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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 25

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 25

By Zeemah writes


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🌸🌸Some weeks later🌸🌸

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Get up Tam…it’s 6 pm” I heard Liam said as he stirred me from my sleep.

I yawned…”6 pm for what?”

“Have you forgotten this evening is Fallen angels concert” He said making me jump out of the bed in excitement.
He laughed…

“Do i need to bath?” I asked excitedly.
“Yeah.. you are gonna look more fresh if you do” he said.
I picked my towel and ran into the bathroom.

“Take it easy” Liam said.
I heard the door of my room open and close and i know he has left my room.

I pulled off the skirt and sweatshirt i was wearing and threw it into the closet,my undies also followed it.
I wore my shower cap over my hair and got under the shower.

I turned on the faucet and began bathing.


I turned off the faucet and stepped out of the shower.
I picked my towel and wrapped it around my body.
I walked back to my room and opened the wardrobe.

The pink mini gown i had selected for today was hanged neatly in my wardrobe.
I picked it and closed my wardrobe..I opened my drawer and selected matching undies.

I threw them on the bed and began drying my body.
After that,i picked my body lotion and rubbed it smoothly on my skin.
I wore my undies and my mini gown followed.

I stood in front of my mirror and smiled at how fitted the gown is.
It has a scooped neckline,with a white striking pattern.
It stopped far above my knees, hugging tightly to my curves.

I smiled and sat on the dressing chair.
I need to apply a little make up,i brought out my little make up kit, opened it and began applying the necessary one on my face.

I was done in some minutes…I stared at my reflection in the mirror and i was satisfied with the way i look.
The make up is simple and stunning..
My pink lips gloss shone brightly.

“Now to the hair” I said and removed my shower cap.

I picked my hair lotion, rubbed it between my palms and applied it on my hair.
I picked the brush and began brushing it down.
I brushed, brushed and brushed my hair for minutes.
I stopped when i was satisfied at how smooth it looks.

I’m not gonna pack it,I’m gonna leave it to flow down my back.
I smoothened it with my hands and stood up from the dressing chair.
I walked to my shoe rack and selected white minimal sandals.

I slipped my feet into it and picked up my white shoulder bag.

I sighed and walked to the mirror..I stood there and gasped at my reflection.

So perfect!
Bryan is sure gonna propose to me tonight!
I smiled and walked out of my room..
I can’t wait to see Fallen angels today..

I descended the stairs slowly tucking my hair behind my ears at each step.

I finally got to the living room…
I stood surprised as i saw Bryan, Kelly and Ellen already dressed sitting on the couch.

Bryan is putting on a pair of blue jeans, white top which was covered with blue denim jacket,with white sneakers…his hair is styled differently making him look more stunning.
Wow!…I love him more.

Kelly is putting on a grey t-shirt with black jeans, white sneakers and white face cap.
So simple and cute!

Ellen is putting on a blue cut off jeans with a bright yellow crop top,blue sandals and blue fashion glasses.
She’s wearing a tiny gold necklace and her hair is in roll waves,beside her is a blue shoulder bag and i must confess…Ellen looks so beautiful and sexy.

I suddenly felt like going back inside to change but they all turned at that minute and i felt so embarrassed even if i had to quickly fake a smile.

“Hi guys” I said and walked to them.

“Wow! You look totally beautiful” Kelly exclaimed.
I smiled…”Thanks Kelly”
“Miss pontsplait looks more stunning tonight” Bryan said and i felt my cheeks go hot.
“Thanks Bryan…I didn’t know you guys were around” I said.

“Yeah…we came not quite long” Kelly said.
“Okay…Liam will be ready soon” I said and sat beside Kelly.. Ellen was already occupying the couch beside Bryan so i had no choice.

“He’s already done dressing,he went to pick something” Bryan said.
“Okay…Hi Ellen,you are looking more beautiful” I said.
“Thanks” she said forcefully and placed her gaze back to her phone.

Liam walked down the stairs and i turned to look at him.

He’s putting on a pure white top with some black drawing at the front..A pair of skinny black jeans and white shoes.
He has a black face cap on with white cut glasses which made the redness if his lips stood out.

He smiled and;

What a cute bro I’ve got!
I just hope he won’t cause quarrel at the concert cause ladies are always leaving their boyfriends to flirt with him.

“So everyone,are we ready?” He asked.


We arrived at the venue of the concert and my stomach kept bubbling with excitement as we all stepped out of the car.
I held Liam’s hand as we walked to the entrance of the arena.

I cling to Liam when a scary looking bouncer stared at me.
Liam chuckled and everyone brought out their tickets.
We showed him and we were led inside the hall to the VIP section.

Damn! people were so much!


Everyone was settled and it was time for fallen angels to come up the stage..

Everyone held their breath,the stage was dark and suddenly dimly there was a sparkle in the distance,just like meteors..Fallen angels came out .. there was a tiny spotlight and everyone could see them clearly.
I released the breath I didn’t know i was holding.

I gripped Bryan’s hand…
“Bryan they are too beautiful,they are truly angels” I cried.
Everyone gasped, amazed at their beauty.
Everyone suddenly held out their phones and started taking pictures including me.

We were in the VIP so we were close to them.
My phone fell from my hand and I quickly picked it up and continued taking pictures.
They are right in out front on the beautiful high stage.

OMG… Vinnie my role model,I wish i could jump on that freaking stage and hug her .
She’s wearing a dazzling silver gown which hugged tightly to her curves,her skin is the perfect description of honey,her hair was worn down,her … Eyes were so bright..it sparkled to the audience and her cheeks were held on in a smile.
She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…more beautiful than in pictures..

Beside her is her husband…Miguel Sydney… looking at him right now made me believe he’s the most handsome man in the world.
He’s on a blue plaid shirt tucked in a pair of white jeans,with white denim jacket..he wore blue sparkling shoes making his entire body stood out.
Damm! He’s so handsome…
The Ladies were starting to cry calling onto him.

He smiled and held his wife’s hand.

I can’t believe I’m seeing fallen angels right now.

🦋Hi everyone,it’s fallen angels! Thanks for attending our concert and we promise to give you the best” They said into the microphone..

OMG! Cool voices!

Of course the hall is filled to the brim.. everyone wants to see fallen angels.
Everyone cheered for some minutes before Fallen angels started singing their first song which i love most…”Till i met you”

🎼Our worlds begin to cross path.

🎼 Those absurd moments

🎼When you couldn’t speak,

🎼When you feel down.

🎼I lit up the freckles on your face.

🎼Your smiles alone made my heart dissolve.

🎼 Turning through the countryside,

🎼Where we first met.

🎼You affected me so deeply,

🎼 Your piercing eyes alone accelerates my heartbeat.

🎼Your love is driving me insane.

🎼You are the only one for me.

🎼 Can you feel my heart beat.

🎼There are too many memories.

🎼 Waiting to be remembered.

🎼Look at the sky and count the stars,

🎼 That’s how uncountable my love is for you.

🎼I can’t exchange you,even for the meteors in the sky.

🎼I’m in love with you.

🎼Let me stay in your heart.

🎼Cause you are the only one for me.

🎼No matter how it ends.

🎼Even my life wasn’t complete till i met you….

My heart melted at their voice,and i didn’t know i was crying until Kelly passed me an handkerchief.

They sang on and on with the best voices ever..
Everyone was cheering… singing alongside with them.

They held out their hands to their fans as they sang.
Me being in the VIP..I was close enough to touch Vinnie’s hand.

“Jeez-us christ!
OMG I’m going crazy!
I just touched Vinnie’s hand!
Tell me it’s not true!
I just touched my role model’s hand!
Someone should grab me,I’m about to collapse!
Vinnie Sydney i love you” I yelled loudly among the crowd and i think i saw her wink at me.

“OMG! I need someone to hold me, Vinnie just winked at me” i said making Bryan laughed..
“You are one hell of a fan” he said and i smiled.
“Yeah i am…so as you” I said.
“I also touched Miguel’s hand…” He said happily.

They continued singing, holding out their hands.
I kept touching Vinnie’s and Miguel’s hand at intervals..
I’ve Never felt so happy in my life.

“Kelly are you enjoying the show?” I asked Kelly who was jumping excitedly trying to touch Miguel’s hand..
It’s obvious he is.
“Of course I’m enjoying it,I’ve never felt like this in a long time” He said and finally get to touch Miguel’s hand.
“Oh..my God” he screamed excitedly.

I smiled and cheered alongside the crowd..
They were singing in their best voice, dancing and jumping excitedly on the stage.
It’s only the VIP section that got the chance to hold their hands.

“Liam… what’s up?” I asked excitedly.
He was sweating from jumping and dancing.
“I love it here totally…I can’t believe i got to hold fallen angels hands….I feel like going home with them tonight” He said and continued singing and dancing with the crowd.

I smiled excitedly… Everyone seems to be enjoying this great concert except Ellen who stood pressing her phone with frown on her face.
She shouldn’t have come with us in the first place!

I ignored her and continued watching fallen angels as they sang on the stage.
This is a dream coming true…I’ve always dreamt of being close to Fallen angels on the stage.


They finished singing all of their songs in two hours.

Gosh! I don’t want them to leave 😭
Even though I’ve taken more than hundred pictures.

🦋 Thanks so much everyone,for attending our concert. We really appreciate” Miguel Sydney said in a cool voice that melted all the ladies heart.
🦋 We wanna gift two of our lucky fans our most favorite treasure before we leave.

They both brought out a tiny necklace which shone brightly on the dark stage.
The necklace in Miguel’s hand has “Mig ❤️” engraved on it..
While the necklace in Vinnie’s hand has “Vinnie ❤️” engraved on it.

“Wow!” Everyone exclaimed..
Gosh … How i wish i could just get it!

🦋We are gonna throw this and the two lucky fans will get to go home with it.

Everyone waited and suddenly they threw it..
Just like magic..it landed just on my sandals.
I cried in excitement as i secretly picked it up.
It’s Vinnie’s own.
I held it tightly in my hand not wanting anyone to see it cause they might hurt me for it.

Everyone was searching around for it while i smiled happily.
I saw Bryan also grinning at one side as people kept pushing him to search for it on the floor.

He caught me staring at him and winked.
I felt butterflies…

I saw him open his closed palm gently and there lay the second necklace which is Mig’s own.

I held myself from screaming out loud in happiness.

I can’t believe the both of us got Fallen angels favorite treasure.
We’ve been their fans for so long and i guess this is the reward.
I also opened my palm slowly and he saw it.

His eyes widened and he rushed to hug me .
I was surprised.
“I was wishing for the both of us to get the necklace and my wish was granted” he whispered to me.
“You don’t know how glad i am, that we are two lucky fans* I said excitedly.

“Shush…let’s not act like we were the ones who got the necklace,they might hurt us for it…we will celebrate this later” He said and i nodded.
We joined the rest in searching for the necklace and i couldn’t hold myself from laughing, seeing how serious a lot of people were on finding those two necklace..

Everyone resigned to their fate after searching without finding it..they all knew someone would have taken it.

Fallen angels were still standing on the stage,i thought they would have sneaked back into the back stage like other celebrities do but No! they remained there.

🦋 Congratulations to the lucky fans,others should not feel bad..just know we love you all” They said and everyone cheered loudly.

“We want to see your daughter” Someone suddenly said among the crowd.
Soon everyone started shouting “We want to see your daughter”

They smiled and signalled to someone to bring their daughter up to the stage.

A lady brought up their daughter and everyone exclaimed.

I froze as i stared at the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
She’s putting on a bright pink princess gown, white little shoes and a beautiful magic wand.
Her golden hair shimmered brightly and her green eyes were just like emeralds.
Her chocolate chubby skin sparkled and she suddenly smiled.

Everyone roared,i was among the ones crying.
This little girl is the perfect description of an angel.
Anyone would kill to have this girl as a child.

Her pictures on social media is not as beautiful as this.
How could someone child be this beautiful to the extent of making a lot of people cry.

Everyone started another round of picture shot but this time, they were only snapping the little girl who clung to her mother’s leg waving her little magic wand.

I also brought out my phone and started taking pictures,i can’t miss this opportunity.

🦋Thanks everyone for tonight…we appreciate your coming” Vinnie said in her angel like voice.

🦋Thank you all…we will always love you” They bowed.. picked up their daughter, who giggled happily..
Then started walking out of the stage.

There was an uproar,cheers,screams,cries and a lot more as they left.

This is the best concert I’ve ever attended…not that I’ve attended one anyways.

The cheers didn’t stop,even when they were out of the stage completely.
Liam signalled for us to leave…

We passed through the crowds who were still cheering.
I smiled happily..I can’t believe i have something of the Fallen angels.


We all got outside and i was surprised at how dark it is.

I quickly checked the time on my phone.

“10pm!” I exclaimed as we walked to our car.
“Yeah” Liam said.
“Everyone get in the car,let me drop you at your homes” Liam said.
He doesn’t like driving and i was surprised when he offered to drive today.

“I will staying at your place tonight” Bryan said.
“Okay..Kelly and Ellen, would you also stay at our place tonight?” Liam asked.
“Yeah” Kelly said happily.

What’s he happy about?

“Ellen?” Liam asked again.
“I will stay” She said and i know we both will be sleeping together in my room tonight.
I smiled..

“Okay everyone get into the car” Liam said and we all hopped in.

He turned on the ignition and started driving home.


“I wonder who the two lucky fans are” Liam said as he drove into a street second to ours.

Bryan and i grinned and shouted “We are the two lucky fans!”

“What!” Everyone exclaimed and we laughed.
Liam quickly parked.
“You don’t believe us right?…Mara let’s show them” Bryan said and we both brought out the necklaces surprising the hell out of them.

Their mouths widened making Bryan and i laughed.
“And you both didn’t say anything at the hall” Liam said.
“We couldn’t say anything cause everyone desperately want this necklace and they might hurt us for it” Bryan said.

“Yeah that’s so wise of you…I’m so glad!” Liam said happily.
“Me too…Bryan and i is gonna be sharing that necklace” Kelly said happily.
“Of course buddy” Bryan said.
I looked at Ellen who didn’t say anything since…

“I can’t believe my siblings got the two necklaces…this calls for celebration” Liam said excitedly.
“Yesssss” We chorused happily except Ellen of course.


We all sat round the dining table eating the late dinner mum prepared for us,we didn’t even go to our room to freshen up,we just pulled off our shoes and started eating….
Mum has gone to her room to sleep after listening to our unending gist.

“Delicious” Bryan said with a mouthful.
“Yeah” Kelly said…he seems so happy to be here tonight,he called his parents earlier to tell them he’s not coming home.

We chatted and laughed as we ate dinner.
Bryan and i are already putting on our necklace and it looks so nice, making us look like a couple.
I grinned happily..


We finished dinner, Kelly and i packed the dishes to the kitchen and started washing while Bryan and Ellen cleaned up the table.

I noticed Kelly kept grinning…

What’s wrong with this one?🙄

We were done washing the dishes,we wiped our hands and went to join the others at the living room.

Bryan yawned…

“Bryan and Kelly,come with me to the guest room” Liam said.

“Good night” They chorused and climbed up the stairs.
I looked at Ellen…”Let’s go to my room”
She shrugged and we both climbed the stairs to my room.

We entered and i closed the door behind us.

“There’s a towel and pajamas in the bathroom closet if you wanna freshen up” I said to Ellen.
She dropped her phone on the bed and walked into the bathroom…this isn’t the first time she’s having a sleepover here..just that she was a nice Ellen then.

I sighed and sat on the dressing chair.
I used a wiper to wipe off my make up,then packed my hair in a ponytail.
I pulled off my gown and reached for my towel..I wrapped it round my body and smiled when i saw my new necklace.

I unhooked it and stared at it admiringly for a while before dropping it in a little case,then inside the drawer..
Just then, Ellen walked out of the bathroom,freshened up in favourite pajamas she always wore anytime she’s having a sleepover here.

She sat on the bed and picked her phone.
I walked into the bathroom to also freshen up.


I finished freshening up and pulled into my pink pajamas..
I felt so comfortable as i strolled back to my room.

Ellen is already laying on one part of the bed,still engrossed in her phone.
I sat on the bed for a while before laying beside her.

She dropped her phone and drew the blanket closer to her and i know she’s about to sleep.

I cleared my throat…”Ellen”
She didn’t answer till i called her for the third time.

“Huh?” She asked facing me.
“Did i offend you?” I asked.
“What made you think so?” She asked.
“Ellen,you’ve not been acting nice to me even after dating Bryan whom you know i love” I said.
“Bryan is not meant for just you okay?” She said.
“Okay…let’s forget that,but you’ve not been acting nice to me and im not happy about it”
“What exactly do you want?” She asked.
“Ellen, you were not like this before..what went wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing went wrong okay!” She half yelled.
“Okay..but please i want us to go back to how we were,i want you to go back to being my best friend” I said.

She smiled…”I’m gonna do that but on one condition” She said.

“What condition?” I asked eagerly, feeling glad I’m gonna get my friend back.

“You have to give me that necklace” She said.
“Necklace? Okay come search through my jewelry box and choose the necklace you want” I said.

“I want that Fallen angels necklace”


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