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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 42

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 42

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Ellen is three weeks pregnant for me” Bryan said.
Shock bursted into my veins and i couldn’t hold myself anymore.
I fell off my chair.

“Mara” Bryan called and i bursted into tears.
“E.. Ellen you are pregnant for for Bryan?” I asked, ignoring the stares i was getting.
I was still on the floor.
“Yes Mara..I’m sorry it was a mistake” She said.

“Wow .. you mean there’s a baby growing in you right now?” Kelly asked.
Ellen nodded.
“Congratulations” he said and winked at Bryan.
“Wow..I’m surprised,you plan on keeping the baby?” Laura asked with pain in her voice..she has feelings for Bryan.
Good for her!
“Yes” She said.

“I’m sorry Mara,i should never have done it” Ellen pleaded.
I wiped my tears and sat back on the chair.
Bryan held my hands.
“I’m sorry” He said and i nodded with pain.
Ellen is gonna have a baby for Bryan..

“Mara,we all know what you went through but you just have to accept this” Laura said,like she would also accept it.
I know she’s burning inwardly.
“Mara,they wouldn’t have done it if they knew it’ll result in pregnancy..I’m here for you” Kelly patted my arm and i nodded.

“I’m so sorry Mara… please” Bryan pleaded.
“Mara I’m sorry, should i remove the baby?” Ellen asked.
“Hell no” I blurted.
I wiped my face and stared at Bryan.

There’s nothing between them..just pregnancy which I’m sure was a mistake.

“H..how did you get pregnant?” I asked.
So they had sex.
They both looked at each other..
“It was a mistake” Bryan said.

“It’s okay…it’s just pregnancy and i don’t get the reason I’m crying like a baby…I couldn’t have tied your d**k to the back of my palm” I said and they all laughed but i didn’t find it funny.
It looks they are both excited about having a baby.
I feel like screaming out loud in pain.
I’m in pains!
I’m heartbroken!
I will be gone soon!

“Does that means you’ll stop schooling?” Laura asked Ellen.
“Yeah after two months or when my bump starts showing” She said.
“If the baby is a girl,will you name her after me” I said struggling to hold my tears.

“After you?” Bryan asked,i nodded.
“What do you mean by after you,it’s mostly dead people a child is named after,you are not going to die so why are you saying this?” Ellen asked.
“Oh…are you still afraid of Quilah,she’s gone so nothing is gonna happen to you again” Bryan said.

I smiled sadly…”I know but just give her my name please”
“Of course we’ll do that…I’ve always love that name..my bestie and my baby girl is gonna be Tamara..so wonderful” Bryan smiled.
“Yeah,i love it but what if the baby is a boy?” Ellen asked.

“Then you name him according to your choice” i said.
“Okay..I’m so glad you accepted this news without so much fuss.. thanks for accepting us everyone” Bryan said.

Without fuss?
What it is me right now is more than a fuss.
I want to cry my eyes out.
I’m hurt.

“I’m gonna be the child’s godfather” Kelly smiled.
“Of course buddy” Bryan said.
“Mara will be the godmother” Ellen said.
I nodded sadly.
I secretly looked at Laura,she has her face in her palms looking at Bryan.

“The cafeteria light will be off soon and we haven’t touched our lunch” Kelly said.
“Haaa!” We exclaimed and started eating,stuffing it in our mouths and laughing in the process.

“Ellen take it easy…the baby” Bryan said and Ellen blushed,i felt so hurt and restrained myself from getting up.
I ate the rest of my meal in silence and sincerely it tasted bitter in my mouth.
I can’t burst into tears now when they all thought I’ve accepted the baby.

And Kelly should just stop looking at me already!


“Tamara…i will like you solve this equation” Mrs Ardsley said pissing me off already.
All she knows is about equations,she never teaches something new.

I got up from my seat and walked to the board.
I picked the board pen and quickly solved it.
I know all eyes will be on my back and there are some naughty students here.

I dropped the board pen and walked to my seat.

“She got it” Mrs Ardsley said.
“Bravo” the class chorused.
“Okay so Ann,you are next” She said to a girl.
“Mrs Ardsley you’ve not taught us this” Ann said.
“I told you to always study ahead”
“I didn’t so i don’t know it” Ann said and sat down.

“Who’s gonna solve this?” She asked and pointed to the board.
No one raised up their hands except Bryan and Kelly who did together.
“Go buddy” Bryan said and dropped his hand.
“No,you go” Kelly said.

“Who’s solving it between you two?” Mrs Ardsley asked.
“He will” They said together.
I smiled.
“Kelly Yates come solve it” Mrs Ardsley said.
Kelly sighed and stood,then walked to the front of the class.

He solved the equation correctly with so much speed that surprised everyone.
“Wow!” Mrs Ardsley exclaimed.
He dropped the board pen and walked back to his seat.
“Bravo! Bravo!” The class chorused.

He smiled and exchanged an hi five with Bryan before sitting down.
I looked at him and noticed he wasn’t so bad.
He’s handsome and I’m always intrigued by his dimple.
The feeling is not just there for him and i think he really loves me.

Should i use him for my plan?
Hell no!
I planned on using Bryan..

Students filed out to solve more equations but none was as fast as Kelly.
The only person i know to be faster than Kelly is Bryan.
Damn! Bryan is just so good,he’s handsome with great brain.
Who would wish for him to be hers.

I placed my head on the desk tiredly staring at my feet.

I should commend myself for being so brave.
I know I’m gonna die soon, yet i kept smiling and playing..I should be wallowed in sadness.

I shivered when i felt a palm on my back.
I already know it’s Bryan cause he’s the only one that gives me such feeling.
“Thinking about what?” He whispered to me.
I don’t want to raise my head up yet.
“Nothing” I said.

“You still sad about the pregnancy?” He asked.
I shook my head and felt tears building in my eyes.
Thank goodness I’ve not raised up my head.
“Don’t worry about that…I don’t love Ellen,I’m only taking responsibility for her pregnancy” He said.

He do not love Ellen but loves Laura..why can’t he just love me instead after all i did for him.

That made my tears drop and i sniffed so quietly not wanting anyone to know I’m crying.
“You okay?” Bryan asked and i nodded.
“Bryan come solve this part” I heard Mrs Ardsley said.
“Right back” He said to me before walking to the board.

I love watching Bryan solve cause everything goes just like magic but i can’t raise up my head.
My face is filled with tears already.

“Tammy are you okay?” I heard.
What the hell does Tammy means?i love the name though.
“I’m fine” I muttered.

I smiled when i heard ” Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!”
I knew Bryan is already coming back to his seat.
I wiped my tears with my palm then with my school shirt.


School’s over…time to leave for home.
There were noise and chatters as the students walk out of the classroom.
I packed my books in my backpack and stood up.
I hung it over my shoulders and waited for the rest to do the same.

We’ll be going to the parking lot together after so many days.

“Let’s go guys” Bryan said and took my hand.
I smiled and held him tighter.
We walked in the front and the rest at the back.

“I’ve miss walking with you to the parking lot” He said.
“Me too” I said.
“Is there a reason you did that?” He asked.
“Yeah.. you’ll know soon” I said.

We already got to the parking lot, everyone said goodbye and walked to their respective cars.
“Hi Max”
“Mara how are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine” I said and hopped into the car.

I’m not fine!
I closed the car door and freed myself from my backpack.
Max got behind the wheels and started driving.

Ellen is pregnant, that makes Bryan hers.
Who would abandon his baby mother, obviously they are both excited to have a baby.
I just can’t believe this!
If Ellen hadn’t gotten pregnant,no one would have known they had sex.
How did it happen?
They both know it’s a freaking contract and they went ahead to have sex saying it’s a mistake.

I wish I’m dreaming…
I wish I’m still the fatty Mara.
All this is just too much for me,I’m fed up.
The world is being unfair to me..why?

A tears slipped from my eyes and i didn’t bother cleaning it off,i let more flow and kept sniffing.
Life has nothing to offer me anymore,why can’t i just kill myself!
Living with the knowledge that I’m gonna die soon is already killing me slowly.

Liam and mum does not know about this, they’re thinking I’m free after Quilah is gone.
I hope Doc Mart respects my decision and not call Mum.

I didn’t notice Max already drove into the compound until the car stopped.
I glanced up and sighed.

I carried my backpack on one shoulder and stepped out of the car.
I walked towards the door, pulled it open and stepped into the house.

Liam was coming from the kitchen with a glass cup of juice while mum sat separating some files.
“Hi Mum, Liam” I said coldly.
“What happened to you?” Liam asked..
“Mara what’s wrong?” Mum asked worriedly.

I bursted into tears…
They both rushed to me.
“What happened?”
“Ellen is three weeks pregnant for Bryan” I said in tears.
“What!!” They both exclaimed in shock.
“Damn!” Liam swore.
“Ohh…is that the reason you’re crying? Com’on Mara” Mum said.

“I knew something was up with those two,anyways you just don’t cry…they are not worth your tears” Liam said and patted my back.
“Did they plan on keeping it?” Mum asked.
” Yes Mum” I said.
“Congratulations to them” Mum said and wiped my tears.

“I’m sure the pregnancy was a mistake, Bryan won’t dare impregnate Ellen purposely…forget it and move on. Mara move on! I’ve told you this severally,Kelly is th..”
“Just let me be if you are gonna be talking about Kelly” I said.
“Aw! Okay,clean your tears,go freshen up and guess what?” He asked.
“What?” I mumbled.
“Reiya is coming next month” He smiled happily.

“OMG really?” I smiled..I so much love Reiya.
“Yes, yes and she’s gonna be staying with us for the whole month” He said and i can’t help but jump.
“Wow…I can’t wait for her to be here,i need to see her in person” I said.
“Mum also,so go freshen up, I’m preparing pasta and chicken” He said.

I rolled my eyes and adjusted my backpack.
“Trust me,you are gonna enjoy it,i used different procedure” He said.
“I’m gonna pour it on your head if it tastes sour in my mouth” I said and he chuckled.

“Go freshen up” He dragged my hair, dropped mum’s juice on the table then ran back to the kitchen.

I walked upstairs to my room, opened the door and got in.
I dropped my backpack and pulled off my shoes.
I plan on freshening up,eat,then plan what next to do,i can’t keep crying round the house like a bush baby.

I slipped my school wears off my body and ran naked to the bathroom.


Damn! The water was so refreshing.
My brain feels settled and my body feels so smooth.
I wiped the droplets of water from my skin as i walked back to my room.

I opened the wardrobe and let out a ‘Wow’
Mum already changed my wardrobe for me!
“Mum thank you” I screamed.
The new clothes and undies i ordered are all neatly set in my wardrobe.
It looked beautiful and different but i think i miss my own clothings.

Mum has probably thrown them away or dash it out.
So sad i don’t have a female sibling.

I wore a black cardigan with tiny pearl buttons with a pair of skinny purple jeans.
I stood in front of the mirror and smiled on how good the clothes looked on my.
I combed my hair and decided not to pack it.

I let it down my shoulders and admired myself.
I’m a beauty to behold.

I perceived the aroma of pasta and felt my stomach rumbled.
I just need to wear my slippers and…
“Wow” i screamed on seeing my shoe rack.
Mum changed it too!
I marveled at the sight of beautiful shoes and slippers.
I love you mummy.

I grabbed a black one with two purple flowers on top.
I dashed out of the room.

I got to the living room,i didn’t see mum.
I ran to the dining room and met her there.

I pulled her into a hug.
“Mum I love you… thanks so much” I pecked her forehead twice.
She smiled “You’re welcome darling,the cloth looks so nice on you”
“Thanks mum..i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you” I said happily.
“I love you too darling”

“Can we eat” Liam groaned behind me and i turned and sent him a glare but grinned at the plates of pasta and chicken on the table.


I sang as i wash the dishes after we were done eating.

🔉Our worlds begin to cross path.

🔉Those absurd moments

🔉When you couldn’t speak,

🔉When you feel down.

🔉I lit up the freckles on your face.

“Mara can you stop singing,you voice sounds croaked and terrible” Liam said from the living room.
I laughed and continued singing..this time louder.

🔊Your smiles alone made my heart dissolve.

“Wow your voice is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard,it’s even better than fallen angels’ but can you please stop singing” He pleaded and i chuckled.
“Oooookay” I shouted.
I rinsed the last dish and placed it in the drain board.

I wiped my hands dry on a napkin and walked out of the kitchen.

“I’ll be in my room Liam” I said.
“Okay sis”.

I climbed the stairs and smiled as my necklace dangled from one side to another.
I held it as i opened the door to my room.

‘dear necklace, please help me with a good plan’ I kissed it and sat on the bed.
I stared into space and began thinking.
Three ideas popped into my head but i don’t like them.

I finally got to my conclusion..I chose one out of the ideas but who am i gonna use?
No! Ellen is about to have a child for Bryan.
Who’s the next available guy?

Yes! Kelly.

🌹Laura’s POV🌹

I cried hard on my bed throwing things across the room angrily.
Why! Why! Why!

Why did pregnancy suddenly popped up out of nowhere when I’m starting to develop feelings for Bryan.

To hell with Ellen and the pregnancy!
I’m gonna get Bryan,i don’t freaking care!

He’s the first guy i ever have genuine feelings for.
I love him so much.

Didn’t he love me?
Why did he accept that pregnancy and he was even so happy about it.
Who knows if the pregnancy is fake!
Ellen is so manipulative!
I hate her! I freaking hate her.

Oh..my..Bryan has been taken from me 😭
He said he’s gonna take care of Ellen for nine months and we would have almost graduate by then.
I’m so hurt right now… this is so heartbreaking.
Why did i develop feelings for him at the first place.

“Laura open the door” I heard mum said.
“Mum i want to be alone for now” I said.
“What happened?”
“Nothing..just let me be” I said.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes mum.. leave” I said.

My phone rang beside me and i refused to look at it not to talk of picking it up.
I cried on…
My phone rang again but i ignored it.
I cried on…
It rang the the third time..

Who the hell is calling me at this moment.
I shifted a little to look at the screen.

My eyes nearly popped out…”Bryan!”
I cleaned my face and cleared my throat then swiped to the receiver.

📞Laura” he called and that voice sent shivers down my spine.

📞B.. Bryan.

📞How are you? I’ve been calling you.

📞Hh..I’m fine,sorry i was in the bathroom.

📞 Okay, so how you doing?

📞Very fine Bryan” I smiled.

📞I was bored and decided on calling you.

📞 Really?

📞Yeah, let’s chat on WhatsApp..

📞 Okay Bryan.

I disconnected the call and jumped happily.
Does this means he likes me too?

Yes he does💃💃

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I’ve called Kelly and he’s on his way.
I already pulled off my cardigan remaining just my singlet and skirt.

I paced the room and await Kelly’s arrival.
I told him to come straight to my room once he arrive here.
I sat on the bed, tired of pacing.
Kelly should just arrive fast before i change my mind.

I almost jumped up when i heard a knock on the door.
I pushed the door open and he walked in with a smile.
I hope he’s gonna continue smiling once i told him…

“Hi Kelly” I said and closed the door behind us.
“Tammy how’re you?” He asked.
“I’m not fine” I said.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Kelly,i have some months to live” i said.

“What!” He shouted and i had to hold his mouth.
“How? I thought Quilah is gone?” He asked.
“Yes, but a god appeared to me again” I said.
“Jeez-us” he screamed about running out of the room.
I quickly held him back.

“Com’on Kelly..he’s not here! He only appeared to me once” I said.
“Haaa… Tammy I’m afraid,what’s really going on?” He asked.
“He appeared to me and said;the fact that Quilah is gone doesn’t mean i won’t die anymore,he said i still have a year to live that i should do something useful before i leave”.
“Damn! Really?” Kelly asked.

“Yes,do you remember the day i lied to Max and came home late?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said sadly.
“I went to Doc Mart to retake the the test and it was the same thing,he also confirmed i have less than a year to live” I said and started crying.

“So you’ll be gone again! I thought you won’t leave us anymore.. Tammy” He said in tears and hugged me to his chest.
I cried on his shoulder…”That was the reason i was mean to you guys,I was so pissed knowing i have a year to live”

“Isn’t there anything we can do about it?” He asked, cleaning my tears with his thumb.
I shook my head…”No,all i just have to do is make sure i don’t leave without nothing”
“Have you planned on anything?” He asked.
“Yes and that was the reason i called you… Kelly please would you do it for me?” I asked.

“You should know i will do anything for you” He said.
“Is that a promise?”
“Yes,even though I’ve not believed you will leave,you are leaving to nowhere Tammy” He said.

“I wish so…So can i say it?” I asked.
“Go on”
“Kelly please,get me pregnant” I said and he suddenly pulled away from me in shock.
“What did i hear you say?” He asked.
“I want you to have sex with me,i want to get pregnant.. please Kelly” I pleaded in tears.

“No! I can’t do that.. Tammy what are you thinking? You’ve made a bad choice,i can’t do that” He said.
“No! It’s not a bad choice,i planned it thoroughly,i would have told Bryan to do it for me if Ellen was not pregnant for him.. please i have less than a year to live,i need to get pregnant ASAP and give birth before i die. Please Kelly,just do this for me” I said.

“Tammy what are you saying? You mean i should get you pregnant so you can give birth before you die? What if we have sex and it does not result to pregnancy? Not that I’m even willing to do it” He said.
“I’m gonna get pregnant,I’m in my ovulation period and this is the perfect time for it.. please i beg if you Kelly,do this for me” I pleaded.

“It will be like just taking advantage of you…”
“Take advantage of me, please Kelly. I want to have a baby before i die, Mum and Liam will be so heartbroken if i die,they will miss me so much and I’m afraid Liam might never survive from it but if i drop a baby,they will both look on to the baby,the baby will represent me in their lives. I can’t leave just like that,Kelly please..I’m pleading”

He wore a confused look and seem to thinking about it.
I hope he agrees.
My ovulation period ends tomorrow.
Kelly please!

“I’m sorry,i can’t” He said and my heart broke completely.
I watched as he walked out of my room.
I cried loudly in my palms…
I was seated on the bed still crying when the door suddenly opened.
I quickly cleaned my tears thinking it’s Liam,i raised my head and saw Kelly walked back into my room.

He locked the door behind him and walked to me slowly.
“Tammy… I’ll do it” He said and i jumped from the bed.
I hugged him tightly and smiled amidst tears.
“Thanks Kelly, thanks so much” I said and pulled him to the bed with him.

He kissed me and started taking off my clothes one after the other;
I wondered if i should tell him it’s my first time.

“I’m gonna be gentle…i know it’s your first time” he said as if reading my mind.
I smiled and drew him closer to my body,kissing his neck and ears to make him arouse.

He kissed me fully on the lips and;

We did it!

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