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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 52

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 52

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“OMG Milana!” I smiled after we disengaged from the hug,i ushered her in, carrying her box.
“Asanel” She smiled brightly and i felt jealous of her beauty.
I always thought I’m so beautiful but where does my beauty stand beside milana’s.. anyway I’m glad she’s here.

She’s wearing a yellow tank top with black leggings filled with glitters, yellow sneakers and black shoulder bag.
Looking stunning!

I closed the door and we both walked to the couch.
We sat down.

“I wasn’t aware you were coming” I said.
“Well..yeah,I’m just here to spend few days,mehn! The press already found my residence at Mexico and wouldn’t let me rest,i had to sneak out at midnight with my manager,we lodged in an hotel till this morning,i took the next available flight here” She said tiredly and i quickly passed my melting ice cream to her.
She smiled and took it.

“Wow! So you mean Mum is not also aware of your coming?” I asked.
“Yeah she’s not… i came here for two reasons” She said and scooped some ice cream in her mouth.
“Let me guess” I smiled.
“Go ahead…”

“First, because of the press”
“Yes you got that,and second?” She asked.
“There’s a movie to shoot at Paris” i guessed.
“You got it right” She said and i laughed.

“But seriously,if there was no movie to shoot,you wouldn’t have come?” I asked.
“Hmm…i was planning to come visit you,but you should know how busy i get, going to different countries for film making” She said and i nodded.

“I’ve missed you,i actually thought of you few days back” I said.
“Why didn’t you give me a call?” She asked.
“Like you’ll be the one to pick up,your manager always do that and you know how much i hate talking to people”

“Anel you need to change,that’s not nice” Mil said.
“Let’s not talk about that Mil,so how’s Mexico?” I asked.
“Great as always,but the press there are crazy,just like ants on a lollipop” She said and i laughed.

“So how did you get here without people seeing you?” I asked.
“I was disguised in my sunglass and scarf,some people wanted to take the hint but i was way smarter and i already ordered my Lexus to be brought down to Paris before i got there, so i just took a short walk to where my Lexus is parked.
I dropped my manager in flourish hotel and drove down here” She explained.

“Ohh…i sometimes feel for celebrities cause they just have to hide most of the time” I said.
“Exactly, but it has a lot good sides..”
“Yeah,i sometimes wonder how it’ll feel like to be a celebrity,tell me how you do feel like” I smiled.

“Here goes you and your questions” She said and we both laughed.
“You can’t be a celebrity if you don’t wanna relate with people,you have to talk to a lot of pe..” She was saying but i cut her short.

“Let’s leave that..” I said and she sighed.
“You don’t like me talking about that. Anel,i know the reason you’re doing all this but you just have to let it go, don’t you feel bored at times…not having friends is a boring lifestyle” She said.

“Boring? Hell no! Not having friends even made me learn to enjoy my own company,I’m never bored. I started living like this for the past eight years and I’ve gotten used to it…” I said.
“You’re doing all this because of your Mum right?” She asked and i nodded with tears clouding my eyes.

“Anel,your mum is long gone,do you think she’ll be happy to see you being a loner,from what I’ve heard..your Mum is a friendly person who talks to almost everyone…”
“And that was the reason she died early” I said and let out my tears.

“She had friends who made her got into a mess,she was manipulated and pushed by this so called friend,she did it for a damn guy who couldn’t love her back and she ended up dieing in the process while they are still alive enjoying their lives” I said slowly in pain.

“Anel,you don’t have to put the blame on anyone,your mum wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t want to…”
“If she also didn’t have any friend,all this wouldn’t have happened,she wouldn’t have followed anyone to any granny’s place” I said and collected the hankie Mil handed to me.

I cleaned my tears…

“Just let all this go,thank goodness you don’t know the people you believed cause your mum’s death…I can’t even imagine what you would have done to them. Uncle Liam did a good job by not revealing them to you” She said.
“You know them right?” I asked and she nodded.
“Just tell me,i promise i won’t do anything” I lied.

Of course I’ll do something, setting their house ablaze is the least I’ll do!

“No way I’m telling you” She said.
“I know you won’t though” I sighed.
“Liam never wanted you to know or meet them,that was the reason he made you all relocate from where you were staying before your Mum died as i was told by Reiya” She said.

“I’ve asked several times but no one is willing to disclose their identity to me and Liam warned me not to ask again,Even dad was not willing to disclose it to me and it was then i backed off” I said.
Speaking of dad,he hasn’t call me today.

“Those people might really care about you,they might have tour the whole of this Paris for you not knowing you guys are staying in this hidden street” She said.
“Why should they care about me? They would probably be happy that im outta sight” I said.

“Well..who knows,all i want is for you to change,Anel,i know a lot of people that’ll be willing to be your friend,just give them a chance..not everyone is like your mum’s friends” She said.
“Do you know i already started another school” I smiled trying to wave off the talk she was trying to bring up.
No one can convince me on this.

“All right,you succeeded in dismissing my discussion..so what the name of your new school” She asked.
“Makers high school” I smiled.

Why the hell am i smiling?

“Isn’t that the school your mum attended?” She asked and i nodded.
“Wow!” She exclaimed…”you seem to like the school” She added.
“Why do you think i do?” I asked.
“Your cheeks were filled with smiles when you talked about it” She said.

“Really?..well,i didn’t smile because of the school. I just thought it’s nice to smile at the moment” I lied.
Damn! I’m gradually becoming a professional liar.

“But you don’t normally think it’s nice to smile when you talk about Neltodine high school” She said.
“Well the schools are different… Neltodine high school is filled with jerks and perverts who wants their heads broken all the time! But Makers high school is different,i like the school a bit” I said.

“So have you broken anyone’s head in Makers high school?” She asked.
“Mm…no! But i plan on doing that soon,there’s this crazy thing who’s getting on my nerve,i just had to give him more time cause i resumed the school just yesterday” I said.

“Hmm” She sighed.
“You look stunning as usual” I said.
“Thanks,you also look more beautiful” She said.
“How’s fallen angels?” I asked.
“Mum and dad are fine, Ive decided not to sign any film contract after this,i want to spend more time with them” She said.

“What of your sibling Scott?” I asked.
“He’s fine, he’ll be graduating from high school soon” She smiled.
Just like mil,Scott is also breathtaking.
I saw him once when i was on holiday at fallen angel’s.

“Oh..my.. bad! What do you wanna take?” I asked.
“I took something in the plane already,but i think i need more ice cream” She said and dropped the empty plate of ice cream.
“Okay” I said and walked to the kitchen.
I opened the freezer and brought out two covered plates of strawberry ice cream,one for me and one for Mil.

Ah! I’ve forgotten the flavor she likes..
“Mil, which flavor do you want?” I asked loudly.
“Vanilla” She said and i returned a plate of ice cream and replaced it with vanilla.

I closed the freezer and walked out of the kitchen with the plates of ice cream in my hand.

I got to the living room and met mil on her iPad,she dropped it when she saw me approaching,i handed her ice cream to her and caught a glimpse of what displayed on the screen of her iPad.

Bryan Shaw!

I smiled and dropped my ice cream.
“Do you want him to draw or paint for you?” I asked Mil who i think look uneasy.
I picked the iPad and stared at Bryan Shaw’s pictures.
“Uh..mm..n.. Yes” She said.

I also want him to draw for me,i badly want a piece of his work but Liam is always giving excuses anytime i tell him.
I’m gonna get one myself one of these days.

“I like him so much,he looks so calm and humble” I said.
“You mean you like him?” Mil asked and i nodded and continued scrolling through his other pictures.

Mil suddenly jerked the iPad from my hand.
I looked at her in surprise..
“Sorry Anel,i totally forgot,i need to call my manager now for the time I’ll arrive at the film location tomorrow” She smiled.

“Ohh.. okay” I said and sat back on the couch and uncovered my ice cream.
I noticed the uninteresting movie was still playing.
I picked the remote control and changed the movie while mil was on phone with her manager.

She dropped her iPad and i turned to face her,glad she already finished the almost everlasting call.
“So you want Bryan Shaw to draw for you? Can you make him draw and paint for me also? I’m gonna pay for it” I said.

“Uhm.. actually,the director of the movie said we might use one of Bryan Shaw’s art for the movie we’ll be shooting,but when i called my manager now,she informed me that the director already changed his mind” She said and i sighed sadly.

“Okay” I breathed and scooped some ice cream into my mouth.
“Do you want a piece of his work that bad?” She asked.
“Yes i do” I said..
“I can’t believe you like Bryan Shaw” She said.
“Why shouldn’t i?,is there a reason i shouldn’t?” I asked.

“Of course no! Like him all you want and I’ll try to get you a piece of his work” She said and i dropped my ice cream and shifted closer to hug her.
I pecked her happily…

“I’m honored to be sitting with the world’s famous, youngest actor and model” I teased and we both laughed.
“My pleasure” She said with a fake arrogance and we laughed more.

We talked on and on,till the door open.
The whole family bursted in and Ana screamed on seeing Mil,then rushed into her arms.

🌺🌺 Dinner 🌺🌺

We all sat round the table having our dinner mum prepared..
Mil is already freshened up.

“How’s Mig and Vin?” Mum asked Mil.
“They are fine” She said.
“What of Scott?” Liam asked.
“They are all fine, Scott will be graduating from high school soon” She smiled.

“Wow,that’s an achievement” Granny said.
“Liam” I called.
“Huh?” He turned to me.
“My birthday is drawing near,can i ask for a gift?” I asked.
“Of course you can,I’ll do anything for you” He said and i sighed.

“Okay,i want one of Bryan Shaw’s drawing of me” I said and noticed they all dropped their spoon.
“Bryan Shaw?” Mum asked.
“Yes Mum,he’s so good at what he does. I like him” I said.

“So.. Liam that’s what i want,you said you’ll do anything for me” I said.
He didn’t answer,he rather stared at me.
“Uhm… everyone is done eating,Anel go wash the dishes” Mum said.
“Liam, won’t you say something? Should i consider that as a yes” I said hopefully.

“Anel go and wash the dishes” Granny also said.
“When did you start pestering me to go wash the dishes? Anyway,i will go wash it” I said and stood up.
I packed the dishes and headed to the kitchen.


I sat on my bed and stared into space.
I don’t feel like sleeping yet,i began fondling my necklace singing softly…

💞Dan’s POV💞

I stared at her pictures, smiling.
I just had my night bath,I’m about to sleep but i don’t feel like sleeping yet.
I remembered her pictures and decided to scroll through it.

I laughed at the one she held her legs high in the hair.
She look more beautiful when smiling.
She resumed just yesterday!.
Why is her pictures on my phone.
That proud psycho.

I’m just gonna delete everything right now.
I made to delete the pictures but i just couldn’t.

I placed my phone on the bedside table and drew the blanket closer to my chest.


I walked out of my room after i was done dressing for school.
I got to the living room and met Dad, sipping a cup of coffee while going through his art book.
I smiled as i watched him.

“Dan” He called without turning.
I know he’s gonna notice my presence.
“Good morning Dad” I said and walked closer to him.
“How was your night?”
“Fine Dad,i have to quickly go take my breakfast..I’m running late” I said and hurried to the dinning.

My breakfast was placed on the dining,i saw the empty plate of Mike’s breakfast but he wasn’t there.
I walked to the kitchen and didn’t see mum.

I walked back to the dining.
“Dad where’s Mum and Mike?” I asked.
“They are both in her room,she’s dressing up for work” Dad said.
“Okay..i better eat fast”

I dropped my backpack and started eating.


“Bye” I waved to mum and Mike as i alighted from the car.
“Bye” they waved back before Mum drove off.

I showed my school identity card before the gatekeeper allowed me in.

I walked straight to the class knowing I’m a bit late.
I was right,when i walked into the classroom and saw teaching has commenced.

“Good morning Mrs Carde” I greeted.
“Why are you late?” She asked.
“I’m sorry…” I was saying but got interrupted by the least person i expected.

“He’s not late, he has five minutes left,you were the one who came to teach earlier than your supposed time” Psycho said boldly with a stoic face.
Mrs Carde look surprised so as the students.
Sh..she actually defended me!

“Go to your seat” Mrs Carde said.
I smiled and walked to my sit,glad that psycho want to start talking to me.
I’m also ready to talk to her.

“Hi” I smiled when i got to my seat.
She didn’t turn to look at me nor answer.
“Thanks for saving me” I said but she didn’t act like she was the one i was talking to.

I thought she wanted to start talking to me.

I just feel like hitting her head right now for making me happy over nothing.

______🌺LUNCH BREAK🌺______

💞Anel’s POV💞

I sat alone on my chair in the cafeteria, eating and watching as students walked to and fro.

I’m pissed at myself for defending maniac in the morning.
I don’t just know how those words popped out of my mouth.

I sighed and stared at maniac’s table.
I caught his eyes and he quickly lowered his long natural lashes.
How did i see that?

He loves eating with that girl and Karissa.
I bet Karissa won’t dare bully anyone anymore,not when I’m here.
She has been sending glares my way and just like the Anel i am,i returned her glares back to her.

“Everyone, should order anything they want,im gonna pay for it” Travis shouted in the cafeteria.
The students shouted happily and ran to the counter.

I hissed and turned back to my meal.
I twisted the cap of my bottle water and gulped it down.
I sighed and cleaned my mouth.

I found my eyes going to maniac’s table again.
He was laughing at whatever Karissa was telling him.

His napkin fell and he bent to pick it.
I gasped when i sa..saw the fallen angel’s necklace drop from his neck.

It’s it!


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