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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 32

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 32

By Zeemah writes


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{The next day😋}

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“I had sex with Ellen!

I had sex with her!

I freaking had sex with that girl” I yelled on the verge of tears.

“Chill Bryan,how did everything happened?” Kelly asked sitting beside me on the bed,he’s fully dressed for school and it’s just remaining for me to wear my shoes but I’m freaking mad at myself.

I had asked him to come down to my house,i don’t think i can cope with the fact that i had sex with Ellen right on this bed.. yesterday!

“She called me yesterday afternoon and was speaking gibberish about me not wearing my necklace to school today.
I disconnected the call and placed a call to Kim to get me a glass cup of orange juice.

I waited for a lot of minutes,i was about going down to meet Kim about my glass cup of juice when Ellen walked in with it.
I was surprised to see her….


I was sitting on the bed in my room when Ellen walked in.

“Ellen,how come you are here?” I asked her as she walked into my room with a tray containing the orange juice i requested for from Kim.

She smiled…”I came to spend some time with you”
“Okay,so what were you saying over the phone?” I asked.
“I was only pulling your legs” She laughed and i felt relieved.

“I thought you were probably going crazy” i said and we both laughed.
She handed me the glass cup of orange juice and placed the tray on the table.

I gulped down half of it.

“Do you care for some juice?” I asked stretching the remaining half to her.
“No thanks”
“Or should i call Kim to bring yours?” I asked feeling she might not want to drink from the same glass cup.

“No I’m okay,i just finished taking burger and a juice” she said.
“Oh.. okay” I gulped down the remaining juice and started showing her some things on my phone.
I wanted to tell her that we should just go to the living room but i don’t want her to feel i had anything bad in mind.

I suddenly yawned…it felt strange cause i didn’t felt like sleeping before now.
I shrugged off the yawn and we both continued watching the video.

I yawned again and noticed my eyes were starting to get blurry.
I felt dizzy and couldn’t get hold of myself anymore.
I dropped my phone and kept yawning.

I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes but i noticed i wasn’t feeling asleep anymore,I..i…was feeling strong down there.

I dimly saw Ellen pulled off her clothes and got on top of me.
She pulled off the shorts i was wearing and started r.. riding me.
It felt sweet even if that wasn’t the first time I’m experiencing this but all i knew was that i wasn’t in my right sense.

She placed my hands on her b**bs and i began fondling it.
She kept riding me and i turned her over and began….

I released into her and dropped tiredly on the bed,then that sleeping feeling returned.
I yawned and slept off.


I woke up in the evening and sat up on the bed.
I remembered what happened earlier and nearly bit myself for it.
I was so pissed,i never wanted to have anything to do with Ellen before three months is complete.

I realised she added something to my juice and the worst part of it was that i couldn’t find my necklace anymore.

She has gone with it.

Tears poured out of my eyes and i felt like killing myself.

🦋End of flashback🦋

“Wow!” Kelly exclaimed after i finished narrating everything.
“I..I’m..i don’t know what to do right now” I sighed.
“It’s okay since you didn’t force your way with her,she willingly gave herself to you” Kelly said.
“Yeah,she drugged my juice. Normally I would never have done that” I said.

“Is it your first time?” Kelly asked.
“No it’s not,i had sex with two girls at my house party but with Ellen..it just doesn’t feel right,I’m not feeling happy about it,i feel hurt and bad” I said sincerely.

“You don’t have to feel that way,once you get to school..you discuss it with her,she wanted it to happen,that was the reason she drugged your drink” Kelly said.
“Of course. But I’m gonna pull out her eyes once we get to school” I threatened.

Kelly laughed…”Of course you can’t do that, once you get to school. Just talk things straight” He said.
“I will but i can’t just believe it,i never imagined it” I said.
“You keep complaining as if you didn’t enjoy it” Kelly said and started grinning.

“Of course i did but … Wait! Why are you grinning?” I asked and he suddenly bursted out laughing.
I tried to hold my laughter as i hit him but i couldn’t.
We ended up laughing together..

“Kelly stop making me laugh over such matter” I said holding back the threatening laughter.
He twisted his mouth and we laughed again.

“What you should be concerned about is your necklace” he said and i nodded.
“I’m not even concerned about that cause i know it’s with her..she wants to wear it today but didn’t know how to tell me about it” I said.
“Yeah… that’s right cause there’s no other reason for her to tell you not to wear your necklace today” he said.

“Do you know what surprises me about that necklace?” I asked.
“You know once water touches accessories,it begins to rust but instead of that necklace to rust,it’s gonna shine brighter” I said.

“Really?” Kelly asked in surprise.
“Yeah..I’m gonna show you when i get it back from Ellen” I said.

“Can’t wait…we are running late” He said and i glanced at the wall clock.

“Help me get my shoes from the rack” i said and stretched on the bed.
“Don’t tell me that sex weakened you?” Kelly teased.
I laughed and smacked his head.

He got up and helped me with my shoes.
I quickly slipped my feet into it and got up.
I walked to the shelf and drew out a comb.
I combed my hair and i saw Kelly through the mirror already picking his backpack.

“I’m gonna talk to Tammy today” He said and i sighed.
Mara doesn’t look interested but he can try his luck today,her mind might have softened.
“Okay..i hope she agrees” i said.
“This time…I’m gonna make sure she considers my request. I love her so much” he said with a little bit of sadness.
I felt sorry for him.
“She will! Just keep pressing it..she’s gonna give in one day,i will help you call her to the garden during break” i said.
“Thanks buddy” he smiled.

I dropped the comb and also picked my backpack.
I dropped my iPod into it before hanging it over my shoulders.

“Let’s go buddy” I said and we both walked out of my room.
“Tell Max to stay back,Tina is gonna drop us” he said.


We entered the class and walked to our seats.
My eyes went straight to Ellen,she bowed her head when our eyes locked.

She’s gonna explain the reason she did that yesterday.

“Hi Bryan” Laura called as i passed her desk.
My nerves relaxed and i stopped to take a good look at her.
She looks more beautiful this morning,I’m always intrigued about that beautiful blue eyes.
I don’t know how this girl always make me feel.

I’m gonna have time to decipher that feeling once i end things with Ellen.

“Hi Laura,how are you?” I asked.
“I’m fine” She smiled and my heart melted.
She was surprised but happy when i touched her cheeks before walking to my seat.

Kelly was already seated exchanging greetings with Mara.

I dropped my backpack but didn’t sit.
“Hi Bryan” Mara smiled.
“Hey bestie.. what’s up?” I asked.
“I’m fine”

“Ellen come with me” I said and started walking out of the classroom.
I didn’t look back to know if she followed me or not.

I turned when i got to the hallway and i was a bit glad she followed me.
She got to me and i held her neck against the wall..my anger rising.

“What was that stunt you pulled up yesterday” I said releasing her neck a bit.
“I..I’m sorry” She murmured.
“What the hell did you added to my juice?” I asked.
“S.s..sedative mix” She said with a sigh.
“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Im sorry i did that,i just wanted to have something to remember you for after three months” She said.
“Oh.. really? is that the way to go about it?” I asked.
“Y..you are hurting me” She said and i released my hold on her neck.
I brushed down my hair with my fingers and let out a breath.

“I’m sorry,if i had told you about it..you wouldn’t have conceded” She said.
“Of course i wouldn’t have! I can’t believe i..i had sex with you” I said.
“Well…the deed is already done” She said boldly.

I restrained myself from yelling out loud.

“Where’s my necklace?” I asked.
“It’s in your drawer” She said.
“Yeah…I kept it there” She said..
“Okay” I said and walked back to class.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

Did he called her out to end things with her just because of me.
That will be great.
Maybe he couldn’t resist me anymore and think he has to confess his feelings to me fast.

I will be so glad.

He walked back into the classroom and headed straight to his seat which is beside mine.
He sat down and breathed out.

“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Sure” he said.
“Can you go wait for me in the garden after lunch break?” He asked and i felt my breathing cease for a moment.
“Y-yes” I said.
“Okay thanks” he smiled.

My thoughts were right!
But he shouldn’t have ended things so soon with Ellen just because of me.
Anyways…I’m so happy.
It took all the strength in me not to jump high into the sky.

I couldn’t help but grin…

Ellen walked into the class and i felt so sorry for her.
She isn’t looking so great.
Bryan should have waited for three months before breaking up with her.
I hope she will understand and just let it go.

She sat down.

“Mara” She called and i quickly turned to face her.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Hmm…I want to ask for something from you and I will so glad if you can do it for me” she said.
Im ready to grant her anything cause she’s heartbroken right now.

“I will do it Ellen,I’m gonna do anything” I said.
“I want you to let me wear that necklace till school’s over” She said.
“Mara you must not give her!” Laura suddenly yelled making me flinch.

“No..she’s just asking to wear my necklace till school’s over” i said, thinking she misheard Ellen.
“Yeah! I heard her clearly but Mara you mustn’t give her that necklace” Laura said to my surprise.

“What the hell is your problem,does the necklace belongs to you” Ellen yelled.

“Laura,why shouldn’t i give her?” I asked.
“Don’t just give her,why is she so concerned on that necklace! She borrowed it yesterday, same thing today! What do you want to use the necklace for? If you want a necklace..there are so many,why are you insisting on this same necklace and last time i checked you are not a fan of fallen angels” Laura said.

I smiled…”is that the reason you told me not to give her? but i told you Ellen values accessories a lot..it’s just till school’s over so i don’t see anything bad” I said and began unhooking my necklace.
“Seriously Mara you wanna give her?” Laura asked.

“Why not?” I asked and wore the necklace round Ellen’s neck.
I have my reasons.

“Face your desk” Ellen said to Laura who sighed and turned hesitantly.

I’m not bothered about these two..I’m bothered about Bryan,i can’t wait till lunch break is over..I’m gonna jump to the garden.

At last!

🌹Laura’s POV🌹

Im not usually mean to people but i don’t know the reason i don’t like Ellen.
I keep having this strange feeling about her.

I don’t know why Mara is so soft hearted.
How couldn’t she suspect that Ellen has other plans about that necklace.
She shouldn’t have given her so easily!

I began to suspect her when then reconciled yesterday and the next thing she asked for was the necklace.

Who does that!

She even borrowed it today…it’s not about liking accessories,even if she likes accessories. She should have hers and not borrow others.
I just hope Mara is safe,I’m starting to have a bad feeling.

I glanced back to look at Mara but my gaze caught with Bryan’s.
It held on for a while before i removed my gaze.

Why do my stomach feels funny whenever my gaze lock with his.
I’ve always had a crush on Bryan so as other girls in class but it wasn’t as intense as this.

What I’m feeling now is totally a different thing.
My heart seems not to rest anytime Bryan is around me.
And i kinda kept thinking about him.

I’ve never felt like this in years.

Mr Tommy walked into the classroom.

“Good morning class”
“Good morning Mr Tommy” we chorused.

🦋Lunch break🦋

We walked into the cafeteria and sat on our favorite spot.
Bryan and Kelly went to order our lunch leaving Mara,Ellen and i at the table.

No one said anything but i kept a close watch on Ellen making her uncomfortable .
“Hey why are you staring at me like you want a death wish!” She yelled.

She loves yelling at trivial issues and that’s so childish.

I ignored her and faced Mara..
“Mara don’t forget to collect your necklace once school’s over” I said.
“Of course i won’t” Mara said.
“You are truly a lucky fans, this necklace surely costs a lot” i said to Mara.
“Yeah..it landed right on my feet when it was thrown” She said.

“Do you even know the interesting part?” She asked.
“What?” I asked.
“Once water touches it,instead of it to rust..it’s gonna shine brighter” she said.
“Really!” Ellen exclaimed loudly.
“Yeah…I was also surprised” Mara said.

“You have to cherish it, don’t just give it out to people” I said indirectly referring to Ellen.
“Of course,i cherish it a lot” She said.

Kelly and Bryan returned with our lunch.
They placed it in front of each person and went to carry theirs and i noticed Mara is kinda avoiding Kelly.
What’s up with the both of them?🙄

We all started eating when Kelly and Bryan settled down.

“Laura’s blue eyes is so beautiful” i suddenly heard Bryan said making me gasp and at the same time blush.
I glanced up and saw everyone of them looking at me.
“Yeah it is” Kelly said and continued eating his meal.

“Thanks” I muttered and continued eating.
I was still surprised Bryan could utter that.
I didn’t expect it but i felt so glad.

He surprised me more when he picked a pizza roll from my dish.
I looked at him and he smiled brightly making my heart race twice.
I smiled shyly and continued eating.

We were done eating in some minutes,Mara stood up and left the table abruptly.
“Mara where are you going to?” I asked.
“I will be right back” She said.
“Okay” I muttered.

She walked out of the cafeteria and i saw Kelly also stood up.
He winked at Bryan and followed her.

“Bryan what’s going on between Kelly and Mara?” I asked.
He smiled…”Actually Kelly loves Mara”
“What!” Ellen screamed making everyone turn to look at our table.

“What’s wrong,why did you screamed that way?” I asked.
“And why do you care!” She yelled.

I shook my head and turned back to Bryan.
“Really?” I smiled.
“Yeah but Mara isn’t returning the feeling so he went to the garden to talk it out with her” he said.
“Wow! I hope she returns the feeling, Kelly is the right guy for her” i said.
“Yeah he is,i will be right back” Bryan said and also walked away from the table.

I sighed as i watched him go …
I turned back to the table.

Don’t tell me I’m left alone with this bitch!

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I got to the garden and decided whether to sit or stand.
I decided to stand, feeling so happy within me.
I traced my fingers on the flowers but stopped when i heard footsteps.

I smiled and turned expecting to see Bryan but saw Kelly.
My smile faded and i turned to leave.

He grabbed me back,i shrugged his hands off my back but stood still.
“Tammy, please just consider my request. I swear down I’m never gonna leave you, please Tammy” I said.
I turned to him;

“Kelly,i don’t love you so i can’t date you” i said.
“You don’t have to love me,me loving you is enough” he said.
“I can’t get into a relationship where i don’t love my partner…if you don’t love me, would you have confessed your feelings to me” i said.

“I know but please you will get to love me,just accept my request” he pleaded.
I shook my head “Im sorry Kelly..I’m tired of repeating this but i don’t love you… there are many beautiful girls in class that will be willing to be your girlfriend, it’s not a must im the one” i said getting pissed already.

“It’s a must Tammy,it’s a must for me to date you” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because i love you” he said.
“But i don’t love you” i said.
“You will get to love me” he said.
“I can’t get to love you cause my heart doesn’t belong to you” i said and started walking away.

“Who does your heart belongs to?” He asked.

I guess it’s time to talk.

“My heart belongs to Bryan” i said and heard him gasp.

I smiled and continued…”I developed feelings for Bryan since i was in grade 6,i love Bryan so much and he’s the only one i wish to date..he’s the only one with the key to my heart…I just can’t stop loving him” I said.

“Mara! You love me?”
I turned immediately and saw Bryan standing beside Kelly.
He heard all i said.

My heart sped beyond control..
“Yes Bryan,i love you and will always love you” i said.

“But Mara,i don’t love you!” He said and i felt my heart shatter.
Tears gathered in my eyes.

“I only thought of you as a best friend,i never had any sort of feelings for you,i never imagined you are in love with me,i never thought of you in that aspect..Mara I’m shocked!” He said and this time tears were starting to roll down my cheeks.

I felt so hurt..i could die any minute from now.

“It’s better you accept Kelly’s request cause i don’t love you in that aspect,my heart belongs to someone else..I’m sorry” he said and i suddenly felt cold before slumping to the grass.


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