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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 33

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 33

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“It’s better you accept Kelly’s request cause i don’t love you in that aspect,my heart belongs to someone else..I’m sorry” I said.
I could never have imagined that Mara has feelings for me.

I never noticed it.
It’s just so sad i don’t feel a thing for her,I’ve never even felt a thing for anyone except recently when i get to know Laura better.
I’m just so shocked.

She suddenly slumped to the grass and Kelly and i rushed to her.
He face was filled with tears and i felt so bad.

“Mara I’m sorry, please” I said and cleaned her tears but she seems rigid like she’s in shock.
Did she love me that much?
She should have told me earlier and we would have just worked things out but it’s too late.

I’m in love with Laura!
I don’t even know how i fell in love with her so quick but i love her so much.

“It’s okay Mara,im here for you. Tell me the reason you love Bryan and i will also go do it” Kelly said sadly.
I watched him and wished he was the one Mara love.
He loves Mara so much.

She stood up slowly and stared into space.
We stood up after her,i was starting to get worried cause it seems she’s not okay right now.

I shouldn’t have said that to her.

“B-bryan i love you” She cried.
“I love you too Mara,but i don’t have feelings for you..I’m sorry” I said and hugged her to my chest.
I noticed her body has gone cold.
She hugged me back tightly and wept on my shoulder.

“Just go for Kelly huh? He loves you so much” I said to her.
She disengaged from the hug and turned to look at Kelly.

“But i don’t love him,you are the only one i love” she cried harder and it breaks me totally to see her cry.
I sighed not knowing what to do or say.

“I’m starting to regret what i did” She said.
“What did you do?” I asked.
“I–” she was saying but suddenly started coughing out blood.
She fell to the grass.

My fear rose to the limit as i screamed and quickly bent over her.
She kept vomiting more blood.

“Kelly go call for hel-” i said but he has already ran off to call for help.
“Mara” I cried.
She held my hand tightly weeping and at the same time vomiting blood.
It was getting intense and i got so scared seeing her this way.

“Mara I’m going to date you,i was only joking then..I love you too” I said hoping that will stop her from vomiting blood but;


Where the hell is Kelly!

She patted my hand weakly and pointed to a direction..
I traced her hand but couldn’t see anything.

“Mara what is it?” I asked.
“Q..Qu..Quil..ah” she muttered and more blood poured out of her mouth.
“Who is Quilah?..I’m not seeing anyone! Mara please stop vomiting blood.. please!” I cried.

I noticed she has gone stiff,her whole body has gone pale and her eyes closed, blood kept pouring out of her mouth.

“Mara!” I screamed in tears.

🌹Liam’s POV🌹

I ignored the beeping of my phone thinking it’s one of the those girls.
It got more intense and i had to take a look at it.


He doesn’t call me during school hours.
I picked it up and quickly swiped to the receiver,I placed it on my ear.

📞Hi Bryan

📞Liam” he called and i sensed fear in his voice.

I sat up properly…📞What’s wrong?

I heard him sniffle and i knew he was crying.

📞 Bryan what’s wrong? Are you okay? Is Tam okay?” I asked worriedly.

📞M..mara is ..

📞What happened to Mara?” I asked,my entire body vibrated and i stood up, trying hard to calm my nerves.

📞 Bryan talk to me! What happened to Mara?” I yelled.

📞We were in the garden when she started vomiting b.. blood,she went cold and stiff,we quickly called for help and she was rushed to the hospital..we are all here with her now” He cried.

Sweat poured from my body and my breathings became shallow.
My hands shook and the phone nearly dropped out of my hand.

“W-whats the name of the hospital?” I asked weakly.
“It’s your family hospital, Gortmill hospital” he said.
“I’m on my way” I said and sniffled back tears.

I slowly slide my feet into my footwear and ran outside the house.

“Max” I yelled.
He rushed out of his quarter..
“Liam, what’s wrong?” He asked.
I cleaned my tears.
“Take me to the hospital,Tam is hospitalized” I managed to say before getting into my car.

He gasp and quickly got behind the wheels.
He turned on the ignition and James quickly opened the gate.
Max sped out heading to our family hospital.


We rushed into the hospital and saw Bryan and Kelly crying at the reception.
They saw me and quickly rushed to me.

“What happened? where’s Tam?” I asked.
“She’s in the emergency ward” Kelly cried and ran his hand through his hair.
“How did it happened,what really happened? How could she start vomiting blood! That’s totally uncalled for” I said.

“Yeah,we were discussing in the garden,she slumped and started vomiting blood” Bryan cried.
I sighed and paced the reception breathing in and out as i waited for doctor Mart to come.

I kept looking from Kelly to Bryan who were weeping like babies.
I held on to a pole and thought of calling Mum but no!
She’s gonna rush down here and i don’t want anyone else hurt.

Tam…what went wrong?
I know you are gonna make it.

I saw doc Mart coming out from the passage.
I quickly rushed to him.

“Doc Mart how’s my sister?” I said holding my breath.
“How’s Tammy?”
“Please,how is Mara?”

“You all should just calm down,Tamara is in a very critical condition, she’s not responding to treatment and the cause of her illness is yet to be diagnosed,she keeps vomiting blood and I’m sorry to say this,we might lose her soon” He said and walked away.

“Oh my God” I screamed in tears.
“Mara! Doc please can we see her?” Bryan called after doc Mart.
“No you can’t” he said and cornered into the passage he came out from.

I held on to myself and cried, Tam!
“Do you know the ward she’s in?” I asked.
“Yeah” Bryan said.
“Take me there” I said.
“Doc Mart s–”
” Take me there!” I yelled.

They both led the way and i followed them.

We got to the entrance of the ward and met a male doctor coming out.
“You can’t go in” he said.
“But I want to see my sister!” I held myself from yelling.
“You can’t see her for now, please leave” he said sternly.
“Okay,just open the door…allow me to steal a glance at her from here” I said.
“That’s not allowed” he said and i resisted the urge to punch his nose.

Bryan held my hand and led me back to the reception.


“Max,I’m calling mum now. Go pick her from the company,she won’t be able to drive herself” i said to Max who stood at the reception.
He nodded and headed out.

I unlocked my phone and placed a call across mum.


📞 Liam, how are you?

📞I’m not fine.

📞 What’s wrong?

📞T.. Tam is in the hospital” I sniffled.

📞What!! Mara? What happened? I’m on my way? Is it our family hospital?

📞Yes Mum but hold on,Max is coming to pick y-

📞I’m not holding on..I’m on my way.


She has disconnected the call….
I walked to Bryan and Kelly who were standing at a corner almost crying their eyes out.

“It’s okay…Tam will be fine” I said.
“The doctor said she’s not responding to treatment and that we might lose her soon. I don’t want to lose Mara” Bryan cried.
“Me too” Kelly said.
I sighed and tried to fight back my tears.


🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

‘I shouldn’t have collected the necklace from her’ I cried..
I didn’t know Quilah will hurt her,she told me she isn’t gonna hurt her.
She told me she just wants to talk to her and now Mara has been rushed to the hospital after vomiting blood.

I paced the school hallway with Laura and cried in regret!
The news has spread fast and it was on everyone’s mouth.
Laura and i couldn’t go into the classroom,we’ve went to beg the gate keeper to allow us out but he refused vehemently.

Meeting Quilah is the first source of my regret.
Introducing Mara to her is the second.
Collecting that necklace from her is the third.

I sniffled as i stared at the necklace on my neck.
If this necklace had been on Mara’s neck, Quilah wouldn’t have had access to her not to talk of hurting her.

I just hope she will survive this…I really hope Mara will survive this.
I didn’t know Quilah is a monster!

“E-llen what are we gonna do?” Laura asked in tears.
“I don’t know,the gate keeper wouldn’t allow us to go out” I cried.
“We need to see Mara,I’m so scared. Was she sick? Why’s she vomiting blood all of a sudden” Laura said.
“I don’t know” i said guiltily.
We both cried on and on and kept pacing the hallway.

I stopped and rested my back on the wall,i stared at the high ceiling thinking of what to do.

An idea crossed my mind;
This necklace prevents Quilah from getting to Mara, that means it might also protect her from dying.

This necklace must be on Mara’s neck before she.. before she dies!
“Laura” I called.
“This necklace needs to be around Mara’s neck” I said.
“This is not the time to return her necklace,she’s hospitalized now”
“Yeah..I know but this necklace is sort of magical” I said.

“Really?” She asked.
“Yeah, remember Mara told us that it always shine brighter instead of rusting” I said.
“Yea..h but that doesn’t mean it’s magical” She said.
“It is! You didn’t go with us to the concert, Fallen angels said it’s magical and can heal any sort of illness” I lied.
“OMG really?” She asked.
“Let’s start going to the hospital” She said and I’m glad she believed me.

“Let’s go” I said and we both ran towards the gate.
“He won’t let us through that gate” Laura said.
“I have a plan” i said.

We got to the gate.
“Both of you should go back! I’m not letting you through this gate” The gatekeeper said.
“Mr Allen said you should.” I lied.
“Where’s the notice for that?” He asked.
Damn! I should have thought about this.

“He didn’t give us notice due to our rush” Laura lied.
“Do you expect me to believe that?” He asked.
“Call him” I said.
“That’s what I’m gonna do” he said and shifted farther from the gate to pick his phone.

I quickly unbolted the gate and ran out with Laura.
He gave us a hot chase but we quickly stopped a cab.

“Gortmill hospital” I said and we quickly entered before he could get to us.
The cab sped off and i watched the gatekeeper from the backseat return to his post.

I sighed.

“Are you with cash? My cash is in my backpack” I said.
“Yeah” Laura said and quickly brought out some dollar bills.

I unhooked the necklace and held it tightly in my palm.
I couldn’t help the tears from flowing as i imagined the worst.
What if something has happened to Mara before we get there.

Goodness forbid!

“Driver please speed up” Laura cried.
“Speed up,speed up” I shouted.
The driver increased his speed and we were in front of Gortmill hospital in no time.

Laura dropped the whole dollar bill on the front seat and we both alighted and rushed into the hospital.

We got into the reception and met Liam, Bryan and Kelly crying at a corner.
I sniffled back tears as we rushed to them.

“How’s Mara?” Laura asked wiping off her tears.
“She’s not responding to treatment and she keeps vomiting blood,the cause of her illness is yet to be diagnosed,the doctor said we might lose her” Bryan said.

“Mara needs to wear this necklace right now” I said.
“Are you okay? Do you think what’s happening right now is a joke!” Liam yelled.
“No,Mara needs to wear this necklace right now..it’s gonna protect her from dying” Laura said and their face went wide.

“Really?” They chorused.
“Yeah! We need to do that fast” I said.
Liam grabbed the necklace from me and rushed towards a passage.
We ran after him till we got to the entrance of the ward.

Liam opened the door and was about going in when a doctor pushed him back.
“Hey! I’ve told you,you are not allowed to come in” he yelled.
“I need to put this necklace round my sister’s neck!” Liam yelled back.

“You can’t come in!”
“I’m coming in”
“You can’t,we are working on her right now!”
“Okay” Liam breathed “help me wear it round her neck”
“I can’t” The doctor said starting to piss me off.

I opened my mouth to talk but Laura was faster.

“What the hell! You don’t want to allow us in and yet you refused to wear the necklace around her neck. What sort of doctor are you” She yelled.
“Doc whatever! Please step back,we need to put this round her neck. Time is running out!” Bryan said.

“I insist,you can’t come in to wear anything round her neck and i can’t also help you do it” The doctor said,i had to held myself from slapping the hell out of him.

That will be rude!

“Doc! Please move out of the way,i don’t want this to result to violence” Liam warned.
I know if the doctor doesn’t move out of the way any minute from now,his face is gonna be battered..
Liam’s temper is nothing to write home about.

“What’s happening here? Where’s Mara.. where’s my angel?” We all heard and turned to see Mara’s mum rushing to our direction in tears.
“Mum,she’s in the ward but we were told by doc Mart that she isn’t responding to treatment,she keeps vomiting blood and the cause of her illness is yet to be diagnosed” Liam said leaving out the part that we might lose her soon.

“Oh..my..goodness!” She cried.
“Mum we have to wear this necklace on Mara’s neck to prevent her from death but this fool isn’t allowing us in…i don’t want this to result to violence,i don’t want to blow off this doctor’s teeth” Liam said threateningly.

“You mean this necklace might prevent Mara from further harm or death and this doctor isn’t allowing you in? OMG Liam! blow off his teeth!” Mara’s mum screamed rushing at the doctor.
We quickly held her back.

“Now for the last time! take this necklace and wear it round my sister’s neck or allow me go in to do it myself” Liam said.
“I’m no-” the doctor has not finished his statement when Liam sent two punches on his jaw before pushing him roughly out of the way.
He entered the ward and the other doctors tried to stop him but he pushed them out of the way and quickly wore the necklace round Mara’s neck.

The door was wide open and we all cried as we saw Mara laying lifeless on the bed.
Her school shirt is completely soaked in blood and she’s as pale as a sheet.

“Liam please go out now! What you just did is unethical” Doc Mart shouted.
Liam quickly pecked Mara’s cheeks and whispered in her ears before standing straight.

His eyes were filled with unshed tears as he walked back to the door.
He turned back.
“I dare any of you to remove that necklace from her neck” he said and walked back to us at the entrance.
I stuck out my tongue at the doctor who groaned on the floor.

The door was shut close and we all walked back to the reception.

Mara’s mum kept pacing the reception, crying and calling out for Mara and i can’t help but feel more guilty.

I caused all this!
If Mara dies then I’m gonna die with her!
I hope that necklace saves her!

{ 6 : 52pm }

We were still waiting at the reception but this time Bryan’s mum has joined us.
Everyone kept mute with various thoughts.

We saw doc Mart coming out of the ward and we all rushed to him.

“How’s Mara?” Everyone asked together.
“It’s just like a miracle cause immediately that necklace was worn round her neck,she started responding to treatment,her cause of illness has been diagnosed and she’s getting better now but there is a bad news” He said and my stomach sank.

“What bad news?” Liam asked in a shaky voice.
“Come with me to my office” he said and everyone rushed after him.
He turned and was surprised to see all of us following him.
No one was willing to back off.

He sighed and continued walking.
We all followed him.


We were all in his office..
Mara’s Mum and Bryan’s sat opposite the doctor and the rest of us remained standing waiting for what the doctor is gonna say.

He shook his head sadly and started;

“We discovered something in her system,a kind of unmedicated and strange portion…

It was the portion Quilah gave her!
I shouldn’t have forced her to take it in the first place!

“The portion has eaten deep into her system,it has spread to her heart and lungs making the chance of her survival shorter and the bad news is;…

“Doc Mart! You mean there is a still a bad news after saying her chance of survival has gotten shorter” Liam cried.

“Yes,the bad news is that she has less than a year to live” he said sadly.

What !!!

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