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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 29

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 29

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹


Why, Kelly!

I left the garden in tears and headed straight to the school restroom.

I opened the door and got in,then locked it behind me.
I walked to the the sink and stared at reflection for so long in the mirror.

I never expected this from Kelly,he just broke that line of friendship between us. I won’t be free around him again.
How could he love me?
How did he develop feelings for me?
Why him?

I want Bryan!!

I don’t want anyone else except Bryan.
Sooner or later,I’m gonna tell him about my feelings,i can’t keep it any longer.
If i had told him earlier,that would have prevented Kelly from telling me s**t..


I never even thought of Kelly as anything else.
I just like him for being a sweet friend.
Is that the reason he has been so caring about me?

I feel so bad for breaking his heart..it’s so obvious he loves me. I saw that LOVE in his eyes at the garden..
Why didn’t i notice he has feelings for me all this while?

I wish it was Bryan that confessed his feelings to me…i never wished it was Kelly.
I don’t even have any sort of feelings for him.
He never affected me the way Bryan does.
He doesn’t make my heart,beat faster.
He doesn’t stir something deep in my abdomen.
He doesn’t arose any feeling in me.

I was shocked when he told me and i couldn’t help but get annoyed, wishing it was someone else.

I’m sorry Kelly..

I turned on the faucet and rinsed my face in the sink.
I sighed and quickly repacked my hair.
I turned off the faucet then wiped my face with the edge of my shirt.
I tucked in properly and smiled when i sighted the necklace on my neck.

I touched it before kissing it,it has become my treasure and i can’t be more happy to have been one of the lucky fans.
I made the pendant to be inside my shirt.
I didn’t want to answer silly questions from anyone.

I breathed out and walked to the door,i unlocked it and walked out of the restroom…I headed to the class and wondered how I’m gonna face Kelly.

He shouldn’t have told me anything,now I’m dreading to face him.

I walked into the class and thankfully,he isn’t in class yet.
I quickly walked to my seat and sat down.
I saw Bryan and Laura looking at me curiously.

Did they know about this!
Did Bryan know about this!

“Where’s Kelly?” He asked.
“He should be in the garden, Bryan did you knew about it?” I asked.
“About what?” He asked.
“About what Kelly told me in the garden?” I asked.
“What did he tell you?” He asked.

I sighed in relief… thank goodness Bryan doesn’t know about it cause if he does,that means he doesn’t have any feelings for me.

I smiled…”Nevermind”
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yeah…he only went to show me some beautiful flowers” I lied.
“Really?” His eyes widened.
“Yeah” I said..

I picked my note when i saw Kelly walk into the class.
He’s looking so sad, making me feel so bad.

He sat on his seat which is beside mine and i had to pretend he wasn’t there.

I saw Kelly look at him, then at me.
I faced Bryan to start up a conversation,i won’t want him knowing what happened.
That might prevent him from asking me out.


School is over for today,we all trooped out of the class heading to the parking lot.

Kelly made me feel guilty throughout the day.
His face was so sad and he didn’t talk to anyone.
Why did he propose to me in the first place!
I just hope he gets over it soon cause I’m not ready to date anyone except Bryan.

Laura and i walked side by side.
Ellen walked at our back and Kelly and Bryan was in the front.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

We got to the parking lot and we all stopped walking.
There was a strain among us and anyone wasn’t willing to talk.

I saw Max waiting beside my car .

“Bye everyone,see you tomorrow” I waved and walked to Max.
I can’t keep seeing Kelly’s face..I hate feeling guilty over something I’m not guilty about.

“Hi Max” I smiled.
“How are you Mara?” He asked.
“I’m fine” I said and opened the car door.
I got in and pulled off my backpack.
Max also got in and turned on the ignition.

I bowed my head as he drove out of the school gate.
He got to the main road and i sighed raising up my head.

I smiled as i felt breeze rush at me.


Max parked properly and i carried my backpack and alighted from the car.

I walked into the house and saw Mum at the living room.
She’s working on her laptop..

“Hi Mum, good afternoon” i said and rushed to peck her.
“Mara you are home…how was school?” She asked pecking me back.
“Fine Mum.. where’s Liam?” I asked.
“He’s in the kitchen” she said.
“Really? Doing what?” I asked.
“Preparing lunch” she said and i laughed.
“Wow! Did he offered to do so?” I asked.
“Yeah” Mum said.

Reiya did a good job in influencing him positively… Liam has changed over the few days he met reiya.
They are now friends and he’s going to meet her in Mexico soon.

I just hope her crazy boyfriend won’t hurt him,cause Liam still insisted on dating her.

I walked to the kitchen and saw Liam walking about in the kitchen with an apron and chef cap.
I laughed at how funny he looked..

He smiled on seeing me…

“Hey sis” he said and started chopping onions.
“Hi bro…I thought you didn’t like chopping onions” i teased.
“Reiya said onion is the best natural medicine for the eyes,so i just decided to add it to our lunch” He smiled.

“Hmm…do you know ever since you ran out of the hospital,you can’t say a full sentence without including reiya” I said.
“Yeah” he grinned.
“Do you like her that much?” I asked.
“I don’t like her,i love her” he said.
“Awwwn” I said placing my jaw on my palms.

He laughed…”quickly go freshen up, lunch will be ready soon”.
“Wow…I can’t wait” i said and started running up the stairs to my room.

I opened the door and stepped in.

I dropped my backpack on the shelf and pulled off my shoes and socks.
I closed the door and pulled off my school wears remaining my undies.
I hanged my school wears and picked my towel before walking into the bathroom.


I was rinsing my body under the shower when i noticed i didn’t pull off the necklace.

Damn! I hope it doesn’t rust..

I turned off the faucet and picked my towel.
I quickly dried the necklace, checking it all around expecting it to start rusting but no! I was wrong…it shone brighter surprising me.

“Wow!” I exclaimed and smiled…does this mean i can be bathing with it.

I grinned and wrapped the towel around my body, fondling the necklace as i walked back to my room.

I opened my wardrobe and sighed..
I’m tired of seeing the same set of clothes everyday!
I need to change my wardrobe…
I selected a blue faded jeans, with a blue matching blouse.

I dried my body and selected another set of undies.
I smirked before putting it on and then wore my jeans and blouse over it.

I loosened my pontsplait and combed through my hair.
I dropped one hair band on the shelf and used the second one to pack normal ponytail.

I selected a blue slippers from the shoe rack and slide my feet into it.
I walked out of my room and headed down the stairs with my slippers making some funny sounds on the marble stairs.

I got to the dinning room and met mum and Liam seated obviously waiting for me.
I smiled and quickly joined them.
Liam dished out mine for me and we all started eating.

“So delicious” I muttered.
“Yeah” Mum concurred.

Liam smiled..”thanks”

“Liam,you look and act more responsible this days, who is the inspiration?” Mum asked and i giggled looking at Liam.

“It’s Reiya” i said and received a glare from Liam.
I chuckled and gulped down my drink.
“Who is Reiya? And why are you glaring at her, didn’t you want me to know what’s happening?” Mum asked.

“No Mum,but i want to start dating her before telling you about it” He said.
“Oh.. okay,you mean she’s the one who influenced you?” Mum asked.
“I guess so” Liam smiled.
“Wow,is she one of your normal girlfriends?” Mum asked.
“No! She’s not, I’ve not started dating her and she has a monster boyfriend” Liam said sadly.

“Ohh… that’s the reason you’ve not started dating yet?” Mum asked.
He nodded.
“Do you love her?” Mum asked.
“Of course i do”
“Then go for her” Mum said.
“I will Mum,you should trust me..I will be leaving for Mexico by next week” He said.
“Alright..for the girl right?”
“Yes Mum,she didn’t leave for Mexico with her family because of me and she took this morning flight so i promised to come see her over there” he said.
“Okay.. that’s good” Mum said.

I bit into my chicken..”She’s a distant cousin of fallen angels” i grinned with a mouthful.
“Yes Mum and she’s so beautiful” i said.
“I’m gonna show you her pics once we are done eating” Liam said.
“Okay” Mum breathed…”I need to see the lady who made the mighty Liam a chef” Mum said and we laughed.

“I want more” i said.
“Food monger” Liam whispered under his breath,i heard him and ended up hitting a large spoon on his head.


We’ve finished eating and im washing the dishes in the kitchen while Liam showed Mum Reiya’s pics in the living room.

I rinsed the last dish and placed it on the drain board.
I dried my hand with a dishcloth.

I walked out of the kitchen.

“I will be in my room” I said to mum and Liam,then climbed the stairs to my room to read the novel i stole from Liam.

I entered my room and closed the door behind me.
I removed my footwear and jumped on the bed.

I shifted the bedside table and picked the novel behind it.

I smiled…”The mystery of revenge by Azeemah .S.”
Liam didn’t want to borrow me so I had to steal it.

I read the summary before opening to the first page.

I started reading;


“Tam,can i come in” I heard Liam said and quickly hid the novel behind my back.

Damn! Not when I’m enjoying this novel.

He opened the door and walked in.

He laughed and i wondered why he did.

“Bring out the novel you are hiding” he said making me gasp in surprise.
“W.. which novel?” I asked.
“I saw you when you took it from my room but i just decided to let you be..the novel is interesting,you are gonna enjoy it” he said and sat beside me on the bed.

“You are a wizard” I said and he laughed.
“No I’m not”
“You always find out anything I’m hiding” I said.
“I guess you are not a good hider then” he said.

I brought out the novel from my back and hit it hard on his shoulder.
“Ouch” he said.
“Yes! That’s for being a wizard” i said and we both laughed.

We went silent for a moment..

“How’s Bryan and everyone?” He asked.
“They are fine”
“How’s Kelly’s chest?” He asked and that brought back the memories of the garden.

“It’s getting better” I said.
“Is anything wrong?” He asked.
“No, why did you think there’s something wrong?” I asked.
“Well…I sensed a strain in your voice” he said and i sighed.
“I got it! There is something wrong right?” He asked and i nodded.
I was planning on telling him though.

“Kelly confessed his feelings to me” I blurted out.
“Wow.. really?” He asked.
“Yeah” i said.
“So..what was your response?” He asked.
“Response as how?…what did you expect me to tell him?” I asked.
“Don’t you like him also?” He asked.

“No! I don’t,i like him only as a friend..I don’t even like him in that aspect,i was so disappointed when he told me..I told him I’m not interested that he should erase the feelings he’s having for me” I said.

“That’s bad!” Liam said.
“Why’s is it bad?” I asked.
“Don’t you know that speech will hurt him, even if you are not interested,you shouldn’t have talked like that” Liam said.
“Okay..I will apologise to him tomorrow” i said.

“Why didn’t you accept his proposal?”
“Cause i don’t love him! I love someone else” I said.
“Bryan right?” He asked and i nodded.
“Do you know Bryan doesn’t have feelings for you” Liam said making my heart stop for a moment.

“Did he tell you that?” I asked.
“No he didn’t” he said and i sighed in relief.
“But I’m a guy Tam,i would have known if Bryan has feelings for you..he would have confessed to you long ago” Liam said.

“He’s probably shy to do that,i will tell him about my feelings soon” I said.
“He’s not shy Tam, Bryan can’t be shy in that aspect,he only think of you as a friend and nothing else but i had known Kelly has feelings for you the day he came here for your so called practical” Liam said.

“Whatever! He’s gonna forget about the feelings soon” i said.
“He won’t Tam,he loves you” Liam said.
“But i don’t love him! I’m gonna wait for Bryan” I said determinedly.

I can never date Kelly!

“Do you have to wait for Bryan,why don’t you date Kelly for the main time” Liam said.
“I can’t date Kelly cause i don’t love him..let’s not talk about this anymore..it’s making me pissed already” i said.
“Well…I’m gonna respect your decision,you are allowed to do what pleases you cause you know what your heart feels” he said.

“This necklace looks so great on you” He said switching to another topic.
I smiled…”Yeah it does,can you believe it didn’t rust when i showered with it” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said.

“Well…you won’t know if it’s gonna rust or not for the next few days” he said.
“No..it shone even brighter” i said.
“Wow..let me have a look at it” he said.

I gladly showed it to him.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I grabbed a towel from the rail after stepping out of the shower.
I wrapped it round my body and walked out of the bathroom,i closed the door and stepped into my room.

I flinched on seeing Quilah sitting on the dressing chair.

“Quilah please have some manners! you can’t just appear in people’s room scaring the freaking hell out of them” I said angrily and moved to the wardrobe.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

“I want you to do something for me” She said.
I closed the wardrobe and walked closer to her.

“I’m not doing anything for you!you told me to slap our cook.
I did!.
You told me to be rude to my parents for a week.
I did!.
You told me to be mean to Mara and not to talk to her anymore.
I did!
And now she already has a new friend,she doesn’t care about me again.. she’s starting to forget me!” I yelled and didn’t know I’ve started crying.

I regret meeting Quilah..
I’ve missed Mara so much!

“You can regret meeting me but you already met me so there is no going back. Listen to what i have to say now, will you do what I’m about to say or not?” She asked.

“I’m not doing anything for you again! Just get out of my life” I yelled and she laughed.

“You shouldn’t have come to me in the first place!” She thundered and stood up making me shift back.
“I regret coming to you! I regret knowing you! I regret bringing Mara to you! ” I said.

“Regret always come last! But i don’t care about that now..will you do what I’m about to ask or not?” She asked.
“I’m not doing anything” i said.

“Well…I guess you should listen to me first; I want you to get that necklace off Tamara Weston’s neck.. it’s preventing me from getting close to her” She said and i sighed.
“Why is it preventing you from getting close to her,it’s just a necklace” I said.

“That necklace is made of the golds in Mofidorano garden,the oldest and the most powerful and spiritual garden in the world…I’ve tried accessing that garden for years but no one can have access to it except the real owners of it..that made it forbidden for us.
I want to get to Mara cause I’m about coming back for her but that necklace is preventing me from doing so..i want you to get it off her neck” She said.

“I can’t get the necklace off her neck cause i can’t allow you hurt Mara” i said sternly.
“Who says i want to hurt her? I’m not hurting her,i need to make some things clear to her,so will you get the necklace off her neck or what?” She asked.

“I won’t!” I said.

“You will! And you must!” She said.
“Mara doesn’t joke with that necklace,even when i told her to give me if she wants to restore her friendship,she didn’t! So how will i collect it from her” i said..

“I just need it off her neck for some minutes so i can get access to her,i don’t care how you are gonna do it..and for the last time,will you do it or not?” She asked.

“I..i will not” I said.

“Okay then,Be ready to mourn your parents” She said and started walking away.

“Wait!” I called starting to tear up.
“What?” She asked.

“I will do it” I cried…

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