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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 36

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 36

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“GET OUTTT!!!” Liam yelled at Ellen.
She stood up in tears and started walking out.

“Ellen” Mum called and she turned.
“Liam let her say what she has to” Mum said.
“Thank you Mum” She said and sat down.
She wiped her tears and began;

“After we left the countryside, Quilah kept pestering me,she will force me to do what i don’t want to when i was not even the one she granted a wish.
I got so pissed cause i was suffering for what Mara did.

I knew very well that Bryan was the reason Mara did all she did,so i planned to also make her sad by dating Bryan, though Quilah initially told me to be mean to Mara but i added my own ways.
I told Mara that we shouldn’t attend Bryan’s party,she agreed but i went behind her back.

So,it got to the truth and dare section in the party and i carried out my plan.
I dared Bryan to date me for three months and he accepted the dare.
I know that was going to make Mara sad but then i didn’t care cause i was going through hell in Quilah’s hand just for Mara.

Recently, Quilah came to meet me that she wants me to take the necklace off Mara’s neck so she can be able to have access to her.

“Necklace?” I asked.

“Yeah,the fallen angels necklace” she said and i stared at my neck.
My necklace was still laying there,i glanced at Bryan also.. same thing.

“What does this necklace has to do with Quilah?” I asked curiously.
“Quilah said it’s a magical necklace made with the golds from a so called garden,the garden is forbidden to Quilah and others except the real owners.
So she told me the necklace is preventing her from accessing you,i should find ways to get it away from your neck if i don’t want to mourn my parents.

“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yes, she threatened me with that and i know she’s gonna do whatever she says so i..i agreed to get the necklace from your neck..T..that was the reason i reconciled with you”

“Geez!” I exclaimed in shock.
I now see the reason she told me to give her my necklace immediately we reconciled.
Laura warned me but i was being a fool.

I looked over at Laura and she gave me a i-told-you look.

I sighed and turned back to Ellen.

“I’m sorry…She agreed not to hurt you,that she just wanted to have a little chat with you.
So when you gave me that necklace,i was expecting Quilah to meet with you but it seems she didn’t till school was over.
I was curious as i handed the necklace back to you.

I got home and met her as usual.
I told her i already got the necklace off your neck that what does she want again.
She said she wasn’t able to access you still cause Bryan Shaw was with you”

“She knows my name?” Bryan asked in surprise gripping my hand in fear.
I should have laughed but i can’t in this tension.
“She knows everyone’s name” I said and remembered i was with Bryan the day Ellen and i reconciled.
He took me to the garden to talk to me about Kelly but unknowingly his necklace saved him.

“So she told me Bryan protected Mara with his own necklace,that i will need to get the necklace away from both Bryan and Mara’s neck… Bryan remember i called you that afternoon and told you not to wear your necklace to school the next day…”

“OMG! So this was the reason?” Bryan asked.
“Yes it was…I told Bryan not to wear his necklace to school the next day but he refused so i went to his house and..and..and...”

I noticed her cheeks had gone pink.
Did something happen?
Did anything naughty happened?
I hope not!!

“I..i stole the necklace from him and went home” She said and i was relieved nothing funny happened.
If anything happened,she would have said it cause she’s confessing everything right now.

“I lied to him the next day that it was in his drawer and he let me be. I also persuaded Mara to let me have her necklace and she gave it to me.
Later in the day,Mara went to the garden, Kelly and Bryan followed her and i know Quilah will have access to her cause none of them is with the necklace.
We were later called that Mara was vomiting blood and i felt so guilty knowing I’m the cause..I shouldn’t have helped Quilah to get the necklace away but i don’t want to lose my parents… Please forgive me” She said in tears.

I was crying in shock knowing my best friend is the cause to all this.
“You mean you were the reason that witch got access to Mara and then hurt her,do you know what you did led to her limited days on earth..Ellen why would you do that” Laura cried.

“I’m sorry,i didn’t want to lose my parents. I love them so much..I’m sorry Mara please forgive me” She said and crawled to my front in tears.
Liam’s face had gone red and i hope he doesn’t pounce on Ellen right now.

Mum looked so sad,sadder than when we lost dad.
I feel so bad knowing I’m the cause of all this.

I cried loudly nonstop for a lot of minutes.
No one said anything but cried.
The sadness in our faces was huge.

“I’m going to continue,i know you all want to kill me but let me be done first” Ellen sniffled.
She’s still bent at my front.

“When Mara was taken to the hospital,i know she might die,then i thought of something ‘if the necklace can prevent Quilah from accessing her,it might also prevent her from dieing’ So i lied to Laura that we were told the necklace can heal all sort of illness. She believed me and that was how we came to the hospital and Liam wore the necklace around Mara’s neck”

I’m glad she saved me,i would have kept vomiting blood and the doctor wouldn’t be able to diagnose a thing.
I might be in discomfort throughout a year but she saved me from that.
And to look at it in another direction,she isn’t at fault. Who would want to mourn his parents.

“Thanks Ellen” I muttered.

“Don’t thank me” She screamed in tears.
“I caused you all this,i want you to swear at me,hit me, kill me. Mara don’t thank me!” She cried.
She held my legs “Please forgive me”

“Ellen,i don’t owe anything against you..I’ve forgiven you. All this isn’t your fault,no one would love to lose his or her parents.
I might also do the same if i were in your shoes.
I’ve forgiven you” I said and pulled her up hugging her tightly.

She sobbed and kept saying she’s sorry.
Of course i know she’s sorry.

We disengaged from the hug and she turned to face everyone.

“I’m so sorry,i wish i had listen to granny,i wish i hadn’t visited that cave cause my visit to the cave started all this.
Now Mara has a year to live just because i forced her to do that s**t.
Mara,we are leaving together huh? I pushed you into all this and i can’t allow you to die alone” She said.

“No Ellen,you must not.please. I don’t want anyone to die after me” I said.
“But you are dieing because of me, i would love to die with you” She said.
“You can’t! Please Ellen,i won’t forgive you if you do that” I threatened.
“Yeah! I’m gonna do it. Mara please don’t persuade me..I’m the reason you have limited days on earth and yet you are telling me not to die. Once you are dead,I’m also coming with you!” She said with a note of finality.

She’s so serious about it and i know she’s gonna do as she said.
She isn’t in the mood to listen right now..im gonna persuade her later.

“Please you all should forgive Ellen, please” I pleaded.
“Please forgive me” She cried.

Mum was the first to pull her in a hug.
“Ellen,you are just like a daughter to me. You both were just being childish,i don’t blame any of you for anything,this is probably the way God wants it” Mum said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Thanks Mum” Ellen smile amidst tears and wiped mum’s face with the tip of her jacket.

Laura was the second to speak up.
“Ellen,i understand. You are not entirely at fault. Its okay,i forgive you” She said and hugged Ellen lightly.
“Thanks Laura” Ellen said.

Bryan stood up next.

“I should be the one to blame for all this,you both did all this because of me and I’ve never felt this guilty all my life.
“Ellen i forgive you” He said and pecked her cheeks.
“Thanks Bryan” She smiled.

“I wish all this was just a dream but it turns out to be reality.
I might never get over losing Mara but i forgive you Ellen,you sure worth my forgiveness” Kelly and hugged her.
“Thanks Kelly” She smiled sadly.

It’s remaining a person… the stubborn Liam.

We stared at him expecting him to also forgive Ellen but he remained seated glancing back at us.
I can see so many things in that eyes.
We will have to talk later.

“Don’t call me!” He yelled at me brushing back his hair with his fingers.
He folded his palm tightly trying hard to hold his tears.
His fingers were starting to cut into his flesh which produced blood.

I gasped and quickly stood up,i don’t care if he’s still pissed at me. I can’t watch him hurt himself.
I split his palm after several attempt.
I hold his palm in mine and sat down beside me.

I noticed his tears were starting to roll down his cheeks.
He looked so hurt and tried to release his palm from my grip but i held on tightly.

“I’m sorry Liam” I said and my lips quivered as hot tears poured down my face.
“Please forgive me,I’m sorry i hid things from you,i know i promised never to hide anything from you but such things are better left unsaid…I’m so sorry Liam, please forgive me. I love you” I said and placed my head on his arm.

I smiled when i felt him kiss my hair.
“Tam,I’m so pained you hid things from me after promising not to.
I forgive you and i love you too but it would have been better if your days on earth aren’t limited, that’s what’s bothering me. I don’t want to lose you,there will be no one left for me” He said in tears and hugged me tightly to his chest.

I cried and ran my hand through his hair.
“I’m sorry Liam,but I’m not gonna die soon. The doctor only said that medically” I said to reassure him.
“Even if the doctor said that medically,what of that witch! She killed Jessie and she’s capable of killing anyone else” He said.

“My necklace is here to protect me” I said and smiled up at him even though i know the necklace can’t prevent me from dieing in the next twelve months. The doctor is right so is Quilah.
I know and i accept i will be gone soon but i have to reassure everyone.

“I don’t want to believe that” he said.
“Com’on Liam,you just have to. I’m assuring you that i won’t die,trust me” I said and poked his chest.
He refused to smile and i did again, he’s trying to hold his smile.
I continued till he grinned,i chuckled happily and kissed his cheek.

“You look so cute when grinning” I said.
“I’m not flattered” he rolled his eyes.
“But you will be if Reiya tells you that” I teased and saw his face brightened at the mention of Reiya.

I’m glad there’ll be someone to keep him happy after I’m gone.

“Look” I said and pointed to his blood stained palm,some has stained my dress.
“Why did you wanted to hurt yourself,Reiya won’t like to have a rough palmed lover” I said and we both giggled.

“Will you forgive Ellen too?.. please” I whispered to him.
He frowned and nodded.
“Ellen,i forgive you but only because i believe Tam isn’t gonna die” he said.

“Thanks so much Liam” Ellen said and gladly hugged him before returning to sit back on the couch.

“Now let’s all think on what next to do” I said looking at Everyone.

🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

I can’t believe she loves Bryan that much to do such thing.
Will she ever love me that way?
Hell no! She won’t,she can’t.
She’s in love with Bryan and that hurt like hell..

I’m a little bit glad Bryan doesn’t have feelings for her, that still gives me a chance.
I still love her even after hearing the dreadful things she did.
She did it for love…i can also do the same for her.

I wish time can be reversed,i wish all this is just a dream,i wish her days aren’t limited.
It’s just so sad! I’m trying not to believe that,I’m trying to prove the doctor wrong but i..i know it’s real.

The only girl i will ever love is gonna die soon.
I looked over at her,she was resting her head on Liam’s chest while he stroked her hair.
That soft hair I’ve always wished to touch..

Anyone who comes in now will think they are a couple.
I wish i also have a sibling..

I wondered if i would have had feelings for her if she was still fat but i think yes! Cause i don’t look at body structure or face.
I always listen to my heart.

Body criticizers should be blamed for all this.
If she hadn’t been criticized about the way she looked,she wouldn’t have gotten the nerve to do this.
I’ve never criticized anyone,cause there are reasons they are created that way.
Instead of criticizing,one should be glad and thankful.

Tammy…I’m gonna date you and im trying to believe you won’t leave soon.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

To think I’m the reason Mara did all this is so unbearable.
I’m the cause of all this!

And yet i don’t even feel a thing for her.
I wish i can love her just the way she loves me. I tried to,but my heart is not heeding..it is turning to another person instead.
It is turning to someone that did not even did anything to have me.

I don’t care if i have feelings for Laura.
I’m gonna date Mara,she can’t go through hell for nothing.
She can’t live for a year without getting what she have always wanted.
I’m gonna make sure she’s happy for the remaining months even though I’m trying not to believe that Mara will be gone soon.
That so called witch is a bitch!

I’ve never felt this sad and guilty,i hope everything turns out well. I don’t want to lose Mara.

I looked at her and sincerely she’s undeniably prettier than Laura,she has a dark blue eyes which made her brown skin stood out..her hair is so black and full,her nose is beautiful pointed..and her lips are Wow..
It tasted good when i kissed her but i didn’t feel what i wanted to feel.

That doesn’t change anything,I’m still gonna date her and;
The necklace is a bit surprising.
No wonder it shines.
Who would have thought it was magical.
I thought it’s an original gold that do no rust but wow__it saved our lives.

What if fallen angels had decided to keep the necklace to theirselves?
What if we were not the lucky fans?
That means… Mara would have been long gone.

Ugh! I’m so terrified..what if that witch decides to turn up.
Well…she can’t cause we are with our necklace.
I’m so curious to see her myself.

I’m gonna hit her till she faints but i know i dare not.
She might squeeze me at first glance.

My heart pumped when i caught Laura’s gaze.
Damn! This heart should go to hell.

🌹Laura’s POV🌹

I sighed softly still surprised at the confessions.
I was shocked at first but it was later dissolved into surprise.
Who would do that just for love?
I doubt if i can do that cause it’s so huge and terrific.

It turns out that Bryan doesn’t have feelings for her,i would have just killed myself if i were in her shoes.
Mara has a rare personality,she‘s so soft hearted,she forgives easily and is very emotional.

Ellen did all this to her and she didn’t hesitate a bit to forgive her.
Even though Ellen is not entirely at fault,some blames are still attached to her.

She has a year to live!
Yet she assures everyone that she isn’t gonna die.
It’s just so sad,i wish i can do something.
I can sense fear in her eyes…she’s afraid to die and we are afraid to lose her.

She shouldn’t have done all this in the first place.
She didn’t do it only because of love,she did it because she was not contented about the way she is.
If she had been wiser,she should have known love overlooks things.
Being fat doesn’t mean she will never find true love,she will definitely find someone who will love her for who she is.

Even the Bryan she did it for does not feel a thing for her even after she became beautiful.
Isn’t that a waste?

Feelings is not in the eyes but in the heart.
No matter how bad someone looks, feelings will always prevail.

I wish i had told her all this before she went ahead to meet that so called goddess who is so cruel to demand her life as payback.

What if Bryan decides to date her?
Why should i worry about that?
I just need to erase this crazy feelings I’m starting to develop for him.

Mara really needs him… at least for a while.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I felt so relieved after saying everything and I’m so happy everyone forgave me.
I initially thought they would pounce on me and beat the hell out of me…yeah! I deserve that.
I totally deserve that.

I’m the main cause of everything.
I’m the one who caused my friend’s limited days on earth.
I’m the one!

“Can we see Quilah?” Liam suddenly asked and everyone sat up in fear.
“Yes we can see her,I’m very sure she’s lurking around but she can’t access us due to this necklaces” I said.

“If we get this necklace away,will she come?” Liam asked.
“Of course she will come,i sensed her presence when i was about leaving home but she wasn’t able to access me because of Bryan..he came to pick me wearing his necklace” I said.

“We need to see her” Liam said.
“Let’s not s..see her” Bryan said.
“Please, don’t let her come here” Kelly said.
Laura gripped the couch arm while Mara’s mum looked nervous.

It’s so obvious they are all afraid except Liam,Mara and i.

“Bryan, Tam, submit your necklaces. I will give it to James and tell him to move far away from here” Liam said stretching his palm forward to collect the necklaces.

“Liam, please let’s not see her” Bryan said.
“I need to beg her,i must not lose my sister..you still have the gut to talk after my sis did all this because she loves you and yet you didn’t love her back. Submit your necklace,i won’t like to pull it from your neck” Liam said.
“It’s okay Bryan, just give him the necklace” Mara’s mum said.

Bryan humbly unhooked his necklace and handed it over to Liam.
Mara also dropped hers in his palm.
“Should i follow you?” She asked.
“No Tam,i will be right back” he pecked her and walked out of the door.

** **

Liam has returned some minutes ago.
He has told James to go far away with the necklace and we all sat in silence waiting for Quilah to show up.
Fear is written on their faces.

I sat up when i suddenly felt Quilah’s presence.
I won’t deny that im also afraid.

Her shadow suddenly ran past us and everyone screamed already rushing to the door.


She’s here.

Everyone froze,not able to move from the spot.
Sweat broke out from Bryan’s forehead and he tightly held Mara’s hand.
Kelly shivered and stared at her in awe.
Fear was written on Liam’s face and his mum kept muttering a prayer.

Laura screamed and rushed to the door,she pulled the knob but it didn’t open.
She tried again…same thing.
She started crying begging to leave.


I felt like i was being electrocuted.
I fell to the floor in pains…

Quilah please!!

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