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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 16

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 16

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

We were laughing at Jessie’s scream when i sighted the grey hair in Mara’s hair.
I looked at it in surprise…I just hope it doesn’t mean anything cause this is the second time I’m seeing this.

She suddenly turned to look at me.

“Mara…you have another strand of grey hair” I said worriedly.
Her eyes went wide..

“Really?” She asked.
“What’s wrong?” Kelly asked.
“There is a strand of grey hair in her hair and this is the second time I’m seeing it”
“Wow..is that the reason you look sad?” He asked.
“I’m afraid…why is grey hair suddenly growing in my hair” Mara said.

“It doesn’t mean anything…it’s normal” Kelly said.
“Really?” Mara asked.
“Yeah…it is normal,you don’t have to be scared” Kelly said.
She shrugged…”Let’s go home”

I took her hand in mine and we headed towards the parking lot.
“You are still worried right?” I asked.
“Trust Kelly,he said it’s normal”
“I hope so” She said and tightened her hands around mine.


I got home and walked into the living room..
I met mum and dad sitting on the couch with two plates of cookies and two glass cups of wine.

“Hi mum,hi Dad” I said as i walked closer to them.
“Bryan how was school?”
“Fine” I said and picked a cookie..
I threw it into my mouth and munched it slowly.
I picked another one,then gulped down the whole wine in a glass cup.
I don’t know if it’s for mum or dad but i gotta satisfy my stomach.

Mum glared at me and i know the wine i just gulped is for her.
I laughed and started to walk towards the stairs.

I turned back and rushed to Mum and Dad.

“Mum,dad…is there a need to be worried if one suddenly starts growing grey hair?” I asked.
“It’s one of the signs of old age..are you growing grey hair?” Mum asked already pushing my head forward.
“No Mum…im not! ” I said and shifted my head away.
“The person is just same age as me” I said.
“Really?” She asked and looked over to Dad who cleared his throat.
“It’s not necessary to be worried if one starts growing grey hair…it’s completely normal and part of growth” Dad said.

“Wow” I smiled.
“Thanks dad, thanks mum…I’m off to my room”I said and turned to leave.
“Oh…I ordered a novel and it’s gonna be delivered soon..Kim should bring it to my room and dad, pay for it” I said and walked towards the stairs.

I started climbing it to my room..
I’m glad the grey hair means nothing… Kelly also said so but Mara is still worried.
I’m gonna assure her tomorrow..

I unlocked the door to my room and got in.
I threw my bag on the sofa and stretched on the bed with a sigh.

We skipped detention…
All thanks to Liam!

I started pulling off my shoes and socks..
Ahh… school can be so tiring..
I need to shower and eat something.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom.


I walked back to my room with my body and hair dripping wet,I used the head towel to sponge out most of the water from my hair.

I heard a knock..

“Come in Kim” I said.
She walked in and handed me the novel.
“Ohh… thanks” I said and collected it.
I love the book cover… can’t wait to read this..

I raised up my head to see Kim still standing in front of me smiling at the novel in my hand..
“What?” I asked even though i know what she’s gonna ask for…we are both novel fans.
“Mhmm…will you please borrow me once you are done with it?” She asked.
“Okay no problem i will”
“Thank you” She said and turned to leave.

“Kim can i please have some cookies and wine” I said.
“Yeah..I’m coming” She said and walked out.

I dropped the novel and the bed and started dressing up.

I wore a pair of blue shorts with grey sweatshirt.
My hair is feeling damp against my skin and i hate it so much.

I sat on the chair facing the mirror and grabbed the hair dryer from the drawer.
I plugged it and placed it near my hair.

It was completely dried in some minutes,so i unplugged it put it back in the drawer.
I stood up and walked to the bed.
I sat on it and picked the novel..

“Meant to be” I’ve fallen in love with it even without reading it.
I turned the back and started reading the summary;

📖A young lady was found unconscious by two siblings; Fleur and Miguel in Fraser Island,the countryside of Australia.
They nursed her back….

I heard a knock on the door..
“Come in Kim” I said and she walked in.
I smiled when i saw a plate of cookies and a glass cup of chilled wine on a tray.
“Thanks” I said and collected it.
She nodded and walked out.

I shifted the bedside table closer to me and placed the tray on it.
I threw one cookies in my mouth and grinned.

So yummy but first i gotta finish this summary.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I walked into my room worriedly.
I dropped my backpack on the bed and sat down.

Mara’s grey hair….
Is it probably a result of what she did?
Or is it normal?

How would i know!
Shouldn’t i be happy that something is happening to her?
I should be but i don’t just know what’s happening to me!

Ellen you shouldn’t be doing this!
Remember she isn’t your friend anymore.
To hell i care!

I stood up and pulled off my shoes then my pop-socks, skirt and shirt.
I walked into the bathroom…

First…I need a long soak in the Jacuzzi.


I turned off the faucet and stepped out of the jacuzzi after spending an hour.

I feel relieved.
I picked my body towel from the towel hanger and wrapped it around my body.

I walked back into my room and flinched when i saw Quilah in her red robe.
Her long fingernails brushed her white hair which was long down to her feet.
Her white feather flapped hitting my bedside table.
Her plain white eyes were round and wide.
She gave a throaty laughter and beckoned me to come closer.

“Quilah…what are you doing here?” I whispered in fear….

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I cleaned my tears as i finished reading Meant to be..
They really went through a lot… being successful is not a day job.

I can’t believe i just finished reading fallen angels biography..
This author is just too good…I’m ordering one for myself now.

I picked my phone and clicked on B&M delivery company..
Braun Mortimer delivery company…Mum’s favorite delivery company..mum orders things from B&M delivery company only.
It’s the best delivery company…they are so efficient and they are all over the world.
They deliver within minutes.

I clicked on their website…i checked their book stock and searched for Meant to be…Yes! They have it…its $100.
I quickly placed a call to them.

📞Hi, B&M delivery company on the line.

📞 Hello…I want to order for a novel.

📞 Okay,there are various types of novels in stock..can you please tell us the one you want.

📞 Meant to be by Author Zee.

📞 Alright…it’s in stock, kindly forward your address through email and you will have it delivered at your door step in minutes.

📞 Okay thanks…I will do that now.

📞Bye, thanks for patronizing.

I dropped the call and quickly forward my address through email.

I stood up and stretched.
I’m starving..

I slipped into my footwear,blew the novel a kiss before walking out of my room.

I got to the living room and sighed annoyingly when i met mum and Liam watching kdrama again.

I shook my head and walked to the kitchen.

Im just gonna have cheese and ham.
We just finished having lunch and i don’t know why I’m starving now..
What’s up with my large appetite this days…
I barely eat before!


“Tam… your delivery is here” I heard Liam shout from the living room.

I quickly jumped down from the kitchen stool and hurried to the living room.

I opened the door and met the delivery guy at the door step with my novel packaged in a little customised box.

“Hi,” He said and i nodded.
“I’m the one who ordered for the novel..” I said.
“The novel is It’s $100″ the delivery money is already charged with it” He said.
“Yeah I know … Transfer or cash?” I asked.
“Anyone you are comfortable with ”

“Liam…I need $100″ I said.
Okay I’m coming” He said.
I heard his footsteps…I turned back and saw him smirking with his mouth full.
Damn! He has eaten the remaining cheese and ham i left on the kitchen table.
He’s so dead today!

I dragged the money from him.

“Ungrateful fatty” He said and laughed,then walked back to the living room.
I turned to the delivery guy to see him holding his laughter.

Is that what he’s paid for huh?

I handed him the money and he gave me the novel.
“Thanks for patronising B&M delivery company” he said with a bow.
“You are welcome” I said,he got into their van and drove away.
I smiled as i checked it out…
So new and beautiful..

I love it! But first how could Liam eat the cheese and ham i left.

I closed the door and barged into the living room..
I met only mum.

“Mum where’s Liam?” I asked..
“In the kitchen” She said.

I walked to the kitchen but couldn’t find him there.
He has probably ran to his room..
I hissed at the empty plate of cheese and ham before walking out of the kitchen.

I began climbing the stairs to my room..
I’m gonna re-read this novel…

I caught Liam coming out of his room,he quickly turned and ran back into his room when he saw him.
I shook my head and opened his door.
I met him hiding behind the door.

“You know you are not good at hide and seek. Why did you eat my cheese and ham?” I asked.
He smiled widely…”Do you want your cheese and ham back?” He asked.
“Of course yes!” I said.
“Okay give me my $100” He said.

I hit the novel box on his forehead.
“Ouch” he groaned.
“You know i don’t have $100,you this food monger” I said and walked out of his room.
“Ungrateful fatty” He laughed..

“I will be back for you,i need to sleep” I shouted and opened the door to my room.
I don’t know the reason I’m suddenly feeling sleepy.

I dropped the novel on the dressing table and yawned…
I quickly climbed the bed and pulled the blanket over me.

I yawned for the last time before falling asleep.


I saw myself in a desert, looking around and crying..
Everywhere looked desolate,there was no one around.
The only name i could mention was Bryan..

There was a wild wind blowing sand into my eyes. The long white gown i was wearing started blowing with the wind…
It was so hectic and all i could do was scream.

The wind stopped abruptly and I managed to open my eyes.


I saw Quilah standing in her red robe,her long fingernails brushed her white hair which was long to her feet.
Her white bulgy eyes was so scary.
Her big white feathers flapped together.

She walked towards me with a grin and i kept shifting and shifting back in fear.
I reached the end of the deserts and could no longer move, except if i want to tumble downnnnn.

I shook in fear as Quilah stood in front of of me.
She pointed a finger to me,then made to clash my face with it.

I screamed and found myself tumbling down the desert..
I kept tumbling down, down, down, down with no end.


I opened my eyes breathing heavily..
Damn! It was a dream,yet it looked so real and scary.

I sat up on my bed and my heart jumped to my mouth when i saw Quilah sitting beside me on the bed.
She gave a throaty laugh and beckoned me closer with her long fingers.

I shivered in fear and managed to scream….


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