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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 15

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 15

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Jessie’s POV🌹


“Won’t you do anything!”

“That bastard threatened me!”

“He said he’s gonna make me wear my teeth around my neck as a necklace!” I yelled at Mum for the umpteenth time in the kitchen.

“Jessie,it’s just a threat…he isn’t gonna do anything” She said making me more pissed.
“Won’t you follow me to school to warn his sister Mara?” I asked.
“Of course not! We aren’t following you to school again! Mr Allen has warned us enough” She said.

“I don’t care! You need to follow me”
“Neither i nor your father will go with you to school again for you and your classmate clash! Didn’t you see how your father was disrespected by those nitwits who are your classmates” Mum said,then poured her hot coffee into the cup before dousing it with cream.

“Mum but you need to follow me,so she’s gonna warn her brother to cut off the threat” I said.
“No! Jessie, learn to fight for yourself” She said and walked out of the kitchen with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

I picked a glass cup and angrily smashed it on the wall.
I watched it shatter into pieces before walking out of the kitchen.

I walked into the empty living room and plopped down on a cushion.

Liam is gonna get it hot from me!

I’m so curious…how could a fat and ugly dumbass turn to a slim attractive person in a space of few months…
I know she didn’t perform plastic surgery because plastic surgery do take months… after the surgery,the person still has to stay in their care for two months or so before the person is considered safe except if you are not new to it, but the first timers always take long,our holiday was just for a month and weeks so how come?

And it’s rare for those surgeons to accept a high school student.. plastic surgery is mostly meant for adults.
Even if Tamara did performed plastic surgery,how did she become this beautiful.. Even more than i.

My hunch keeps telling me,she didn’t perform plastic surgery…Then what did she do?…

That’s what I’m gonna find out!

I can’t allow her fool everyone then go scot free… impossible!
And now she even stands up to me…I can’t bully her anymore.

I smiled…it seems she and Ellen are having a dispute.
Ellen knows Mara more than anyone and I’m damn sure Ellen will know how Mara came about her sudden change.

Yeah! I’m gonna get answers from Ellen.
But where do i start??

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹




“I will make sure i ruin them both!” I said angrily pacing my room.
So Bryan bought that expensive iPhone for Mara and he had the gut to say he won’t get me one also!

Did he love her that much!
How come that fool has two guys on her alone.
I should be spanked!…if i hadn’t helped her. I would have been the center attention!

I regret!

I regret!!

I regret helping that fool!

She almost died after everything but i still helped her…
I should have just left her to die!

What am i gonna do?
Mara can’t just take away the guys i love!
I know she doesn’t love Kelly…a bit but Kelly is starting to get fond of her and through that,he will start developing feelings…I don’t want that to happen cause i love Kelly!

Mara loves Bryan….a lot! I mean…a lot! But Bryan doesn’t love her, even though it seems he’s starting to develop some impossible feelings!
I love Bryan too!

“Carde get me a cup of drink” I yelled from my room.

I need to think…

🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

“You go about chasing anything in skirts…you this fool!”

“Those things in skirts are far better than yours!”

“You’re a man slut who cheats on his wife!”

“So you think of yourself as my wife? Haha, you are not my wife,you are my punching bag”

“I’m gonna report you to the human rights institute…I’m gonna sue you,you this son of a bitch”

“You know,you can’t sue me. im gonna use my cash to cancel the case”

“Of course that’s what you do always..you this corrupt bastard!”

“I will show you what a corrupt bastard does”

I stood in the kitchen and watched as Mum and dad started another round of fight..
I shook my head and reached for the pancake i just made.
I carried it in a plate then poured myself a glass cup of wine.

I placed it on a tray and walked out of the the kitchen..
I quickly walked past the living room to avoid myself being hit by the objects they are throwing at each other.

I climbed the stairs towards my room.
I’m fed of crying anytime they are having their fight!
I’m fed up of trying to separate them and end up being hurt!
My chest is full of scars!

I cleaned my tears as i opened the door to my room.
I walked in,closed the door and walked to the table..
I placed the tray on it,then opened my drawer to search for the novel I just purchased,I saw it online and ordered it.

“Meant to be” by Azeemah…
I hope it’ll be interesting..

I sat down and began reading it….


Geez!! I’ve forgotten about my pancake but damn! I can’t leave this novel.
Not when Fleur is being a drama queen.. Haha.

🦋The next day🦋

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Mum i don’t wanna go to school” I said as i watched mum flip a golden brown pancake onto a plate,then added bacon.
“But Mara…I’m already making your breakfast and you are already dressed for school so what made you change your mind?’ Mum asked, shifting her attention to the now perky coffee.

“Mum! That detention is hell … It’s so dark and filled with dead authors novels. I almost fainted yesterday” I said.
“Didnt you take your phone with you” Mum said.
“We were not allowed to!…we all clinged to one another in fear” I said.

“You should be thankful you aren’t the only one in the detention…you have your friends with you”
“Yes but i don’t feel like going to school today” I said.
“Even if you don’t go,you know how strict Mr Allen is,he’s still gonna make sure you complete a week in detention” Mum said.

“Mum…you can just call him and beg him on our behalf” I said.
“No i can’t do that…your pancake and coffee is getting cold…go have your breakfast” Mum said with a tone of finality.

I frowned and picked up my tray of breakfast.
I walked to the dining room, sat down and began eating my breakfast sadly.

“What’s up with the frown Tam?” Liam asked.
“I don’t want to go to school today” I cried..
“Why?” He asked.
“Detention!” I cried.
“Is it that bad?”
“Yeah…it is,it creeps me out” I said.
“Aaaargh what are we gonna do?” He asked.
“I don’t know”

He suddenly smiled and i know he has something up his sleeves.
“You know that your school prefect?” He asked.
“She’s crushing on me” He said.
“That’s normal…you are every girl’s crush” I said with a shrug.

“I know but i can use that to help you skip detention” He said.
“Really?” I asked.
“How?” I asked excitedly.
“Once school is over and she’s about to lead you guys to the school’s detention…you are just gonna say ‘my brother said he wants to talk to you’ then you pick your phone and call me .. you give it to her then I’m gonna talk some sweet words into her head and trust me,she’s gonna tell you guys to go home” Liam said.

I squealed excitedly and hugged him.
“I love you Liam” I pecked his cheeks.
He smiled and stood up….”Now eat your breakfast, Bryan will be here soon to pick you up”
“Okay Liam” I said.

“Mum where’s my breakfast?” He asked loudly going into the kitchen to meet mum.

My appetite has returned…
I ate my breakfast cheerfully and i ended up eating the entire pancake and coffee.
I sighed and stood up…I picked my backpack and hung it round my shoulders.

I heard the main door opened..
I smiled as i saw Bryan walked in looking as handsome as ever.
My heart beat twice as he flashed a smile and walked towards me.

“Hi” He said.
“Hi…I have good news” I shouted excitedly.
“What good news?” I heard mum asked coming out from the kitchen.
Damm! I shouldn’t have talked so loud.

“She just checked the school’s board on her phone now and saw she had the overall best score in English test ” Liam said coming out of the kitchen with a heap of pancake.
“Oh… really? That’s so nice,it’s a good news indeed” Mum said.

“Yeah…I remembered we had English test in our class yesterday and it was so tough” Bryan said and i couldn’t help but bursted out laughing.
“Why are you laughing?” Mum asked.

“Mum i think you left the coffee maker on” Liam said.
“Oh..my..God really?” Mum said and ran into the kitchen.

“You both should leave now” Liam said.
“Bye Mum” We said and hurried out of the house.
We got into Bryan’s car and his driver drove off.

“Bryan you are a terrible liar” I laughed.
“Yeah….you pushed me to lie and i was surprised it came out smoothly” He said and we both laughed.
“Mum can be so curious at times” I said.
“Yeah…so what’s the good news?” He asked.
“We will all skip detention” I said.
“Really! How?” He asked.


We got to school and alighted from the car.
We bid Rollins bye and headed to our classroom.

We entered and got stares as usual.
We ignored the stares and walked towards our seats..
Bryan has been smiling since i told him we are gonna be skipping detention.

Wow! We came quite late…the class is already filled,just our seats and few others are empty.
Kelly and Ellen are also seated, Kelly’s head is bent over something i can’t point out..
I don’t think it’s phone,cause if it’s..the light is gonna reflect on his face.

We got to our seats and i realised he was reading a novel.
I poked his back with my finger,he raised up his head and smiled on seeing Bryan and i.
I dropped my backpack beside my desk and sat down,same as Bryan.

“Hi guys” Kelly said.
“Hi Kelly”
“Hi Ellen”

“So you do read novels?” I asked.
“Yeah i do..a lot” he said.
“Wow..I’m not really a fan of novels” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“I bet,if you read this. You won’t want to let it go..I read it yesterday and i was ‘wowed’ I kept reading it over and over again” Kelly.

“Wow… what’s the title?” I asked.
“Meant to be”
“Author?” I asked.
“Azeemah Salami”
“Wow…I’ve not read any of her novels before…are you sure she’s really good?” I asked.

“You will answer that yourself when you read this” He smiled and handed it to me.
“Are you borrowing me?” I asked.
“Yes i am” he said.
“Okay thanks…if i find out that it’s interesting as you said..then I’m gonna order mine” I said.
“Guess what?” He asked.
“It’s the biography of fallen angels” He said and i screamed excitedly bringing everyone’s attention to us.
“I’m gonna read this!”
I muttered an apology and they all turned back to their works.

“Bryan look at this…it’s the biography of fallen angels” I said happily,showing him the novel.
He looked up from his iPod.

“Wow… Really?” He asked.
“Yeah…i was also surprised” I said.
“Meant to be,i love the book cover” He said.
“Kelly just borrowed me now,once i get home…I’m gonna read it and order mine” I said opening the pages of the novel.
“I’m gonna order mine too”
Bryan said and i smiled.

“It’s so interesting and funny,you are gonna enjoy it” Kelly said making me squeal in my seat.
“I can’t wait to read how Fallen angels life was”
“Me too and their concert is just in few weeks” Bryan said.


“Kelly guess what?” I asked.
“What?” He asked.
“We are gonna be skipping detention” I said.
“OMG really?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said .
“How?” He asked starting to get excited.

I noticed the whole class had gone silent.
I raised up my head only to see Mrs Hampton standing in front of the class like a bulldozer..


🦋Lunch break🦋

We sat in the cafeteria and ate our lunch hurriedly..
The lights will soon be switched off.
We got to the cafeteria quite late cause we were in the garden.

“I’m gonna order a different thing tomorrow…I’m tired of pizza rolls” Bryan said with a mouthful.
“I won’t ever and ever be tired of fries” I said.
“No one asked for your opinion” Ellen threw at me.
“Neither did they ask for yours” I retorted.

She hissed and i did the same.

“Is your fries enough for you today?” Kelly asked.
“Are you kinda mocking me?” I asked with a smirk.
“Of course not” he said holding his laughter.

“If that laughter bursts out..I promise this fork is gonna land on your forehead the next minute” I said.
He tried to swallow that threatening laughter but it bursted out and i do keep to my promise..

I landed the fork on his forehead.
“Ouch” he said.
“Good for you” I stuck out my tongue.

The lights went off and i quickly rushed the remaining of my fries.
I stretched my hand to Bryan’s pizza rolls in the darkness and tried to take one .
He caught me and hit my hand with his spoon.

“Ouch” I yelled in pain.
“Good for you” He said and laughed.

Fast forward🕑
🦋School Over🦋

Students have trooped out of the class and some have gone home.
Jessie, Ellen, Kelly, Bryan and i were the only ones remaining in the class.
We were waiting for the school prefect.

She walked in…
“Bryan Shaw, Jessie Baird, Kelly Yates and Tamara Weston. Come with me for your detention process” She said about to walk out.
“Prefect” I called and she stopped.
I winked at Bryan and Kelly and we walked towards her.

“My brother said he wants to talk to you” I said and saw her eyes widen just like i had expected.
“You mean that guy that came yesterday?” She asked trying to hold her excitement.
“Yeah” I said and brought out my phone from my pocket.
I quickly dialled Liam’s number.
I placed it on my ear as it rang.

📞Hi Liam.. that prefect you want to talk to is here” I said trying hard to hold my laughter.

📞 Okay give the phone to her” He said and i passed it to the school prefect who collected it and placed it on her ear, grinning like a jolly panda.

📞Hi” she said in another sweet voice..

Bryan and i ended up laughing even though Kelly was pinching us hard to stop.

The call conversation lasted for some minutes before the prefect handed the phone to me..her cheeks had turn red with blush.

Damn! Liam!

“Your brother is such a sweet guy…if you need anything in school,just come to me okay?” She said and i nodded with a smile.
“Okay you guys are freed,no detention anymore for any of you but you must keep this from Mr Allen” She said and we nodded.

We hugged ourselves in excitement except Jessie who stood away from us.
“You can all go home now” She said with a smile and started to walk out of the classroom.

“I don’t want! I’m gonna spend a week fully in the detention…I don’t want anything involving this thing” Jessie said pointing to me.
“Really?” The prefect.
“Yeah” she said.
“Okay come with me for you detention process” She said and started walking out.
Jessie followed behind her.

“Such a fool!” Bryan said.
“Yeah” Kelly said.
I shrugged and we went to pick our backpack.

“Ellen let’s go” Bryan said.
I noticed she didn’t say anything mean since we left the cafeteria.

She stood up and we all walked out of the class.

We had gotten to the hallway when we heard Jessie screamed…
We laughed as we rush towards the detention area.

We saw Jessie screaming in fright as the school prefect was trying to push her in.

“I don’t want detention again!” She cried.
“But you said you don’t want anything to do with Mara and it was her brother who told me to let you guys go” The prefect said.
“I want something to do with her…I don’t want detention anymore” She cried.

The school prefect pushed her in and locked the door.
I laughed as her scream echoed the whole building..

I turned and caught Bryan staring at me.
I blushed slightly until he said;

“Mara…you have another strand of grey hair”





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