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Emma quietly walked into Ashley room she hastily covered her window and turned
“oh mum
” when did you come back from Dylan’s house , u guys didn’t go for the movie
“oh we did…it was fun
why are you holding the curtain and what are you watching and crying
“nothing mum….my eye Is just watering.
” so can I look out your window?
Emma took the curtain from her hand and opened the window she looked into Dylan’s room window and saw him in bed with Dalia laughing and cuddling playfully Emma wiped her tears hastily

my worst nightmare came true she said mentally as she wiped Ashleys tears

” do u have romantic feelings for Dylan Ashley
“no mum…he’s just my friend ” she said and smiled tearfully she started crying and Emma hugged her.
” I just like him so much mum but he doesn’t notice that , its painful that am watching him date dalia.
” it’s ok …I dunno what to tell you.
“mom what do I do…its too painful for me.I feel like i should just disappear.

Emma closed her window

” stop looking at him…stop watching them please you might kill yourself
“ok ..I won’t.

Emma kisses her and walked out she still went back to her window and knelt down there crying…
minutes later she forced herself to sleep that was when Dylan knocked on her window she opened he walked in
” hey I hadn’t seen you all day ..u Did this last week is it about the cake fine I will get you another….. Ashley why are you crying?
” well can’t you just stay away from me.. you as distracting me don’t you get it… I am failing alot in classes because we spend too much time and and I dnt read …so just stay away stop coming to my window
she said crying
“fine tell me the exam you failed I will rewrite it
“my heart is failing ” she said mentally
” I don’t need help I just really want to be away …am so used to you lets try bring apart Dylan
” but we ‘ve been through a lot together ,Ashley you really mean a lot to me please don’t push me away…I beg you if I annoyed you just tell me please.. am sorry huh.
she opened her window crying and he walked out.
he waved at her and she wiped her tears.
you are hurting me, i can’t control myself around you so I better be away.

Emma sat facing a glass of wine she fell on Henry’s body
“I didn’t deserve this from fate , my child is hurting
“Emma it will work out for Ashley..I feel it so strong.

he hugged Emma tight.


Miranda was watching television when Ian called
“Mira did you hear what Paula said?
“about Jake and Ashley
“I can’t belive Jake keeps sneaking into her window that is very bad
” check if Jake Is still sleepping

Miranda opened his door just to see Michelle
” again!!!” she shouted .
“mum I can ……. please don’t tell dad

Ian already rushed out.
” what again
Miranda closed the door and held it she kissed him
“I love you
“Iove you too
“say it again
“I love you but why did you shout “again”
“I just rembered that i love you and i can say it again.

Ian kissed her and carried her up to his arms.


dalia snuck into her room just to find Salvador
“where are you coming from lia?
” oh me?
“no me ?
” well daddy , well..I was ..practicing my jumping window skills.
she jumped in fully
“why is your button open do u do it half naked?
” you mean me ? …….ok you mean me . well daddy the …….” mum where are you ” she said mentally and lia walked in

” oh honey, dalia what’s going on
” where is she coming from?
“am sure she went to see Jessica
“yes right mum.
” really?’ Salvador said

lia dragged Salvador out of her room

” so which boy in the neighborhood is Lia dating…Dylan right
“you know she is dating a boy and you still scared her with questions
“I just enjoy watching her lie

they both laughed rushing out.


Gretel dropped her phone as she heard a resounding slap in the kitchen she rushed in, a maid was crying.
13 years old shreya stood firm

” shreya what happened
“mum u wont belive she touched me.
“look at me ,she got me infected.

just then Simoen rushed out

” was that a slap?
“honey she slapped a maid because she touched her
” I told you not to resemble your mother , resemble me…must you resemble ….
he looked at Gretel and realised she was not smiling.
Gretel hit him and they both started fighting.
” I said it , theve all gone Cray Cray. hey maid!
” get me a glass of juice in my room , 30 seconds.
she walked out Simeon laughed
” Gretel junior ,the Apple cannot fall far from the tree
gretel frowned and he kissed her
“I love you
“I love you too.


Danny walked into Dylan’s room and threw a can drink at him

“don’t tell me Dalia dumped you
” no dad Ashley did
“where you guys dating
“no she doesn’t like being around me anymore dad , ever since I started seeing dalia
” does she like you
“no she can’t possibly,she said she likes Justin
” do u like her
” well ….I am with Dalia
” that’s not an answer.
” well
“think about it , them both(dalia and ashley)…bring them to your mind and ask yourself which if them you can’t survive without
“ok dad.
Danny hugged him and walked out


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