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Paula sat with Liam who was busy texting
“who are u busy texting
“my mum
” ok, i cant believe Michelle did this to me.

” its very bad

✉✉✉✉ dad my boyfriend got me angry.
✉✉✉ sorry that’s men.

” Liam you won’t belive Michelle has a boyfriend and she already went rough with him
” boy waaat? that’s sooooooooo bad ,i didn’t know.

✉✉ dad he was looking at a cute girl in my school.
✉✉ ok baby pay him back my looking at a cute boy.

” Liam you won’t belive they were kissing in her room
“oh gosh ….my wife I am angry with her …what nonsense!!

✉✉ dad he said sorry
✉✉ seal it with a kiss.

Paula took his phone from him and read he message.
” laim!!!!!!
” I can explain … I love you


all the women sat together as one outside drinking happily.
” wow am really so happy we found ourselves again ” Jennifer said
celine smiled
“Emma you look sad” Celine said
” am sad ….it’s Ashley” Emma said
“her feelings for Dylan?”Celine asked
“you knew?
“she’s liked him for a very long time I was surprised when started dating dalia ” Celine said
” am shocked dalia is dating Dylan too cos uhmmm I thought she was crushing on your son Jenny .” lia said
” my son Jeremy?” Jennifer asked
” yea…i caught her like countless times looking At his window” lia said
” Jeremy is a total snub …I guess maybe because his dad sent him to a boy’s school ” Jennifer said
“cloud dalia have dated Dylan because Jeremy didn’t ever talk to her?”lia asked
“I don’t know” Jennifer said
” these kids are really turning love upside down ” Crisella said
” it’s our duty To set it right ” Jennifer said
” my case is worse,am so scared I don’t want Michelle to be like me celine help me ..she got a modelling offer but I kept rejecting it, u know why am scared Celine but she’s starting to hate me thinking I don’t want her to fulfil her dreams.” Paula said
” it’s ok..I will talk to Mitch.” celine said
” my son Alex is returning tomorrow ,he’s really getting me scared I don’t know if he is gay or something ..I mean he is worse than Jennifer’s jeremy he doesn’t even want to hear about girl..he is too shy all he does is read read read” Crisella said
” same here ,Jessica is really becoming an introvert and I hate it. she is not free and am kinda getting scared cos she’s too reserved for a teenager I don’t know if she is scared of boys or she’s too shy but I really want her to become more lively and just mix up with her age and its fun”Celine said
” why don’t you hook Jessica up with Jeremy ,2js” Mira said
“hook Danny’s daughter up? when he is still saying no dating until 23” Celine said
“what ….Danny is crazy” Crisella said
” yes his is ” Celine added
” ladies our kids shouldn’t experience the pain we expercibed…let’s hep out. celine talk to dylan,Jennifer talk to Jeremy…celine talk to michelle,Mira talk to Alex ………………….. ……………………………………….


celine walked into Michelle’s room she turned and hugged her. both if them sat down.
” Mitchy why are u mad at your mum?
” well i don’t know why she stopped me from being a model.I mean you let Jessie right what is she so scared off.
“she’s scared of you
“of me ..but why me
” here I Wil tell you why⏰

Jenny sat with Dalia
” cutie
she smiled
“I came to apologize for Jeremy
“oh that’s past am with Dylan now
“ok..next time if you want to him to be free with you should I tell you the approach
“yes please

next morning.

Paula was zipping her gown her when Michel came in
“mum am sorry for being mad at you.aunt lina explained everything and I understand.I won’t be a model if you don’t trust me
“it’s not that its just..
“I was kidding mum
“I didnt play rough with jace or anyboy I hadn’t done that yet I just wanted to scare you playfully
paula took a sweet breath

“really? so u are actually responsible?
“yes mum…am not that wild yet Jessica Wont let me

paula hugged her tight

oh God thank you I was so scared ” she said to herself
” so i want to sign u as a model
“yes ..
“I love you
she hugged her tight.


Jessica opened her window and the first sight she caught was Alex Crisella son opening his window she smiled he was cute.

” he’s pretty ” michelle said
” hey welcome
“I got signed as a model
“ur mum let you?
they hugged each other
“so u Like him?
“he’s way to cute girls will follow him around just like Dylan
“well he isn’t even looking this way secondly he seems too calm
” I guess.
” why not wave
“come on
Jessica covered her face with pillows

” ok I have a shoot


someone knocked she rushed out holding her book she opened it was Alex

“oh hy
“uhmmm your mum said i should give you this from the store
“oh thanks
” I will leave…wait that book what’s the name
” oh its my favorite ” the scream angel ”
” nice can i borrow?
” am almost done so sure
” ok I will come later
” cool ….uhmmm bye
he walked out
Jessica similes and rushed in

Celine turned to Crisella as they looked out the window
“bad business
“she didn’t even invite him in
” lets keep hopping.
they hugged each other

.it was already night when Jessica heard a knock on her window she opened and Alex sent in his cute face

” uhmmm I hopped you finished the book..that’s what I…
“yes am done ” she raised it.
“ok…..” he took it ” uhmmm…. goodnight?
” if you want you can come in , or you can’t , anyone ” 😞
” I really want to…” he said jumping in she locked her window

” so which other books do u have she wrote” he asked
“uhmm “diary of an Indian girl ” she handed it to him
” crazy fan girl” it was great, its in my room..
“ok laters.
they both laughed when Danny opened the door
“waaaaaaaaaaaaaat” Danny said
” dad he is just our……

Celine dragged Danny away and whispered ” continue” she closed the door

“your mum is fun.
“so is yours”
“so whats your best song mine is
“wordless by
” wordless by

they spoke together
“wow we have so much in common
“I guess so, which movie did you love this year
“Lisa ‘s secret.
“Lisa’s secret
” gosh we are so alike

“I didn’t watch the ending help me?

he sat comfortably and she told him the story end

1 day later.
Ashley took her bath when Emma knocked

” Ashley you have not left your Room for days
“Been busy mum ” she Said with a tearful voice
Emma walked out of her room looking sad Dylan knocked on her window

” Ashley lets talk
“the window wounded me.
she opened the window and he came in he knelt on her bed
” so what happened..I hadn’t seen dalia in your room is she sick? …. you are not taking..
he moved closer and pulled her in then he kissed her she opened her eye out of surprise he kissed her like that and she closed her eye till he unlocked.

” Dylan why did u do….
“I love you
” what.
“I dunno if you like me but i like you so better start liking me .
she smiled and kissed him again then he hugged her they both sat on the bed cuddling sweetly

” what about dalia.
” called to dump her and she was calling to dump me
“Jeremy spoke to her
“after 2 years…unbelievable I always thought he was dumb

Dylan opened her window and they looked into Jeremy’s room where he was singing for dalia with his guitar

” wait wait who is in Jessica’s room.

she kissed him again and hugged him Emma who came to give her food smiled and returned with the tray


Jessica wathced Alex who just came in

” so how was the vook
“it as fun.

“I ….. well i really… I don’t I mean I do I do… well i know we just met but I …
“I like you” jessica said
“yes I really do .
he smiled
“me too , so uhmm can I… I mean how do I…well i don’t really know if.
” shhhhhhhh
“I will do the kissing” she said he smiled and she kissed him deeply

.Celine and Crisella opened the door shouting and jumping up

” we did it
” mother’s rock.

all laughed.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

the end.

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