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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 51

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 51

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Good!” I murmured as i watched the two fat girls beat Karissa.

How could someone be that mean.
I was having my lunch when my eyes darted to maniac’s table.

I don’t actually know the reason i looked at his at that moment.
I felt so furious when i saw what was going on.
I so much hate bully and mockery,i rushed down to their table and smashed my pie on Karissa’s face before slapping her.

Travis is so lucky that i didn’t give him a share of what he deserved the moment he told me to stop.
He’s a stupid school prefect who watches students get bullied and not do a thing about it.

“Mrs Olive requires your presence,the four of you should come with me” Travis said in a stern tone.
The students walked away from the scene and Karissa stood up from the floor in tears.
“You’re gonna regret this i swear down!” She yelled and barged out of the cafeteria.

The girls followed,then i and Travis,we were all walking to Mrs Oliver’s office.
I slapped Travis hand off my back, stopped walking and glared at him.
“You crazy?” I asked.
“I can make you skip the punishment,it’s up to you to decide” He licked his lips.

Eww! Irritating!

“You must be crazy,if you dare lay your filthy hand on me,i swear down.. I’ll beat you up in this hallway” I said and he flinched.
I walked faster to join the rest who were already standing in the front of Mrs Oliver’s office.


“Fighting is prohibited in this school,what was the cause of the fight?” Mrs Oliver asked sternly.
We were in her office standing in front of her desk,Travis sat at a corner watching us, giving me some eye treatment in the process.

“I was eating with my friends,then suddenly this two fat pigs started beating me up” Karissa said.

“You can lie all you want..Mrs Oliver i wanna ask something” i said.
“Go ahead” She said.
“Is bully and mockery legalized in this school?” I asked.
“Of course not” She answered and adjusted her eye glass.

“You two go ahead and tell Mrs Oliver what Karissa has been doing to you both” I said to the girls.
“Karissa has always bullied us since we resumed this school, she’ll ask us to kneel without any reason,hit us and mock us..”
“Really?” Mrs Oliver asked.
“I..it was not intentional” Karissa said.
“Will you shut up” Mrs Oliver barked at her “You know what you were doing is prohibited in this school and you still went ahead to do it,what sort of audacity is that!”

“I’m sorry” Karissa said and shot me a glare.
“we were infuriated and stood up to her today,leave her out of it..she knows nothing” One of the fat girls said and pointed to me.
“Im involved in it,i was actually the one who ordered them to beat her up” I said.

“Yeah…” I said.
“Well…you all went against the law of the school but you’ll be spared because you’re a newbie,when next you try such..you’ll be punished according to the decree..you may leave” She said and i nodded.

“Travis,put this three in detention” Mrs Oliver said.
I sighed and walked out of the office.
I’m glad the two girls taught Karissa a lesson.
They should beat her more in the detention.

I walked towards the class cause it seems the cafeteria light is already off.
I opened the door and stepped in to meet dozens of eyes on me.

They murmured as i made my to my seat.
I sat looking out of the window,i really love looking at this garden and I’m gonna make sure i go there soon.
I unzipped my backpack and brought out my phone to take some pictures of the beautiful garden.

“Phone isn’t allowed in the class” I heard a voice said.
Who else but handsome maniac,he’s the only one sitting beside me.
I don’t need to turn but he deserves a glare.
I turned and glared at him, hissing in the process.

“If only you know how ugly you are when glaring” He said but i wasn’t moved by his words,i know he’s trying to make me talk to him which will not even be in the next life to come.
But damn! He’s the first person that ever say that to me.

Whatever…I took few pictures of the garden and was about dropping my phone when a teacher walked in.

“Hey! Stand up, phones are prohibited in class” He said.
The students turned to me .

I stood up.

“Well…I wasn’t aware of that” I lied.
Maniac told me and i also read it during my research but this garden is too beautiful to be ignored.

“You were not aware? Didn’t you went through the school rules and regulations?” He asked.
“Yeah..i resumed yesterday actually”
“You’ll be pardoned because you’re a newbie but the next time you try such, you’ll be punished” He said.
“And you’re gonna be answering all the questions in class today” He added.

“Fine by me” I shrugged and sat down.


👩‍👩‍👦 isn’t she aware that Mr Jones questions are always difficult.

👩‍👩‍👦Serves her right.

👩‍👩‍👦I can’t wait to see her looking lost.

👩‍👩‍👦She’s definitely gonna talk to everyone once she fails to answer the questions.

My face remained stoic as Mr Jones started teaching.
He threw questions at me and i gladly answered.
He asked questions outside the scheme of work and i think i disappointed him by answering everything correctly.

Everyone gazed at me in astonishment…

“That was quite impressive” He said.
“It was totally impressive” A student said and the students chorused in agreement.

None of my concern though…I can’t wait to go home.
This school drama is something else.
“Goodbye class” He said and walked out of the class, after giving me a long look.

👩‍👩‍👦 That was impressive.

👩‍👩‍👦No new student have been able to answer Mr Jones questions.

👩‍👩‍👦You did quite well.

👩‍👩‍👦Can you please be my friend,I’ll do anything you want.


I didn’t answer any of them,i placed my head on my desk instead, humming.
I felt like singing aloud but i only do that when I’m at home.
I was told i have a very nice voice and i kinda believe it.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and quickly shrug off the hand in anger.
“Don’t you ever touch me again” i said raising up my head.
I met a girl standing before my table,i recognize her as one of the girls who normally eat with Maniac.

“I’m sorry but i just wanted to update you” She said.
“Aren’t you aware that i want no one to talk to me,no one should come closer to me. I hate it!” I half yelled.
“I’m sorry,but you might not know that there is after class activ….”
“Get away from my table,i know all that already”

I placed my head back on the desk feeling so pissed.
I took my phone and began going through pictures,i stopped at my mum’s.
I quickly wiped the tears that dropped from my eyes.

Mum why aren’t you here with me?

_________🌺School over🌺________

I arranged my books in my backpack and stood up,i hung the backpack over my shoulders and stepped out of my seat.
I noticed other students were not standing up or getting ready to leave.

“I thought you were aware that there is after class activities today?”Maniac said.
I don’t just get the reason he feels so bold to talk to me even after i clearly warned everyone not to speak to me.

He’s gonna back off once i break his head.

I ignored him and started walking out of the class.
They all watched me and i saw some trying to tell me about the after class activities but it seems they heed to my warning.


I should have sat down and wait for after class activities but i don’t want him to get that satisfaction that he made me stay.

I know i can’t leave for home now.
The gatekeeper will definitely not open the gate for me.
I should have just let down my pride and sat down in class.

Damn!…when did i start rethinking my actions.
Com’on Anel, remember you don’t care about anything or anyone.

I got to the school main compound and truly no student is out except me.
The gatekeeper is at his duty post basking in the sun.

I looked around and sighed,why is this school looking boring.
I miss Neltodine high school.

I should tour round the school.

I started by walking to the edge of the school building,i saw a corner which i walked into.
I saw a football field,next is a basketball’s.

I peered into the window of the school’s laboratory and shook my head.
Science isn’t my dream.

I don’t have a dream,cause most of what I’ve thought of involves dealing with people and i don’t want to deal with people.
I rather stay home after im done with school.

I cornered another doorway.
There i saw some beautiful artworks,most of them were placed in transparent glasses,one caught my attention,it’s looking exceptional and beautiful.
It’s a drawing of two students holding one book.

I touched it and smiled,i don’t know the reason I’m smiling but i found myself smiling.
The drawing gave me some indescribable feeling.

I checked the rear for the name of the artist;

Bryan Shaw!

Wow,the famous artist that hates popularity.
No one except his manager knows where he lives or works.
Contracts are being handed to his manager,he does not want to be seen.

Though his pictures are everywhere but that’s not like having a direct access to him.
He’s striking handsome…just like the older version of handsome maniac and ..why did i just thought of that dude!

There are rumors that Bryan shaw might be a ghost but i don’t believe it.
He might just be this calm person who cherish his privacy cause once people find out about where he lives then the press will make his house their abode.

I like him even if it’s rare for me to like someone outside my family circle but this man broke the yoke.
Someone like him should be so proud and show up at almost everywhere but this man proved many people wrong, by remaining humble which made me like him more.

If there’s one of the things i like most then it should be ‘humbleness’.

And i think i found that in handsome maniac..
I expected him to be arrogant because of his look but i didn’t notice such in him,he should be the one to be arrogant not that fool called Travis.
I’ll make sure i end up breaking his head one of these days.

I clicked my tongue when i noticed I’ve been standing here for minutes.
I admired other paintings also before walking out of the doorway thinking of where next to head to.

I sighted a short passageway and i stood at the entrance deliberating if to go in or stay back.
I decided to go in,this might be the only chance I’ll get cause after school activities only comes once in a week.

The passageway is short so I got to the end in seconds.
I opened the door and gasped at the sight in front of me.

The garden!

I held myself from screaming in excitement.
I breathed in fresh air as i stepped on the grass.
A feeling gripped my body but i managed to shrug it off.

Here’s the garden i’ve always seen from the window.
I exclaimed and quickly shifted back looking for my classroom window.
I sighted it from a distance, expecting to see maniac staring at me cause he’s the only one after me that’s closer to the window but it seems he’s not on seat.

I ran stealthily to the window, peeped in and surprisingly none of the students were in class.
They’ve all gone for their After class activities.

I finally let out a scream of excitement, turned and ran round the garden.

It’s so beautiful and wide,the grass is looking well treamed and clean,beautiful flowers popped from different direction.
There were short trees around the metal chairs.

I dropped my backpack and plucked a rose flower before sitting on one of the metal chairs.
I scent it… Wow!
Natural scent.

I giggled happily as breeze blew across my face and hair loosening my packed pontsplait.
I left it that way.

Gardens should be counted among the things i love,its just so sad there’s none in my house.

I began singing ‘Stand by me’ by Fallen angels.
I feel happy…

I stood up from the chair and sat my butt on the grass then laid on in with my hands crossed on my stomach.
I giggled and raised my legs high in the hair.

The cool breeze was irresistible and i don’t know how i ended up falling asleep.


“You’re a jerk for stopping me!”

Why do you wanted to do that?” I heard from my sleep, i was forced to open my eyes.
I sat up when i noticed i was still in the garden.

I checked the time on my wrist watch and sighed,time isn’t fast gone like i thought.

“Hey! Why are you here while others are performing their after class activities” I heard a familiar voice said,i tilted my head and saw Travis and handsome maniac standing and why is his lips broken?
None of my business though.

Ohh…they own the voices i heard earlier.

“You’ll be punished for doing that,now come with me” Travis said.
I stood up and dusted my skirt.
I ignored him, picked my backpack and started walking out of the garden but not without plucking some flowers.

My eyes met with maniac’s,i felt like glaring at him but i didn’t.
I wonder what they were both doing here in the first place.
Did they have a fight?
Is that the reason maniac’s lips is broken?

“Come back here” Travis yelled after me.
I finally walked out of the garden.


I sat alone in the living room,munching a donut.
I got back from school some minutes ago..
They’ve all went to the park,i don’t feel like going today..I’m a bit stressed and need to rest, besides i don’t want piercing stares.

The hot chocolate on the donut dripped on my black shorts,i wiped it off with a finger,its just a tiny drop.
I continued eating, watching the uninteresting movie.
I’ll go change it soon.
I just need to finish my donut and ice cream.

I dropped the remaining donut on the flat plate and picked my plate of ice cream..i uncovered it.
I used the spoon to scoop some in my mouth.

Wow… Strawberry flavor is the best!

I was about scooping another when i heard a knock on the door.
Are they back?
They should have their own key. Besides,the door is not locked and they don’t knock before rushing in so it must be the gatekeeper.

What the hell does he want?

I dropped my plate of ice cream,covered it and stood up.

I walked to the door and pulled it open.

“What do y.. Milana!” I screamed and jumped into her open arms.

💞Dan’s POV 💞

I found myself smiling as i scrolled through beautiful psycho’s pictures.


I walked back into the class to pick my sketchbook.
We were about starting our after class activity,when i noticed i wasn’t with my sketchbook.
I joined the art class of course.

I was unzipping my backpack when i heard someone giggle,i ignored it until i heard a melodious voice singing, ‘Stand by me’ by Fallen angels.
It was coming from the garden.
‘Have the musical class moved to the garden?’ I thought and turned.

I shifted closer to the garden and saw the most beautiful female in Makers high school sitting in the garden.
My heart did a double turn as i watched her sing,her long black hair is free of hairband,it flowed along with the breeze.

Not only is she beautiful, she’s intelligent and also have a nice voice.
She’s looking so happy and like i said before.
If she smiles, people are gonna melt internally.
She has never smiled in my presence before except now.

Her smile is so pure and contagious cause i found myself smiling too.
But when next will i see her in this vibe?
Maybe never!

I quickly opened my backpack and brought out my phone.
I took several shots of her and stopped,i quickly dodged when she stood up from the chair.

I saw her sat on the grass before laying on it.
She raised up her legs and giggled.
I quickly took that shot,it looked funny and i laughed but quickly silenced myself.

Her hair was sprawled on the grass, lifting gently with the aid of the breeze.
I took two more shots and smiled in satisfaction.

Damn! How could i forget the sketchbook i came to pick,even at that; I don’t wanna stop staring at her but i have to, and it seems she’s also falling asleep.

I turned and walked closer to my backpack.
I dropped my phone back there and picked my sketchbook,i zipped my backpack and decided to take one last look at her before walking out of the class but i was alarmed when i saw Travis walk into the garden.

He got closer to her and smiled,he bent and trailed his hand to her skirt,he was about lifting it up when i stopped him with a shout.
He looked up and saw me,his face grew furious.

I quickly ran out of the class, heading straight to the garden.

What was he trying to open her skirt for?
What an insolent act.
Travis is a bad guy to the core,i won’t allow him mess with psycho.
This isn’t the first time he’s doing such.

I got there and walked towards him,he already stood up.

I watched the sleeping beauty who’s even more beautiful on a closer look.

I glanced back at Travis but was met with a hard punch on my lips,i staggered back and swallowed the little blood that spilled into my mouth.
I know my lips is broken already, that won’t stop it from looking cute though.

I wiped the blood away from my lips with my pullover.
I expected this.

“You’re a jerk for stopping me!” Travis growled.

“Why do you wanted to do that?” I asked.
He tightened his fist and i know i should be ready for another punch but I’m ready to dodge it this time.

But psycho suddenly sat up which made him stop.

“Hey! Why are you here while others are performing their after class activities” He said to her.
She tilted her head and glanced at us.

“You’ll be punished for doing that,now come with me” Travis said.
She stood up and dusted her skirt, ignoring him.
She picked her backpack,plucked some flowers and started walking out of the garden.

Our eyes met and i thought she’ll glare at me but she didn’t.

“Come back here!” Travis yelled after her.
She walked out of the garden and i held my brewing laughter.
She ignored him like he’s nothing..a whole son of a billionaire..haha😂

“Dan…let’s go” I heard Jacq said from the window.
Wow..the after class activities is over,this is my first time of missing it and it’s all because of beautiful psycho but I’m glad i have something to console me.

I glanced at Travis who stood rooted to the spot, looking pained.
I finally let out my laughter before walking out of the garden to meet Jacq.

👅End of flashback👅

“Ouch” I said, holding my back.
I turned and saw Michael laughing,with a big spoon in his hand.

Damn! He actually hit my back with that.

“Mum has been calling you for some minutes,but you were staring at your phone so i thought you needed a spoon lash…” He laughed.

I stood up but he already ran away before i could get hold of him.



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