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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 56

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 56

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Noooo!” I screamed in anger and stood up.
I breathed in and out as i looked at Liam who’s not looking sorry about what he just did.

I cleaned my tears.

“Wh..why did you do that?” More tears rushed to my cheeks.
“I.. don’t wanna see anything from Bryan Shaw in this house,i told you that!” He half yelled.
“Is that the reason you broke it?” I asked.
“Oh..my… Liam,you shouldn’t have done that” Mum said.

“It doesn’t cost me a thing to stab you with what you just broke” I said angrily and they gasp.

“I hate you!” I cried as i picked the broken pieces.
My little palms couldn’t contain everything.
I was dropping it back on the floor when a piece tore through the flesh of my wrist.

I stifled a cry as i watched blood gushed out.
I held my wrist tightly and ran up stairs to my room.

I dropped my backpack on the bed and rushed into the bathroom,I turned on the faucet and rinsed the blood away but it kept gushing out,the wound is a bit wide and it’s so painful.

I walked back to my room when i couldn’t stop the blood with water.
I grabbed my first aid kit from the cabinet,sat on my bed and treated my wound just like the loquacious nurse did for maniac.

I can’t believe the artwork is gone.
I cried harder.

I returned my first aid kit and opened my wardrobe,i packed some of my clothes underwear and everything I’ll need into a medium sized bag,i zipped it.

I carried my backpack and also carried the bag in one hand,i grabbed an empty paper bag also.

I walked out of my room and headed down the stairs.
I got to the living room and met Mum,Liam and granny having a heated argument.

Ana stood at a corner crying…
I bent and packed the broken pieces carefully into the paper bag.

“Anel where are you going to?” Mum asked.
I walked to Ana and kissed her forehead,i opened my backpack and brought out three cupcakes and a box of chocolate.
I handed it to her and she grinned amidst tears.

“Where are you going to?” She asked.
“Dad’s” I said.
“Will you be back?” She asked already opening her chocolate.

I nodded, kissed her cheeks and stood straight.
I picked the paper bag containing the broken artwork and began walking to the door.

“Anel,where are you going to?” I heard granny asked.
I stopped but didn’t turn.

“Liam, would you let her leave!” Mum yelled at him.

I got to the door and opened it,only to bump into Milana.
She was smiling but her face grew worried when she saw me.

“Where are you going to?” She asked.
“Dad’s” I said.
“Did anything happened?”
I shook my head and walked past her, heading to the gate.

“Anel” She called after me but i didn’t respond.
Gregory opened the gate and i stepped out and quickly waved a cab to stop.

“Frost street, building 6” I said to the cab man before getting in with my luggage.
He drove off…

I alighted and paid the cab man.
I knocked on dad’s gate and the gatekeeper opened almost immediately,he looked surprised to see me.

I was here few hours ago only to be back with luggage.

I walked in and headed to the front porch.
I rang the doorbell.

Normally,I’ll just go in but i do things i don’t do, whenever I’m sad.
The door was opened by Claire who stared at me in surprise.

I stepped in and heard the door close behind me.
“Anel what’s wrong?” Claire asked.
I didn’t answer,she kept asking till we got to the living room.

I met Dad laying on the couch.

“Darling, Anel is here” Claire said and dad turned,he sat up when he saw me.
“What happened? What happened to your wrist?” He asked worriedly and stood up and started walking to me.

“Liam broke the artwork….”

He sighed as if knowing that would happen.
Claire gasp…”Really?
“I’m sorry the artwork is broken,I’ll save to my last penny to replace it for you” I said knowing the artwork costs a lot.

“No no no,you don’t have to replace it,i gave it to you and I’m not collecting it back, you didn’t treat your wound properly,it’s still bleeding” Claire said and held my wrist.
I let her..

“I knew he would” Dad said.
“You knew? and you couldn’t inform me,i would have hid it from him” I said.
“I’m sorry” Dad said.
“Does he have anything against Bryan Shaw?” I asked.

“Then why’s everyone acting crazy!” I said.

“I’m not going back to that house until he comes back to his senses” I said and jerked my wrist from Claire, walked to the stairs.

I got to my room and dropped my backpack and bag on the floor beside the bed.
I pulled off my shoes and popsock and sat on the bouncy bed.

I need to freshen up, besides I’m hungry.
I stood up from the bed and grabbed the bag containing my wears and walked to the wardrobe.

I started unpacking…

I was done in some minutes,i selected pink tank top and black leggings,with new set of underwear.
I dropped it on the bed and started pulling off my school wears.

I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom.


I turned off the faucet and stepped out of the the shower, wrapped my towel round my body and headed to the sink.
My wrist is still bleeding,i rinsed the blood away and i think the bleeding slowed down a bit .

I walked back to my room,i was closing the door to the bathroom when i perceived the aroma of homemade soup,I turned immediately and gasp.

A bowl of steaming homemade soup and baguette is on a tray,placed on my bedside table.
I smiled and walked to it,just then i sighted cottonwool, antiseptic, plaster and medication on the bed with a note;

📄Treat your wound,eat and take the medication.
I’ll get you another piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork.


No way I’m pouring that antiseptic on my wound,i can remember vividly how maniac gritted his teeth when the antiseptic was applied.

I’m just gonna make use of the cotton wool and plaster.
I sat on the bed and cut some cotton wool,i cleaned the wound and dropped the stained cotton wool back on the little silver tray.
I rushed the remaining process cause i can’t wait to have the soup.

I placed the little tray on the shelf and started getting dressed.


I pinned my hair loosely and sat on the bed and started eating.
Claire is a very good cook.

I picked the glass cup of water and gulped it down my throat.
I made sure i finish the soup and baguette.

“Ah!” I said satisfactorily and then rested for few minutes before taking my medication.

I felt like sleeping right away but i know i have to take the dishes to the dining and also say thanks to Claire.

I got up from the bed and walked out of my room with the trays.

I got to the living room and met Dad on a call, Claire walked to me and collected the trays.

“Thanks Claire” I said.
She nodded and smiled.
“Are you okay now?” She asked and i nodded.

“Dad..I’ll be up in my room” I said.


I sat on the bed trying to arrange the broken pieces but it has broken beyond arrangement.
Even in it’s broken state,it still look beautiful.

Claire said she’ll get me another one and i hope it’ll be far beautiful than this.
I’ll never forgive Liam for this.

I laid on my bed and covered my legs with the duvet.
I yawned and closed my eyes.

I fondled my necklace till i fell asleep.


“Anel..Anel” I felt taps on my shoulder.
“Huh?” I said without opening my eyes.
“Anel come down for dinner” I recognized the voice as Claire’s.

I opened my eyes and saw her by my bed.
“I won’t have dinner” I said sleepily.
“Why?” She asked.
“I’m okay,I’ll have it for breakfast” I said.

“Ohh..okay, goodnight” She waved.

I found myself falling back asleep.

🌺🌺Next Morning🌺🌺

I sat on the bed and slipped my socked feet into my shoes and then im done dressing up for school.

I combed my hair and let it down my back without packing it.
I carried my backpack and walked out of my room.


“Are you serious about staying here?” Dad asked as we had our breakfast.
“I can go live on the streets if you want” I said.
“No..I don’t mean that” He said.

“You’ll drop me at school right?” I asked and he nodded.
I gulped my coffee. “I’m ready”

I stood up from the dining chair and said thanks to Claire.

“Bye Anel,have a nice day” She said behind me.
I walked out of the house to wait for dad by his car.

“Princess let’s go” Dad said walking towards his car,with his briefcase.
I got into the back seat and dropped my backpack beside me.

Dad dropped his briefcase beside the driver seat and got behind the wheels .
His gatekeeper opened the gate and he drove out…


“Liam called me” Dad said to me.
“And?” I asked.
“He said i should return you to the house”
“Will you?” I asked.
“If you want” He said.

“I’m not returning to that house anytime soon,i don’t want to talk anymore,I’m not feeling good” I said.
“Really? Are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.
“You sure?”

Is something gonna happen today?
Why am i feeling this way?

I alighted and said goodbye to dad.
Maniac was also alighting from his car.

I showed the gatekeeper my school ID card before walking in.

“Hey wait” Maniac called after me.
I ignored him and walked on.
“Thanks for yesterday” He said.

“Stay away from me!” I warned harshly before heading to the class.


We were having our third subject, about to go for lunch break when I was told the principal requested for my attention.

I walked out of the classroom, heading to Mrs Oliver’s office.
I got there and knocked.

“Come in” She said.
I walked in and closed the door behind me.

I didn’t notice Travis was there until i got closer.
His eye is more bruised than maniac’s and I’m glad.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted.
“You’ve been reported by Travis,can you explain the reason you gave the school prefect a punch on the eye?” She asked and adjusted her tiny silver glass.

“He deserved it” I said.
“Wow! The school prefect deserved a punch? Well…when you resumed this school,there are some rules and regulations and you’ve broken two rules,i pardoned you the first time but now you’ll serve your punishment” She said and opened her drawer,then brought out a white envelope.

“That’s your suspension letter,you are on suspension for a week,leave the school premise right now” She said.


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