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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 49

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 49

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

It’s lunch break..
I entered the cafeteria and the noise died down,they all glanced in my direction murmuring as i made my way to the counter.
The cafeteria is a very wide one,it’s sparkling neat and beautiful, the meals also look good.

“Pie and drink” I said to the waitress who smiled and nodded.
Some students who were also at the counter didn’t take their eyes off me even when i took my order and turned, searching for an empty table.
I found one and quickly hurried towards it ignoring the glares and glances i was getting.

I sat down and faced my pie and drink knowing if i look up,I’m gonna find dozens of eyes on me.

“Hi” A guy voice said and i felt infuriated immediately.
I glanced up and shot him a deadly glare.
He’s cute but not handsome,brown spiky hair, common blue eyes,pointed nose and pink lips .
My stomach rumbled when he smiled romantically..i held the urge to smash the pie on his face.

I inwardly read the badge on his school shirt.
‘Travis Cune,grade 8,school prefect’
“Can i sit?” He asked and just like i normally do..i ignored him.
“Hey what’s your name? Can i sit?” He grinned.
He annoys me more when he utter words.

“Leave!” I said slowly.
“Like seriously? I should leave?” He asked.
“Leave” I said through gritted teeth.
“I’m Travis Cune,the school prefect..my father is the billionaire who owns the largest companies in Paris and other cities ” He said and dropped his tray of meal on the table,about to sit.

“I said leave!” I yelled standing up in the process, everyone present in the cafeteria looked at us wondering what was going on.
He stared at me in surprise, picked his freaking tray and walked away in embarrassment.

I breathed in…i think the whole students are present here, I should give them all a clear warning now.

“Everyone please note this warning I’m about to give,no one should freaking come close to me or dare talk to me..I’m not in for friendship or whatever,i don’t want to mingle with anyone so please no one should also try to mingle with me” I shouted loudly and then sat down, about to continue my meal when my gaze met with the handsome maniac sitting with two girls.

I recognized one of them being among the girls who glared at me earlier.
A lot girls glared at me but i recognized her because of her pink hair.
She was backing me, saying something to the guy.
She turned and my gaze locked with hers,we glared at each other for a while before i turned back to my pie.

Yeah…that’s what i want.
Everyone should hate me just like i hate them.

💞Daniel’s POV💞

“That girl is damn mean” Karissa said to me.
I nodded.
Everyone was still obviously surprised at what she just did,i initially thought she only hated our class,i didn’t know it’s gonna concern everyone.
Does that mean she’s a loner?

She’s truly mean but i loved the way she put Travis in his place..
Travis is the son of a billionaire who thinks money is everything.
He thinks every girl will become his once he boasts about his father’s wealth.
Karissa once fell victim,he ended up breaking her heart and now she’s aiming for me.

He already dated almost all the pretty girls in school and ended up discarding them like thrash and i know his next target is beautiful psycho..haha,he‘s in for it this time.

This girl doesn’t look like someone who’ll give in easily,she looks strong hearted,she was even bold enough to tell the whole Cafeteria not to dare mingle with her.

“She might have a reason for behaving this way” Jacqueline said.
She is a not too close friend of mine,i like her. She’s subdued and nice.
“What reason might she have? She just chose to be mean” Karissa said tucking her pink hair behind her ears.
Jacq smiled and continued eating.

“She might not have any reason,i think she’s proud because she’s beautiful” I said and twisted the cap of my bottled water before gulping it down my throat.
“So you think she’s beautiful?” Karissa asked.
“Are you blind? Didn’t you see how beautiful that girl is..to be sincere, right now that girl is the most beautiful girl in this school and also the most beautiful teen I’ve ever seen” Jacq said.
“Whatever!” Karissa half yelled bringing out her little mirror from her pocket.

She checked her reflection, smirked and brought out a lip gloss,she quickly applied it and threw it back in her pocket.
I sighed..what a friend I’ve got!

I stole glances at the new girl till she got up after finishing her pie and drink,then started walking out of the cafeteria.
If only she’s not this mean,she would be so loved by a lot of people and will have dozen of friends in a minute but she already created a bad name for herself.

I laughed out loud when i saw how red Travis eyes has become.
Students mocked him and he’s looking so embarrassed.

Travis is older than me with a year and a class,but of course I’m older than him in looks,I’m more handsome and i don’t have to sweet-talk girls before they come to me,girls rush to me like bees and i think that made him hate me and always find every opportunity to put me in detention.
Dad already warned me not to break any girl’s heart not to talk of making them cry,i promise him not to and I’m keeping firmly to my promise.

“Hi Daniel” A group of girls chorused with smiles as they walked past my table.
“Hello beauties” I smiled.
“Awwn” They blushed,held their cheeks before walking away.

Two fat girls also walked past my table and said hi to me.
“Hello beauties” I smiled.
Karissa laughed..”Hey,two pigs come back here”
I shook my head knowing what she was about to do,this isn’t the first time Karissa mocks and bully girls who are below her so called standard.
“I can’t believe you both had the gut to say hi to Daniel, beautiful people say hi to Daniel not fat and ugly ducklings” She said.
“We’re sorry” The girls said closed to tears.

Karissa is like the queen of Makers high school,she has everyone under her finger except the seniors,jacq and i.
“Now you both should kneel here for five minutes before going to eat” She said.
They were about kneeling when i stopped them.
“You both should leave” I said.
They nodded and scurried away.

“Fat pigs” Karissa shouted after them and the whole Cafeteria bursted into laughter.
“Karissa that was unfair!” Jacq said.
“Yeah,that was totally unfair! You don’t mock or bully people because of the way they are” I said.

“Whatever! Aren’t they fat” She said.
“They are but you don’t have to mock them cause they aren’t the ones who made themself that way” Jacq said.
“I was only describing them and not mocking them okay” Karissa said.
“Oh..you are describing them by calling them pigs,do they look like pigs to you? Why are you this cruel” Jacq said with a frown.
“Don’t reprimand me okay?” Karissa half yelled.

“I’m sick and tired of your bad attitude,Dan when will you stop being friends with her” Jacq fumed.
“You are the one he’s gonna stop being friends with not me!” Karissa said.

Jacq picked her tray of lunch and left for another table.
I sighed and gulped the remaining of my bottle water,stood up and started walking out of the cafeteria.

“Daniel” Karissa called after me.
“I’ll be in the class” I said.

💞Anel’s POV💞

School’s over for the day.

I enjoyed the teachings,it was great,the teachers are so sound.
I stood up with my backpack in my hand, unzipped it and brought out my phone.
I need to call mum not to bother picking me up,I’m going to Dad’s place.

I hung my backpack over my shoulders and started walking out of the classroom, dialing mum’s number in the process.
She picked up almost immediately.

📞Hi mum..

📞Anel how’re you ?” I managed to pick what she asked amidst the noise.

📞I’m fine Mum” I said and opened the class door,then stepped out.

📞Do you like the school?

📞 Kinda. Mum, don’t bother picking me up.

📞 You’re going to your dad’s place?

📞Yes Mum.

📞 Alright dear.

📞Bye Mum”

I disconnected the call and cornered the first hallway, knowing there’s still a second one for me to corner,i walked faster.
Heads turned as i walked past them.

I was about cornering the last hallway when the guy i yelled at in the cafeteria appeared in front of me.
He brought out four bundles of dollars and flaunted it by spreading it all over the floor,close to my feet.
I smashed it with my feet,took some and tore it into pieces..
The students around gasp including him who couldn’t close his mouth.

I stepped on on the remaining dollars on the floor and walked away..


I alighted from the cab in front of dad’s house,i already paid him before hopping in.

I walked to the gate and knocked twice.
The gate keeper unbolted it and i stepped in heading straight to Dad’s door.
I twisted the knob and the door gave way,i smiled and closed the door behind me.

I walked into the living room and stopped for a while when i perceived a sweet aroma followed by some sounds coming from the kitchen.
Mhmm… Dad rarely cook,and even if he do, the aroma is not always as sweet as this.

I rushed to the kitchen.

“Da..” I was saying but stopped when i saw a young lady, wearing an apron and hair net.
She was backing me but turned when she heard my voice, i noted how pretty she is.
She has an oval face with a dark green eyes,small nose and small lips,her blonde hair made her green eyes obvious.

She smiled “Hi, you’re Asanel right?”
I ignored her and walked away from the kitchen.
I dropped my backpack in the living room and climbed the stairs to Dad’s room.

I opened the door and walked in but didn’t find him there,i heard the shower running and i walked closer to the bathroom door.
“Hi Dad” I said loudly through the door.
“Asanel” He called cheerfully and i smiled.
“Dad how’re you?” I asked.
“I’m fine” He said.
“Are you still gonna take long there?” I asked.
“Yes princess,i just got in” He said.
“Okay Dad…I’m off to my room” I said.


I jumped on the soft bed immediately i entered my room.
I grinned and breathed in the fresh scent of the room.
Two things i love about this room is the bed and fresh scent.

I need to get up and shower,if not I’m just gonna doze off…
I stood up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe.
I pulled it open and stared at the few clothes there.
I’m not fully based here,i even take some of the clothes dad get for me to the house.

I hummed as i selected a pair of black jeans and white tank top with a new set of undies.
I dropped it on the bed and started pulling off my school wears..I picked my towel and wrapped it round my body.
I folded my school wears neatly and grabbed a paper bag from the shelf.

I placed the school wears in it before walking to the bathroom.



I dried my body while walking out of the bathroom.
I frowned when i saw the lady sitting on the bed smiling at me.

I ignored her and picked my wears then walked back to the bathroom.
I placed the towel on the rail and started dressing up.
Dad should have told her i don’t talk to strangers..I don’t know who she is, even if i knew her..it will be so difficult to say anything.
I’ve gotten so used to not speaking to people,i love it that way.
I finished dressing up and walked back to my room.
She’s gone!
I repacked my hair and then picked the paper bag containing my school wears,i selected a pair of pink slippers from the shoe rack,i slipped my feet into it and walked out of the room.

I walked straight to Dad’s room but noticed he isn’t in.
He might be in the living room.
I quickly descended the stairs, I’ve missed him.
I got to the living room in two minutes but didn’t find him there also.

I sighed and dropped the paper bag on the couch beside my backpack.
I turned and saw him emerging from the kitchen with a cupcake in hand.

“Daddy” I screamed happily and rushed to hug him.
He dropped his cupcake and carried me up high for two seconds and quickly dropped me complaining how his hands hurt.
I laughed..
“You’ve added so much weight” He pecked my cheeks.
I giggled and hit his chest playfully.

“Remember I’ve not forgiven you completely” I said faking a frown .
“Anel,I’m sorry” He said.
“Just joking” I pinched his nose and ran to the living room.
He ran after me and we both sat on the couch and faced each other.

“Dad,did you know i already started Makers high school today?” I asked.
“Yes i know,i was about asking you that,so did you love my school?” He grinned and i smirked.
“Kinda,it’s beautiful and the teachers are sound.. that’s all” I said and collected the cupcake he was stretching to me.
I took a bite and it tasted nice.

“I hope you’re aware that if you go against the school rules, you’ll be strictly punished” He said.
“Yeah, I’ll be careful not to go against the rules” I said.
“And please don’t beat up anyone or break their heads okay?” .
I nodded but stopped halfway..”I will do that if they get close to me,but I’m sure they won’t..I’ve given them a clear warning”

“Com’on Anel when will you stop this?” He asked worriedly.
“Dad I’m not stopping it…i need more cupcake” I said.
“Just try to associate with everyone and you’ll find it real fun” He said.
“No Dad,i don’t wanna mingle with anyone” I said.

“Mara always wanna be friends with everyone,she plays and laughs with everyone.. people loved her so much” Dad said sadly.
“And that was the reason she died early” I said.
“What do you mean?” Dad asked.
“If only she had been on her own without any friend, without any damn person who pushed her into that grievous act which made me motherless” I sniffed and dad pulled me into his arms.

Even as mean as i am,I’m so emotional..i break down easily.

“Friends are betrayals and I’m not gonna have any till i die” I said starting to cry.
“It’s okay Anel” he patted my back.
He cleaned my tears my tears and started tickling me.
I laughed and begged him to stop, hitting his chest and dragging his hair.
He finally stopped and my laughter died down slowly.

“Dad you nearly killed me” I giggled.
“Sorry princess,i had to make sure you’re happy again” He said.
“I’m hungry,order pizza” I said.
“There’s homemade meal, haven’t you met Claire?” He asked.

“Ohh…the lady i saw in the kitchen earlier,is she your cook?” I asked.
“No she’s not” He said.
“Your girlfriend?” I asked and he nodded slowly.
“Good thing you finally got a girlfriend after all this years… Lucky her” I said.
“Thanks,so would you like to say hi to her?” Dad asked.

“Dad! You know i won’t and i can’t…” I said.
“But she’s my girlfriend,she’s no stranger” Dad said.
“Of course i know but I’m not saying hi to anyone” I said.
“Com’on Anel,she just told me she said hi to you but you ignored her” He said.

“Ohh..she told you that? Did she also told you she came to my room? ” I asked.
“No,but you have to say hi to her,she’s sad,she thinks you don’t approve of her..she didn’t know that’s your lifestyle” He said.
“Okay.. I’ll just make things clear to her then” I said and stood up.

Dad followed me as i walked to the kitchen.
I got there and met Claire resting on the counter,she looked worried but smiled on seeing me.
“Hi Asanel”
“Well..I’m sorry but dad should have told you that i don’t speak to people outside my family circle,i approve of your relationship with dad..I’ve always wanted him to get someone and I’m glad he did,a beautiful one at that..” I said and she smiled wider but i didn’t return the smile.
Why should i?

“So, please deal with me not speaking to you,i might start talking to you if you get married to my dad but for now I’m sorry” I said and walked to the freezer.
I opened it and brought out a bottle of water with a glass cup.

I walked back to the living room and placed the water on the table,i picked the remote control and turned on the TV,it came on and i started watching Opera.
I poured some water into the glass cup and gulped half of it.

I checked the wall clock..
“Dad I’ll be leaving soon” I said loudly.
“Won’t you eat anything? He asked.
“You didn’t offer me anything” I said.
“I’m sorry, come over to the dining.. Claire just finished preparing lunch” He said.

I sighed and stood up…


“What about the things you bought for me?” I asked Dad after i finished eating lunch.
“Come with me” He winked and i grinned.
We both climbed the stairs to his room.

We got in and he opened the wardrobe.
I sat on his bed and played with the bedside lamp.

“Ta da” Dad said and i turned to see a beautiful sapphire gown with a silver handbag and silver shoes.
I screamed in joy and ran into his arms making him drop all the things he held.

That personal gown has been my dream, i saw it online and told Dad i wanna wear it for my birthday,i didn’t know he’s gonna get it for me,with beautiful handbag and shoes.
I’m just so happy right now.

“Thanks so much Dad,I love you” I pecked his cheeks and hugged him tighter.
“You like it?” He asked.
“I love it” I smiled and picked the gown…it’s more beautiful in reality,then the shoes and handbag…OMG.

“It’s remaining one thing” He said and opened his shelf bringing out two boxes of chocolate.
“I love you Dad” i screamed and took the boxes from him.
I’m addicted to chocolate,i don’t think i can survive a day without eating chocolate.

I opened the boxes and unwrapped two chocolates,i threw it in my mouth and chewed happily.
Dad gave me a funny look and i laughed and threw one chocolate at him.
He caught it, unwrapped it and chewed it.

“I’m not the only chocolate addict” I teased.
“I’m a chocolate lover not an addict like you” Dad said.
“That’s the only thing I’m gonna admit,so how was Venice?” I asked.
“Venice was great,i didn’t wanna leave.. everything is so beautiful. I plan on relocating there soon” He said and i frowned.

“Just joking” He laughed.
“Will you take me there during my holiday?” I asked.
“That will still be a longgg way but i will” He said.
“I promise” He said and held his chest before bowing.
I laughed and started packing the gown,shoes and bag.


“Bye Asanel” Claire said.
I nodded and walked out of the house with my two boxes of chocolate and the paper bag containing my school wears.
I stood beside dad’s car waiting for him to come out.



“Dad won’t you come in ?” I asked after he dropped me in front of the house.
“No Anel,I’ll come in some other time” He waved.
“I’ll give you a call” I waved back.
“Bye princess”
“Bye prince” I said and we both laughed before he drove off.

I stood there thinking of how to carry all this things in.

The gate opened and Ana jumped out.
I quickly hid my chocolates.
“Mum told me to come help you with you the loads you brought and don’t bother hiding that chocolate,i already saw it” She grinned with a wave of hand.

“Aaaargh” I sighed, knowing I’ll have to share this chocolate with this girl.


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