JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 50

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 50

By Zeemah writes


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💞 Dan’s POV💞

“It should go this way” Dad corrected me, holding the paintbrush.
We’re in the studio room sketching and painting after we had our lunch.

I love drawing and painting just like Dad,he’s a famous artist and always have loads of contract, mostly from dignitaries.
I never reveal my dad’s personality to anyone,i don’t see the reason i should.

“Now we’re done with the painting” He said and gently dropped it, leaving it to dry.

“Beautiful” I smiled.
“It still need some adjustment” He said examining the painting.
“What adjustment?” I asked.
“The sides need to be more bold” He said.
“Really?” I said and studied the painting but i still found it perfect.
Well…dad knows best.

He picked it again and started the adjustment.
I watched on and on as he did that…till he was finally done with it.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“I’m now satisfied” Dad smiled.
“I didn’t notice the sides weren’t bold earlier but right now,i saw the reason you said it needed adjustment..it’s more beautiful now” I said.
“After painting,you gotta study it well and make sure you adjust the sides that needs to be adjust,that will make your painting more bold and beautiful” He said.
I nodded…”it takes a lot to be a genius”
“Of course but determination is the key” he said.
“I wish I’m perfect and grown like you” I said and he laughed.
“You wanna escape the lessons and all and don’t wish to be like me but wish to better than me” He said.

“Okay Dad” i said.
“Now let’s move to the sketching” he said and dropped the painting aside.

“When sketching,you need full concentration” Dad said, and started sketching perfectly on his sketchbook.
I admire dad a lot cause it seems he’s perfect in everything.

No doubt that i inherited my looks from him.
Dad is striking handsome and one would barely believe he has two sons.
My step brother Michael and i.
I know he’s gonna rush here soon,he’s the most troublesome in the house.

My biological Mum is married with two kids,i go to her place once or twice in a week.
I’ve gotten used to dad and my step mum, most of the time,dad is the one who normally forces me to visit Mum…i love Mum too but I’ve gotten fond of the people i see every day.

I don’t know but anytime i look at dad,there’s this look of sadness deep in his eyes..
I’ve caught him crying secretly several times,i tried asking him but he won’t respond.

I’m so worried and bent on knowing what normally makes him sad.
Apart from that,dad has been a great person to everyone.

“Dad,how about we use another color of paint for the second drawing” I said
“Okay,what color should we use?” He asked.
“You know a minister handed the contract to you so the colour we should use must be classic” I said.

“Yeah that’s the problem,we have a lot of classic colours here,which one should we use?” He asked.
“Dad you know the best color to use” I said.
He smiled…”Of course i do but I’m gonna use the one you’ll choose” He said.

“What if i don’t choose the one that matches with the one you have in mind,it might ruin what you planned” I said.
“No, I’ll always bring everything to perfection,no matter how worse it is” Dad said with a little pride in his voice.
I chuckled…”Now you’re boasting”
We both laughed.

“But dad,do you know I’m sometimes afraid to tell people that my father is the famous “Artist Bryan” ” I said.
“Really? Why?” Dad asked.
“Cause I’m gonna have a get a lot of attention at school, most people are definitely gonna force me to disclose our residence,the press might hear of it and start coming in troops and i know how much you love and cherish your privacy” I said.

“Yeah i do but that doesn’t stop you from telling few of your close friends” He said and picked selected a piece of willow charcoal,then smoothened his sketchbook and continued sketching.

I always love to watch him sketch,he sketches perfectly.

“I don’t have close friends, except from Jacq but we haven’t become so close” I said.
“Jacq?” He asked.
“Yeah… Jacqueline, didn’t i told you about her?” I asked.
“No you didn’t” he said.
“Ouch…I’m sorry” I said.

Dad is the only one i confide in,i normally tell him everything going on in my life.

“Dad,can you believe a psycho student was admitted into Makers high school today” I frowned remembering her face.
I adjusted my sketch pad and sighed.
Why’s she so beautiful.

“Really?” Dad laughed.
“Yes Dad,she told everyone not to talk to her or come close to her” I said irritatedly.
“Wow,does she have a reason for that?” Dad asked.
“How would i know? But i think she’s proud because of her beauty” I said and tore off the rubbish i sketched.

I sketch well also, but just thinking of that psycho made me give in to mistake so i have to tear off the entire sheet.
“Everyone has a reason for everything,you shouldn’t blame her yet” Dad said.
I smirked and was about sketching another thing when dad stopped me.

“Enough of sketching cups, spoons and gardens i want you to sketch someone” He said.
I laughed..”Someone? Who should i sketch?” I I laughed..”Someone? Who should i sketch?” I asked.
“Just imagine it and bring it to life on your sketching pad then you’ll draw it out and paint it” Dad said.

“And you think I’ll get that?” I asked.
“Of course,it’s time you practice all you’ve been watching me do” he said and i nodded determinedly.
I’m gonna make sure dad sees how much I’ve learnt from him.

He passed me another grade of paper with another piece of wallow charcoal.
“Now try it” He said and i smiled.
I took it … but who do i sketch.
A face filled my vision.

Beautiful psycho!

I hissed and try to think of Jacq but her face wasn’t fully in my vision, psycho kept pushing away jacq’s face.
“What’s the matter?” Dad asked.
“I’m having a problem with coming up with someone’s face” I said.

“That shouldn’t be a problem,just think of someone,your mum, Michael, Laura,i or Jacq” Dad said.
“I’m trying to do that but one face keeps blocking my vision” I said.
“Then sketch out the face,” Dad said.
“No I’ll not” I said.
“Why?” Dad asked.

“It’s the psycho’s face” I said reluctantly and rolled my eyes when dad blushed.
“Then sketch it” Dad said.
“I’ll not” I said.
“You have to sketch the face that’s filling your vision,it’s just like seeing the person right in front of you.. it’ll make the sketching easier and close to perfect” Dad said.

I shook my head.

“It doesn’t matter who you sketch,it’s just a practice” Dad said.

I started sketching.


“Wow,is this the image of the girl?” Dad asked when i finished sketching psycho.
I’m also proud of myself..the sketching came out neat and nice,even if it can’t be compared to Dad’s.

“Yes Dad,this is her image” I smiled.
Why the hell am i smiling!
“She’s such a beauty” Dad said and winked at me.
“What’s with the wink?” I asked.
“Never mind” He smiled.

“Now,time for drawing and painting” Dad said.
I sighed as i kept admiring the sketch but im also feeling furious cause i don’t know if it’s the image or the main person I’m admiring.

Both way…I don’t care.
It’s just practice.


“I’m finally done” i said with a smile before showing my drawing to dad.
“Wow,the image finally came to life.. this is beautiful,I’m proud of you son” Dad said and i grinned.

“You mean it’s perfect?” I asked.
“No it’s not,you can do better but this is impressive for a start,it shows you’ve been paying keen interest to everything I’ve been doing” Dad smiled.
“Thanks dad,so this is my first drawing of a person and it came out well but I’m not so happy” I said.

“Why?” Dad asked.
I breathed in “Because the first person i sketched is the person i dislike”
“It doesn’t matter…” Dad said.
“It does,to me. If i had sketched Mum, step mum or you..it would have been the best memory but it’s okay” I smiled.

“The drawing is so nice,it could have been better if you can give it to her” Dad said.
“Never!” I said and dad laughed.
“It was just a tease” He said.

“Boom!” We heard and the studio door opened.
Michael raced in, knocking over two glasses of paint in the process.
I quickly picked it up before it spilled.

Dad sent him a stern look and he recoiled.

“I’m sorry” He pouted.
Dad ignored him and continued sketching.
I dragged his ears and he shouted in pain.

“What if you had spilled the paints huh” I said and made sure it took a while before i released his ears.
“You are wicked” He cried and started walking out.
He turned back…”Mum said you should come help me with my assignment”

“Can’t you do it yourself?” I asked.
Michael is very brilliant and he doesn’t always require help with his assignment except drawing..he’s very terrible at that.
“It’s drawing and I’ve tried doing it myself but i didn’t get it and I’ve tore half of my drawing book” He said and i laughed.
“Will you help me or not?” He asked rubbing his ears.
“I will not” I joked.

“Then don’t also ask me for anything and I’m not gonna forgive you if Mrs Morgan spank me tomorrow” He said.
“I think you need more of Mrs Morgan’s spanking so I’m not gonna do it for you” I said.
“Please” He pleaded and bursted into another round of tears.
I laughed at how funny his mouth looked at the moment.

“Let’s go, I’m gonna help you” I said.
He cleaned his tears and started walking towards the door.
“Won’t you say thanks” I walked after him.
“Do you wanna have the ‘thanks’ for dinner” He smirked before walking out of the studio room.

I shook my head.
“Dad I’ll be right back” I said.
“Okay Dan” He said.


“Mum i want more!” Michael said.
We were all at the dining having our supper.
“Darling,give him more” Dad said to Mum.
“Sweetheart, that’s the third plate he just finished” Mum said.

“Just give him this last one” Dad said.
“I know you’ll put a stop to food once you get big and round like a balloon” Mum said and i chuckled.

She dished out more for Mike who started eating grinning at everyone.
“Laura,I’ll be traveling to India by next week” Dad said to Mum.
“Really?” Mum asked.
“Yeah,for some business contract and we’re going together” Dad said.
“Okay” Mum smiled.

“So you both are gonna leave me with this strong headed boy” i said and they laughed while Mike glared.
“Just deal with him, I’ll help you buy a lot of things, and you’re gonna love them..you know India gat a lot of stuff ” Mum said.

I smiled… she’s not my biological mother but treats me even better than my mum do.

“Okay,your bribe is accepted” I said and she laughed.
I saw Mike scooping the last spoon of omelette rice in his mouth.

“You must not ask for another plate” I said.
“Yes i won’t but I’ll take from yours instead” He grinned and i hit my spoon on his head.

He bursted into tears….


I wiped my hand with the dishcloth after washing the dishes.
I walked out of the kitchen and headed to the living room to say ‘goodnight’

“Good night Mum,Dad” I said to Mum and dad who were watching a movie.
“Goodnight Dan,sweet dreams”

I climbed the stairs to my room,i passed Mike’s room and heard him snoring.
Haa…that’s the result of a lot of food and play.

I opened the door to my room and got in.
I slipped out my feet from the footwear,walked to the wardrobe and started getting ready for my night bath.


I yawned as i walked out of the bathroom in my Pajamas feeling refreshed.
I walked straight to bed and sat on it.
I set up my alarm for ‘6:30am’ and switched off the light, switched on my bedside lamp and slipped under the duvet and that was the end of my night.


“Griiiiiiin” The sound of my alarm woke me up.
Damn! I shouldn’t have set it up in the first place.
I opened my eyes and frown,the sound was disturbing my ears.
I didn’t remember setting it that loud.
I picked it up while still laying on the bed and dismissed it.

I sighed sleepily and thought of having another round of quick sleep but i dare not.
I sat up and rubbed my face with my palms.
I placed my feet on the floor and was about standing up when i heard my phone buzz.

That’s a notification..
I shifted my pillow aside and picked my phone.
I unlocked it and clicked on the message showing above the screen.

💬 Good morning,how was your night?


I dropped my phone back on the and stood up and walked to the wardrobe,i pulled it open and brought out my school wears, underwear,body spray…” I placed it all on the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth, pulled off my pajamas and entered the jacuzzi after filling it with warm soapy water.


I walked out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around my waist.
I walked to the bed and dried my body before putting on my underwear.
I applied my body spray and started putting on my school wears.

I sat on the bed, sliding my feet into my black socks and then slide my socked feet into my black shoes.
I picked my phone and stood up.

I threw it in my backpack and zipped it.
I walked to the drawer and grabbed a comb.
I stood in front of of the mirror and combed my hair, styling it into my favorite.

I cleaned my comb and put it back in the drawer.
I backed my backpack,glanced at the wall clock and slowly walked out of my room.

“Dan wait for me” I heard as i was about descending the stairs.
I stopped and glanced back to see Mike also dressed for school,he looked cool,no one would know he sells trouble in bulk.
He was already in front of me within seconds.
“Did you use superpower?” I asked as we both descended the stairs.

“Yes!” He grinned.
“Should i do it again?” He asked.
“No,do..” i was saying but he already jumped,he tripped and fell hard on his butt followed by his wails.

I laughed and walked faster to help him up.
“Sorry,but i told you not to” I said and laughed.
“I was trying to impress you” He cried.
“Are you really crying?” I asked trying hard to hold my brewing laughter.

“Let me be!” He yelled and stood up, walking straight to the kitchen.
I laughed and walked to the living room to greet dad.

“Good morning Dad” I greeted when i got to the living room ..
He was going through piles of art books.
That’s his normal routine.

“Morning Dan,how was your night?” He asked.
“Fine dad” I said.
“Dan come have your breakfast,i won’t allow you to make me go late to school today” Mike shouted from the living room.
“That boy is something else” Dad said and i chuckled.

I walked to the dining room and met him eating, smiling and talking to himself.
I shook my head and dropped my backpack on one of the dining chairs.
I sat down.

“Good morning Mum” I said loudly and started eating.
“How was your night Dan?” She asked from the kitchen.
“Fine Mum” I said.

I was still eating when Mum walked out of the kitchen,she’s fully dressed for work.
“Hi darlings” She smiled.
“Hey Mum” I said with a mouthful of toast bread.
“I hope you’re enjoying your breakfast?”
I nodded except Mike who has already finished eating staring at my own.

“Let me go get my bag” She said and walked away.
I remained some toast bread for Mike.
He smiled and ate it reminding him to remain coffee for him.

I did and he also gulped it down
without saying thanks.
We stared at each other and i was expecting him to say ‘thanks’ but i realised he’s not gonna say that.
I picked my little coffee spoon and hit his head twice.

“Ouch..what was that for? Why do you like hitting spoons on my head” He frowned.
I stood up and wore my backpack over my shoulders.
“For not saying ‘thanks’ ” I said.
“I can’t say thanks because you’re my brother,i only say thanks to outsiders” He said and also picked his backpack.
“Okay from now on,i won’t also give you anything,I’ll only give things to outsiders” I said.
“Lies” he said.

“Darlings let’s go” Mum said.
Mike took our plates to the kitchen and hurried back.


In few minutes Mum was speeding towards the direction of my school.
Mike kept talking on and on in the car until i had to make use of my headphone.
I snapped my fingers, smiling as i listened to an old music by Fallen angels.

Even if they are retired, their songs are not.
I’m glad i have something of theirs on me.
I brought out my necklace from my school shirt and kissed it.
I don’t like showing it off to avoid unnecessary questions.
I always leave the pendant part in my shirt and only reveal the chain.

Dad told me he was one of the lucky fans who got the necklace,i had asked him who the second lucky fan was but he didn’t respond.
There are now duplicates of this necklaces,it’s seen on almost everyone’s neck but i know the original always shine brighter whenever water touches it.

I wonder where the second necklace is,i know it’s gonna be so far away.
I remember when i saw it on karissa’s neck,i thought she might be related to the second lucky fan but it turned out to be the duplicate.
I was so sad cause i always feel that longing to meet with the second lucky fan.
She doesn’t wear it anymore cause she feels it’s outdated, almost every one do not wear it anymore but i do and I’m sure the second person also do.

I tucked it back in my shirt when Mum approached my school gate.
She parked and i alighted after saying goodbye to her and Mike.
I watched as she drove off.

I showed my ID card to the gatekeeper and walked into the school compound.
I got the attention i always get and waved at the people saying hi to me.

I opened the door and to my class and walked in.
“Hi Dan” They chorused.
“Hello everyone” I smiled and started walking to my seat.
Karissa smiled as i walked past her seat,i smiled back.
I dragged jacq’s hair in greetings and she smiled.

I got to my seat and felt my stomach tighten a little when i noticed beautiful psycho is seated.
Her head is placed on the desk and her smooth black hair looked tempting.

I almost slapped myself for wanting to touch her hair.
I sat down and waited for our teacher to come in but i couldn’t keep my gaze off this psycho.
She suddenly raised up her head and i quickly turned mine away.


“Seriously Karissa why would you tell them to kneel down,what problem do you have with this two girls?” Jacq asked in anger after Karissa told the two fat girls to kneel down again today which they did,with their lunch in their hands.
“Is it any of your business?” Karissa yelled at Jacq.

“What did they do to you for goodness sake! You told them not to greet Dan yesterday and they didn’t,they were walking to their table when you called them back and asked them to kneel down. Aren’t they students like you!” Jacq yelled.

“Fat pigs are not students like me okay?” She said.

My gaze was on beautiful psycho all this while and she suddenly stood up from her table,held her pie and marched angrily to our table.
People paved way for her as she walked past them.

She got to our table and suddenly smashed her pie on karissa’s face.
She dragged her up and slapped her twice on both cheeks.
Karissa screamed, struggling with her face messed with pie..

I was surprised..whats going on?
Students already gathered…

“How dare you bully them! How dare you mock them! How dare you treat them like thrash! How dare you make them cry! How dare you make them feel guilty just because of the way they are created!” Beautiful psycho screamed,her voice echoed the cafeteria.
She punched Karissa on the face.

“Dan do something” Karissa cried.
Ahh…what should i do?

“Now you both should stand up!” Psycho yelled at the two fat girls.
They both stood up quickly.

“I’m disappointed in you both, you are the ones who are supposed to bully her,not the other way round.. either way,i hate bullies and mockers…” She was saying but got interrupted by Travis.
“Hey stop,what do you think you are doing?” He asked.

“I’m doing what you,the empty brained school prefect can’t do,so just shut the hell you call a mouth” Psycho said boldly and the students exclaimed.
She hissed and turned back to the girls.

“She called you fat right?” She asked and the girls nodded.
“Every body structure has advantage and right now,i want you to show her what fat people are capable of” Psycho said.

One of the fat girls dropped her tray of lunch and gave Karissa a powerful kick in the stomach.
The students roared and i was surprised myself.

Jacq laughed..

The second fat girl also joined the first one and together they started beating Karissa who was pleading and screaming in pain.

Wow! I can’t believe Karissa can plead to the people she once bullied.

This is nice … beautiful psycho actually made it happen.



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