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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 19

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 19


By Jennifer Owens


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His mom?
“what… What do you mean” I asked.
“I mean this is my mom, how did you get her photo ” he asked.
“mom ” I whispered.
“she’s my mom ” I said as my eyes glistened.
“what the…. ” he was saying but stopped and his eyes widened with shock.
“Caitlyn ” he called, barely above a whisper.
“oh my God ” he said and to my surprise he hugged me.
OK what’s going on?
“Caitlyn mom has been looking for you, she’s been sulking, searching for you ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
Mom? Why’s he calling my mom his mom.
Just then it dawned on me, mom might have remarried and given birth.
So Darnell is my half brother?
No wonder I like him so much.
“where’s mom, we should go immediately ” I urged and he chuckled.
“mom will be so happy to see you ” he smiled.
“let’s go ” I urged and we headed out.
“hey Caitlyn, wait up ” Larry yelled behind us but we paid no attention to him.
We boarded the bus and headed to his house.
“wait here ” Darnell said as we stood at their porch.
“OK ” I said and he smiled then went in.
👉 Darnell’s P. O. V 👈
I told Caitlyn to wait outside and I went in.
“mom” I called with glee.
“oh my God, what happened ” she asked and I chuckled.
“nothing mom, I’ve got a surprise for you ” I said and she gave me a funny look.
“come in ” I said loud enough for Caitlyn to here.
The door opened and she walked in, smiling ear to ear.
I could tell she was suppressing the urge to hug mom.
“wow she’s so beautiful ” Mom exclaimed and I smiled.
“is she your girlfriend ” she asked out of the blue and Caitlyn and my eyes widened.
“no!” I yelled out quickly and mom burst out laughing including Caitlyn.
“well she’s… She’s ” I paused and smiled at Caitlyn then at mom.
“just tell me already ” mom urged.
“she’s Caitlyn” I blurted out and moms smile slowly faded.
“what ” she gasped and Caitlyn nodded still smiling.
“my child ” mom called and Caitlyn ran into her arms.
“mom” she cried in her arms.
“my baby ” mom cried too.
Oh such a drama.
“OK OK that’s enough, stop sulking like children and be happy for this reunion ” I chipped in and separated them.
“just be happy ” I said and they smiled.
“are you hungry, have you eaten anything, do you want anything ” mom asked Caitlyn.
“mom” Caitlyn called and she chuckled.
“don’t be so formal, I’m your daughter ” Caitlyn said and I chuckled.
“it’s not being formal, I just want to care and love you ” she said and Caitlyn “oh”ed .
“OK mom” Caitlyn smiled.
“mom I’m still alive ” I said, feigning hurt.
“oh honey, I know ” mom said and ruffled my hair.
“why don’t we chit chat ” I said and they nodded.
🌹 Caitlyn’s P. O. V 🌹
“yeah dad already told me ” I sighed and looked down.
“but mom, why did you want to run away with that guy…what’s his name again ”
” Lucas ” Darnell said and I nodded.
“she didn’t wanna elope with Lucas ” Darnell said and I arched an eyebrow.
“they just framed mom up, mom invited Lucas over to warn him to stay away from her coz she’s married but I don’t know what happened, someone sent the pictures to dad and lied that mom was tryna elope with Lucas ” Darnell explained.
“who would do such a thing ” I asked.
“Rena ” mom blurted out and I gave an awkward look.
“Rena has been threatening me ever since I got married to your dad, she said many things and she said she’ll tear us apart and she succeeded ” mom said and I sighed.
“so how do we prove your innocence now ” I asked, no one in person.
“we just have to find an evidence against Rena ” Darnell suggested and I nodded.
“but how ” I asked.
“if we can get those pictures then we can do something ” he said and I arched eyebrow.
“no need for that, I’ll make Rena confess to her deeds ” I said sternly.
“I have to go now mom” I said.
“just be careful ” she said and I smiled.
I pecked her cheek, waved at Darnell and went out.
I went home and sneaked up to Rena’s room.
I think dad is not at home.
I stood at the door with a smirk plastered on my face.
Rena was seated on her chair, looking at her mirror.
She saw me from the mirror and turned to me.
“what are you doing here ” she asked sternly.
“to tell you that I know the truth ” I blurted out and she arched an eyebrow.
“about how you framed my mom ” I said still smiling and a shock expression appeared on her face.
“how did you… ” she was saying but paused and stared at me with shock.
“no need to know why I did it ” I said.
“so what, what are you gonna do ” she asked boldly.
“yes I framed your mom so I could get married to your dad, I made all those photos and lied that she was gonna run away with Lucas ” she blurted out boldly and I smiled.
“of course not, I can do nothing ” I said and she smiled.
I smiled and walked out of her room.
My plan worked out.
T. B. C

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