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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 33

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 33

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


The hell?
I tried to process what Chris and Stan were gushing about while I wondered why Victor looked the way he did. My instincts were screaming loudly, “Betrayal!” but my heart— or the dumb in Dumbria— insisted that maybe I misheard or misinterpreted.
Christopher still had a wide grin on his face. Stanley looked to me for a reply.
Finally, after a few seconds of stunned silence, I managed a weak “What?”
“Damn guys, what are you talking about?” Victor blurted out while trying to hide his glare.
“Yeah,” Audrey concurred and snuck a glance at me. Oh frigging great, like I have any idea what they’re talking about.
Stanley shrugged. “It’s just common knowledge that you tend to miss him more once the deed is done. . . and he’s probably become bored of you ’cause he’d already got—”
“Shut the hell up, Stan! You’re spitting nonsense,” Victor cut in, standing up and looking angry, worried and frustrated at the same time. Suddenly I was curious.
“No, no Vic. I want to hear it. Go on Stan,” I said a bit harshly without politeness. They had no idea of the anger that was brewing under the surface as I sat there trying to look cool and collected. But Stan didn’t notice. Contrary, he seemed eager to get on with his “spitting”.
“So, as I was saying, he probably become bored of you ’cause he’d already gotten what he’d been holding out for for quite a long time.”
“What, that’s just dumb theory Stan. And beside being dumb, it’s so not apropos to what were saying here,” said Audy. She also seemed to be covering up for something like Vic was.
Too bad I understood just enough to make conclusions. I’d asked for Oscar because I was kind of worried he hasn’t shown up yet, and also I miss him even if we’d seen last night. Chris informed me that he wasn’t coming, and asked whether I was worried. And that’s where their stupid charade about a tantalizing kiss came up with Vic and Audy trying so hard to conceal what was painfully obvious.
Oscar had spilled.
It hurt.
So bad.
And worse, it was all true.
What if he hadn’t gotten into my pants yet? Definitely is on the agenda. And he’s already getting bored. He’d been laughing with his friends about how dumb I’d been to… to fall for him! Not that he knows the exact terms of my feelings for him.
Unable to bear the shit, I roughly grabbed my backpack and stood up roughly, making them stare up at me in surprise.
“Whoa, what’s up with you, where you going?” Chris pipped up.
“None of your business.” I paused and turned to them. A little confirmation. “Oscar told you.”
Their eyes widened then as if they just realized for the first time that they were supposed to keep their big mouths shut.
Too little too late for that fellas.
“Uhm, no— no he didn’t he—”
“Don’t bother. And no, I won’t be able to tell you how tantalizing the kiss was because there’s nothing to tell.”
With that, I stormed out of the class, ignoring Audrey’s and Victor’s yells to me. I also brushed past the English teacher who was just making her way into the class and walked at a quick pace, then broke out in a run until I was brought to halt by someone’s hands on my shoulders, steadying me because I was slightly swaying.
Even without blinking back the blurriness I knew who it was. Ironically, it was not someone I wanted to see. At least not now. Although that heady eau invaded my senses and the touch triggered and current of nerves from my shoulder throughout me, intoxicating me, I determined to be rational.
“Umbria, what’s wr— Jeez, are you crying? Why are you crying?” he asked softly, tilting my chin up with his index finger tip to see my face. I squinted at the bright sun.
He scanned my face for a moment, and when he saw that I made no effort to reply, he asked again, this time in a steely tone that suggested have wasn’t going to take it kindly with whoever the ‘hurter’ was, “Who hurt you?”
I shrugged his hands away and glared at him with all the hate I could muster, which was easy in that moment. They say that if you loved a person with all of your heart, when the tables get turned and it’s time to hate him, you do so with all of your heart.
I don’t know about loving Oscar with all of my heart, but anger oozed out of my every pores.
“You got the nerve to ask that?”
My voice was deadly low; I almost couldn’t hear myself. Somehow he did, because his eyebrows puckered into an arrow just above his nose bridge in confusion.
“Confused? Alright, I’ll enlighten you a bit. It’s just in playboys nature to be kiss-and-tellers huh?”
“What in freak’s name are you talking about?” he finally said.
“You don’t get to ask me that, you KNOW!” my voice had risen an octave, but I didn’t care. “I can’t believe this. To think I was frigging tiptoeing the steps to cloud nine while you happened to “coincidentally” be laughing your frigging arse out with your friends. Umbria the Not-so-tough-gurl. Well here’s news for you, I am tough. It’s why I don’t give a damn. It’s why that kiss was nothing special to me, just something that happened in a frigging fleeting moment, gone with the wind!” I’m blabbing, but I’m letting off steam so it’s okay.
“Hold up, is this about the kiss?”
“It damned well is. What the hell do you think I’ve been talking about the whole time?” I huffed.
He let loose he lopsided smile, which disarmed me for a second. Only a second.
“Firstly you weren’t talking. To be honest I almost didn’t get a thing you were saying. But I did because, I’ll admit, I’ve been thinking about that kiss throughout the night. And not just the kiss, you. Your favorite spot. And why you seem to have that hooded look in your eyes since I confessed to liking you.”
I blinked.
I always knew this guy was smart, but I didn’t know he was this smart. If he’s talking about a ‘hooded look’ then he’s onto something about me. He’s suspecting me of hiding something.
But that’s not the issue here.
“You’re turning the tables here. Why am I even sticking here!?” I scoffed and made to walk past him when he got hold of my arm to stop me from moving.
“I’m getting there,” Oscar said, and I noticed that he seemed angry too. At me. At his friends? Why?
“Too bad I don’t want to listen.”
“Too bad you will.”
“You’re stubborn huh?”
He grinned. “Takes one to know one.” Then became serious again. “I didn’t tell anyone about our kiss,” he began.
“Yeah, I know. Some little Polly Parrot heard you as you ranted about it and happened to repeat it to your friends when they came by.”
“That’s a cake theory, but nope. So I’ve been a jerk, as I’d said the other time. Jerks do jerkish things.”
I giggled, even though I was still fuming on the inside. “It’s like a reflex action thing, you know, like knee jerks.”
“Umbria just let me get it all out.”
“I said I don’t want to listen. Traitor!”
He took my hand and led me out of the parking lot into a greenish, coloured, scented place. Voilà! The school’s garden.
“Sit,” he said to me.
Huffing, I threw my head to the side in defiance.
Scoffing, he softly but firmly made my butt meet with the chair.
I listened.
“You were proving to be the first girl ever that was kind of immune to my charms.”
Immune? If only he knew how much I was fighting to resist his charms even if he didn’t turn them on.
“It was a spur of the moment thing. Look, ever since I laid eyes on you I’ve been doing things on the spur of the moment. That Magic song, I wrote it just looking at you. And even though it needs workups, it’s the best yet. So the guys came up with a ridiculous idea about having you trip for me. I accepted the challenge. That moment when we brushed lips in my room the other day, it was for my benefit. You were more than just some girl to me and…. well. It’s that funky kiss the guys heard about —”
“Heard about? Or you told them?” I cut in when I found my voice because I’ve been tongue tied ever since he started his narrative.
“Ugh, really? Fine, I told them. I just wanted to prove to myself that I was still the same guy I was… the same Osos.” He paused. Gazed into my eyes. Silence passed between us heavy with the tension of what next he was going to say.
“But….” I whispered. I wanted him to say he wasn’t. And I wanted him to say he was. I was torn as I sat there, looking into his eyes that had a lot of emotions swirling in their blue depths.
“But I’m not,” he said simply.
He took my hand that he’d been holding and planted a small kiss at the back. It was then I heard his buzzing phone… been ringing for a while. “I’m sorry,” he said and left me alone with a lot of questions Stan speculations on my mind, but very few answers that didn’t seem likely and scared the shits out of me.
“Okay okay, I’m not supposed to be surprised about all these because I’ve always suspected about that shitty girl all along, but what the hell!?”
I couldn’t believe my ears!
In fact, I couldn’t believe almost anything I did just to get something trash-worthy of Umbria’s name, something that’s liable to kick her out of Osos mind, heart, sight. Out of Primrose for good.
The past few days have been hectic for me. Trying to get Lucy to talk, having Tiffany keep a close eye on Umbria back in school. She’d reported that Umbria and Osos had gotten unbelievably closer…and that’s left only to imagination. Even my dear twin sister Audrey got her back, especially now that Victor and her her gotten all cozy. These days the slightest thing make me sick. Until I get rid of Umbria, I don’t think I’ll be free.
I’d even deal with the devil just to get Osos back.
Which is what I’m doing right now.
The guy sitting across me in a dimly lit bar over glasses of tequila and series of smokes was handsome, I’ll give him that. Darkly handsome, accentuated by the all black outfit he wore. His brooding eyes roved over me a little uncomfortably, and the corner of his mouth twitched up in a smirk that I found weird.
Good. At least Lucy got her money’s worth.
The guy dabbed the stup of the cigarette onto the ashtray and chugged down a good quantity of tequila, without as much as flinching.
“You haven’t touched your drink,” he said, his voice was rusty, like scratching one rusted metal against another.
Gulping, I tried to make my voice even. Fierce. “I will. Once I’ve had the satisfaction of what I came for.”
He cackled, lit another cigarette which came out of his breast pocket, dragged on the smoke and blew it in my face.
I didn’t even blink.
“You’re a hard one, uh, Jennifer.”
“It’s Jessica.”
“I know. Beats me though. Daddy’s money shouldn’t have you out here all alone, in the territory of the big bad wolves.”
“I do what needs to be done. Now let’s stop beating about the bush. I came for business. Umbria Lee.”
“Yeah. A jealous girlfriend? You sure look the part.”
“Something like that.”
“Well then, let’s get to business. Seeing that cute but stubborn little ass of hers sit on hot coal would get her running back to me.”
Ah, yes.
The X.
“What did you say your name was again?”
“Tom. And I have this feeling we’re gonna work together just fine.” His eyes lingered on my cleavage. He licked his lips. “If you know what I mean.”
It is time.
Those words kept ringing in my ears long after the phonecall from home.
How had two months passed by without my noticing?
Guess I’d been busy sorting out a very complicated girl…. whom I have strong feelings for. And now I’m looking for her because she’s the only one whose presence makes me feel like I can weather any storm.
They were all at the cafeteria table when I stepped in. She looked up and caught my eyes. Does she sense me the way I do her? How cool is that!
“Guys…oh, hi Audrey.”
“Hello Osos.”
I turned to Victor and Umbria. Can I talk to you for a bit?”
“Sure man,” Victor replied as he and Umbria stepped out with me. As they went ahead, I did a killing sign to Chris and Stan who looked very guilty. Sure, they know what they’d done. I’ll give them a piece of my mind for being stupid.
“What’s it?” Victor asked.
“Father said it’s time. No more free living for this guy,” I pointed to my self.
“Oh gee…..you mean…” Umbria trailed off.
I nodded.
“I’m headed home now. Vic let the others know?”
“Sure, no problem man.”
“Brya can you come with me? Please?”
I could use a whole lot of moral support. I feared she’d say no.
But she nodded. “Alright. Let’s go.”
After Victor left with a parting good luck, Umbria squeezed my hand.
“It’s gonna be fine,” she whispered.
Of course.
As I said, her presence makes me feel like I can weather any storm.
The girl I’m falling deeply in love with.


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