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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 64

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 64

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Anel,why didn’t you show up with your friend?” Milana asked coming into the kitchen.

I’m preparing dinner, mum is not feeling so well.

I know my eyes is probably swollen,i cried all afternoon and refused to eat lunch.
I wouldn’t have come down for dinner if Mum wasn’t a bit down.

I miss Dan.
How’s he coping?
He can’t possibly go around, doing chores with that head.

I hope his gatekeeper and driver will help.
I can’t believe i cried because of two days friendship.

Have we gotten that used to each other?

“Asanel” Mil jolted me out of my thoughts.
“Huh? I’m sorry” I said and continued chopping tomatoes for pasta.

I’m making pasta and chicken; ordered by Liam.

“You didn’t show up with your friend,why?” Milana asked.
“There was an after class activity today and we left school quite late” I lied.
I know she’s gonna scold me if i told her what happened.

“Ohh.. okay,there’s still plenty of time to come anyway” She said and i nodded, forcing a smile.
“What should i help you with?” She walked to the sink and started washing her hand.

“Thanks,please fry the chicken while i prepare the pasta” I said.
“Okay” She dried her hands and picked her apron.


We all sat round the dinning table eating our dinner in silence.

“Yummy” Ana broke the silence.
“Yeah it is” Granny conceded.

I watched as Mum ate slowly,she looks so weak.
“Mum,are you okay?” I asked and she nodded.
“I’ll take her to the hospital tomorrow” Liam said looking worriedly at mum.

We ate the rest of our dinner in silence.

Liam started leading Mum up to her room.
“Mum sorry” Ana called after her mum who turned and smiled at her.
“Thanks darling”

Granny yawned…”Goodnight sweeties”
“Good night granny” We chorused.

She stood up and started walking to her room.

“Let’s go wash the dishes Anel” Mil said.
“No Mil,I’ll wash it alone” I said.
“Let’s wash it together” She said.
“No,you already helped me with the cooking” I said.
“Am i not supposed to do that?” She asked.

I sighed…

“Com’on,I’ll help you with the dishes also” She said and started packing the dishes.
“Thanks” I said.

Ana was already in the living room watching her cartoon series.

“Ana,go to bed. It’s past seven” I said.
She grumbled.
“I’ll go to bed soon,the cartoon is almost over” She gave me a pleading look.

“We are all going to bed once we’re done with the dishes” I said.
“Thank you, it’ll have been over by then” she said.

I went to join Mil in the kitchen.
I helped with the rinsing and drying,we chatted and laughed as we worked.

We cleaned up the kitchen after we were done with dishes.


Mil carried the sleeping Ana in her arms while i switched off the TV.

“Goodnight Anel”
“Goodnight Mil” I said.

I stayed back and switched off the lights,closed the kitchen door and also walked to my room.

I entered my room and closed the door behind me.
I walked to my wardrobe and brought out my PJ,headed to the bathroom to have my night bath.


“Ah! That was refreshing” I sighed as i walked out of the bathroom in my pyjamas.
I sat on the bed and switched off the light,then switched on my bedside lamp.

I slipped under the blanket,i know im not gonna sleep anytime soon cause Dan kept flooding my thoughts.
How’s he feeling now?

Dan,i just hope you’re okay.
He should be, Jacq and Karissa is there to help him but why am i still worried.


I got up from the bed,glad it’s finally morning.
I had sleepless night,

I walked to the wardrobe,pulled it open and brought out my school wears.
I opened the drawer and selected my undies.
I selected a pair of brown shoes from the shoe rack and set everything neatly on my bed.

I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet.
I picked my toothbrush and paste,then walked to the sink.

I turned on the faucet,rinsed my toothbrush before applying toothpaste on it,i started brushing.

I finished brushing and returned my toothbrush and paste to the cabinet.
I stood in front of the oval mirror and checked my reflection.

I pulled out of my pyjamas and picked my showercap,then wore it over my hair.
I proceeded to the shower cubicle.


I picked my body towel from the rail and wrapped it round my body.
I walked back to my room and started getting dressed for school.


‘Dan said i look beautiful on pontsplait style so I’m gonna make it even though i know he won’t be in school.’

I was done putting on my school wears,my hair always come last.
I searched for my favorite comb on the shelf and found it.

I combed through my hair till i was satisfied with how smooth it looked,i dropped the comb and started making pontsplait.
“Good!” I exclaimed admiring my hair in the mirror.
I did it perfectly.
I’m ready for school….

I walked to where i placed my backpack.
I picked it up and hung it over my shoulders.

I slipped my phone in my pocket, checked my reflection in the mirror one more time and walked out of my room.


“Good morning granny” I greeted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?”
“Fine granny, how’s mum?” I asked.

“Liam has taken her to the hospital” She said.
“Ah! I hope she’ll be fine” I said.
“I hope so too” granny said.
“Okay,let me go make breakfast” I said.

“Mil already made it,she’s dressing up Ana presently” Granny said.
“Wow” I said.

Mil doesn’t behave like the star she is.

Ana and Mil emerged from the stairs.
“Good morning Mil” I greeted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?” She asked.
“It was fine, thanks”

“I’ve prepared breakfast,you both should come to the dining. I’ll drop you at school” She said.
“You know how crazy people go when they see you and you aren’t even with your bodyguards” I said.

She smiled…”I’ll make use of my sunglass and scarf”
“Ohh.. okay” I said.
“Will Mum be fine” Ana asked sadly.

“Yes Ana, she’ll be fine okay” I assured and took her hand.
“Let’s go have our breakfast,or we will be late for school” I said and we both walked to dining.

“I have to go get dressed” Mil said.
“Okay mil” I said.

We got to the dining, dropped our backpacks and sat down .
We started eating.


I packed the dishes to the kitchen after we were done eating,took my backpack and walked to the living room
We sat down waiting for Mil.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and i brought it out.

“Dad” i smiled.

📞Hey Dad.

📞Hi princess, how’re you doing?

📞I’m fine dad and you?


📞Claire is still with you right?

📞No, She’s at work.

📞 Okay.

📞I’m glad you asked of her.


📞Anel, you’ve changed a lot and I’m happy about that.

📞I’m only doing that for someone’s sake.

📞 Really? Who?


📞I’m not gonna tell you.


I laughed.

📞I have to go princess.

📞 Okay Dad. I love you.

📞I love you more,bye.


The call was disconnected.
I felt better after i heard dad’s voice.

Milana walked into the living room and left everyone of us staring.
She’s clad in a lemon knee-length gown with a deep neckline which exposed the swell of her breast.

A tiny pink belt was worn round her waist,on her hand is a pink bag and her lemon shoes shone with pink glitters.
Her sunglass is black,she tied her pink scarf stylishly over her hair.

Her skin shone and the smile on her lips set everything straight.

“OMG!” I exclaimed jealously.
“You look beautiful” Granny said.
“Wow!” Ana exclaimed.

“Thanks” She said.

“Mil,im so jealous of you” I said and she laughed.
“You going on a date?” Granny asked.
“Uhm..i think so” She said.
“You think so?”
“Yeah… someone i hate asked me out on a date” She said.
“Someone you hate?”

“Thank Holcomb!” Ana and i said together.
“I never said he was the one” She said.
“You never said so but we know and wow…you’re blushing” I teased and we all laughed.


“Bye Mil,bye Ana” I said as i alighted from mil’s car in front of my school gate.
“Bye Anel” They chorused.
“Enjoy your date” i smiled.
“Thank you” She waved and drove off.

I walked closer to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my school ID card.
He allowed me in and i started walking to my class.

I opened the classroom door and walked in.

“How’s Dan?” The whole class suddenly asked making me stop walking.
“He’s fine” I said reluctantly and continued walking to my seat.


💋She answered us.

💋She’s not so mean anyway.

💋 But,Jacq and Karissa said she won’t answer anyone.

💋They are bitches!

💋 Aaaargh……

I shook my head as i heard the students murmur.
It was then i noticed Jacq and Karissa are in class.

I thought Jacq was a better person.

I dropped my backpack and sat down on my chair,then placed my hands on my desk.
I remained that way for some minutes before tears dropped from my eyes.

I quickly placed my head on the desk.
I miss Dan..
He would have teased me and tried to make me talk to him.
I felt his absence badly.

“Good morning class” ….

💋Lunch break💋

I didn’t go for lunch,i was in class staring at my desk and gulping my bottle of water.
I’m not hungry.

“Tap tap” I heard someone hit my desk and raised up my head.

Who else but him!

I don’t know the reason his smile annoys me so much.
I ignored him and face my desk.

“You need to loosen up sexy damsel, i’ll stand as Dan while he’s absent,i promise to take good care of you” He said.
“Thanks, please leave” I said.
“Just give me a chance please,i promise not to leave you” He said and proceeded to hold my hand.

“Damn you!” I barked and he shifted back in fright.
“Leave! If not,im gonna batter your face” I threatened and he quickly turned to leave.

I stood up and suddenly dragged him back.

“Please, please I’m about leaving” He pleaded but i wasn’t even gonna hit him.
I checked the back of his neck for the tattoo i saw on the perpetrator’s neck,i was disappointed when i didn’t find it.

I released my hold on him and he ran off.

How can i even think Travis is the one.
I’m sure that person is a grown up.

Whatever the case may be,i have to fish out this perpetrator,if not for anything but for Dan who’s going through pain.

Dan…I’m sorry,i had to quit.
I don’t want you hurting more.

_________💋School Over💋________

📞Mil,I’ll come home in cab,i have to visit someone.

📞Your friend?

📞 Yeah.

📞Good … See you at home.

📞 Okay bye.

I disconnected the call and slipped my phone in my pocket before hanging my backpack over my shoulders.
I had called Mil immediately the bell rung.

I need to go see Dan and check on how he’s faring.
We are not friends anymore does not mean i shouldn’t check on him.

I started walking out of the classroom but stopped at jacq’s desk.

“If you give me anymore grief,i promise to make you regret attending this school. Looser!” I spat and walked out of the class.


I alighted in front of Dan’s gate and paid the cab man who drove away Immediately.

I walked closer to the gate and knocked twice.
The gate was open by the gatekeeper.

“Good afternoon” I greeted and wondered when i started greeting people.
“Good afternoon,you came here for Dan right?”

‘who else did i came here for?’

“Yeah” I answered.
“He’s at his mum’s place” he said and my heart skipped a beat.
“His mum?” I asked and he nodded.

Is this not his parents house?
I thought his parents were on a trip.
What’s going on?

“Okay thanks” I said and walked away slowly in confusion.

His mum?


The cab drove to a stop in front of my gate.
I paid the cabman and walked to the gate.

I’m sad i didn’t get to see Dan and I’m confused as well.

I knocked on the gate and my gatekeeper opened it.

“Hi” I said.
He looked surprised..
“You..you just said ‘hi’ to me?” He smiled.
“Yeah” I smiled back and walked into the gate.
“Wow! I like the new you” He said after me and i chuckled.

I opened the door and walked into the house,i bolted it behind me and walked to the living room.

I stopped immediately…..
Mil was crying,her black mascara has ran down her lemon dress. Messing it up.
Ana’s face was also clouded in tears.

It looks as if Liam was struggling to hold his tears and granny sniffed and bowed her head.

What happened.

“What happened?” I asked worriedly rushing to them.
No one answered,just then it dawned on me.

“Where’s mum?” I asked in fear.
Mil cried louder and dad covered his face with his palms trying to hide his tears.

My fears increased.

“Can someone just tell me what happened?” I asked.


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