JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 58

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 58

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞


“What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled but he smiled.

A smile that melted my heart 💞

I inhaled before banging the door on his face.
I walked back to the living room and sat ignoring the gaze of Claire.

“Who is there?” She asked.
“The gatekeeper” I responded slowly and continued scrolling through my phone.

I was just scrolling,my mind wasn’t on the phone.

How did maniac get to know this place and what the hell is he doing here and why the hell did my heart….

I sighed angrily when the doorbell rang twice again.
I didn’t wear my flip flops this time,i walked barefooted to the door and opened it.

He’s still freaking there!

“What the hell do you want? Leave!” I said.
I noticed he was not smiling anymore,he has this sorry look.

“You are probably pissed at me for making you suspended from school,i came to say I’m sorry. Please forgive me” He pleaded.
“I’m not pissed about anything,just leave” I said and shut the door walking back to the living room but i turned back.

I opened the door and met him there.
“Don’t ring the bell again,you can stay here till eternity,i don’t care” i said and closed the door.

Just then,thunder clapped loudly and i know it’s gonna rain,i checked my phone’s weather forecast;

It’s gonna be a 5hours rain.

“Are you sure it’s the gate keeper?” Claire asked.
“Go check it out yourself” I said a bit rudely.

She sighed and continued watching the movie.

I hate the way maniac presence is making me feel.
I was fine and my heart was not beating fast until he came.

He should better leave.


The rain was starting to pour down heavily and i know he would have left.

I’m feeling uneasy, resisting the urge to go check the door.
I joined Claire in watching the movie, hoping it’ll clear my mind but no!

It didn’t.

I stoop up, picked my phone, slipped into my flip flops and started walking to my room.

I got to my room and dropped my phone on the bed pacing to and fro.
I walked to the second artwork Claire gave me and traced my finger all over it.

It is more beautiful that the first one but it didn’t gave me the feeling the first one did.

Is maniac still around?
Why am i feeling this way.

I sat on the bed and bounced,it seems exciting.
I stood up from the bed and jumped on it again.
I bounced higher,i kept doing that, giggling till i got tired.

“Ah! That was fun” I smiled.

I miss Ana,she would have continued and also urge me to.
I picked my phone and quickly connected a video call to mum.

I’m not interested in talking to her but Ana.
I placed my phone in front of my face waiting for her to accept the call.

Her face came into view and I must admit i miss her too.

📱OMG! Anel,how have you been?

📱I wanna see Ana.

📱 We’ve been trying to connect to you but you don’t pick your calls.

📱I wanna see Ana.

📱 Com’on are you still pissed.

📱 Would you help me call Ana.

She sighed 📱 Okay,i know you’re still pissed. Liam is coming to get you soon.

📱He shouldn’t bother,I’m not gonna come with him.

📱We are all sorry Anel,Liam is the most sorry…

📱You couldn’t do anything when he broke the artwork, sorry means nothing to me now.

📱Liam is hot tempered,he overdo things whenever he’s annoyed,if you had waited for him to cool down,he would have apologised to you.

📱 Apologise my foot! Ana!!

“Anastasia,Anel wants to speak to you”

📱Anel!” Ana called happily,her little face coming into view.

I blew her a kiss and smiled.

📱 How’re you?

📱I’m fine,you told me you were gonna come back soon. I miss you.

📱I’m sorry Ana,i miss you too. Have you finished the box of chocolate?

📱Of course! Milana also ate some. When will you come back?

📱Soon Ana…

She twitched her nose📱You lie.

I laughed 📱No Ana.

📱I miss seeing your pumpkin school wears.

I laughed,she laughed too.

📱 Milana took me to a film location yesterday” She grinned.

📱 Really?

📱 Yes,i saw a lot of actors and Thack Holcomb who acted “Time in a role”

I gasp 📱OMG! Really?

📱Yes but Milana hates him,and i like him. He bought me lollipop and made me sat with him.

📱Wow…that’s nice,i guess i don’t need to come back. You’re enjoying yourself without me already” I teased.

📱You joking right” She rolled her eyes and i laughed.

📱I will come back soon okay?

She nodded📱promise?

📱I promise.

I heard dad called my name from downstairs.
He’s back already.

📱I have to go now honey.

📱Bye Anel,i love you.

📱I love you too.

I disconnected the call and quickly stood up from the bed when i heard my name again.
Dad doesn’t call me whenever he’s back.

He knows i might be sleeping or reading and won’t wanna disturb me so why the change today.

I slipped my feet into my flip flops and walked down the stairs.

I got to the living room and met him standing with Claire beside him.

“Dad” I called and rushed to hug him.
I halted when i saw a drenched maniac behind him.


His black hair has gone curlier and the dot of water on his face scrolled down to his lips and then neck.
His white t-shirt and blue pants is completely soaked his eyes peered innocently into mine.
He’s looking like a semi-god.

Didn’t i told him to leave!
He should have left without getting drenched, making me feel guilty.

My breathing stopped for a moment when he shivered.

“Anel you’re surprised right? How could you leave someone out in the rain!” Dad yelled and i shifted back.

This is the first time dad will yell at me.

“I know you don’t like talking to people,but he took out of his time to come visit you and say sorry and all you could do is leave him out in the rain,in the cold.” Dad said.

“But i told you to leave wh..”
“Shut up!” Dad interrupted me harshly which brought tears to my eyes.

No way I’m going to allow my tears fall.

“Anel,you lied to me that it was the gatekeeper” Claire said but i ignored her.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you” Dad said and wanted to hug me but i shifted back.
I’m pissed at him!

He sighed “Princess I’m sorry,i was only pissed you could leave someone out in the rain”
” I told him to leave even before the rain started” I said when i found my voice back.

“That’s harsh,you don’t tell people who took out of their time to come visit you to leave…I’m sorry” He said.
“He’s sorry Anel” Claire said.

He smiled and opened his briefcase bringing out two boxes of chocolate.
I couldnt help but grin,i wanted to smile but not when maniac is here.

“I guess I’m forgiven” Dad said and hugged me.
I hugged him back and pinched his cheeks painfully.

“Ouch” he rubbed his cheeks.
“For making me wanna cry” I whispered to him and grabbed the chocolates from him.

“So,you can see he’s shivering. Will you kindly take him up to your room and run a warm bath for him with a change of clothes while Claire prepare a hot meal for him”
“Hell no! You do that” I said and gave maniac a bad look,even though i badly want to do what dad said.

I feel guilty seeing him shiver.

“Com’on princess,do that for me, please” Dad said.
I hesitated before saying “Come with me”

Dad smiled “go with her dear”

We both climbed the stairs to my room,even with how cold he is,i feel the heat emanating from his body.

“I’m sorry” I said when we entered my room.
He smiled and i was forced to tell him not to smile again.

“You don’t have to smile” I said.
“Why?” He asked.

’cause your smile makes me feel funny’ I thought.

“I’ll show you to the bathroom” I said and led him to my bathroom.
I filled the bathtub with warm soapy water.

“Pick any towel you want from the rail, except the black one. I’ll help you select warm clothes” I said and left him in the bathroom.
“Thank you” He called after me and i know he grinned after saying that.

I walked to my room and opened the wardrobe.

It’s funny to think my clothes will suit him but i have some baggy sweater and pants.
I don’t know the reason i was keeping it until now.

I selected a baggy sweater with green pants.
I don’t care if he looks like a bull in it…he won’t visit me next time.

I hung the clothe on the rail and went to sit back on the bed facing the door.
I grabbed my phone and powered it.

I’ll stop scrolling anytime i hear water splash,then silence will follow.

Is he by any chance checking out my underwear?

I’m so gonna kill him if he tries such.

I can’t believe maniac is in my house,my room,my personal bathroom!!
What has come over me?
Anel why did you allow him?
Are you going out of your senses!!

Well…i made him drenched,that’s the only reason I’m allowing all this, and I’m gonna warn him not to come here again.
I wonder how he got my address.

The bathroom door opened and i knew he has finished bathing.

“Your clothes are on the rail,i should excuse you but you might likely steal anything” I said without facing him.
He laughed and i felt chill ran down my spine.

“Thanks,are you also a fan of Bryan Shaw?” He asked and i smiled.
“I love Bryan Shaw with al…” Why the hell am i telling him that.

I turned suddenly when i realised he might be tampering with the artwork.

He wasn’t,i caught him staring at me instead.

Maniac is hot!
Water trickled from his hair down to his broad chest and flat stomach into..into his..

“My black towelllllll!” I screamed and threw my phone at him.
He caught the phone with his hand and smiled.

I stood up angrily.

“Didn’t i warn you not to use my black towel!”
“You did” He grinned which annoyed me more .

He threw my phone back to me and winked.


My phone landed on the bed.

I ran my hand through my hair..”Pull off the towel now!”
“Pull it off” I interrupted him.
“I’m not wearing anything underneath but it’ll be nice to pull it off” He said and started loosening the towel.

“Stop! You’re a such a fool” I said.
“I’m sorry to have gone against your order” He pleaded and my heart cooled down slowly.

I sat back on the bed..
“Get dressed fast” I ordered.

I turned to the door.

“I’m sorry to be the cause of your suspension and guess what? I beat up Travis yesterday and it was mainly because of you” He said.
I grinned but hid it… Really!

“That’s what you should have done since” I said like i wasn’t moved that he beat up Travis for me,i wish to hear how it happened but i can’t bring myself to ask him.

“Don’t you wanna know how it happened?” He asked like he was reading my mind.
I didn’t respond even though i badly wanted to.

“I will tell you” He said and i smiled secretly.
“He came to the classroom by lunch break and told me to meet him in the garden………

‘Wow!’ I exclaimed inwardly and nearly laughed after maniac finished his narration.
“Won’t you compliment me?” He asked.
He deserves a compliment but I’m not gonna compliment him.

I open a box of chocolate and started chewing.

“So you said you like Bryan Shaw” He said.
“Yeah i do,face what you’re here for” I said.
“I’m also a fan of Bryan Shaw” He said.
“He has a lot of fans,I’m not surprised you’re among, don’t try to make me talk to you” I said and heard him chuckled.

“I’m done” He said and i turned,i was surprised it wasn’t what i expected.
I expected the clothes to be so big on him but damn! It fitted him perfectly.

“Thanks for the clothes” He smiled.

Stop smiling!

“Can i get an hairdryer?” He asked.
“Return the towel back to the bathroom rail” I said and he did so.

I stood up and walked to the shelf,brought out the hairdryer and placed it on the dressing table.
I walked back to sit on the bed and continued chewing my chocolate.

He walked out of the bathroom and i pointed the hairdryer to him.
He sat on the dressing chair, plugged the hairdryer and started drying his hair.

I was watching him all the while and was embarrassed when he turned and caught my gaze.

“Can you help me with the back,my hand isn’t getting there” He said.
“Like you don’t do it yourself before” I said.
“My brother helps me”

He has a brother!

“I’m not helping you,you can break your hand into two to enable it get there” I said and he laughed.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“You think you’re mean but you’re not,you are funny instead” He said.

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.

I saw how he was struggling to make the hairdryer get to the back of his hair.

I sighed and stood up,i walked to him and dragged the dryer from his hand and began helping him with the back hair.
I saw him grin through the mirror.

I bent slowly and laughed quietly.
“You look cute when trying to hide your laughter” He said.

I maintained a stoic expression.

“And you’ll look cuter if you don’t hide your laughter” He said.
“Shut up! I’m helping you to dry your hair cause i saw how you were struggling with it,not for any other reason okay?” I said.
“That shows you care” He said and i felt like hitting the dryer on his scalp.

His hair felt damn soft and i did not want to let go.

It has dried completely but i kept drying it, touching his smooth hair in the process.


I hit the dryer on his head before unplugging it.
“Ouch” He said.
“That’s for helping you dry your hair” I smirked.

He laughed.


“Thanks for the meal Claire” maniac said after we all finished eating.
“You’re welcome dear” Claire smiled.

Dad looked from me to maniac and then smiled.


“Thanks you sir, I’ll be leaving now” Maniac said and stood up.
“I’m going to drop you” Dad said, standing up after maniac.

“Thank you sir but I’m gonna take a cab”
“Let me drop you”
“Thanks sir,I’ll be fine with cab”

“Okay,Anel see him off to the gate” Dad said.
“Do i have to?” I said and rolled my eyes at maniac.
“Of course, he’s your guest” Dad said.

“Okay” I sighed and stood up.

“Goodbye Claire, goodbye Sir” Maniac bowed.
“Bye darling” They chorused.


We got outside the gate and i was about to turn back into the house when he held me back.
I felt that exciting feeling and i jerked my hand from his.

“Don’t touch me” I said.
“I’m sorry, thanks for hosting me” He said.
“If you had not gotten drenched,trust me i wouldn’t have allowed you cross my door ?” I said.

“Asanel,you have a golden heart. I don’t know what’s making you behave this way but trust me,your goldenheart is second to none” He said and that brought tears to my eyes.

I tried hard not to make it fall.

“It’ll be very nice if you loosen up to people and see what life is about,shrug off whatever is making you sad and be happy while it lasts” He stopped a cab.

“Finite estate,phase 4” He said and got in.

He smiled and waved at me and i had to hold my hand not to wave back.

The cab man drove off and i sank to the floor and cried.



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