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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 24

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 24

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

I woke up to the beeping of my alarm.
I sat up on the bed and stretched forth.
I placed one leg on the floor and yawned loudly.

I dismissed the alarm and placed my second leg on the floor.
I stood up from the bed and adjusted my pajamas.

I waited to hear the sound of my parents fighting.
I smiled when i didn’t hear any sound.
Their fight seems to have reduced the day i lashed out at them.

I need to get ready for school…
Last week has been a sad week for everyone due to Jessie’s death.
Her death was just so sudden and surprising.
Even though im not close to her,i felt the pain of her death.

I walked into the bathroom and picked my toothbrush and paste.
I stood in front of the sink and applied some paste on the toothbrush.
I started brushing my teeth…

I rinsed my mouth and toothbrush after i had finished brushing.
I kept it back in it’s place and proceeded to the bathtub.

I pulled off my pajamas and filled the tub with warm soapy water before sliding in.


I was done bathing in some minutes..
I headed back to my room…
I opened my closet and picked my hanged school uniform..

I bent a little and selected an underwear.

I closed the closet and began dressing for school.


I stood in front of the mirror,i was done dressing up,I just need to brush my hair and apply a little hair oil…it’s looking dry.

I picked my favorite hair brush,then brushed down my hair.
I applied enough hair oil,then adjust it while looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I wore my shoes over my white socks,then stood up to rearrange my hair.

I picked my backpack from the couch,glanced at my room one last time before walking out.

I met Dad in the living room watching his regular TV show.
Mum has probably gone to her business.
Dad doesn’t really go to work,he has people controlling his businesses for him..he goes to work once in a while to check how things are going.
I’m glad mum isn’t home, there would have been another round of hot fight.

“Good morning Dad” I greeted.
He turned..”Kel how was your night?”
“Fine Dad”
“Alright,your breakfast is in the kitchen” he said.
I nodded and walked into the kitchen.

I perceived the aroma of sandwich but i shrugged it off… I dont feel like eating anything.
I quickly made coffee,then doused it with cream.
I gulped it down and rinsed the coffee cup in the sink.

I dried my hand with the dishcloth and walked out of the kitchen.

“Bye dad” I said.
“Bye Kel…I want to take you out once you are back from school today..you know it been sooo long” he said.
“Thanks dad” I said and walked out of the house..
I had wanted to tell him I’m not interested but that’s gonna make him feel bad for the rest of the day.

I greeted Tina,my new driver..
My old driver was hit by a large stool during one of mum and dad’s fight.
He was rushed to the hospital,and after getting well,he insisted on not coming back to this house anymore…that wasn’t the first time,he got hit during my parents fights and i can’t blame him for refusing to come back.

I miss him so much cause I’ve gotten so used to him.

Tina is a good lady,but i prefer Hillster to her.
I wonder why mum employed a female driver…I had thought she was mum’s driver at first but was surprised when she told me,she’s gonna be my driver.

I opened the car door and got in.
She turned on the ignition, reversed out of the garage and then drove out of the open gate heading to my school.

My stomach rumbled in excitement,i don’t just get the reason i always look forward to see Tammy.
It’s normal tho…she’s just a friend.


Tina dropped me at school..i waved her bye and walked into the school’s main compound..i climbed the stairs to my classroom.
I walked in and was engulfed by ‘stares’ I ignored it and headed to my seat..
This school should have been named “Stares”
No one will come into this classroom without being followed by stares and it’s sometimes annoying!

I got to my seat and sat down before saying “hi” to Bryan.
Mara isn’t in school yet.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” He asked nicely.
“I’m fine” I replied and dropped my backpack beside my desk.
“I gat this funny video.. come let’s watch it” He said and dragged me to Mara’s seat which was beside his.

I smiled as i peered into his iPod.
Bryan is so nice and i sometimes get so jealous of him.


We both raised our heads as Mara walked into the classroom.

Damn! Why’s this heart suddenly beating fast the moment she walked in.

She’s not looking very bright and i really hope she’s okay.

She headed towards her seat oblivious of the admiring stares she got.
She suddenly smiled..
That smile zapped every brain cell i had even though it wasn’t directed to me,it was directed to Bryan and i suddenly felt a pang of jealousy.

Haa! I can’t just describe that feeling she normally gives me anytime i set my eyes on her.
Is it because she’s beautiful? Lovely? and amazing?
Is it those things that makes my heart pump anytime she’s around.

I know the feeling but I’m not ready to admit it yet.
How can i love someone just few weeks of resuming school.
Obviously she doesn’t think of me as anything but her friend.

I sometimes envy the relationship between Bryan and her,they act like a couple.
Just imagine, she didn’t look bright when she walked into the class but her face brightened immediately she saw Bryan.
Bryan doesn’t even treat Ellen as nice as he treats Mara.

I just have to get rid of this funny feelings I’m having for her but I’m afraid i can’t!

I shifted back to my seat.
“Hey Bryan” she said as she sat down.
“Hi Miss pontsplait” he said and she laughed.
“I’ve missed that name” She giggled.
“How was your night?” He asked.
“Awesome” She said and shifted closer to him,then whispered something to his ear.
They both bursted out laughing and i felt my heart rage.

Their laughter subsided and she turned to me.
She always have all the good times with Bryan first before turning to me like she wasn’t aware im sitting beside her.
That hurts a lot! But what did i expect..they’ve been friends since grade 6.

“Hi Kelly” She smiled.
“Hey” I replied.
“Com’on reply me well” She said and poked my chest.
I found myself laughing…I so much love this girl.

Huh? Love? No!!

“Okay,hi Tammy” I said.
“Good boy”
“I’m not a boy” I said.
“Okay, good man” she said and we laughed..
She turned to Laura and tapped her shoulder…
Laura turned and smiled on seeing it was Tammy.
I noticed she likes Tammy a lot but Tammy doesn’t really like her.

“Hi Mara… good morning” She smiled.
“Good morning Laura,how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine” she said.

“Ellen good morning” Tammy said.
Even with how mean this so called Ellen is to her,she still tries to talk to her but always ends up being snubbed.

Ellen didn’t reply her as usual and i held the urge to lash out at her, she’s so wicked and unfeeling!

“Bring your ear closer” She said.
I did and she whispered a joke in my ear.
My heart beat accelerated when i felt her hot breath against my neck.

I ended up laughing cause her breath tickles.

“I’m not done telling you,and you’ve started laughing” She said.
Bryan laughed…”The joke is funny right?”
“Yeah it is” I said.
Damn! I can’t believe he wasn’t pissed that Mara whispered in my ear.
I can relate on how pissed and jealous i felt when she whispered in his ear but he just acted cool.

Does this mean he doesn’t feel anything for Tammy,if he does..he should be getting jealous as i always do.
They are just friends and I’m secretly glad,he has nothing for her.

Does that gives me the chance?

“I can’t believe you all have the gut to smile and laugh after loosing a friend a week ago” Ellen blurted.

We ignored her and that got her more pissed.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I turned to Bryan…

He dropped his iPod and turned to look at me.
“You look sweet” he said.
“Thank you” I blushed.
“But…is there anything bothering you?” He asked.
“No..why did you ask?”
“You know my subconsciousness does not deceive me…I feel there is something wrong,i keep having that feeling over and over again.. Mara if there is anything,you can confide in me okay?” He asked.

That brought tears to my eyes…Bryan’s subconsciousness is always right,i remembered when we were in grade 7,he said he had a feeling a teacher is gonna die soon and it happened…the teacher died,we all thought it was coincidence but more incidents happened which proved Bryan’s subconsciousness is always right.
I know i might be in danger,not when Quilah said she will be back for me.

“It’s okay Mara,you don’t have to cry. It’s just a subconsciousness, nothing is gonna happen huh?” He said and placed his arm round my shoulders..
I suddenly felt at ease… just the feel of his hand on my shoulders brought the comfort i could ever imagined.

“Tammy what’s wrong?” Kelly asked.
I shook my head.
“Nothing, she will be fine” Bryan said.

I’m so afraid….
Why did i step my feet into all this at the first place.

Lunch break.

“I want pizza rolls” I said to Bryan as he and Kelly went to order lunch.
Laura,Ellen and i remained at the table.
Laura is now part of us, I won’t say she’s now our friend.
I’m not fully in support of her being around Bryan all the time.

“You love pizza rolls so much” Laura said and i know she’s trying to bring up a conversation.
She seems nice but i don’t just trust her yet.

“Yeah…I love fries and chicken also” I said.
“Yeah” I said.
“Initially, that was one of my best meals” she said.
“Oh” I replied.

Bryan and Kelly returned with our lunch,they placed it on the table and went to order theirs.
We waited for them to arrive before we all started eating.

I was eating and pondering on what Bryan said when i caught him wink at Kelly before laughing.
Kelly nodded and smiled, Bryan made a gesture of “Call me” and i saw Kelly nodded happily.

What’s wrong with this two?🙄

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I smiled when i caught Kelly stealing glances at Mara for the umpteenth time.
I already know before now that he has feelings for Mara,it’s so obvious with the way he behaves towards her.

I’m surprised Mara still don’t know how much Kelly loves her,I’ve been waiting for her to reciprocate his feelings but she’s not doing so.
She’s not even acting like she knows anything… i know within me that she does not have feelings for Kelly but we can make that work.
She also deserves to have someone in her life,i wish she can just notice how much Kelly loves her.

I’m glad he’s our friend, that’s gonna make it easier.
Mara might also have feelings for him,but maybe she’s just not ready to admit it.
I know the type of guys Mara likes.
Kelly fits so well into that description and i know everything is gonna fall into place.

I grinned as i wondered how much they will love each other once they start dating.
I need to see how Mara would look once they start dating,she will be so happy…and that will also be my happiness cause there’s nothing more glad than seeing your bestie happy.

Kelly caught me looking at him,i winked at him but he wore a confused look..
I laughed at how his face looks.

I secretly pointed to Mara,he seems surprised but nodded..
“Call me” i whispered,we need to talk about it..he grinned happily and i smiled..

I will be so glad to help… Mara deserves the best and i think Kelly is the best guy for her.

“Hope you both are not planning to kidnap us?” Mara asked making us laugh.
“Of course no! You will be so glad at what we are planning to do” i said.
“Really?” She asked.
“I hope so” she sighed.

“Should i order more pizza rolls for you?” Kelly asked her.
“No,once I’m done with this..i will eat from yours and Bryan’s” She grinned.
“Mine is almost finished,so you have to eat from Kelly’s” I said.

She smirked…”Stingy Mr pontsplait”
I laughed…”Miss pontsplait the food monger”

She picked her chop sticks and i know she’s about to hit it on my head.
I smiled and pushed Kelly’s head forward.
The chopsticks landed on his head and we all laughed…


We returned back to class after lunch break.

We sat in our respective seats and waited for our next teacher; Mrs Ardsley to come in.

Kelly seems more happy and he kept grinning…I know he can’t wait to get home and give me a call..
Mara is oblivious of what’s going on,she focused on her mathematics textbook.

“Bryan, explain this equation to me” She said pointing to an equation.
“I don’t know it” I lied.
“You are lying” She said.
I laughed…”okay..I know it but I don’t feel like explaining anything…meet Kelly”
She twitched her nose and hit the textbook on my head before turning to Kelly.

I saw how glad Kelly was when Mara showed him the equation and told him to explain to her.
He did and i can tell Mara was impressed.

Yes! He has scored a goal.
Just remaining a goal to her heart and we are gonna plan that our soon.

I turned to Ellen…
“What’s up babe” I said and crossed my arm on her shoulder.
“Let me be” she said.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
” You just kept acting like I’m not your girlfriend! Even if it’s just for three months… at least treat me with respect” She said and i felt bad immediately.

“But you were always getting on my nerves” I said.
“And so? Shouldn’t you be able to tolerate me for three months” she said.
“Okay, I’m sorry” I said but she shrugged.
“I’m sorry babe” I pecked her cheeks.

She smiled…”I’m gonna come to your house one of these days” She said.
“Okay..you are welcome anytime” I said.
“You’ve not bought me any gift since we started dating” she pouted.
“What do you want me to get for you?” I asked.

“I want you to take me out,let’s go have a nice time” She said.
“Okay, when would you like us to go out?” I asked.
“I’m gonna tell you soon,I need to think of a perfect date” She smiled.
“Alright babe,once you are ready” I said.
“Thanks B. I love you” she hugged me.
I smiled and hugged her back..

I’m doing all this to make the three months remarkable for her…I don’t love her.
I can’t wait for three months the three months to be over…my heart is somewhere else.

Yeah! Somewhere else😁

Mrs Ardsley came into the class and we began another round of school work.

School over.

“Let’s go home” Kelly said excitedly..
Students were starting to troop out of the class.
We all stood up and wore our backpacks.
I held Ellen’s hand in mine as we made our way downstairs to the parking lot.


“Don’t forget to call me” i whispered to Kelly when we got to the parking lot.
“Of course… that’s the reason I’m rushing home” He whispered back with a smile.

He so much loves Mara and i hope she’s gonna love him too.

Everyone said “bye” . Got into their cars and left.


I got home and walked into the living room.
I met no one.
I heard some sounds in the kitchen,I walked there and peeped in.
I saw Kim making deserts…I smiled hungrily.

“Hi Kim” I said and strolled into the kitchen.
“Kelly,how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine.. where’s Mum and dad?” I asked.
“They are not back from work” She said.
“Okay” I said, staring at the cake on the kitchen counter.

“Go freshen up,then I’m gonna dish out some for you” Kim said.
That didn’t stop me from picking a slice of red velvet cake before running out of the kitchen.
“Bryan!” Kim yelled…I giggled.

So delicious…

I climbed the stairs to my room and unlocked the door.
I walked in and closed the door behind me.

I dropped my backpack on the sofa,then pulled off my shoes and socks..

I picked my towel and hurried into the bathroom.
I can’t wait to devour the whole of that cake.


I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.
My body was dripping wet as i opened the wardrobe.
I selected black shorts with black singlet.
I dried my body and quickly wore my selected clothes.

I hanged my towel back on the rail and slipped into my foot wear.
I was about walking out of my room when i heard my phone rang.

I unzipped my backpack and brought it out.


I smiled and swiped it to the receiver..
I clicked on the speaker,then placed it on the table.

📞 Hello Bryan.

📞Hi Kelly.

📞You know the reason I’m calling right?

📞Yeah… because of Mara.

I heard him sigh 📞 Bryan,i don’t know how to say this but i think i like Tammy.

📞You don’t think you do…You do. It’s a matter of fact, you have feelings for Mara right?

📞 Yeah…I..i do.

📞Then go ahead and tell her.

📞I..i can’t.

I laughed…📞 Are you afraid?.

📞No I’m not but what if she does not feel the same way about me.

📞She may not, but she will also think about it once you ask her out.

📞I’m still afraid to tell her cause it might spoil this little relationship between us…I don’t even know how i fell in love with her,it was so sudden and i tried to get rid of the feeling but it just won’t leave.

📞 Yeah… that’s how true love is … If you tell Mara all these,trust me. She’s gonna give it a thought.

📞What if she rejects my proposal?

📞She will,at first … that’s normal. But you will keep pushing it.

📞 Okay… should i tell her about it tomorrow?



📞You know it’s just remaining few weeks to Fallen angels concert?


📞 Just ask her out few days after the concert cause she’s gonna be in a very good mood then, that would make it easier for you.

📞Wow.. that’s true, thanks buddy.

📞It’s nothing…do you mind coming over to my house,let’s discuss it more.

📞 Of course i will gladly come,text me your address.

I smiled…he’s crazily in love.

📞 Okay…I’m gonna text it to you now… Bye.


I disconnected the call and quickly text my address to Kelly.
I dropped my iPod and smiled..

I’m glad…Mara finally has someone who truly loves her.
She deserves the best cause she’s the best herself.

I just hope this works out..

It must! Cause they are a perfect match😍

“My cake!” I ran out of my room and headed straight to the kitchen.

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