JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 30

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 30

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

I weep silently on the bed reminiscing how Mara rejected my proposal.

Did she acted due to shock?
Was she surprised i made move on her?
Was i too fast?
Should i give her some time?

But she said she doesn’t love me and will never love me…that statement alone made me so sad.
Is she probably in love with another person?
She said she didn’t wish i could be the one…was she expecting another person?

I guess no! Because Bryan told me she doesn’t have another person,he said she’s still perfectly single and has no crush so why is she rejecting my offer.
Or she doesn’t want to say ‘yes’ on the first trial?

I didn’t plan on giving up on her,i will keep trying till she says ‘yes’ i love Tammy a lot and her words yesterday really hurt me but that made me love her more.

She’s the only one i ever want to be with.
It seems she doesn’t love me but i love her and that’s what matters,i don’t care if she loves me,as long as i love her then we are good..

I need to apologise to Bryan cause i unleased the anger of the rejection on him yesterday…

“Kelly, won’t you get up and dress to school?” I heard Mum said walking into my room.

“OMG are you crying?,why are you crying?” She asked.
I shook my head ” Nothing”
“You mean you just feel like crying all of a sudden?” She asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it” I said slowly.
” Darling,you can tell me anything.. what’s wrong?” She asked.
“I’m fine…I don’t want to talk about anything” I said wishing she would just leave.

“Are you sure?”
“Yes Mum”
“Should i call your dad?” She asked.
“Nooo…I’m fine” I said.
“Did you and Bryan had a fight?” She asked.
“No” I said getting fed up of her questions.
I just wish to be left alone.

“Then why are you crying and ain’t dressed for school yet?” She asked.
“Mum! I just told you i don’t want to talk about it” I said.
“So won’t you go to school?” She asked.
“I don’t feel like going to school today” I said.

“But why?!”
“I don’t want to talk about it…just leave,i want to be left alone” I half yelled drawing the blanket closer to me.
I faced the other side cause i was starting to tear up and wouldn’t want mum to see that..

I sighed when i felt she have gone out.
I turned back and i was right, she has walked out of my room.

Am a total coward for crying over a girl’s rejection but Tammy isn’t just a girl.

She’s my heart!


I was starting to doze off when i heard “Kelly”
‘Bryan?’ I thought then turned to see Bryan walked into my room.
He’s fully dressed for school and i know his driver will be waiting outside.

I sat up “Bryan”
“Kelly,are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.
“H.. how did you come here?” I asked.
“Your Mum called me that you are crying and you refused to dress up for school” he said,then drop his backpack on the couch and sat beside me on the bed.

I sighed and shifted a little so he could be comfortable.

“So why were you crying..are you ill?” He asked and i shook my head.
He smiled..”Mara?”
I didn’t respond,i bowed my head.
“But, Kelly you don’t expect her to concede to your request on the first trial,you will keep trying till she agrees.

“I’m sorry about the way i acted towards you yesterday,I acted according to the pain of the rejection” I said.
“I understand but you haven’t given me enough details,i just knew that she rejected so how did it happen?” Bryan asked.

“I told her about my feelings and she flared up” I said.
“Yeah…she said she didn’t love me and will never love me,she only took me as a friend,i should erase any feelings I’m having for her that she didn’t wish i was the one” I said.

“She said she didn’t wish you were the one?” Bryan asked.
“Is she expecting someone else to ask her out” Bryan said.
“I think so” I said.
“But, Mara doesn’t have a crush. If she has,she will have told me and i also didn’t observe her crushing on anyone…she probably said that to discourage you” Bryan said.

“Yeah, you are gonna try again..you claim you love her right?”
“Yeah i do” i said.
“Then you’ll keep trying until you get her” he said.
“She warned me not to talk about it again if i don’t want to put our friendship at risk” I said.
“It’s just a threat,she might even want you to keep on trying ” Bryan said.
“Really?” I said starting to smile.
“Yeah or…” Bryan said with a raised brow.
“Or what?” I asked.
“Should i help you talk to her?” He asked and my smile widened.

“Yesssss” I said happily…she will listen to Bryan if he helps me talk to her.
“Okay..i will talk to her on your behalf” He said.
“Thanks,she’s gonna listen to you” i said happily.
“Let’s hope she does,Mara can be stubborn at times” he said.

“But you are gonna help me talk to her right?”
“Yeah..I will” he said.
“Thanks buddy” I hugged him.

He suddenly laughed making me look at him curiously.
“You looked exactly like Mr Curt when you were crying” he said and we both laughed.

“Now get up and start dressing for sch–” he was saying but i already jumped out of bed.
I picked my towel.

“Help me bring out my school wears,it’s in the wardrobe” I said before running into the bathroom.

I hanged my towel on the rail and opened the cabinet,i brought out my toothbrush and paste then moved to the wash basin.
I applied enough paste on my toothbrush.
I started brushing.
I brushed, brushed and brushed till i was certain my teeth were clean.

I turned on the mixer tap and rinsed my mouth thoroughly before rinsing the toothbrush.
I put the brush and paste back into the cabinet then picked my sponge case,then pulled off my pajamas before entering the shower cubicle.

I picked my soap from the soap dish and placed it on my sponge.
I turned on the shower and started bathing.


I turned off the shower and stepped out of the shower cubicle,i picked my towel and wrapped it round my waist,then dried my feet on the bath mat before walking back into my room.

I saw my school wears and underwear already spread on the bed but couldn’t find Bryan.

Has he left?

I sighed when i saw his backpack still on the couch.
I quickly dried my body and applied body lotion.
I put on my underwear then my school trouser,my school shirt which i tucked into the trouser after buttoning it down.

I wore my socks then picked my black shoes from the shoe rack,i slide my socked feet into it then headed to the front of the full length mirror.

I’m looking good,i just need to brush back my hair the way Tammy likes.
I so much love that girl and i smiled at how happy I’m gonna be once she accepts to date me.

I picked my hairbrush and brushed down my hair.
I dropped the brush and stood straight.

“Wow! You are cute but not as cute as i am ” Bryan said walking into the room with a tray of steaming tea and toast bread.
I smiled…”I’m gonna be cuter than you soon so just watch out”

He laughed and dropped the tray on the table.
“Where were you,I thought you had gone when i didn’t see you in the room but your backpack assured me” I said.
“I went to help Mum in the kitchen,then after that i was served breakfast..i offered to bring yours to you,so you can eat fast cause we are running late” he said and i glanced at the wall clock.

“Wow!” I exclaimed and quickly settled down to eat my breakfast.
Bryan laughed at how i was rushing breakfast.

“Be careful not to burn your mouth,that tea is damn hot!” He said.
I nodded and ate the last piece of toast.
I gulped down the entire team making Bryan gasp.

“Damn! Is your mouth made for hot things?” He asked.
I laughed…”Hell no! But I’m used to it”
“Wow,i had to wait for my tea to be warm before taking it but you just gulped everything without wincing” he said.
“That shows I’m more matured than you” I teased.
“In your dreams” he said and we laughed.

We stood up and picked our backpacks,i held my empty tray of breakfast as we both walked out of the room.
We descended the stairs and headed to the kitchen.

We met mum switching off the gas cooker.
“Wow… thanks Bryan,i can see he’s already dressed for school” Mum said.
“Sorry for being rude earlier mum” I said and dropped the tray on the breakfast bar.
“No it’s okay,i understood your mood so you guys are ready to leave right?”
“Yes Mum” we chorused.
“Alright,have a nice day at school..my greetings to Tamara and Laura”

“Okay mum…bye” we said and walked out of the kitchen.
“Bye” she called after us.

We stepped out of the house…

“Rollins is gonna drive the both of us in my car” Bryan said to me as we walked to Tina.
“Okay, good morning Tina” I greeted.
“How are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine…my friend’s driver offered to drive us to school” i said.
“Okay,no problem..I will head back to my quarter” She said and walked away.
“Okay Tina”

We walked to Rollins who was standing beside Bryan’s car.

“Hi Rollins” I greeted.
“Hey Kelly,how are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine”
“Okay guys,hop into the car let’s go” he said.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

Everyone was seated in class except Bryan and Kelly of course.
I planned on apologising to him for being harsh yesterday but he’s yet to be here.
He and Bryan do arrive early to school but none of them is here.

I just hope nothing is wrong.

I placed my head on the desk starting to get worried Bryan isn’t in school.
He always calls me anytime he’s gonna be absent but I’ve not seen his call.
I will wait for a little bit before calling him.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and i was shocked to see it’s Ellen.
I smiled..’is she about to reconcile with me?’

“Hi Mara” she said and i almost hugged her.
“Ellen” I nearly screamed.
“How have you been?” She asked and this time i couldn’t resist hugging her.
I hugged her tightly and i was surprised she hugged me too.

“I’ve not been good Ellen,i missed you” I said and peck her cheeks like i always do.
She smiled but i saw a hint of sadness behind that smile.
“I’m sorry for being mean to you all this while,I’m so sorry” She pleaded.
“Oh..my..God please don’t tell me sorry, having you back as my friend is okay” I smiled and held her hand.

I’m so happy!!

She dragged my cheeks and pinched my nose.
We both laughed as we hugged each other again.

“You know we are back as friends now?” She asked.
“Yeah” I grinned.
“So will you borrow me your necklace,till school is over..i also want to feel it against my neck” She said.

“Of course..I will give you” i said and began unhooking the necklace.
I unhooked it and wore it round her neck.

“Wow…it looks so nice on you” i said.
“Yeah … Thanks Mara,I’m gonna return it before school is over” She said.
“No problem,so friends?” I asked.
“Of course” she said and i hugged her again.

I felt her withdraw but smiled when i saw Bryan and Kelly walked in.

Damn! So hot…I mean Bryan.

They both walked over to their seats.
“Hi Bryan,you were quite late today” I said as he sat down and dropped his backpack.
I turned to him fully.

“Yeah i went to Kelly’s house,his mum called me while i was on my way to school that he’s crying and refuses to dress up for school..so i went over to his house” he said.
“Oh..Kay” I said feeling so uncomfortable knowing he’s sitting right beside me.

“Don’t you care to know the reason he was crying?” Bryan asked.
“I don’t think i should know” I said feeling bad i made someone cry.

I turned to Kelly..
Wow i didn’t notice he wore his hair back just like the way I like and i think it looks good on him.

“Hi Kelly” I said.
“H..huh? Hi” he stammered..
I already know things won’t be same between us anymore.

“I’m sorry for the way i reacted yesterday” I said.
He smiled and that killer dimple appeared.
“It’s okay Tammy” he said.
“Did you cried because of me?” I asked,he nodded and i felt so bad.

I held his hand and i guess he was surprised..
“I’m sorry for making you cry but i need to tell you this clearly; I’m not interested” I said and withdrew my hand when i noticed he was starting to hold it tightly.

“I will make you interested Tammy” he said kinda pissing me off.
“Whatever!” I scoffed.

I turned back to Bryan.

“Bryan guess what?” I asked excitedly.
“What?” He asked.
“Ellen and i have reconciled” I said.
“Really?” He asked and looked at Ellen who nodded and smiled.
“Wow… that’s a great news.. finally,the two best friends are back together..i miss seeing the both of you together ” he said.

“Me too” I grinned.
My eyes locked with Laura’s and i saw a look of hurt in her eyes.

Oh! Is she jealous?…

“Laura” I called.
“Huh?” She asked.
“You still remain my friend okay?” I said.
Laura is someone i will never stop being friends with,she’s fun and lovely.

“Really?” She asked.
“Yeah, you still remain my friend now and forever” I said.
She smiled..”Thanks Mara,i thought you will dispose me cause i can see you are back with Ellen”
“Of course no! I can’t dispose of you, you were there when I needed you most and you will forever be my friend…Ellen will be so glad to be friends with you” i said.
“Thanks Mara,but… don’t you think you gave her that necklace a little bit soon,i mean; you both just reconciled and the next thing she asked for was your necklace” Laura said.

“No, there is nothing wrong with that.. Ellen always admire beautiful accessories and she said she’s gonna give it back to me before school is over,she only likes it and feel like wearing it for a while” I said.

“Ohh… okay, I’m glad you still considered me as your friend even after reconciling with Ellen” She said.
“Yeah it’s fine… Ellen” I called and she glanced up.
“Huh?” She asked.
“Meet Laura,she’s so nice” i said.
I sighed when i saw them glare at each other.

A teacher walked in and everyone sat properly and faced the front of the class.

I’m not so happy cause i know Laura and Ellen won’t get along.


“She was my friend before you popped in like a balloon okay?” Ellen yelled at Laura.
“You were mean to her for months,i was the one who stand in so you should fuck off” Laura retorted.

We were in the cafeteria having lunch when they both started yelling at each other.

“You are just an ugly bitch who wants to make friends with the school prettiest girl,why didn’t you make friends with her when she was fat!” Ellen said.

“Fat?” Kelly asked and i felt a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah…Mara was once fat” Ellen said.
“Really?” Kelly asked.
“Yeah” I murmured.
“So how did you turn this way?” He asked.
“I did some workout” I said.
“Wow! Merely looking at you,i wouldn’t have imagined you were once fat” he said.

I nodded and continued with my lunch.
I looked at Bryan and noticed he didn’t say anything since.
I brushed my shoulder with his making him look at me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked while Ellen and Laura kept yelling at each other.

“Come with me to the garden” He said and picked his iPod on the table before standing up.
I stood up after him.

“Where are you guys going to?” Ellen asked.
“We’ll be right back” Bryan said.

We both walked to the garden and i wondered what’s bothering him.

I just hope he will be fine or is he about-

Confess his feelings to me!
I will say ‘yes’ immediately…


I sat on the bench beside Bryan waiting for what he’s about to say.

I feel my heart fluid overflowing… i really hope he’s about to confess his feelings to me.

He cleared his throat and my pumped twice.
“Mara i don’t know how to break this down t-”
“Yes..I agree” I said excitedly.
“Agree to what?” He asked
“I agree to anything you are about to say” I smiled.
“You mean you are gonna agree to anything i say?” He asked with a smile.
“Yes i will” i said happy that my dream is about to come true.

OMG!! At last!!

“Okay.. thank goodness you promise to agree to anything i say” he said.
“Yeah i promise” I grinned.

“Okay…it’s about Kelly” he said and my heart sank.

I stood up abruptly…

“What do you want to tell me about Kelly?” I said feeling so disappointed it’s not what i thought.
“Please Mara, Kelly really loves you. You might not love him but please just give him a chance, please Mara” he said and i felt my stomach rumbled in anger.

I held myself from slapping him and i hope the tears I’m holding is not gonna pour.

“Y-you are pleading for Kelly?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes is anything wrong?” He asked.
“You must be crazy!” I yelled in anger and turned to leave.

“Mara” he called and held me back.
I feel like shrugging off his hand but i can’t! Feeling his touch alone weakened me.

Does this mean he doesn’t feel anything for me?
If he does! He won’t have begged on Kelly’s behalf!
Why the hell did Kelly told him to beg me!
He might have wanted to tell me about his feelings but Kelly stopped it!
I freaking hate that guy right now!
I’m sure Bryan feels something for me,it’s because Kelly came first destroying everything.
I have to make him know i don’t love Kelly so he will confess his hidden feelings for me and if he doesn’t i will confess to him myself.
It’s high time i did that!

“Mara but you said you will agree to anything i say” he said and i turned to him.
“I’m sorry i yelled at you but if i knew this was what you were gonna say. I wouldn’t have uttered that” i said.

“Why don’t you wanna date Kelly? Mara that guy loves you,he cried overnight just because of you.. please just give him a chance” he said.
“I don’t love him! I don’t freaking love him,i can’t date someone i don’t love” I said.
“Okay,but just give him a chance and i promise you will get to love him” he said.

“I can’t love him,even in hundred years to come!.. Bryan i can’t believe you are pleading on Kelly’s behalf” I said.
“Why shouldn’t i? Kelly is my friend and i have to help him pursue anything he wants” he said.
“Whatever! I just want you to know that i don’t love him and will never love him” I said imagining Kelly and i in a relationship.

I spat…it can’t even work!

“Why? Mara why are you refusing to date Kelly?” He asked.
“Cause I’m in love with someone else!” I blurted out.
“Who?” He asked.
“Y.. Nevermind” I said and felt like spanking myself for not having the courage to talk.

“You are in love with someone?” He asked and i nodded.
“Yeah” I said.
“You are in love with someone else and i don’t know. Cut the crap Mara,i know you are saying that to make Kelly back off” He said.

“I’m not joking! I love someone else” i said.
“Are you sure the person loves you? Don’t lose Kelly over someone who you aren’t sure loves you” he said and i felt sad.

Am i sure Bryan loves me?
Yes! Hell yes! I’m sure Bryan loves me.
He’s being timid to tell me that yet.

“Bryan, listen; I don’t love Kelly,i don’t love him and can’t date him. Can you date someone you don’t love? Or if you don’t love Ellen, would you have dated her?” I asked.

“I don’t love Ellen” He said to my surprise.
“What?” I asked, feeling a bit happy he doesn’t love Ellen..
Am i the one he love instead?

Yes! I knew it!

“Yeah i don’t have any feelings for Ellen, infact..I don’t even feel a thing for her” Bryan said.
“Then why did you date her?” I asked.
“It was a truth and dare” he said shocking me to the bone.

“T-truth and dare?” I asked .

“Yeah..we had a truth and dare at my house part-” he was saying but i cut him short.

“You mean; Ellen came to your house party?” I asked in disbelief.
Ellen was the one who said we shouldn’t attend Bryan’s party and we didn’t! So what the hell is going on?

“Yes,she attended my house party so during the truth and dare section,she dared me to date her for three months and that’s how all these came about. Didn’t she told you?” he asked.


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