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Calista suddenly got on her feet, but felt her blood move up to her head immediately causing her to sit down again.
“My daddy says you’re not feeling well.” Janice breathed out, her loud voice echoing throughout the whole house.

“I…” Calista sighed, realizing she was at Noah Leonhart’s home, her boss’ home.

‘Did I drink too much?’ She asked no one in particular but herself.

“Your daddy said I’m not feeling well?” Calista asked.
“Yes.” Janice nodded.
“Why? Did I seem unwell?” Calista’s voice was low.
“Yes, you puked all over the floors, daddy and I had to clean it all up.” Janice explained.
Calista gasped, placing her hand over her mouth.
“Fvck!” she cussed, but suddenly realized what she said and turned to Janice. “Forget I said that word.”

“It’s okay, daddy say it sometimes.” Janice shrugged.

Calista slowly got on her feet again but a thick voice behind her startled her.
“Don’t stand up.”

Flinching and turning around, Calista gulped seeing Noah.

“I… I’m.. Um.. I c..” She couldn’t clearly find her words, so she remained quiet.

“Here” Noah handed her a glass of water.

“Thank you” Calista swallowed taking the water from Noah and taking a sit.

Drinking the water in the complete silence and taking a good look at the house, Calista felt a bit dizzy again.

“So… I’m sorry” she breathed out after a moment of silence.

Noah scoffed taking a seat opposite her and with Janice taking a seat beside Calista.

“And what exactly are you sorry for?” Noah asked.
Calista sighed. “Janice told me I… I um.. Puked all over the place, I am really sorry for the stress I got you to.. I mean Through,

“It’s okay, I mean you were pretty drunk, I don’t know why you did so, but after getting back home, I saw you lying on the back seats of my car and well you seem pretty drunk so I took you inside and here you are. And don’t you remember anything?” Noah asked squinting his eyes.

Of course Calista did recall getting into a taxi and going home to sleep.

“Oh no, how much did I drink?” Calista mumbled to herself. She still felt a little drunk but was at her normal sense of drunkenness.

“Anyways, thank you so much Mr. Leonhart, but I will be taking my leave, thank you very much.” Calista said, getting on her feet, even though she couldn’t stand on her feet properly.

“Are you crazy?” Noah scoffed.
“It is the middle of the night, where are you going to get a ride that takes you home.”

“I… I can… I” Calista didn’t know how to answer that question so she just breathed out a sigh and remained quiet.

“And besides Janice wouldn’t go to bed because you’re here. I don’t know her reasons, but she was pretty wild about watching you” Noah’s voice was low as he breathed out the words.
Calista turned to Janice to smile at her before turning back to Noah.

“So… So you’re saying, I stay here tonight.?” Calista stuttered.

Noah shrugged. “Do you have any better option?”

“I… Don’t.” Calista shook her head. “But please, I have to make a phone call, my friend might be a bit worried, with me not coming home tonight.”

“Sure.” Noah said, before getting on his feet and walking away to get Calista’s purse, and handing it back to her.

Immediately Calista pulled out her phone and called Mika, who picked up immediately.
“Where the fvck are you?” Mika barked.

“Okay calm down, you’ll give me a migraine.” Calista sighed.
“I don’t care, I’ve been calling you none stop, do you know how worried I was, I thought you’d have been kidnapped or something, I called your mom, your sister, Ray, literally anybody” Mika complained.

“Okay, I’m really sorry, but I’m okay.” Calista sighed, glancing down at her phone to see about forty six missed calls, from Ray and Mika, mostly from Mika, and a few from her mom and sister, okay maybe Mika might have overreacted a bit.

“First off, where are you? The truth now I’ve been crying non stop, so spill.” Mika ordered,
Calista breathed out a nervous sigh, before glancing at Noah.
“I am at… I am at Mr. Leonhart’s home.” Calista’s voice was low.
“Wait what?” Mika yelled.
“look, Mika, I promise we’ll talk about this later, but I have to go, bye” Calista rushed her words, and in a Blink of an eye she ended the call.

Putting down her phone, and trying not to look at Naoh, Calista swallowed hard and glance down at Janice who smiled at her. This silence was disheartening, but there was nothing she could do.
It was an awkward moment.
Half drunk and stranded in an amazing home owned by her boss.

Noah suddenly got on his feet, “I’ll get the guest room ready and heated, it’s a cold night”
“Daddy, can miss Calista sleep with us?” Janice asked, and Calista’s eyes almost popped out of her head.
Noah’s expression was something to take home with.

“Definitely not.” Calista replied befire anybody else.
“I can not sleep with you and your father, I am a guest and the guest room is where I should stay” Calista turned to Noah. “And thank you for tonight.”

“Sure” Noah cleared his throat before walking away.
Lying on the enormous bed in the warm guest room, Calista shut her eyes and open them back, she recalled what had just happened to her and let’s out a maniac laugh.
“Yeah, I’m always fvcked up when I’m drunk.”

A small knock suddenly came across the door, and Calista had to slowly sit up and breathe out the word “Come in.”
The door made a creek sound as it opened and slowly Janice walked in, with a small duck pillow in her hand, dressed in her pink pajamas.
“Daddy said I can spend some time with you before I can go to bed.” Janice grinned, rushing up to the bed.
“Oh… You wanted to spend some time with me?” Calista blinked, and Janice lets out a shy nod.
“Well in that case. Come on in.” Calista forced a smile.

She wasn’t feeling one hundred percent alright, but at the same thing, she didn’t want to be rude to Janice.

Janice got on the soft bed and lets out a grin.
“So…” Calista looked around the room, and slowly laid back on the bed, and Janice did exactly what she did.
“So how have you been? How is school?” Calista asked, as they both watched the little chandelier above their heads.

“Good, i got my grades for our tests and Nana said I did great.” Janice beamed.

“That’s… Nice” Calista smiled. “You’re really smart”
“Daddy says the same” Janice beamed.

“So is your new teacher still the same, the same old mean thing?” Calista laughed.

“Nana came to school to yell at her last week” Janice giggled.
“Good for her.” Calista added.
“Nana says you’re the best teacher.” Janice blurted out.
Calista dramatically placed her hand on her chest and turned to Janice. “That is so nice of her, sometimes I wish I could take back my spot and be your teacher again.”

“Would you?” excitement filled Janice’s eyes.
“I can’t, I work for your daddy now. And besides the school doesn’t need someone like me.” Calista shook her head.

“Does that mean you see daddy everyday?” Janice asked.
“kind of. It depends.” Calista shrugged.

“Do you like my daddy?” Janice asked, clutching the pillow in her hands and gazing at Calista.
“Now where is that coming from?” Calista laughed, and so did Janice.

“I don’t know… Maybe? He’s not very nice but maybe” Calista shrugged.
“What? Dad is the nicest person in the whole world.” Janice’s voice filled the room.

“Well I bet he is.” Calista nodded. Not wanting to get into an argument with a six year old about her own father.

They both remained quiet for a while, until Janice scoot closer to Calista.
“I know daddy said you’re just staying here for tonight, but after tonight, will you also come often?” Janice’s asked, her ocean eyes waiting for Calista’s answer.

“I possibly can’t” Calista shook her head.
“Why? Is it because my daddy’s mean?” Janice asked.
Calista didn’t know what to say.
“You know you’re a real talkative for your age.”

Janice giggled, but her gaze never left Calista, as she waited for an answer.

“It’s not because your dad’s mean, what he did tonight for me, shows how nice he is, not everyone can do the same. But Janice there are things you need to understand. I can’t come here often. I’m sorry” Calista breathed out, her apology almost in a whisper.
Janice suddenly wore a frown.

“Do you like me that much.?” Calista laughed, but suddenly stopped laughing when she felt a small pain around her head.
“I do.” Janice nodded.
“can you tell me why?” Calista asked with a smile.
Janice suddenly buried her head in her pillow and lets out a muffled “I don’t know.”

“Aww, you’re adorable.” Calista lets out a light laugh.
Noah found himself smiling at his daughter and Calista, he has been eavesdropping on their conversation from the beginning, knowing it wasn’t the best idea, but he couldn’t help himself.
T. B. C

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