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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 65

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 65

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Where’s mum?” I asked in fear.
Mil cried louder and dad covered his face with his palms trying to hide his tears.

My fears increased.

“Can someone just tell me what happened?” I asked.
I was also starting to cry.

Just then,they all bursted into laughter.


Ana jumped on the couch and laughed,I thought liam was trying to hide his tears but he was trying to hide his laughter, granny who bowed her head has been grinning all this while and Mil cried for real.

“OMG…what’s going on?” I asked,a bit relieved.
“It’s a prank” They laughed.
“Damn” I breathed in relief and dropped my backpack.

“But Mil,you were crying for real!” I said.
“Have you forgotten I’m an actress, faking tears is the easiest” She laughed hard.
“I’m also gonna be an actress in the future,hope i acted well?” Ana asked laughing.

“Damn! I can’t believe you also pranked me” I said and made to hit her,she quickly hid behind granny, giggling.

“You all nearly made me develop high BP, what’s the prank all about?” I asked.
“The prank is all about me” I heard Mum said, i glanced up and saw her walking to the living room,she wore a bright contagious smile.

“Reiya is carrying a baby” Liam announced happily.
I gasped.
“Yaaaaay” I shouted happily and danced.

I rushed to hug mum,she hugged me back pecking my cheeks.
“You mean a baby is in there?” I grinned.
She nodded.

“Wow! Everyone com’on let’s dance” I said happily and they all laughed.
“But damn,I should punish everyone of you for pranking me”

“We’re sorry, Mil brought the idea” Liam said.
“Ah! That’s expected” I rolled my eyes and she laughed.

“I’m so happy” I said.
“I will have a baby sister in nine months time” Ana giggled.
“Baby sister? I want a baby brother” I said.
“I want a sister”
“I want a brother”
“Nay,a sister”
“A brother”
“A sister”
“A brother”….

“Arrrrgh! I give up” Ana said dramatically and we laughed again.
I always win arguments..
“Not in nine months time but eight months time” Mum said.

“Wow!” Mil exclaimed “you’re one month gone”
“How come you didn’t notice?” I asked.
“Well i did, i wasn’t just sure but the test confirmed it” Mum smiled.

“Your stomach isn’t big , is my baby sister gonna be so tiny?” Ana pouted.
“It’s still one month old,Ana. It’s gonna get big soon” Mum said.

“Everyone,make sure you dress your best tonight,we are all gonna be having dinner out” Liam said.
“Yaaaaay!” We exclaimed happily.


I slide my feet into my footwear and walked out of my room,i just finished freshening up.

I’m hungryyyyy.

I walked straight to the kitchen,opened the freezer and brought out the pack of cookies and juice.
I picked a small plate and poured some cookies into it,and returned the remaining cookies back in the fridge.

I picked a tray and placed the plate of cookies and a pack of apple juice on it,quickly rinsed a glass cup and placed it on the tray before walking back to the living room.
I dropped it gently on the table and plugged the TV.

Cartoon series came into display and i changed the channel to a fashion show,i lowered the volume so as not to disturb mil’s nap.

I settled down on the couch and started eating my cookies while watching the show.
I’m not happy,i feel so sorry for Dan.
If only i can see him and assure myself he’s doing fine so i can stop worrying about him.

His thoughts kept flooding my mind every second and i felt so guilty.
I don’t have his contact,i only know his house and he’s not there anymore.



“Ah! Your dress is stained” i said to Mil while we were climbing the stairs to our rooms to go get dressed for diner.
The mascara ran down her face when she was ‘fake-crying’.
“Ohh…I’ll trash it” She said.
“I’ll trash it” She repeated.

“The washing machine will remove the stain,you don’t have to thrash it” I said.
“I have dozens of this same gown” She said.
“Don’t thrash it,give it to me instead” I said.
“No I can’t” she said.

“I’ll give you one of the new ones,let’s just thrash this” she said.
“You insist?”
“Yeah babe” She smiled.

“How was your date?” I asked eagerly.
“It was terrible,we quarreled all through” She frowned.

I laughed “Who quarrels on a date?”
“He’s a dickhead! He annoys me so much” She said.
“Ah! Really?…so when is your next date?” I asked.
“Thursday but not with him” She grinned.
“Really? Who?” I asked.
“Martin Joel” She said and i gasp.

“Martin Joel?”
“The Hollywood biggest star”
She shrugged.
“But he’s not as handsome as Thack” I said.
“Yeah,he’s not as annoying as Thack,that guy brings out the devil in me”

“I’m still 18,i don’t intend on dating any of them for now”
“You mean you’ve not dated before?” I asked in surprise.
“Of course i have, but i need to focus on my career for now” she said and i felt impressed.

I smiled “you’re a lot of people role model,mine also”
“I’m honored,come with me to my room. I have some clothes to give you,you might choose from it and wear it to diner” She smiled.

“Thanks” I giggled and happily followed her to her room.

I smiled when we walked past Liam’s room and heard giggles.


I opened the door to my room and stepped in.

🔊Room,room…I’m here” I sang and closed the door behind me.
I dropped my backpack on the shelf and also drop the beautiful clothes Mil gave me on the bed.
I’ll make sure i dress my best to lunch.

I rarely dress up for occasions though…

I pulled out of my shoes,my pop socks went off next,then my shirt and skirt.

I threw everything in my laundry basket and ran off to the bathroom in my undies.


“I’m not wearing this” I said aloud shifting a yellow dress aside.
I’m done freshening up,I’ve been searching for what to wear among the clothes Mil gave to me.

My hand touched a green jumpsuit and i quickly brought it out.

I’ll go with this.

I started applying body lotion,i wore my undies and got into the jumpsuit.
I zipped it up and stood in front of my mirror.

Wow … Just like it was specially made for me.
It clung tight to my body and i had to turn to make sure my curves were hidden enough.
It revealed my curves and i suddenly wished it was more free.

I proceeded to comb my hair,i picked my hair comb and combed my hair till I was satisfied with how smooth it looked.
I applied little hair lotion and sat down on my dressing table to apply little make up.

I pulled the drawer open and dragged out my make up kit,i opened it and started transforming my face in the little way i can.


I smiled as i admired my make up,it’s simple and stunning.
I’m now satisfied with the way i look,i can now return the kit to the drawer.

I did and stood up,i walked to my shoe rack and selected a pair of white shoes with low heels,i slide my feet into it and grabbed my white shoulder bag,i dropped my phone inside it.

I took one last look at my reflection in the mirror before walking out of my room satisfactorily.

I got to the living room and met granny,Ana and Mil all dressed in their best.
I admired the way Mil wore her hair, her dress is so simple and beautiful, Mil surely looks good in anything.

“Wow,you look stunning” Mil complimented and i blushed slightly.
“Is this Anel?” Ana asked squeezing her face together.

I laughed and sat down on the couch.

“Come sit with me Anel” Granny said and i stood up and went to sit beside her.
I rested my head on her shoulder and played games while waiting for the couple.

“Mum and Dad is the most beautiful tonight” Ana said and i raised my head up from granny’s shoulder and saw Mum and Liam step into the living room in beautiful matching outfits.

They look stunning, absolutely stunning..
One would think they’re going on their first date.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“Geez!!! You both look great” Mil said.
“I’m lucky to have beautiful people around me” Granny said.

“Thanks everyone and you all look beautiful also,can we leave?” Liam asked.
“Of course” We stood up.

We locked the doors and got into the compound.
“We’ll take the Lamborghini” Liam said and we all walked towards it.

He unlocked it and we all got in.
Granny,Mil,Ana and I sat at the back while the couple took the front seat.

Liam turned on the ignition at the same time the gatekeeper opened the gate.
He started driving slowly out of the gate.

He got to the main road and sped off …

Mil put on her eye glass before we entered the classy restaurant,we were led to a table.
We all sat round it and Liam placed our order.

“It has been long we all sat together like this in a restaurant” Mum said.
“Yes,that’s the reason i made it happen tonight” Liam said.
“I’m so happy” Ana giggled.
“I’m glad to be among you guys” Mil said.
“I feel like flying highhh” I said and we laughed.
“Tonight is one of the best for me” Granny said.

Our orders arrived and we all are, chatting and laughing at interval.

We finished eating and the table was cleared,desertswere brought next.

“Cheers to our happy life” Liam said.
“Cheers to the unborn baby” granny said.
“Cheers everyone” Mum said and we all raised our glass cup of wine and clicked it together.

“I’m yet to do mine” Ana said and we laughed.

The rest of the night was fun……


I walked out of the bathroom and started dressing for school hurriedly.

I Know im I’m late already,i woke up quite late today.

I wore my black shoes over my pop socks, walked to the mirror, picked my hair comb and combed through my hair and quickly pack pontsplait.

I hung my backpack over my shoulders and slipped my phone in my pocket,i didn’t bother checking my reflection in the mirror before rushing out of my room.

“Anel,you’re late” Mil said to me when i got to the living room.
It’s obvious they’ve been waiting for me.

“I’m so sorry,I’m ready now,let’s go” I said.
“Won’t you eat?” She asked.
“I’m okay” I said.
“No you have to take your breakfast,it’s on the dining” She said.

“I’m okay,i will be waiting outside” I said and quickly walked outside.

I’m damn late,i can’t afford to have breakfast.


“Bye Mil, Ana” I waved as i alighted from mil’s car.
I got to the gate and quickly showed the gatekeeper my school ID card before rushing into the school gate.

The school compound is deserted, students are already in class.

Why did i take so much wine.

I stepped into my classroom and met Mr Jones already teaching.

I know he dislikes me and i hate him.

I started hurrying to my seat…

“Hey, stop there!” Mr Jones yelled and i stopped and turned to him.
“You’re late” he said.
“Yes i know”

“You’ll be punished for coming late to school” He said.
“What sort of punishment?” I asked.
“You! Go call the school prefect” He said and i sighed.


“You run round the field fifty times, that’s the punishment of resuming late to school” Travis told me..
We were in the field,i was about to start my punishment and Travis being the school prefect is gonna monitor me.

I smiled.
“You can save yourself from this,you know what to do” He licked his lips.
“Travis,i studied the decree of Makers high school and the punishment for late coming is to jog round the field twenty times…I never knew you were this dumb! Anyway I’ll start my punishment” I said and left him looking astonished.

I started jogging, panting and counting.
I counted to fifteen before i tripped and fell.

This field is so large.

“Get up! Get up Immediately and continue your punishment” Travis shouted and i stood up,wiped my face and continued.

“Ahh!” I sighed in relief when i got to twenty.
It almost took my life, that’s the first time I’ll be serving such punishment. Makers high school is surely one crazy school.

I held my chest, panting.

What if i hadn’t studied the school’s decree,i would have jogged fifty times like this block headed guy said.

I raised up my head and saw him standing in front of me, grinning.
I stood up and was about leaving the field when he dragged me back and pinned me to the wall.

Haha…I’m gonna break someone’s head today.

“I think you’ve gone nuts,release me now” I warned.
He smiled. “I will,after i have a taste of your lips”.
“Travis,i might end up killing you, release me now” I said thinking of how to hit him,but his hold on me is so strong,i can’t move.

“Hold on,I’m just gonna kiss you and nothing else” He said bringing his face closer to mine,his movement made his hold on me loosened.
I smiled and watched him bring his lips closer,i waited for it to get close enough before striking him on the face.

“Ahhh!” He shouted in pain, rolling on the grass.

The kiss was near…he would have had my first kiss. Good thing i sorted him out fast.

I walked back to the class.

🏵️🏵️Two days later🏵️🏵️

💞Dan’s POV💞

She couldn’t call or even look for me.
Of course she doesn’t have my contact but if she cared, she wouldn’t have minded going to Jacq and for it.

Nurse Ella told me psycho hasn’t come to her since i was discharged,people working in the infirmary are not allowed into the students classroom. She told me she waited for her in the cafeteria everyday but psycho never showed up.

She left just now after changing my bandage and giving me a painful injection.
I feel so sad,she ended our friendship and couldn’t even check on me.

I have to learn how to stop crying for someone who doesn’t care for me,not that she wanted to be my friend anyway.
I forced her!

I heard my phone ring,i quickly sat up on the bed,wishing it was her even though i know she can’t call me,even if she had the chance.
I picked my phone beside the bedside lamp.


I swiped to the receiver and placed it on my ear.


📞Hi Karissa.

📞 How’re you feeling?

📞 Very fine, thanks.

📞Why don’t you wanna give us your mum’s home address,we wanna come check on you.

📞I’m sorry but my mum doesnt like visitors,i will return home soon.

📞Ahh. Okay then.

📞Can you please give Anel my contact?” I found myself asking.

📞What!” She exclaimed.

📞 Yeah,she hasn’t called me for days now cause she couldn’t reach me. Please just give her my contact”

📞 Okay, i will but i think i should tell you this…

📞What?” I asked.

📞 Travis and Asanel are dating” She said and i laughed.


📞 Com’on Karissa,i know you don’t like Anel but you don’t have to do this.

📞 Of course i know you won’t believe me,but i caught them kissing and quickly had to take a shot. Anel doesn’t care about you anymore,she’s now with Travis and they are the talk of the whole school…I admire their relationship.

📞W..w wha-t ar-e yo-u say-ing?” I stammered.

📞Hold on, I’ll send the picture to you now” She said and disconnected the call.

I laughed, finding it hard to believe.


I stood up, with my phone still in my hand.
It vibrated and i quickly unlocked it.

‘you have a new message’ appeared at the top of my screen.
I quickly clicked on it almost making my phone fall out of my hand.

The message opened and..and,i saw Travis and Anel display on the screen of my phone.
She was smiling while Travis’s lips was close to hers.

💬Karissa; They kissed but i couldn’t capture it cause i was shocked.

My phone fell from my hand and tears dropped from my eyes at the same time.

They kissed!
And Why the hell am i crying?


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