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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 46

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 46

By Zeemah writes


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[8 months after😍]

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I pressed my lips together as i tried standing up from the bed.
I’m 8 months and three weeks gone and i felt like a balloon about to take off.

I couldn’t walk properly anymore,my back aches frequently and i always had to count my steps to wherever I’m going to.

I smiled as i touched my protruding stomach,it has gotten so big and hard.
I stopped school when my pregnancy clocked three months,it was starting to get obvious and i was certainly not in for the shame.

I kept praying everyday not to die before giving birth and it seems my prayers are working,i have just a week left but Doc Mart said it might be farther than that.
I don’t want it to be farther than nine months…I’m in discomfort already,i didn’t know this was how it was gonna be.

Ellen already gave birth to a baby boy two months ago,Daniel,the boy is so cute just like Bryan,even cuter than Bryan… Ellen always brag about how everyone wants to take him in their hands wherever they went to.
She told me how painful it was when she wanted to give birth.
She almost lost her life and since then I’ve been living in fright dreading the expected day.

She already went back to school,not Makers high school though,her mum takes care of the child and the child spends his weekends with Bryan’s family.
Bryan’s love for his son is exceptional…damn! He treats the boy like a prince.

Bryan, Laura and Kelly are graduating in two months.
Just like an unquenchable fire,my love for Bryan isn’t unquenchable..it blossomed every blessed day.
I like Kelly, we’re still dating and i must confess he’s the most loving person I’ve ever seen. I try severally to love him but that feeling isn’t just there.
He visits me whenever school is over and stays with me on weekends.

Bryan also visits me but not as frequently as Kelly.
Ellen and Laura visits on weekends only and i must say they’ve all been good to me.
And there is Liam who cares for me like his wife,he cries whenever he sees me in pain and i always try so hard not to express any form of pain in his presence.

Reiya went back to Mexico after she spent two months with us,she didn’t wanted to go back,but her business can’t be left unattended to.
We’ve become so close and i was the happiest person on earth when she came back last month saying she’s gonna stay till i give birth..i sleep in her room most nights and she helps me massage my back and feet.

I love Reiya so much,she’s the correct definition of a darling..
Of course, she and Liam are in a sweet relationship,their love for each other is beyond control.
They are actually planning their marriage soon,it’s just so sad i won’t be there.

Mum has also been trying,she gives me all the care and attention i need.
I feel so loved in the midst of all these lovable people.

Let’s talk about my baby,it’s a She and i can tell she’ll be so stubborn,she kicks me at every chance she gets and it’s…damn!
I want her to be as beautiful as i.
Kelly already bought the things i need,Liam did also, Reiya also did and mum.
I have loads of baby things in the store.

We’ve already made one of the guestroom as the baby’s nursery.. everything in there is made in pink and white,the baby cot,toys,dolls,dress and all.
The nursery is so beautiful and sometimes i feel like sleeping there.

Im still contemplating about the name to choose for my baby girl.
I’m thinking of Gemma and Asanel, gemma’s short form will be Gem and Asanel short form will be Anel.
They both sound beautiful so I’m yet to make up my mind.

I counted my steps to the bathroom.
I have to take my bath and go have my breakfast.
I picked my toothbrush and paste from the cabinet..i walked to the sink and started brushing.

I kept my toothbrush and paste back to it’s place and proceeded to the shower.
I removed the large t-shirt i was wearing..i don’t wear pajamas anymore,my stomach is just gonna tear it off.

I picked my sponge case and stood under the shower.


I walked back to my room wrapped in a white fluffy towel.
My face brightened in a smile when i saw a floral maternity gown with my undies laid neatly on the bed.
Who else but Reiya and that was even the gown i planned on wearing…it seems she reads my mind .
She always do everything i plan on doing.

I walked to the bed and just then my phone started ringing, thank goodness i placed it on the bedside table,i wouldn’t have liked to walk back to the shelf.
I picked it up and smiled.


📞Hey baby” i said.

📞Hi love, how’re you doing?

📞 I’m fine and you?

📞Oh..great,how’s Asanel doing?” He asked.
He tends to like Asanel and pleaded to me that we should name her Asanel but i tend to contemplate about it..
Seems i will choose Asanel,i kinda love it but Gemma keeps staring at me!

📞She kicked me throughout the night and i couldn’t sleep.

📞Aw! Sorry love.

📞I should have spanked her ass but i was like ‘damn,Mara you’ll just keep hitting your stomach’

We both laughed…

📞I will check on you once school is over and i want us to go out.

📞 Really? Where should we go to?

📞 We’ll decide once i come,i have to go now honey.

📞 Okay Bye.

I already started grinning as i dropped my phone.
I’m so lucky to have Kelly.
But can i cope with this going out of a thing,my back aches so frequently…i don’t want to end up shouting in pain at wherever he’s taking me to.

I sighed and picked my panties,my body already already dried off,i was feeling lazy to dry it anyways.
I slipped into my panties and bra before wearing the floral gown.
Reiya bought me most of my maternity gowns from Mexico.
The clothes are so beautiful and stylish.

I walked to the mirror and smirked at how huge my stomach looks.
I actually thought i was gonna be having twins but the scan says otherwise.
Shouldn’t i just cut off this hair?
I’m tired of washing,combing and brushing everyday.

I picked my hair comb and combed through my hair before packing it in a ponytail.
I slipped my feet into my pink slippers and started walking out of the room .

I held the stair rails tightly as i descended the stairs slowly.
Liam offered to always bring me my breakfast,lunch and dinner but Mum and Reiya disagreed, saying that’s gonna make my delivery difficult, walking down the stairs everyday is another form of exercise which is going to make my delivery easier.

I sighed in relief when i descended the last flight of stairs.
I walked into the living room and met no one.
Mum has gone to the company and i know Reiya and Liam would be somewhere in the house.

I heard giggles from the kitchen.
‘they are in the kitchen’
I walked to the kitchen and stood at the entrance watching them play and laugh.
They were yet to notice me.

“The balloon tummy is here” Liam jokingly said.
I laughed,then threw him a glare.
“Good morning Reiya” I greeted.
“How was your night Mara?”
“Fine Reiya” I said.
“The gown looks nice on you” She said and i smiled.

“You selected it for her?” Liam asked.
“Yeah” Reiya smiled.
“Is breakfast ready?” I asked.
“Just remaining some minutes…i wanted to make omelette and coffee for you but Liam insisted i make pasta and chicken and now it seems to be taking forever” She said.

I rolled my eyes at Liam…”what’s with this pasta and chicken, we’ve eaten it thrice this week!”
“You talk like it’s not delicious” He said.
“It is but it’s kinda getting too much” I said.
“Okay..I’ll try to decrease it” he said.
“Whatever! Get me some biscuits and gravy,let me have that before pasta is ready” I said and walked to the dining chair.
I shifted it back and sat on it waiting for Liam to bring the biscuits and gravy.

“Here’s your biscuit and gravy” He said and placed a small plate of biscuit and a smaller plate of gravy in front of me.
I stared eating.

Liam stood there staring at me as i ate.
I smiled at him with a mouthful.
“You look different” he said and i nodded.
I’ve added more weight and I’m now looking more matured than my age.

“But you still remain beautiful” he said.
I smiled “Thanks”.

I had finished the biscuits and gravy,now gulping water.
I placed the now empty glass cup on the table and sighed.
I was not satisfied with that…it was just a snack! I need real meal.

“Pasta and chicken is ready” Reiya called from the kitchen.
I smiled and sat properly.


Liam, Reiya and i sat round the dining table,we were eating our pasta and chicken in silence.
I scooped the last spoon of pasta in my mouth and felt like eating more.
“I want more” i said.

Reiya dropped her spoon and picked my plate,she dished out more for me with another piece of chicken.
I smiled and muttered thanks.

I noticed Liam was looking at me weirdly but i ignored him and continued eating.

“You just finished eating biscuit and gravy and now you’re on your second plate of pasta” He said.
“I’m not the one” I said and bit into my chicken.
“Then who?” He asked.
“It’s Asanel” I said with a mouthful.
“Asanel?” He asked and Reiya laughed.

“Mara you finally chose Asanel.. that’s good” She said .
“Yeah” I smiled.
“What’s going on?” Liam asked.
“Asanel is gonna be my daughter’s name” I said.
“Wow! What a beautiful name” he said.
“Thanks Liam”
“It’s so unique and rare,where did you find it?” He asked.
“I saw it online and loved it immediately” I said.
“What’s the meaning?” He asked.
“It actually has different meaning but the meaning i grabbed was ‘a bright star’ ”
“Wow i love it” Liam said.
“Me too” Reiya added.


Reiya and i sat in the living room, watching a movie after eating breakfast.
Liam already went to join Mum at the company.

I laid upwards on the three sitter couch and rested my head on a throw pillow.
I glanced at the wall clock.

’10 am’

It’s still too early to expect Kelly and besides i was starting to feel sleepy.

“Should i reduce the volume for you?” Reiya asked and i shook my head.
“No..it’s okay” I said and continued watching the movie till i slept off.


I woke up,still with my eyes closed at the kick i was feeling in my stomach.
This little fellow has started again.

My eyes popped open when it increased.
She’s not willing to let me be soon..
I would have concluded it was a boy if i had not done the pregnancy scan.

Asanel will surely be one trouble maker.
I sat up and looked round the living room.
The TV was on but Reiya was not in the living room.

I perceived the aroma of homemade soup. I grinned.
The clock says ‘2:30’
Kelly should be here in the next two hours.
I’m more concerned about what i was perceiving now..it smells yummy and i can’t wait to let it down my stomach.

“Asanel, we’re gonna have some soup” I whispered to Asanel who kicked my stomach in response.
“Ouch” I painfully said.

“Just get out of there! i can’t wait to smack your ass” I yelled loudly to Asanel.
“Mara who are you talking to?” I heard Reiya asked.
I turned and saw her behind me in her favorite apron and hair net.

I smiled…
“Uh,Asanel’s kick was getting too much and i had to yell at her” I said feeling so stupid.
Reiya laughed and i joined her.

“I think I’m perceiving soup” I teased.
“Yeah…it’s for lunch” She said.
“Wow! Is it ready?” I smiled.
“Yeah just remaining the baguette…I’m still baking it” She said.
“Ohh” I said.
“I’m coming…I think it’s ready” She said and ran back to the kitchen.


“So delicious, thanks Reiya” I said and downed a glass cup of water.
I just finished eating my lunch.
“It’s nothing Mara and besides it’s not for you but Asanel” She said pointing to my stomach.
I chuckled “thanks anyway”

“I’m gonna wash the dishes” I said and stood up.
“Wash what?” Reiya asked.
“The dishes” I said knowing fully well she won’t allow me to.
I’ve miss washing the dishes,my hands aches for some work.

“You should know i won’t allow you to do that” She said.
“Please Reiya,just this once..I’ve miss washing dishes.. please” I pleaded quickly applying puppy eyes.
She sighed.
“You really wanna do it?” She asked and i nodded eagerly.
“Yes… please Reiya, allow me do it” I said.

“Okay fine,I’m allowing you just this once because i feel it’ll be nice if you exercise your fingers” She said.
“Thanks Reiya” I said and stood up.
I proceeded to start packing the dishes when she stopped me.
I sighed sadly thinking she has changed her mind.

“I’ll help you pack it to the sink,just follow me” She said.
I sighed in relief.
She packed the dishes and headed to the kitchen.
I followed her like a puppy.

She helped me placed everything in the sink and i walked forward and turned on the faucet.

I smiled as i began washing it..
“I’ll go clean the table” Reiya said.
“Okay Reiya”

I so much miss this and i deliberately took my time with it.


It was ‘3:25pm’ by the time i was done with the dishes.
I felt so good.
I sat beside Reiya on the couch and rested my head on her shoulder peering into her phone.

She was replying to some messages from her business partners and i watched as she did that.

I think i was starting to doze on her shoulder when the sound of the door jolted me.
I rubbed my eyes and smiled as i saw Kelly walk into the living room.
He already changed into his house wear.
He normally comes here in his school wear.

“Good afternoon Reiya” He bowed a little.
“How’re you Kelly? How was school today?” Reiya asked.
“Very great” He said with his eyes on me..
He pecked my cheeks and i pecked his also.

“What’s up?” He asked and glanced at my stomach.
“I’m fine” I said,he already sat beside me with his hand round my neck.
“How’s Asanel?”
“Eish! Don’t talk about that little fellow” I said and he laughed.
“Yeah…so where are we going to?” I asked.

“You don’t have anywhere in mind?” He asked and i shook my head.
“Okay let’s go to the park,then go eat and shop” He said.
I smiled,the only word i heard was ‘eat’
I don’t just know why I’m unable to control my appetite.

“Do i need to change?” I asked.
“No,you look good already but you just need to change your footwear,it looks too homely” He said.
“Ohh… you know what?” I asked.
“What?” He asked.
“I can’t climb that stairs till i want to go sleep in the night so go into my room and select any shoe that does not look homely to you” I said.

“Alright” He said and walked to the stairs.
“Bring my phone along” I said.
“Alright love”
“Thanks darling” I said.

“Awwwn” Reiya said and i think i blushed.

***. ***

It’s getting late…
We sat in a classy restaurant, eating the delicious meal i ordered.
We’ve went to the park,shopped,took pictures, laughed and chatted.
It was fun and i enjoyed myself plus eating the meal i love right now.

“Are you enjoying your meal?” Kelly asked.
“Yeah..I’m gonna order ice cream after this” i said.
“Should i order it for you now?” He asked.
“Nay, it’s gonna melt” I said.
I continued eating staring round the restaurant.


“You can order the ice cream now but have it packed..im gonna take it in the car. You know the flavour i like” I said.
“Alright love” he stood up and walked to the counter.

I saw Tina,his driver sitting at one corner in the restaurant sipping her drink.
She’s quite beautiful and i think James has a thing for her..

Kelly returned with the ice cream packed in a customised nylon of the restaurant.
He helped me stand up and then signalled to his driver that we’re about to leave.
She stood up and walked to us and we all walked to the car together.


“Thanks Kelly,i really enjoyed myself” I said as he placed my feet gently on the floor in my room.
He actually carried me in his arms when i complained how difficult it’s gonna be to climb the stairs.

Mum, Liam and Reiya were having their dinner at the dining.
I was already full,i could have joined them.

He placed my shopping bag on my shelf.
“Thanks Kelly” I said.
“Alright babe,see you tomorrow” He said and kissed my lips before kissing my clothed stomach.

“Bye” he waved as he walked out of the room..
“Bye” I waved back with a smile.

I need to shower and get straight under that blanket…


A sharp pain woke me up from my sleep.
I quickly switched on the light and held tightly to my stomach.
‘What’s wrong?’

“Aaaargh” I yelled in pain.
I struggled to sit up and checked the wall clock..
‘7 am’ it’s morning.
Is..is the baby coming?

The pain suddenly stopped and i sighed about to lay back on the bed when it began again,it was sharper this time.
I screamed,my palms were starting to get damp.
The pain stopped again,i was already covered in sweat and was breathing heavily.

The pained returned and i struggled not to scream,this time i was sure the baby was coming.
I couldn’t hold it anymore..
I screamed loud..”Liam!!”
I held tightly to my bedspread.

The door opened and they all rushed in.
“Where were you guys since!” I yelled through the pain i was feeling.
“We’re sorry” They chorused.
“Is the baby coming?” Liam asked and i nodded.
“Geez!” He exclaimed.
“Call Doc Mart” Mum said to Liam as she and Reiya helped me up.

I was scared when my water broke all over the marble floor,the pains were starting to come hard and fast and i screamed clutching Reiya’s hair in my hand.
She shouted in pain and tried to release her hair from my grip but i held on until Liam finally succeeded in releasing her hair.

“Have you called Doc Mart?” Mum asked.
“He’s on leave, another doctor will attend to her” he said and handed Reiya his phone before sweeping me into his arms.
Mum rushed to open the door and he rushed out, descending the stairs with Mum and Reiya behind him.

I didn’t know it could be this painful,i feel like dieing right now.
He got outside the house and Reiya rushed forward to open the car door, Mum sat in before Liam placed me on the backseat,my head was on mum’s laps and this time i was crying and screaming at the same time.
Liam got behind the wheels and Reiya sat beside him saying sorry to me.


We got to the hospital and now i could feel the head, Reiya almost flew out of the car and quickly rush to call the nurses.
They returned with a stretcher.
I panted heavily holding mum’s hand tightly as i was lowered on the stretcher.
I was rolled into the hospital and i struggled with breathing.
“Oh…God” I cried.

I was rolled into the emergency ward with only Reiya allowed to come with me.
A doctor and two nurses came in before the door was closed.


“I can feel the head… gracious!” The pain was unbearable,it felt as if a ball was tearing me apart,i looked desperately at Reiya in tears.
I noticed she was crying too..
“Push now, Mara” The Doc said.
I pulled every ounce of strength i had left and pusheddddd.

I stopped pushing…”i can’t..i can’t..it hurts too much.. Reiya!” I screamed and decided to push one last time and just then i felt the baby pop out of me.
I smiled as my eyes clouded with fresh tears.
“OMG she’s so beautiful!” Reiya exclaimed.

“Asanel” I muttered slowly ..”let me see her”
She was passed to me but i felt so weak to hold her.
Reiya held her for me instead.
I gasp at how beautiful my little queen was.
She was still clothed in blood…
I held her little hand and felt like not leaving anymore but i already felt life seeping out of me slowly.

I will be gone soon…very soon.

🌹Liam’s POV🌹

Mum, Kelly, Bryan,Ellen, Laura and i paced at the reception.
Is she in so much pain?
Oh..my sister.

I ran towards the Doc as he walked into the reception pulling his gloves.
I noticed others were also behind.

“How’s my sister?” I asked.
He shook his head in what seems like pity but i wasn’t having any of it.
I gripped his coat…”How’s my sister!”
“I’m sorry bu…” I punched him in the mouth before he could finish that statement.


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