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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 59

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 59

By Zeemah writes

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💞Dan’s POV💞

The cab drove off and i turned in the backseat,i saw her sank to the floor and cried.

I watched her solemnly till the cab turned into another corner.

I sighed.
I hope my words got to her.
And it was fun been in her place today,her room to be precise.
I can’t believe she allowed me in her room,her bathroom and i even went against her order and lastly;

She helped me dry my hair!
Touched my hair!

That’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me,i remember how her tiny fingers felt against my hair,i wished she never stopped but she did and i felt saddddd.

I initially know she won’t allow me in,i also planned to just stay at her doorstep and tell her I’m sorry.
I was about leaving when the rain started,i stood outside the gate and waited for a cab to show up but none did.

There was no shield for me to stay under and i can’t knock the gate again knowing how pissed psycho will be.
I decided to stay under the rain and enter any cab that shows up but psycho dad arrived and saw me standing by the gate and that was how i went him with him.

I now know something!
Psycho loves chocolate and I’m gonna get her lot of boxes once she resumes next week.

Will she return as the psycho i know or a changed person?
I don’t think she can loosen up easily but i wish.

The cab parked in front of my house and i alighted and was about paying him when i realised i gat no cash with me but i took some cash with me while leaving hom…

Ohh…my cloth is at psycho’s.
I tucked my hands into the pocket of the sweaters psycho gave me and smiled when my hand came in contact with something that feels like a dollar bill.

I brought it out and was disappointed it was a short paper,i was about opening it;

“Hey! Guy,my cash” The cab man interrupted me.
“I’m sorry,hold on” I said and knocked on the gate, tucking the paper back in my pocket.

The gatekeeper opened the gate.

“Hi Joe, please tell Dad i need some dollar bills”
“Okay” He said and ran into the house.
“I’m sorry, please hold on” I said to the cab man who nodded.

Joe emerged in few seconds and paid the cab man while i walked inside the house.
I heard Joe bolt the gate before i stepped into the house.

I met mum and Mike in the living room.

“Hi mum” I hugged her.
“How are you Dan?”
“I’m fine mum” I smirked at Mike who laughed.

“You think i won’t notice you had a change of clothe” He said and Mum “ohh”
“Yeah,i got drenched and i was given a chance of clothes” I said.

“By who? Your girlfriend?” Mum teased.
I laughed. “No mum,a friend”

Is she my friend yet?
Yeah… she’s my friend but I’m not her friend.

“A he or she?” Mum smiled.
“A she” I said.
“Wow” She exclaimed and i smiled.
“Her name?” She asked.
“Psycho!” I blurted out and they both laughed.

“Really?” Mum asked.
“Yes Mum,i need to go see dad,I’ll be right back” I said.


“Hi Dad” I said as i walked into the studio house.
He smiled and i did the same.

I sat opposite him and breathed.

“So how did it go?” He asked and i began the narration from the beginning.


“Wow,she’s a psycho indeed but a kind one” Dad said and we both laughed.
“Do you know the funny thing?” I asked.
“She’s a die hard fan of Bryan Shaw” i said and his eyes widened and then he smiled.

“Yes Dad”
“Wow,have you told her I’m your father?” He asked.
“No! I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon,she likes you so much and if i tell her anything she will wanna get close to me because of that,i want her to get close to me genuinely then i can finally let out who i am” I said.

“That’s smart of you son” Dad smiled.
“So what are you working on?” I asked peering at the half drawing in front of him.
I can tell it’s the drawing of a castle.

“I was given the contract to draw 50 different castles” He said.
“Wow! How far have you gone?” I asked.
“This is the 45th drawing,glance at your back” He said and i did.

I saw the different castles drawn on different sketchbook,they all look adorable.

“Wow, you’ve done a good job dad but is the pay worth it?” I asked.
“Sure. Caitlyn will be coming for everything tomorrow, she’ll go deliver it” He said.
“Ohh… she’s still at the gallery right?”
“Yeah and she’s doing a very good job,she’s so honest and disciplined”

I nodded… Caitlyn is Dad’s secretary,a very diligent one at that.

“It’s been long i saw her”
“Yeah,she do come around while you’re at school”
“Tomorrow is Sunday,I’m glad she’ll be coming” I said.

“I’m sure she’ll be also,she asked of you severally”
“And you didn’t care to inform me” I feigned a frown.
“I’m sorry ,a lot has been on my mind lately” He sighed.

“Dad,can i ask you something?”
“Go ahead”
“I remembered you were so pissed after you received that ‘kelly’s call’ who’s he?” I asked.
He smiled “He was a friend of mine when we were in highschool”

“Ohh really? Then why were you pissed when you received his call?” I asked.
“I will tell you everything when the time is right” He said and i sighed.

I expected that.

“Dad,you always say that. You shouldn’t hide anything from me. I tell you everything about me but you don’t do the same” I said and he stared at me in what seemed like surprise.

“I’m sorry Dan,i wish i can open up to you. I will,very soon”
“Okay Dad”

“So,start helping me with the painting,use different shades of beautiful colour,i wanna be impressed” He said.
“Trust me dad” I smiled and stood up.

I carried different box of colours and then sat opposite the drawings thinking of what color to use first.

‘Black and gold’ I thought and smiled but how did i think of that colour,cause it was the colour of dress psycho wore today…

💞Anel’s POV💞

I stood up from the floor after crying for minutes.

I cleaned my tears and walked into the gate.

I wiped my face once more time before i got into the house,i won’t want dad to notice i cried.

I got to the living room and met Dad grinning.

“He’s such a cool guy” Dad said and i nodded.
“What’s his name?”
“Maniac” I said and he bursted into laughter which made me laugh too.

“Maniac? Really?” He laughed again.
“Yeah he’s a maniac” I said and rubbed my forehead,I’m starting to develop headache.

“Dad..I’ll be going up to my room” I said and walked to the stairs.
“Okay princess”

I climbed the stairs to my room, open the door and jumped on the bed Immediately.
I covered my body with the blanket and stared into space.

‘It’ll be very nice if you loosen up to people and see what life is about,shrug off whatever is making you sad and be happy while it lasts’ ” The words echoed in my ears.

“Mum,I’m doing this because of you,you died early because of friends,this is my way of taking revenge for you but did you heard what maniac said? I think I’m tired of being lonely yet i don’t want friends…Mum i don’t know what to do”

“Can i just have only maniac as a friend?” I asked like she’s here with me.

I finally slept off after so many thoughts,then had a dream.


I was in a garden, sitting on the grass,play with flowers and singing when i saw mum appeared in a simple silver dress and a rose flower tucked in her hair,her face beamed with smiles and she she sat beside me.

I tried to touch her but couldn’t.
A force kept pulling my hand back.

“Mum” I smiled.
“Asanel How are you?”
“I’m fine Mum,where have you been? I want to hug you and touch you but i can’t,why?” I asked.

“You can’t touch me princess,I’m no longer part of the world” she said.
“Part of the world? But you’re here with me”
She smiled “Yes, but you’ll understand soon”

“I’m here now princess, discuss whatever you want with me”

I nodded “Mum,you know i don’t talk to people outside my family circle right?”
She nodded….
“Is it bad if i have just one friend?”
“It’s not bad princess, do what you think is best ,you can have a lot of friends” She said.
“I don’t want to have a lot of friends”

“Please princess, i want you to experience the fun in friendship,not all friends are bad,mine just turned out the way it did”

“I won’t have a lot of friends,I’m just gonna have one” I smiled.
“Daniel Shaw?” She asked and i nodded.
“I hope you’ll be able to cope once you find out who he is”
“Who he is? Who is he?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon princess,i wish I’m there with you” She said with a hint of sadness.
“But you’re here with me” I said.

“No I’m not” She said and i saw her eyes filled with unshed tears..
I felt teary too.

“I have to go now princess” She said.
“Mum please stay longer with me” I pleaded.
“I..i can’t” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“I’m sorry” She said and stood up,she started leaving the way she came.

“Mummy!!!” I called after her but she didn’t respond until i couldn’t see her again.


I woke up, startled.

I saw her real for the first time.
She’s so beautiful, exactly like i am.

I sat up on the bed when i noticed my cheeks felt wet..
Did i cry to sleep?

I wiped my cheeks with my hands and then stood up.
Am i serious about making friends with maniac?

Should i give it a try?
Will it come out well?
Mum said i should go ahead and I’m going to.

I sighed when i remembered mum’s words;

‘I hope you’ll be able to cope once you find out who he is’

Who is he?
I might know who he is once i get closer to him.
Well…I’ve not decided if i will be closer to him or not.
He’s a nice person,the first person that ever dared to talk to me and even dared to visit me.

I will decide once i get to school on Monday.

I walked into the bathroom,got to the sink and rinsed my face.
I grabbed a little towel and wiped my face with it.

I smiled when i saw the black towel on the rail.
He dared use my towel when i told him not to.

He’s a maniac indeed.

I walked out of the bathroom and was about picking my phone when i heard noise coming from the living room.

🚻She’s coming with me!

🚻 She’s not ready to come with you!

🚻She is!

🚻She’s not!

I sighed, knowing Liam is here.
I slipped into my flip flops, walked out of my room and started descending the stairs.

I got to the living room and met Dad and Liam yelling at each other,Claire and mum trying to stop them.

They stopped immediately they saw me.

“Anel im sorry” Liam walked towards me but i held out a hand to stop him.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“I’m sorry,i came to take you back home”
“Well … I’m not coming with you anytime soon” I said.

“I’m sorry, Anel. Forgive me, Mara won’t be happy to know you left home” He said.
I laughed…”mum is happy,she looked more beautiful than in pictures..I saw her some minutes ago”

“What!” They exclaimed except Claire who look confused.

“In my dream” I clarified and they all breathed out like they’ve been holding their breath.

“What did she say to you?” Liam asked.
“Nothing you should know about,leave! I’m not coming with you” I said and turned to leave but he held me back.

“I’m sorry Anel” He pleaded.
“Anel, we’re sorry” Mum said.
“Princess, they’re sorry” Dad said.

I rolled my eyes…”Okay,can you tell me the reason you smashed the artwork? That’s the only thing that will make me come with you”
They glanced at one another.
“I..i..i don’t know what came over me” Liam said.

“Well…i can’t come back to that house”
“Please Anel” They pleaded.
“I also wish to come back but i have a piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork in my room here which i know you won’t like me to bring over to your house,if i don’t take the artwork with me then I’m not gonna leave this place”

“Okay,you can bring it with you,just come back to the house”
“I hope you won’t smash it on my head in the middle of the night?” I asked.
“Com’on i won’t” He said.

“Okay, come pick me tomorrow” I said.
“Why don’t you come with us today?”
“I wanna spend more time with Dad and… Claire” I said and her face brightened in a smile.

“Okay,i hope you won’t change your mind?”
“I might” I teased.
“Please don’t”
“I won’t.”

“Okay we’ll leave now” Liam said.
“Won’t you have some drinks?” Dad asked but they declined and Dad saw them off.

Claire rushed to me.

“Do you really wanna stay till tomorrow because of me?” She asked and i nodded.
She pulled me into a hug and for the first time,i reciprocated.


💞Dan’s POV💞

We walked into the house after returning from church.

We all sat on the couches on the living room.
I loosened my tie and rested my head properly on the headrest.

“Mike get me a glass cup of water” I said and he twitched his nose before going into the kitchen.

He returned with four glass cups of chilled water for everyone.

“Wow!” Dad exclaimed.
Mum smiled “Mike you brought everyone a glass cup of water?”
He nodded.

“The sermon worked on him” I said and we all laughed.
We took a glass cup of water each and gulped it down.

Mike returned the glass cups back to the kitchen surprising everyone again.

He walked back to the living room and sat on the couch looking straight at Dad.

“Dad,you said you’ll get more toys for me tomorrow” He said.

Dad laughed “I thought as much,you can’t bring everyone a glass cup of water without a reason”
I laughed followed by Mum.

The door bell rang and Mike ran to open the door.

“Caitlyn!” He called happily.

I turned and saw Caitlyn walking into the living room with Mike in her arms.
I smiled and stood up to greet her.

She dropped Mike.
“Caitlyn” I hugged her and she pecked my cheeks.
“Dan,how have you been?” She asked.
“Fine Caitlyn and you?”
“I’ve been great,you’re looking more cute” She said and i grinned.

“I can’t believe you ignored your boss” Dad joked.
“Boss Bryan” She said with a playful salute.
We laughed.

“Good day Mrs Shaw” She greeted Mum.
“How’re you Caitlyn?” Mum asked.
“I’m fine ma’am” She answered and settled down on a couch.

“Everyone should go freshen up while i go prepare our lunch” Mum said and stood up, Caitlyn also stood up to join her.
She has always been like that.


Few hours later,we were all having our lunch, chatting and laughing.
My mind traced back to psycho and i smiled.

💋{A week later}💋

💞Anel’s POV💞

I yawned and sat up from the bed.
Ah! I’m resuming school today.
It’s been a while.

“Asanel, get up! You won’t be staying at home today,lazy pumpkin” Ana shouted through the door and i laughed.

“I’m coming to deal with you” I shouted back.
“I’m outta here” She shouted.

I stood up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe,i pulled it open and brought out my school wears and undies.
I laid it on the bed and reached for my black polished shoes.

I placed it beside my bed and walked into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and then quickly had my bath.
I grabbed my black towel and wrapped it round my body before walking out of the bathroom.

I dried my body,applied body lotion and started dressing up.


I was done putting on my school wears,I’m standing in front of my mirror,combing my hair.
I decided to let it down my back.

I dropped the comb and grabbed my backpack and then carried the paper bag containing maniac clothing.
I hung my backpack over my shoulders, smiled and walked out of my room.


“Bye Mum,Ana” I said as i alighted from the car in front of my school.

“Bye pumpkin”

I laughed and turned to the gate.
I showed the gatekeeper my school ID card and walked in.

Back to school!

I miss the school compound,the fresh air and the garden which i plan on visiting today.

Students stared at me as i walked past them, whispering, smiling and waving at me.

No way i will wave back.


I started going back to my classroom after leaving Mrs Oliver office.
I got to my classroom door,hesitated before pulling it open.
I walked in and was welcomed and everyone went silent,they gaped at me and then started whispering.

I smiled inwardly and started walking to my seat but stopped when i saw KARISSA ON MY SEAT!

💞Dan’s POV💞

I was reading a novel, trying to ignore Karissa talks.
It has been one hell of a week, Karissa talks too much and i wish psycho will come today.
I brought some boxes of chocolates for her.

Her suspension is already over..

I heard the classroom door opened, silence followed then whispers and i know she’s here.

Psycho is here!
I’ve miss her so much!

I glanced up and truly she’s here, looking more radiant and beautiful,her long hair swayed left and right as she walked majestically to her seat,she suddenly stopped,her gaze focused on something.

I traced her gaze and almost laughed when i saw Karissa looking like a puppy on psycho’s seat,she picked her backpack stood up and started running to her seat,she fell in the process and the class erupted in laughter.

Jacq’s laughter was the loudest.

Psycho continued walking to her seat and it was then i noticed the paper bag in her hand.

She dropped her backpack and sat down .

“Hi” I said.
“Hello” She smiled and i almost collapsed in my seat.

‘Psycho!’ I thought.

“What did you just say?” She asked.

Did i said that aloud?


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