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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 47

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 47

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Liam’s POV cont’d🌹

“I’m sorry bu..” I punched his mouth before he could complete that statement.
Everyone around us gasped.

“Liam!” Mum scolded and rushed to the doctor.
I was feeling so crazy right now,i don’t want to hear what i dreaded.
I don’t want to hear any freaking thing.

“Hey guy!” The doctor yelled at me nursing his broken lips.
I felt so sorry for him.

“Liam apologize right now!” Mum said.
“Please I’m so sorry, emotion took over me. Please forgive me, how’s my sister?” I asked.
“That was what i was about telling you before you punched me,what the hell!” He fumed.
“Please I’m so sorry” i apologized.

He nodded.
“Anyway she already gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and they are both alive” He said and we screamed happily.
Bryan threw baby Daniel into the air and caught him firmly, pecking his cheeks.

“But…” The doctor hesitated.
“But what?” I shouted and he shifted back.
“I discovered some poisonous substance in her system,it’s such a miracle it didn’t affect the baby..and it’s also a miracle she gave birth safely but the bad news is that she’s gonna die any moment from now” He dropped the bomb and my heart exploded.
Tears clouded my eyes in seconds and i stared on and on,not staring at anything in particular.
I heard cries in the background but i was lost.

I finally heard what I’ve never wanted to hear when Mara was pregnant.
“C..can we see her?” I finally asked the doctor.
“You have to wait for 10mins” He said.
“You said she would die any moment from now and you’re telling me we have to wait for 10mins” I yelled.

“She and the baby needs to be cleaned up and transferred into the maternity ward..why are you so hot blooded!” He yelled before walking away.
We all had tears in our eyes as we stared at the wall clock waiting for the freaking 10mins.


We all rushed into Mara’s maternity ward.
She was sitting on the bed with Reiya by her side,they were both staring at the baby in the cot.
They raised up their heads and saw us and that was when i noticed they were both crying.

Mum rushed to her asking her how she feels.

We walked slowly to her,the first thing i gazed at was the baby in the cot and damn!
She’s a real beauty!
Kelly took her in his arms and pecked her cheeks,the baby gave a giggle-like sound as if recognizing her father.

“So beautiful” Ellen muttered holding the baby’s little hand.
Bryan handed his son to Laura,i heard they are dating.
He stretched his hands forward and took the baby from Kelly and just like Mara who always smile anytime she’s around Bryan,the baby also smiled in Bryan’s arm.
What sort of magnetic love is this!
I smiled as i spotted her little dimples.

“Asanel” Bryan smiled and pecked the baby’s cheeks.
Ellen also took the baby.
“She’s so beautiful,more than her mother” She said and winked at Mara who smiled weakly.

“What a beautiful baby you gat” Laura said and also took the baby after handing Daniel back to Bryan.
I was the last to hold the baby.

“Asanel” I muttered,she threw her little closed fist to my chest and smiled.
I fell in love with her instantly,her eyes are the brightest I’ve ever seen.
I pecked her forehead and turned to Mara.

“She gat dimples” I said to Mara who nodded weakly.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
She shook her head and tears dropped from her eyes.
Her tears invited mine and i also cried.
I handed the baby back to Kelly who already had tears in his eyes.

I hugged her and pecked her cheeks.
“How’re you feeling?” I asked.
“It was so painful” She cried.
“Sorry” I said and sat beside her on the bed.
“The doctor told y’all i will be gone soon right” She said.
Everyone sobbed.

“That’s a freaking lie! You aren’t going anywhere” I said.
“I am,I’m already feeling it. I’m in pains,my chest down to my stomach is burning hot and i know I’m already loosing my life little by little” She said weakly.

“Noooo” i cried and held her hands tight.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹


I caused everything!
I caused every damn! thing!

She’s so looking so weak now,all because of me.
If she hadn’t loved me she wouldn’t have done it.
She’s in pain and is dieing any moment from now.

I’m feeling so sad and couldn’t help but cry loud.
I should have tried to love her back,just to compensate her for all she did for me but i was just too stupid!
But love can’t be forced,if not…I would have forced myself to love her.

If only i can just kill myself after she’s gone to avert that guilt I’m feeling but i promised her not to.
Mara I’m sorry..
I’m so sorry i made you do it.

🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

Tammy’s Mum collected the baby from me and i quickly wiped the tears off my eyes.
I’m now a father but I’m so sad right now not because of the baby but Tammy.
She’s looking so weak and sad.

Is she really gonna die?
How am i gonna cope?
Will i ever love again?

She’ll be gone soon and everyone else will be alive.
How sweet it would have been if she’s gonna be alive and we’ll both take care of our beautiful daughter together.

Tammy shortened her life span just for love!

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

“Mara..I’m sorry” I cried.. knowing I’m the first cause of all this.
If i hadn’t disobeyed granny,all this wouldn’t have happened.

I’m in full regret and i feel like tearing myself apart.
This girl will be gone soon because of me.
She won’t live to take good care of her child.
She carried pregnancy for nine months in pains and wouldn’t even wait to see her child grow.
She won’t wait to feel the joy of motherhood just because of me!!

I hate myself right now!

🌹Laura’s POV🌹

Why would such a good hearted Mara Leave so soon.
This girl has been so kind to everyone.
I had wanted to be her friend from the very first time i saw her.

She’s soft hearted which make people always think she’s a fool.
She doesn’t pull any sort of trouble and she is the most emotional person I’ve ever seen.

I wish she can live longer and just watch her child grow.
Imagine the pain she went through in her pregnancy,only for her to die few moments after giving birth to the child.

Ellen is the one supposed to be dead!
Her disobedience caused all this from the start and now the poor girl is leaving while she who’s the cause of everything will stay alive.
I feel like scratching out her eyes right now.

Oh..no Mara.
I’m gonna miss her..

🌹 Reiya’s POV🌹

Watching the pain she went through in the emergency ward was just too hard to take.
She gave birth to such a beautiful baby who is in a perfect state.

I already took her as the sister i never had and now she’s leaving.
To where?…to grave?

I will no longer hear her talk in the house.
I will no longer see her sit on the couch shouting “Reiya let’s watch a movie”
I will no longer feel her presence in the house.
I will no longer be happy.
I’ve grown to love Mara so much,she’s the most soft hearted person i know.

“Mara I’ll miss you” I cried…

🌹Mara’s Mum’s POV🌹

I smiled sadly as i held my granddaughter in my arms.
She’s so beautiful.

I looked at Mara and sighed.
Is there any tears left for me to shed?
My daughter is leaving soon and I’m the saddest person here right now knowing my daughter will be gone before me .
I never prayed to mourn anyone after my husband.

I wouldn’t blame her for what she did.
Love misleads a lot.
I’m glad to have my granddaughter which means i didn’t lose in both ways.

“Mara” I called.
“Yes Mum” She cleaned her tears.
I placed her daughter beside her on the bed.

“Liam punched the doctor” I said.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Liam why would you do that?” I asked weakly staring at my baby beside me.
She has been bathed and dressed in the pink little gown and socks Reiya bought for her.
Her eyes are as clear as gem, glittering like a bright star just like the meaning of her name.
She has deep black curls,which shone bright again her creamy smooth skin,her nose was so little and pointed and her lips was just the exact shape of mine but hers was in a smaller shape.

I took her in my arms and smiled when she gave a giggle-like sound.
I kissed her little lips then her nose,her eyes ,cheeks, forehead and hair,knowing this will be the last time I’ll see my little princess.

I held her close to my chest and cried hard.
She started crying loud as if sensing the tension in the ward.
I pat her little back.

“Everyone,you all know her name is Asanel right?” I asked and they all nodded in tears.
A sharp pain tore through my chest and i managed not to show it.
It increased and i began writhing in pain.
They all rushed closed to me asking if i was okay.

My daughter was still in my arms,I’m not gonna let her go till my last breath.

“Thanks everyone,you all played a great part in my life,I’m lucky to have everyone of yo..my chest” I screamed faintly,holding my chest.
It’s like my heart is ripping away slowly.

“Mara” They all cried.
“I..I’m fine” i said with a faint smile.
“You’re not fine!” Liam yelled.
“I’m fine.. Please just help me take care of my daughter” I said.
My tears were starting to flow out fast.
“Mara you are going nowhere,stop speaking gibberish” Liam said.

My stomach is starting to ache terribly,plus the pain I’m feeling in my chest..I held myself from screaming in pain.

Asanel was crying loud on my laps.
I don’t know what to do.

“Reiya, Mum, Liam and everyone of you should take care of Asanel for me okay? Love her like you love me and tell her i love her okay?” I said.
They stared at me with tears in her eyes.

“Aaaargh” I held my chest and my stomach,it felt as if my stomach was foaming.
“Reiya I’m gonna miss you” i said.
“Mara” She cried and hugged me tight.
“Please don’t go” she said.
” I also don’t want to leave” I said,my tears dropped on Asanel’s face and i quickly wiped it off.

She has stopped crying,now staring softly at me.
“Ellen, I’ll miss you” I said.
“Mara I’m sorry, please forgive me” She said and hugged me.
I disengaged from the hug and held my stomach in pain…”B.. bryan”

He pulled me into a hug and cried on my hair.
I hugged him back ,even in the grave i know i can never stop loving Bryan.
“I love you” I said.
“I love you too” He said and pecked my cheeks.
I smiled and held his hand for a while before releasing it.

“Kelly” I called.
He stared at me without moving,i can read pain in his eyes.
“Do you have to leave?” He asked and i nodded.
A tear rolled down his left cheek but he quickly wiped it off and pulled me into a hug.
“I love you” I said and saw him smile amidst tears.
“I love you too” He said.
I hugged him back and we kissed for some minutes before i called on Laura.

“Why would you be the one to leave” She said in tears glaring at Ellen who equally glared back.
“Laura, I’ll miss your jokes” I let out a sad laugh.
She hugged me tight, sobbing on my shoulder.
“I’ll miss you the most” She said.

She was already standing beside me,her eyes were filled with tears.
“Mum i love you”
“I love you too angel, you’re not leaving to anywhere” She said.
I hugged her for some minutes and finally looked at Liam whose eyes were red with tears.

He pulled me into a tight hug before i could say anything.
“I love you Tam, I’ll miss you” He said.
“I love you most Liam,will you love Asanel like you love me?” I asked and he nodded.
He tightened his fist and i know he’s about to hit someone.

I quickly held his hand tightly to the bed,i was in great pain which made my hold on his hand weak.
He removed his hand from my grip and launched at Bryan.

“You caused it and yet you couldn’t love her back!” He yelled at Bryan and started hitting him.

“Liam stop! Please, Mum stop him” I said and Mum tried to stop him but wasn’t able to until Reiya did.

“No one caused anything,i did everything myself.. please don’t blame a..an..y..anyone” i said and started coughing out blood.

“Mara!” They cried.

“D .. don’t let my absence affect any of you,that was why i gave you Asanel” I said and felt my heart ripping fast.
I’m in pains…my stomach tightened and i think this could be last moment.
I quickly pulled off my necklace and wore it round Asanel’s neck.
It was way too big for her little neck but it suited her.

I smiled and held her with my bloody hand,it stained her creamy skin.
I now feel so weak,i placed Asanel beside me and coughed out more blood.
“Tell James and Max that i love them” I said.

I couldn’t sit up anymore,i laid beside her and then i felt my heart completely ripped off.
My eyes got blurry with tears.. “I love everyone of you and I’ll miss you,Anel i love you more, please take care of her for me”

“I..i don’t want to die..” I managed to say before my eyes closed itself.
I found myself in complete darkness, hearing cries and my name in the background and then i know i was already gone.

I was gone forever;


🌹Author Zee’s POV🌹


Love is most powerful thing on earth which makes people do unimaginable things.
Many people will be like “I can’t do such thing for love oo,why should i do that..godforbid!”

If you say such things,just know you haven’t fallen in love cause love will blind you to do things that you won’t even believe you’re doing.
Do you know of people who killed for love?
Do you know of people who ran mad for love?
Do you know of people who are not theirselves anymore just because of love.

Of course Love also have a lot of good sides,it depends on how lucky the person is.

This same love that hurts people also gave some people joy.
This same love that made people ran mad also heal people.

Just pray to be on the good side of love.

Imagine the case of Tamara Weston,did you see what she did for love and where it finally landed her.
Even though she was forced to do it,if she never wanted to do it,she wouldn’t have done, but guess what? she was completely blinded by love.
Most of you think it’s obsession,hell no! It’s not obsession. Obsession has a different meaning.

Obsession can never make one go extra miles.
Or do you think it’s infatuation?
No! It’s not, infatuation literally means attraction.

Both obsession and infatuation are conjoined in love making the affected people go crazy.

Mara did something grievous for love and yet the person she did it for do not love her back.
Should we blame him?…of course no! We can’t blame cause love can’t be forced.
Love comes naturally from the heart,it points it’s arrow to anyone it wants.

Once you are in love then you’re no longer in control of yourself anymore.

One sided love is common and once you find yourself in that condition,its either you keep on trying or just let go,move away and find the person that loves you cause in this life ehn,one don’t always get everything he wants.

Contentment is another powerful thing in life,in this life you must be contented oo,love yourself the way you are..if you love yourself the way you are, people will also love you the way you are.
Are you fat? Thin? Short?Too tall? Disabled? People laugh at you wherever you go? Then do something great that will make your mockers go to hell.
Don’t just sit and cry because people are mocking you..mock them back and slap them on the face if possible..this life ehn,you just have to stand up for yourself,if you’re doing like mumu trust me they will treat you like correct Mumu so sweetie wise up!

Never think you’re ugly, everyone is beautiful…Godcreated all things to be beautiful,be contented with how you are and see how happy you’ll be.
Don’t think you won’t find love because you’re thin,short,fat, disabled… infact, that is when you’ll know who truly loves you.

He who loves you will love you for who you are, despite your look,flaws, physical features and so on.

And to those people that mock human beings like them,i swear judgement day is still coming for all of you.
Do you know the pain and sorrow you’ve caused the people you mocked?
Do you know how some of them planned on suicide?
Do you know if it was your stupid and mockery words that killed someone.

You are beautiful does not mean you have the right to insult others.
Just look at the case of Jessie,she was one of the people who normally mock and bully Mara but did you see where she ended her life?
Did you see how she died mysteriously?

Disobedience is also one thing that has destroyed so many people.
We all know that it was Ellen’s disobedience that started everything.

This story consists mainly of love, contentment and disobedience…I hope you learnt something from it.

Pray to Almighty God and everything will go smoothly for you😍

Of course,This story is a fiction but do you think such things do not happen in reality?
It do..a lot.


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