JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 55

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 55

By Zeemah writes

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💞Kelly’s POV💞


I rubbed my forehead,a little bit pissed .
I wish i can take back what i said to Bryan.

I freaking know he’s not a killer,he didn’t kill Mara.. Ellen was the cause and Liam sent her out of the hospital immediately Bryan left.
But I’m disappointed in Bryan for running away.

He didn’t check on how we coped,he didn’t attend Mara’s burial..only to be back after a week and some days, requesting for me.
I had told him,i never want to see him again and it was since then we separated.

I admire Bryan greatly,he has become the great artist he always dream of.
You rarely see an artist better than Bryan, people craved for his arts alone.

I was not surprised Anel wanted a piece of Bryan’s art,many people do but i miss Bryan and wanted to hear his voice again.
Hearing his voice sparked my head and i remembered what he did after Mara’s death.
I couldn’t help but blow up.

I still love Mara and I’ll forever love her.
I didn’t date anyone till I met Claire.
She’s a beautiful lady,so cool and calm..
I saw a bit of Mara’s attitude in her and decided to give it a try,I’m gonna marry her if it works out.

It’s high time i forgot Mara but i can’t and i don’t think i will…ever!

“Kel” I heard Claire’s call,the bedroom door opened and she walked up to me.

She smiled and i returned it
“How are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine” I said.
“You look worried” She said.

I nodded and curved my arm around her neck.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” She asked and i hesitated.

If i don’t want to talk about it,she won’t bother or press me but i feel like letting out my mind.

I nodded “Yeah…it’s about Anel”
“What happened to her?” She asked worriedly.
She likes Anel but i don’t think my princess like her yet, Anel talks to the people she likes.

“She’s pissed i didn’t call for two days and has refused to see me” I said.
“Aw! Didn’t you tell her you misplaced your phone?”
“She didn’t give me the chance to,she requested for another thing”

“A piece of Bryan Shaw’s art”
“Wow! I also love Shaw’s art,his arts are the best and i have dozens of his artwork in my house” She smiled.
“Yeah…you only visited my house once and you were in a hurry,i didn’t get to show you around” She said.

“Why don’t you wanna get it for her?”
“Hmm…i don’t know how to” I lied.
“Com’on.. that’s not an excuse,you can just order it online or visit his gallery”

I faked a smile and nodded…

“Your smile isn’t real but it’s okay” She said to my surprise.
“You knew i faked a smile?” I asked and she laughed.
“Kelly have you forgotten I’m a psychologist” She said.

“Ohh..I have to be careful around you,you can read my mind at anytime” I said faking fear.
She laughed and i smiled.

“Don’t bother,I’ll get Anel one of Shaw’s art in my house,that might make her like me more” She said.
“Is there a need for that?” I asked.
“Of course,you said she’s craving for Shaw’s art.. it’ll be nice to get her one”

I sighed..

“Do you have a problem with Bryan Shaw?” She asked.
“No” I said.
“It’s obvious you’re lieing but you’ll open up to me when the time is right”
I didn’t respond..i only stared.

“So should i bring one for her,that’s the only thing that will make her talk to you”
I nodded.
“Yeah… I’ll call her to come get it tomorrow after school,trust me,she’s gonna fly over” I chuckled.

“Why don’t you get her some chocolate also”
“Thanks for that..i will” i said.

“Let’s go to the dining” She took my hand…

🌺Next Morning🌺

💞Anel’s POV💞

‘im not gonna talk to any of them,im just gonna eat my breakfast and take a cab to school’ I thought as i stood up from the bed to go on with my morning routine.

I opened the wardrobe and brought out my school wears.
I opened the drawer containing my undies and selected the ones i want.

I spread everything on the bed and reached for my black polished shoes.
I placed it beside the school wears and then sighed.

I walked into the bathroom, determined to brush and bath real quick.

I reached for my toothbrush and paste and then walked to the sink.
I applied a whole lot of toothpaste on my toothbrush,rinsed my mouth and started brushing.

I rinsed the foamy paste from my mouth and also rinsed the toothbrush.
I put it back in it’s place and headed to the bathtub..

I’m not using the shower today.

I slid my pajamas off my body and filled the bathtub with soapy water before getting in.


I sighed as i wrapped my towel round my body,then pulled out my shiny necklace.
I walked back to my room and started getting dressed for school.


I was done dressing for school,just have to style my hair.

I won’t style it in pontsplait,I’m pissed at granny also.

I packed my hair in a low ponytail and then grabbed my backpack.

I took one last look at myself and was about to walk out of my room when i heard my phone ring.

“Oh!” I turned realising i didn’t even put it in my backpack.
It’s on my bedside table.

I quickly walked to my bed to pick it up.
I hesitated and rolled my eyes when i saw its dad.

Who was i expecting to call me? No one has my contact except my family and Liam and co can’t possibly call me when we were under the same roof.

I picked my phone and watched it ring.
Should i receive it?
I was about receiving it when it disconnected.

I sighed and started walking to the door.
It began ringing again and this time i didn’t hesitate before receiving it.

📞 Princess” He called me i smiled.
Thank goodness he can’t see me,he believes I’m still pissed with him and i am!

📞Huh?” I maintained a harsh voice.

📞I know you’re pissed at me but you need to hear my explanation…

📞I’m pissed at you and what’s the explanation for not calling me for two days and when i called you,you didn’t pick up.

📞I misplaced my phone…

Really? Ah! I overreacted but i didn’t know it was that.


📞Yes princess, I’m sorry.

📞 Okay..I’m also sorry for overreacting,i never knew it was that.

📞Yeah…you still pissed at me?

📞A little.

📞 Ah!…i have something that’ll make you forgive me totally.

📞 What’s that?

📞A piece of BRYAN SHAW’S painting..

I held myself from screaming in excitement but couldn’t stop myself from grinning ear to ear.

📞Dad i love you, thank you Dad… should i come over now?”

📞Uh? Aren’t you going to school?

📞I am but i can quickly rush over” I grinned.

📞No, that’ll make you late for school, come over after school.

Ah! I feel like flying over already..

📞Okay Dad.

📞Have you forgiven me?


📞Wow! All because of Shaw’s painting?

📞Yes Dad and *glanced at the wall clock* I’m getting late for school.

📞Ohh…bye princess,see you soon.

📞Bye dad. I love you.

📞I love you too..

The call was disconnected and i raced out of my room happily.

Hearing I’m gonna get a piece of Bryan Shaw’s painting made me excited and it totally changed my mood.
I descended the stairs in smiles.

I’ve decided to also forgive everyone of them.
I’m just gonna act like nothing happened.

I got to the living room and greeted granny and Liam.

I headed to the dining room and met Ana devouring her breakfast.
She smiled as she saw me.

“You still pissed?” She whispered.
I shook my head,dropped my backpack and sat opposite her.
I remembered how she sneaked into my room last night with cookies through the adjoining door we both know about,no one is aware of the door between Ana’s room and i.

“Where’s mum?” I asked.
“She’s in her room, dressing for work… here’s your breakfast but you have to forgive me” She said.

“For what?” I asked knowing she has done something wierd.

“I’m eating half of your omlette” She grinned.

“What!” I exclaimed and opened my dish.



“Don’t bother picking me up,I’m going to Dad’s” i said to mum as i alighted in front of Makers high school.
“Okay Anel”

I waved at them and walked to the gate.
I heard the screeching of tires and i know she already drove off.

I showed the gatekeeper my school ID card before walking in.

Students were perambulating the school hallway staring at me as i walked to my classroom.

I opened the door to my classroom and walked in.

Another set of stares!

If stares could make one wealthy,no doubt i would have been the wealthiest teen.

I walked to my seat, maintaining a stoic face.

I dropped my backpack and sat down ignoring maniac who’s smiling like a jolly panda.
I helped him to the infirmary yesterday does not mean I’m already friends with him.

He should just stop smiling,i hate how cute he is.

“Hi” I heard, who else but maniac.
I unzipped my backpack and brought out a novel.
‘fortunes of the dead by Lynn hightower’

I’ve read half of it,it isn’t scary like i predict but i know it’s gonna get scary at some point.
I opened to where and stopped and continued reading.

“What’s the title of the novel?” Maniac asked,i ignored him once again and tried to continue reading but i couldn’t..my mind was on maniac.

“Fortunes of the dead by Lynn hightower” He read aloud.
“I’ve read it,it ended well but i was pained by the death of Alex rugger” He said.

Alex rugger died!

I held myself from asking more questions from maniac who wouldn’t quit staring at me.

I pretended to be reading the novel and was glad when a teacher came in.

“I have more of her novels,do you mind if i borrow you?” He asked.
The question was tempting but still i didn’t respond.

Anel! You need more of Lynn’s novels.

“Good morning class”…


I sat alone on my table eating my lunch.
I ordered pizza rolls and juice and I’m so enjoying it.

Students stared at me as they walked past my table.
I ignored most of them and yelled at those who wanted to sit with me.

Maniac isn’t in the cafeteria but his girlfriend and Karissa are and their table is filled already.
Isn’t he gonna have his lunch?

He should starve! Like i care.

I continued eating my steaming pizza rolls,i held myself from smiling as i remembered I’m gonna have a piece of Bryan Shaw’s art soon.
That means a whole lot to me.

💑Hi Daniel..” I heard the students said and found myself raising up my head like I’ve been expecting him.
He waved at them all and gave them a charming smile.

Where was he?

I watched him order his lunch and stood looking for where to sit.
I glanced back at my lunch, picked a pizza roll and shoved it in my mouth.

I chewed it, savouring the taste with my eyes closed.
I opened my eyes to pick my glass cup of juice when i noticed maniac was standing in front of my table with his tray of lunch in his hands.
I noticed more than half of the students is gazing at us.
“Can i sit please?” He asked.
“No!” I yelled.

“Please” he pleaded.
I noticed a faint bruise on his eyes.
He fought?

“Look around,you’ll find empty seats” I said.

“I have..it’s not my wish to sit with you cause i know you don’t like it but there are no seats anymore” He said.
“I know you’re trying to make me talk to you, don’t get on my nerves by doing that. Your girlfriend couldn’t keep a seat for you?”

He laughed and i felt a tingling in my stomach.

“Jacqueline is not my girlfriend,she’s a close friend of mine”
“I didn’t ask for details,i don’t care if she’s your girlfriend or not but you aren’t sitting here” I insisted.

“Please,there are three spare chairs here,my legs are aching already..just let me sit,you don’t have to talk to me” He said.
“I dont like people sitting with me” I said.

He sighed tiredly and turned around.

💑Daniel come over here.

💑There’s a spare chair?

💑I’ll give up my seat for you.

💑She won’t allow you sit.

💑She’s so mean.


“Sit” I found myself saying.
“Huh?” He widened his eyes.
“I won’t repeat myself” I said.

He smiled and quickly sat opposite me, placing his tray on the table.
The students exclaimed,a glare from me made them face their business.

“I allowed you sit because you said your leg was aching not for any other reason okay?”

He nodded and started eating.
He ordered pasta and chicken with a bottle of water.

The pasta looks delicious but I’m okay with my pizza rolls.
I’m gonna order pasta tomorrow..

“Do you want some?” He asked and i realised I’ve been staring at his pasta.
I felt a bit embarrassed.
“Face what you’re here for” I said harshly and continued eating my pizza rolls.

It has gotten warm and i didn’t enjoy it like i did earlier.

I drank my remaining juice in a gulp,cleaned my mouth and stood up.
“Hey” maniac said to me.
I walked out of the chair, ignoring him.

“You promised to walk me down to the infirmary” He said and i stopped and glanced at his plastered hand.
I nodded…”I’ll be waiting outside the cafeteria for five minutes..if it exceeds,then I’m going to class” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.


“Beauty, won’t you still speak?” The annoying nurse said.
She should just treat him and quit talking.
How can a nurse be this loquacious.

“Is that a bruise on your eyelid?” She asked maniac who nodded.
“What happened?”
“I hit my eyes on my desk” he said.
“It doesn’t look like so,this looks like a blow..did she hit you again?” She pointed.

I restricted the urge to slap life out of her.

“No she didn’t…” He said.

She turned and smiled at me and then turned back to maniac.
Geez! Is she going crazy.

She finally finished treating him and i didn’t wait for a second before walking out of the infirmary.
Tomorrow is the last day we’ll come here.

“Thanks” Maniac said as we were walking down the hallway.
I felt uncomfortable cause he was walking at my back probably staring at my butt!

I stopped walking and turned suddenly,but his gaze wasn’t on my butt,but on my hair.

“Walk forward” I said and he did.
We were about cornering the hallway when Travis appeared in front of us.

I walked past him but stopped and turned when i heard;

“My hit was so strong that it caused you a bruise and I’m sure it hurts badly” he laughed.

He was the one who hit maniac.

I grabbed his shirt and drew him closer.
He looked surprised and then smiled.

“I knew you’ll later come to me,I’m gonna squander my dad’s money on you and i promise i won’t cheat on yo..” I completed his statement with a blow on his eyes just like he did to maniac.
He groaned,and held his eyes..i know he won’t be able to see for some moment.

I turned to look at maniac who was staring at me,mouth opened.
“Let’s go” I said and he quickly jumped beside me with a smile almost holding my hand.

We walked away leaving Travis to groan in pain,just like he deserve.


I arranged my books into my backpack properly.
School is over for the day and i can’t wait to get to Dad’s place.

I hung my backpack over my shoulders and walked out of the classroom.
Students poured out from different classes and i had to pass by the wall to avoid clashing with anyone.


I got to the school gate and showed my school ID to the gatekeeper before walking out of the gate.

I was greeted by fresh air.
‘so good to be out of that damn school’

I walked farther before spotting a cab from a distance,i waved it to a stop and got in after telling the cab man the address.


I alighted in front of dad’s building and paid the cab man.
I knocked and waited for the gatekeeper to open the gate.

He did after few minutes..

I walked in, heading straight to the porch.
I pulled the door open and walked in.

“Dad” I called excitedly as i got to the living room.
I rushed to hug him when he emerged from the stairs.
“Princess” He kissed my forehead.

“Where’s the art?” I asked.
He sighed…”is that first thing you’ll ask of?”
“Sorry Dad,how are you?”
“I’m fine” He said.

“Claire is here?” I asked after perceiving some cakes flavor .
He nodded.
“Okay get me the art,i have to go” I said.
“It’s with Claire” He said.

“Asanel” I heard Claire called cheerfully.
She’s wearing an apron over a blue short gown,her hair is covered in hairnet and her cheeks are a little bit flushed.

“How are you?” She asked.
I looked at Dad and he gave me a pleading look to answer.

“I’m fine,dad said the art is with you,can i have it?” I asked.

I hate the way im loosening up so fast.
I don’t talk to anyone before no matter the circumstance.

“I got the art for you,I’m also a fan of Bryan Shaw and i have lots of his drawings”
“Yes…I hope you’ll come over to my house soon and check out everyone of them” She smiled and glanced at Dad.

I doubt i will ever do that.

She walked away only to be back with what I’ve always wanted.

Bryan Shaw’s art.

I screamed excitedly and rushed to her, grabbing it from her hands.
She seemed shocked but i cared less at the moment.

I focused my gaze on the art work and i had to stop myself from flying high.

The artwork is so beautiful,it’s a drawing and painting of a little garden with flowers sprouting from the grass,the body is made of sparkling transparent glass with Bryan Shaw inscribed on the edge.

It looked so real that i almost cried.
This is the first time i would be holding Bryan Shaw’s artwork and the feeling is undeniable.

“T..thanks Claire” I hugged her and she hugged me back tightly.
I pulled away from the hug and hugged the artwork close to my chest.

“Wow!” Dad exclaimed.
“I never knew you were a die hard fan,I’ll bring more for you” Claire said and i smiled.

She’s winning my heart slowly.

I didn’t take my gaze off the artwork for a long time.

“Anel” Dad called and i turned to him.
“You’ve been staring for too long” He said.
I chuckled…”Dad..I’m so happy,i finally got what i wished for”
He sighed and nodded.


“I’m leaving” I said..

“Come take some cupcakes with you” Claire said and hurried into the kitchen.
“You wouldn’t have gotten it for me if Claire hadn’t right?” I asked Dad.
“I was planning to before she offered to get it for you” he said.

I nodded and stared at the artwork waiting for Claire…


“Thank you Dad…I love you” I said as i alighted from Dad’s car.
“Enjoy your chocolate..bye” He waved and drove off.

I can’t wait to have my chocolates and also cupcakes,the smell is drifting from my backpack and i feel like getting into my room without walking.

I knocked the gate twice and waited for Gregory to open it.
The artwork is hugged tightly to my chest.
I’m not letting it go.

The gate was opened and i stepped in, walking fast to the door.

I pulled it open and walked in, closing it after me.

I walked into the living room and met everyone watching a movie.
Ana was asleep on granny’s laps.

“Hi everyone” i smiled.
“Anel,how are you?”
“I’m fine” I responded and peered at the movie they were watching.

Kdrama as always…

“You look happy and it seems you gat a gift” Mum said staring at the artwork in my hand.
I grinned and turned the artwork to them.

“Beautiful!” granny exclaimed.

“I finally got a piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork” I said excitedly.
Mum gasped and exchanged looks with granny.

Liam stood up slowly and walked towards me.
Granny dropped Ana and also stood after him followed by mum.

What’s wrong?

Liam grabbed the artwork from me and before i could say ‘J-a-c-k’ He has smashed it on the floor.

I was still for some moment not knowing what to do or say,all i could hear is my heart beating faster than the normal rate.
My eyes were clouded with tears as i stared at the broken pieces with tears in my eyes.
I bent slowly and started picking the broken pieces.

“Noooo!” I screamed in anger.


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