly turned her heads towards the toilet to vomit for the second time.

“Ugh.” she grunt as she flushed the toilet.

Mika suddenly heard footsteps before hearing her name.

“Ray?” she mumbled.

“I’m in here.” she yelled, seeing his shadow in the room.
Ray walked into the bathroom, seeing Mika on the floor he breathed out a sigh.

“Damn” he sighed. “You look terrible.”

“What are you doing here? And how did you get in here, the gate’s locked” Mika added.

“I came in from the back, I had to jump over the tiny fence at the back, I almost broke my leg doing that, anyways Calista called me, she told me what’s happening with you, and I can’t believe you lied to her that I was busy, when you didn’t even call me.” Ray scoffed.
“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to be a burden to you” Mika muttered.

“You are never a burden Mika, I am busy, but can make time for something like this, what if you die or something where does that leave me.” Ray folded his arms staring at Mika.
Her lips stretched into a smile. “I’m sorry”

“You better be, now I heard it’s difficult for you to move.?” Ray asked bending down.

“Yeah, I’m heavy and weak at the same time.”
“Okay, well Calista said Adrian has taken a flight back home, so lets get you to the hospital for the main time, I borrowed my friend’s car, we can use that”. Ray said grabbing Mika by the shoulder.

“Or, we can take my car.” Mika suggested.

“If anyone’s riding that heavenly ride first, it should be you Mika, now to my borrowed car.” Ray smiled, lifting Mika up in his arms, the bridal style.

“Don’t drop me.” Mika warned.
“Ha-ha very funny, I’m stronger than your boyfriend, for your information.” Ray rolled his eyes.
“You wish.” Mika sighed.

“Try not to puke on my jacket though, i just bought it.” Ray sighed, as he walked down the stairs with Mika in his arms.

“And if I do?” Mike asked, she sounded so weak, but was still trying her best to sound strong.
“Easy, you buy me a new one.” Ray titled his head.
Waiting outside the ward room, Ray glanced at his wrist watch countless times, waiting to get feedback from the doctor that has been attending Mika.
It’s going to almost two hours.

Ray breathed out a sigh of relief when the doctor walked up to him.
“And you are Miss Suzuki’s…?

“I am her friend.” Ray breathed out. “Her fiance will be here soon.”

“Okay then, you can go see her, she’s fine now and maybe she can share the good news with you” The doctor smiled, before walking away.
“Good news” Ray mumbled under his breath as he walked into the ward, to see Mika chugging down a bottle of water on the bed.

“You look okay…” Ray smiled, walking up to her bed.
“I am.” Mika sighed “And hungry now.”

“Anyways what was your diagnosis?” Ray asked.
“It was just nausea” Mika replied. “Nausea but more aggressive this time”.

“More aggressive this time? And what good news was the doctor talking about?” Ray asked.
“Good news?” Mika repeated staring at Ray.
“Yeah? He was hoping you’d share the good news with me.”

“Oh…” Mika rolled her eyes.
“I’m pregnant.”.
T. B. C

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