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The feeling of someone moving beside her woke Calista up and it took her about five seconds for her to realize where she was, she looked down at her body to see Janice head buried into her chest.
Breathing out a sigh, Calista slowly sat up, making sure not to wake Janice up.

She recalled last night and how she had fall asleep talking to Janice.

Getting on her feet, Calista head felt heavy and wobbly.
“Remind me never to drink again.” She said to herself, shaking her head at the memories of last night and how Noah explained how he found her at his car.

The door to the guest room opened, and Calista’s head snapped at the door immediately.

Noah paused seeing Calista.
“Uh, good morning.” Noah cleared his throat.
“Good morning.” Calista replied.
They both shared an awkward gaze before Noah stepped into the room.

“I’m here to get Janice” He breathed out.

“Oh.” Calista replied as he eyes immediately went back and forth between Janice and Noah.
“Well then.” she gave an awkward laugh before letting out a shrug.

Noah walked up to Janice and lifted her sleeping body to his body.
“She never sleeps this late, it’s because she stayed up all night talking to you” Noah scoffed.
Calista gave him a look.
Noah paused. “It’s not like I was eavesdropping on your conversation, I happened to overhear it when I was making my way to the… Other room” Noah tied to lie.
“You were eavesdropping.” Calista pursed her lips, not buying his lie.

“Sorry” He sighed before walking towards the door, and then stopping on his tracks.

“Anyways. I am preparing breakfast downstairs, when you get ready you can come down to eat before leaving, that’s the least I can do.” Noah expounded.
“Thank you” Calista said almost silently, watching Noah leave the room.

‘That’s the least I can do?’ Calista repeated Noah’s words in her head. He has already done so much, and that’s nothing near least.
‘He’s seen as this mean and scary looking boss in Anees, when on the outside he’s just a complete opposite’ Calista thought, shaking her head and going back to the bed to lie down, she wasn’t feeling energetic enough to do anything, and since Noah was offering an hospitality she didn’t expect, she might as well grab the opportunity.
Closing her eyes for a second, Calista’s head suddenly flashed back to the hotel where Noah placed a peck on her lips.

Immediately her eyes flew open and she lets out a scoff.
“I must be crazy, why did I suddenly think about that.”

Keeping quiet and closing her eyes again. Calista could see Noah smiling.
“Not helping Calista” she sighed, tightening her eyes.
Taking in a very deep breath and softening her closed eyes, Calista snapped when she saw Noah’s hand on her face.

She immediately threw her eyes open and blinked rapidly at the ceiling.
“What the fvck is wrong with me? I must be delusional.” She scoffed.

“Why the freaking thoughts about Noah.!” she asked no one in particular.

She got on her feet and walked straight to the bathroom.
Closing the bathroom door and walking up to the sink and the mirror in front of it.
Turning the faucet and letting the water from the sink run out, Calista took a hand full of water and splashed it on her face.
“I need this.” she sighed, wiping her eyes and looking up at her reflection in the mirror.

She looked pale and her eyes looked like she just finished crying, her nose looked red and her lips looked chapped. Yeah she looked horrible.
Calista stood still questioning her thoughts for a while before she finally let’s out a loud scoff and glared at her reflection.
“You’re not actually… Why would you even think about Noah, or even imagine things about him, like his hands on your face, are you crazy!?” Calista whisper yelled at her reflection.
“Do you freaking like him or are you just hornyy?” Calista scoffed.

Talking to herself wasn’t weird, as she practice it sometimes, but not all the time, as it was a way for her to always come up with a conclusion, and talking to her reflection this time was hindered percent more efficient.

“Okay Calista, you are not a freak for day dreaming about a man, your boss to be precise.” Calista grinned at her reflection. “This just prove that I am a woman and I am not weird, I mean for the past few years, I have not have a man crawl up in my head, but Noah Leonhart a.k.a my boss just managed to crawl up my head which means, I am perfectly normal and I have every right to day dream about a man, because it just shows how active and normal my mind, heart and body works. ”

“But out of all people Calista, it had to be your frigging boss. Do you have no sense of class? Yeah I need another face wash.” Calista breathed out a sigh, before bending down to the sink and splashing some water to her face.
“Don’t pick your food.” Noah scolded Janice seeing her irritating behavior.

“I just…
Janice stopped talking.

Noah looked towards the stairs, behind Janice to see if Calista was by any chance coming downstairs. He had promised her breakfast of Course, it doesn’t matter when she eats before she leaves, all that matters is that she ate breakfast not caring about the time.
But somehow one part of him wishes she would join them for breakfast.

Janice continued picking her food despite her father’s scolding, and just as he was about to scold her again, Calista started walking down the stairs of the enormous house, and immediately he went quiet.

Janice noticed her father’s quietness, and how his eyes seemed to be behind her, so she turned around to see Calista walking down the stairs. And a grin appeared on her face.
“Good morning Miss Calista” Janice greeted cheerfully and picked up her fork.

“Morning.” Calista replied, walking up to the table.
“Just in time for breakfast” Noah breathed out. “Have a sit”

“Thank you for this, everything.” Calista smiled nervously taking a seat.

Watching as Noah set her plate in front of her and landed four mouth watering pancakes on it, with bacon on each sides of the plait.
‘Okay Calista, he’s not just gorgeous, but also a cook, there’s every right for you to day dream about it, or even imagine worse things about him, that just just shows how far you’ve become as a woman.’
Carried away by her own thoughts prevented Calista from hearing the words Noah had been saying to her. Until he touched her and brought her back to her senses.

“What?” Calista shook her head.

“I was asking if you wanted more syrups.?” Noah raised his brows.
“Oh, yeah, please.” Calista rushed her words, pushing her plate forward. “Thank you”.

After filling her pancakes with syrup, Noah turned to Janice to see her, surpringsly not picking her food anymore and actually filling up her mouth.
Noah gave Janice a look. “Jan, weren’t you picking your food earlier?” He asked.

Janice grinned. “I was waiting for miss Calista, I didn’t want to finish up and then sees that she joins the table later”.

Noah was speechless as his daughter kept showing an unexpected love to this woman eating breakfast with them. He glanced at Calista to see her beaming at Janice. As Calista was also speechless.

She was love my her ex student and she couldn’t help it but smile her teeth away.

After having breakfast with Noah and his daughter, Calista made sure to deeply thank him for everything, and she truly meant it. She didn’t know the boss that everyone feared to be cruel could be actually this nice to her, some people would have left her in their car without helping and let them realize the drunken mistake they did.

Getting ready to leave Calista stood by the door as she thanked Noah one last time. And also thanked Janice who was standing side by side with her father.

“And Janice, thank you for keeping me company last night, I really appreciate it” Calista had said with a smile.

Janice grinned and took a step forward. ‘”Then will you come visit again.?” she asked.

Calista paused. “Uhm.. I..

Noah interrupted immediately. “Janice. Miss Calista is a busy woman and it’s sad to say she can’t come visit you when you want”.
Calista nodded frantically at Noah’s word and Janice frowned, but lets out a smile again.
“But daddy don’t work on Sundays, and you said you work for daddy now, so that means you are not busy on Sundays, that means you can come visit right?”

Calista’s jaw dropped at the smart kid in front of her and she glanced at Noah for help.
She definitely can’t start visiting her boss’ house every Sunday out of nowhere. She gets it, Janice really likes her. But she and Noah were oil and water.

“Well… I…

“You’ll come right? Last night you promised me that we would watch the marathon of gravity falls if you have the time.” Janice expounded.

“I did?” Calista titled her head, slowly recalling her late night talk with Janice, where they mostly talked about school, cartoons and Noah.

“Yes. You did.” Janice replied.

“Well… I’ll see to it.” Calista smiled.

“Really?” Janice beamed.
“Hmm mmh!” Calista let’s put a forced nod.

“Really?.. Calista, you don’t have to” Noah chimed in.
“It’s okay.” Calista said, assuring before turning back to Janice.

“Good day, take care, I’ll see you on the day I’m less busy”.

“Bye” Janice beamed.

Noah and Janice watched Calista leave the house with her stuff, and immediately she was out sight, Janice breathed out a sigh and walked away, leaving Noah to stand and stare at the door, as some part of him craved for Calista’s presence.
T. B. C

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