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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 60

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 60

By Zeemah writes


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💞Dan’s POV💞

‘psycho!’ I thought.

“What did you just say?” She asked.

Did i said that aloud!

“What did you just say?” She asked again.
“Uh..hmm, i mean the author of this novel is a psycho” I lied.

She gave me a weird look before turning.
She grabbed the paper bag and dropped it on my table.

“Your clothes” She said without sparing me a glance.
Didn’t she just said ‘hello’ to me.
Damn! I was so happy, thinking she’s changed.

I watched as she packed her hair to a side.
She brought out a notebook from her backpack and started studying.

“I’ll help you with the notes you missed during the week” I said to her.
“Thanks,but i already have the notes” She said without glancing up from the book.

I wish she could just glance at me,those black eyes are so appealing.

“H..how?” I asked.
“I have the scheme of work with me and please stop talking to me” She said and i swallowed.

Her psychoactive is back!

Mrs Claus walked into the classroom and i swore under my breath.

I hate biology!!!


Three teachers came after Mrs Claus before the bell for lunch break was rung.

Jacq and Karissa walked to my seat,so we can go to lunch break together like we normally do but I’m worried about psycho,her head has been bent during the classes till now.

I stared at her and wished i could ask her what’s wrong.

“Dan let’s go for lunchbreak” Jacq held my hand.
I noticed Karissa stood a bit far than usual, trying to avoid psycho.

I reluctantly stood up and tucked my hands in my pockets.
I wish i could tell them to leave ahead of me but i know Jacq won’t have any of it.
She warned me not to give excuses during lunch break after what happened between Travis and i.

I glanced at psycho again before walking out of my seat.
I was about walking with Karissa and Jacq when i stopped.

I can’t leave her.
It’s unlike psycho to have her head bowed all day.

“You guys should go,i need to take some cash in my backpack” I lied.
“That’s worth waiting for” Jacq said and sat on a chair.


“I don’t know the exact place i kept it,i need to search for it and that will take some time,you know how large my backpack is” I said and was glad she stood up not until she said;

“I’ll help you search for it,I’ll make it fast” She said walking to my backpack.
“Wait” I stopped her.

“What’s all this? I’m starving!” Karissa said.
“That was the reason i said you should leave with Jacq,I’ll join you both soon,go set up our table at the cafeteria” I said.

Karissa dragged the reluctant Jacq out of the class and i sighed in relief.
The classroom is almost empty,just few students…

I turned back and was surprised to see psycho, sitting and eating chips.

I thought something was wrong with her.
Should i go join Karissa and Jacq or walk back to my seat.

My eyes met with hers, it remained that way for minutes before she removed her gaze.
I wasn’t close to her but i saw clearly how her long lashes flipped.

She brought put a bottle of water from her backpack.
Am i going to stand here, starving and watch another person have lunch.

I started walking out of the classroom.

“Daniel” I heard Psycho called and i almost peed in my pants,the way my name came out fluently from her mouth surprised me.
If I’m to pick someone with the best pronunciation of my name,then psycho will come first.

I turned to look at her.
‘come’ She signalled with her fingers.
I half ran to my seat, excited she’s calling me to join her.

I sat down and faced her.
She was not facing me this time,she was facing the garden.

Didn’t she just call me?
Did i misheard?

I cleared my throat and was about speaking but she spoke first still facing the garden though.

“I always find it difficult to relate with people outside my family circle, but Dan you’re an exception” She said and i grinned hard.
I’m glad she wasn’t look at me.

She continued ” I hate friends and i never had one since i was eight, i feel sad that im now betraying my vow,i had made up my mind not to have friends. Friends are the most deceitful people on earth,they lead one into a web and leave the person to tangle their way out”

I sighed,” I knew there was a reason behind your behavior but Anel,let me make this clear. There are different types of friends and how will you know them if you don’t associate with them. Even if one has bad friends,no matter how they lead one into a web,if you don’t want to be led then you won’t be”

She laughed and turned to me and i stifled a gasp when i saw how red her eyes were,she has been crying,her eyes now look puffy,her cheeks were sticky and more tears dropped from her eyes.
I shifted in my seat and looked at her.

“M..my mum died at sixteen” She cried holding her chest with sadness in those beautiful eyes.

Ah! I cried for days when i lost my granny,what if it was my mum.
We are not very close but I’m not sure I’ll survive the news of her death.

Psycho didn’t even get to see her Mum,that hurts badly.

“I’m so sorry about that,It’s okay” I said but she didn’t stop crying.
Thank goodness our seats were a bit hidden,no one would easily see her crying.

I felt so hurt seeing her cry,and i kinda feel responsible for it.
I wish i could pull her in my arms and hug her tightly but i don’t want to have a death wish yet.

I held my hand to stop it from patting her back consolingly.
“It’s okay Anel” I said.
My stubborn hand were starting to reach slowly to her, it landed on her back soothingly and i expected her to yell or slap my hand away,she didn’t but she stopped crying instead.

Her mum died at sixteen,does that mean she died not long after psycho was born?

“It’s okay” I said and she nodded.
She sniffled.
I wiped her tears with my hands and she was as surprised as i was.
Even after realising what I’m doing,i didn’t stop and she didn’t stop me either.

I wiped her tears and kept muttering “It’s okay”
How could someone’s cheeks be this soft and smooth.

“I know i shouldn’t say this but you look more cute when crying” I said and she managed to smile.
“Thanks for wanting to share part of your little world with me,i will make your perception of friends positive and you’ll find yourself wishing you had friends before now”

“I can never regret that i don’t have friends before now,as a matter of fact,you’re the only one I’m allowing into my little world,no one else” She said.
“You mean, you won’t have any other friend apart from me?” I asked and she nodded.

“That’s almost the same as being friendless” I said wishing she could be friends with more people.
“It’s almost the same but it’s not the same,every action i take has a reason…if you want me to be friends with everyone then forget being my friend, I’ll remain on my own” She said.

“N..no Anel don’t get me wrong,I’m sorry and I’m glad the most beautiful girl in makers high school wants to be my friend” I smiled.
She rubbed her cheeks and clicked her tongue at me.

We both laughed and damn! It felt so good.

“So,friends now?” I asked after our laughter subsided.
“Yes” She said.
“Wow..I’m so glad,come over for ‘friend hug’ ” I said.
“Yeah, we’re friends now. It won’t hurt if we hug” I said.

I still need to teach her a lot of things about friends.

“I’ve never hugged anyone outside my family circle” She said.
“Really?” I asked.
She nodded.
“Well..I’m glad I’ll be the first. You don’t have to hug me if you don’t want to,i just feel it’s neces…”

“I’ll hug you” She smiled and pushed her chest forward.
I laughed…”that‘s not how to hug”
“That’s how i hug my dad” She said.

“Okay,come closer” I said.
“You are the one to come closer” She said.
“No, you’re the one”
“You’re the one”
“I’m not the one”…

We were left staring at each other waiting for who will come closer first.
I know it’s weird but it’s fun as well.
We came closer at the same time and i finally pulled psycho into a hug.

Why’s she pressing her chest on mine this hard.
I touched the hair I’ve always yearned to touch and oh..my… goodness,i felt so high.

I couldn’t understand the feeling the hug is giving me.
I hugged Jacq countless times and I’ve never felt this way .
There’s this exciting feeling that makes you wanna hug more tightly.
My hand was still in her hair and i closed my eyes inhaling the fragrance of her shampoo.

It smelt of honey mixed with flowers. I couldn’t get more of it.

Two minutes passed and we were still hugging.

Three minutes..

Four minutes…

Five minutes…

Six min… before i felt something hard hit my forehead.

My eyes popped open and i disengaged from the hug rubbing my forehead.

“What?” Psycho asked.
“Aren’t you the one that hit me?” I asked.
“Hit you,no i didn’t” She said.

My gaze went straight to the open window and i saw Travis standing by the window with a scornful look, holding three pieces of stones.
He stoned me!

“You again!” Psycho yelled and stood up but i held her back.
“Why the hell did you hug her! knowing well that i have the hots for her” He yelled and i looked at psycho.

“We only did that as a friend” I said with gritted teeth,not wanting to make my anger obvious.
“Ohh! You’ve succeeded in becoming her friend right? I’ll make you her enemy soon and you” He pointed to psycho. “I’ll have you by all means” He threatened and stormed away.

“Says a school prefect with zero brain..Scum bag” psycho shouted after him.

I smiled and watched her,she was still facing the window trying to get more words at Travis.
Her neck looks shiny and smooth and i had to resist the urge to touch it.

She faced me and her hair swayed in the process,she tucked it to a side.

“It looks like you gat a bump on your forehead” She said and touched it slightly.
I winced in pain.
“Sorry,let’s go to the infirmary and after that we’ll go report that dumbass” She said.

“No,just let him be. I’ll sort out this bump with ice cubes when i get home”
She sighed.

I quickly bent and crawled under my desk when i saw Jacq entered the class searching for me.
“Tell her I’m not here” I whispered to psycho who laughed.

“Hey did you see Dan?” I heard jacq’s voice.
Psycho wore a frown,she didn’t answer Jacq,she twisted the cap of her bottle water and gulped it down her throat.

This girl!

“I shouldn’t have asked a dumb person” Jacq said.
“Says a fool who looks like an Irish cat” Psycho said and gulped more water.

I covered my mouth with my hands to stop my laughter.

“Huh!” Jacq yelled angrily.

My back was starting to ache, i don’t know if Jacq has gone or not..I’m not seeing clearly under the dark desk,the only person im seeing clearly is psycho.
She kept gulping water and i think it’s because Jacq is still here.

Ah! My back.
I was starting to sweat.

“She has left for over ten minutes” Psycho said and i exclaimed.
“What! And you left me there” I said, coming out from the desk slowly.
“You chose to stay there” She said.

This girl is a real psychopath!

I stood up and stretched, relieving the pain off my back.
I sat down and looked at psycho.

“I need water” I said.
She laughed and passed her remaining water to me.
I gulped it down and sighed before tossing the bottle in the trash bin.

“Thats not an attribute of a friend” I said.
“Serves you right” She stuck out her tongue and i smiled.

She opened her backpack and brought out two packs of chips,she handed me one and i collected it, opened it and started chewing.

“I’m still waiting for ‘thanks’ ” She said.
“We are friends now, ‘thanks’is not necessary” I said.
“You mean,friends does not say thanks to each other?” She asked.

“Of course friends say thanks to each other but that’s only when necessary” I said and she nodded.
I remembered the chocolate and smiled.

“I gat something better for you” I said and dropped the chips on the desk,i opened my backpack and brought out the box of chocolate.

“Oh..my..God” She half screamed as she grabbed the chocolates from me.
She opened the box,took a chocolate, unwrapped it and threw it in her mouth.

“Yummy” She said as she chewed it.
She’s already on the fourth one.
I stared at her in amazement.
She’s a chocoholic.

I’m gonna buy more chocolates for her.
Watching her chew it happily also made me happy.

Who would have thought psycho will be my friend just two weeks of getting to this school.
Is that how special i am?

I hope this is not a dream,i won’t like to commit suicide when i wake up.

“Have one too” She said and shoved one into my mouth before i could protest.
I smiled and also chewed it happily.
I didn’t realize lunch break was over until students bursted into the classroom.

I wish they had remained in the cafeteria.
Nothing is as sweet as being alone with psycho .

I tried to hide again but Jacq caught me,i saw the look of surprise in her eyes when she saw me talking to Psycho.
She walked to my seat.

“Dan,you said you’ll meet us at the cafeteria and you disappeared like wind” She said and i know she’s pissed.
“I’m sorry,i was helping Mrs Oliver with some things in her office,i returned just now” I lied.

“Okay,i didn’t know that was it,so you skipped lunch” She said.
“I had some potato chips in her office”
“Ohh.. okay” She glared at psycho who was concentrated on her chocolates.

She walked back to her seat and i sighed,then looked at Psycho who grinned at me.

“Good afternoon class” Mr Jones bursted in.
“Everyone get up” He said and we all did.
“You’re all gonna answer questions from the last topic before sitting down,if you fail to answer my question then you remain standing till the class is over”

Students growled…

He started asking questions, starting from the front,most people remained standing while few sat.
He was approaching us and psycho was so busy with her chocolate.

“Anel” I whispered.

“You!” Mr Jones pointed to her.
She glanced at him,then back at her chocolate.
“Mention three things used to make chocolate” Mr Allen said.

“Cocoa beans, coconut oil and honey… But is that part of geography?” Psycho asked and everyone struggled to hold their laughter.
“You’ll remain standing till the end of this class” Mr Jones said sternly.
“I answered your question” She said shoving another piece of chocolate in her mouth.

Psycho gat what is called ‘guts’.

Mr Jones searched for what to say but couldn’t find any.

“Remain standing like i said” He finally said after long moment of silence.
“I don’t think it’s in the school rules and regulations to tell a student to remain standing after answering your question…Mr Jones,I’m sitting” She said and sat down surprising everyone.

Mr Jones quickly turned to me and asked question.
I answered and sat.
He walked to the front of the classroom and started teaching.

“Anel,why did you do that ?” I asked.
“Do what?” She asked.
“You disobeyed Mr Jones”
“I didn’t,he didn’t keep to his words,he said each student is gonna sit once his question is answered,i answered his question and he told me to remain standing,meanwhile other students who answered his question sat down so why shouldn’t i” She said.

“You should have obeyed him at least” I said.
“Okay,i will. Next time” She said.

I turned back to the board and realised half of the class was staring at us.
They seem surprised to see me talking to psycho.

Haha… Ain’t i lucky.

School Over

Jacq and Karissa stood by my table waiting for me to finish packing my books while I was waiting for psycho.

I was done packing my books and psycho was also done with hers.
“Let’s go” I said to her and she stood up and hung her backpack over her shoulders.
I did the same and we both stepped out of our seats.

“Let’s go girls” I said and took psycho’s hand.
I was surprised when Karissa also took my second hand.

She never holds my hand,I’m surprised she did so now.
I tried to slip my hand out of her grip but she held on tightly.

Psycho slipped her hand out of my grip and walked ahead of us.
I fumed as Karissa held my hand till we got to the school gate.
We showed the gatekeeper our school ID card before stepping out of the gate.

Psycho was there, waiting for her car to show up.
I noticed my driver isn’t also here.

Karissa’s car parked in front of us and her maid rushed out to take her backpack.
I made use of the opportunity to slip my hand out of hers.

Her maid took her backpack to her car but she remained standing beside me.
“Won’t you leave” I said trying not to sound harsh.

“No I’ll wait till your car shows up” She said.
“Miss Karissa,boss said he’ll like you to come early for lady emerald’s ball party” her maid said.

Karissa gasped and then smiled.
“That’s true. Bye guys” Karissa said and hopped into her car.


“Bye Dan” Psycho waved and hopped into the backseat of her car.

“Jacq,i need to say hi to her mum” I said to Jacq but she didn’t respond.
She has been behaving this way since lunch break.

Is she still pissed with me for not joining her for lunch.
Well…I’m gonna apologise to her later.

I shifted closer to the car and saw the woman behind the wheel,she’s so beautiful.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I bowed a little.
“How’re you dear?” She asked with one hand on the wheel.
“I’m fine ma’am”

“Pumpkin is this your friend…he’s cuteeeeee” I heard a little girl’s voice from the backseat,i peered closer and saw the girl sitting beside psycho.
Shes a beautiful girl and from what i suspected,she might be psycho’s cousin but that doesn’t matter…she just called psycho pumpkin!


“Hi” I said to the girl.
“Hey, don’t be friends with Asanel. She’ll end up breaking your head” She said and i laughed.
“She won’t” I said and looked at psycho who smiled.

“He trusts me” She whispered to the little girl and stuck out her tongue.
The little girl rolled her eyes and i remembered Mike immediately.

Won’t they be a better match?…haha.
If one has two of this girl or Mike in a house,then the house is gonna collapse.

“Well… Mum,this is my new friend Daniel” She said.
“Really?” Her mum asked like in surprise.
“Daniel, what’s your last name?” She asked.



“Marton” I lied.


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