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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 67

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 67

By Zeemah writes

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💞Dan’s POV💞



I shoved my fingers into my hair and swore for Karissa.
I picked my phone, scrolled to the picture and clicked on it.
If only i had been patient,i would have noticed psycho clenched her fist in the picture and that means she was about to hit Travis.

I messed up real bad.

Come to think of it,she even came to make up our friendship and i ruined her plan.

“Dan,that was quite harsh” Nurse Ella said and walked closer to me.
“Yeah i know” I said and noticed my voice sounded quite heavy.
” I’m sure she can’t stoop so low to kiss Travis,even if she did you don’t have the right to be angry cause you both are not in a relationship,you are only friends right?”

That’s it!
I shouldn’t get angry,she can kiss anyone but i just can’t take it.
Am i being jealous or what?
I’m not always like this…what’s wrong with me?

“How can i apologize to her,will you help me bring her tomorrow? ” I asked.
“Tomorrow is Saturday plus she looks so angry,she won’t even wanna see you for now” Nurse Ella said.

“Yeah,she won’t”
“You should ask before making false accusation,do you have a proof for it. Besides,you’re friends so you should trust her”
I picked my phone and showed her the picture.

She stared at it for a while and sighed.
“Who sent this to you?” She asked.
“A friend” I said.
“A she?” She asked and i nodded.
She laughed. “it seems she is trying to break your friendship”

“Why did you say that?” I asked.
“She shot this right? so if they had kissed,she would have shot it too. It’s obvious she wants to put a stop to your friendship,I’m disappointed you weren’t smart to find out” She said.

I don’t think Karissa can do that though.

“She came to meet me at the infirmary today,can you believe she didn’t went for lunch break since you were absent from school”
“Yeah,that’s the reason i don’t see her in the cafeteria,she likes you so much and cares for you”

“I like her and care for her too,i don’t know the reason i got pissed unnecessarily”
“Dan, you’re jealous” She laughed.
“No,I’m not” i denied.
“Then you shouldn’t get angry over that” She said.

“Well…” I completed my statement with a smile and she laughed.
“You have a crush on her right?”
“Who won’t have a crush on Asanel Yates” I said imagining her beautiful face.

Ahh… she’ll be so sad right now.
I made her cry and i don’t think she’ll ever forgive me.

“What you have for her is more than a crush”
“Really? What’s that?” I asked.
“You find out yourself ,sit let me treat you” She said and dropped a small kit on my bedside table.

More than a crush?
What’s more than a crush?

I sat and nurse Ella started unwrapping my bandage,my mind wasn’t there.
I’m planning on how to apologise to psycho.

I don’t know her main home address and i don’t even…she told me she stay at her dad’s on weekends and tomorrow is Saturday!



“Your wound is almost healed and I’m sure you’ll be able to move about by Monday,make sure you take your medication” Nurse Ella said packing up her kit.
“Okay thanks” i said feeling relieved.
The bandage has been removed and my head felt more free than ever.
A large plaster is still on the main wound though.

“See you tomorrow and i hope you solve your little quarrel” She smiled, carried her kit and walked out of my room.
“Thanks Nurse Ella” I called after her.

I was about laying on the bed when the door opened.

“Why do you like making her cry?” Mike asked and i was damn surprised.
“Huh?” I asked even though i know what he’s talking about.
“She left your room the other day in tears,same happened today. What went wrong?” He asked.

” I’m gonna solve it” I said.
“I was happy when i saw her come in and thought i will spend more time with her today” He frowned.
I sighed. “I’ll make her smile when next she comes”
“And you think she’s gonna come here again with whatever you did for her” He said and walked out of the room.

Mike got angry with me cause of psycho?

I laid on the bed, feeling bad about what i did.

I picked my phone and deleted the picture.
I’m gonna make Travis smell hell when i resume school.

I scrolled through other pictures in my gallery and clicked on the ones i took of her in the garden.
I always smile anytime i view her pictures.
I’m trying not to smile now but my lips won’t budge.

My phone rang in my hand and i checked the caller ID.


📞Hi Dad.

📞 Daniel,how are you?.

📞I’m fine Dad, you and mum?

📞We’re fine, your mum doesn’t wanna come home so we’re gonna be staying in India permanently” He teased and i laughed.

📞Ohh…go ahead,Mike and i will pay you a surprise visit.

He laughed 📞 How’s Mike?”

📞He’s fine, getting more stubborn each passing day.

📞Haha…he’s surely giving you lots of problem.

📞Yes Dad,when are you returning?

📞We should be home by Thursday…

Thank goodness!
I still have a lot of time.
Mike and i will return home on Wednesday.

📞Dad,that’s a bit far…

📞Ohh.. should we arrive earlier than Thursday?

📞No..no take your time, select the best gifts for Mike and i.

📞Your mum already did that,I’m sure the whole car will be filled by the time we get home.

I laughed 📞is Mum there with you?

📞No,she made some Indian friends and they’re having a conversation in the beach.


📞Dan,i hope you’re cleaning the studio house?

📞 Of course Dad,i clean it everyday” I lied.

📞Good, i need to go now.

📞 Okay,bye Dad.

📞Bye son.

I disconnected the call and sighed.

💞Anel’s POV💞

I folded my last piece of clothing in my backpack.
I’m getting ready to leave for dad’s house.

Of course i just returned from maniac mum’s house.
I’m surprised he could do that and i nearly spanked myself for crying foolishly in his presence.

He should believe whatever he wants,i don’t freaking care.
Who gave him such news?

I thought he was angry with me for not checking on him,i was ready to explain but he gave me a shocker when he talked about Travis.
Am i that cheap to kiss Travis because of cash.

I gat enough cash to last me for my lifetime.
I was so pained he couldn’t trust me.
He knows how much i dislike Travis yet he believes a bitch over me.
I thought we were friends,do friends not trust each other?

Whoever told him that shit should get ready to face me.
I didn’t regret giving him a slap,he deserved it.

I was so happy to see him at first,he looked more handsome and that exciting feeling stirred in my heart.
I couldn’t hold myself and had rushed to hug him but he pushed me back.

He pushed me!

I sniffed and realised i was crying again.
I wiped my tears with my hand and sat on my dressing chair.

When exactly did i become this weak?
When exactly did i started crying over other people?
I only cry when my mum is involved but Dan has stirred something else in me.

He should go to hell!
I’m not gonna cry over any shit again.

I stood up and wiped my face.
I’ve not had my lunch,I’ll go have it at dad’s.
I adjusted my gown and picked my backpack which is containing my wears and phone.

I walked out of my room and headed to Liam’s room to say ‘bye’.
I knocked on their door and was told to come in.

I walked in and closed the door behind him.
Their bedroom is the largest in the house,it’s so beautiful and well structured.
They were both on their king-sized bed.

“I’m about to leave for dad’s” I said.
“Ohh” Liam said.
“My greetings to him ” Mum said.
“Okay,bye” I turned to leave.

“What’s wrong Anel,you look sad” Liam sat up on the bed.
I turned back to face him.
“I’m okay” i faked a smile.
“I’m not that dumb not to know that you’re faking a smile” He said.

“Are you sure you’re fine?” Mum asked.
“She’s not…those troubles started when Mara also started faking smiles” Liam said sadly.

A tear dropped from my eyes at the mention of mum’s name.
I know my life would have been different if she’s not gone.
I would have felt the joy of having a mother.
But friends caused it! And im so stupid to cry over a friend.

I’ve changed my mind,i don’t want to have friends anymore,I broke my vow the day i resumed M.H.S… and now I’ll make sure i make up my vow before i leave M.H.S.
I’m not interested in people anymore, i won’t greet anyone or respond to anyone’s greetings again.

“Bye” I said and walked out of their room.
“Anel” They called after me but i didn’t respond.
I rushed down the stairs and quickly got outside the house.

Jack was discussing with the gatekeeper.
“Hey! I’m ready,unlock the car” I said hurriedly.
He looked at me in surprise but quickly unlocked the car like i ordered.

I got into the backseat and dropped my backpack.
He got behind the wheels,turned on the ignition and drove out of the compound.

“Do you know my dad’s home address?” I asked.
“Yeah..Liam told me. I hope you’re okay?” He asked but i ignored him,glad Liam and Mum didn’t come after me.


Jack drove into dad’s compound and i alighted, carrying my backpack with me.

“Bye Asanel” jack called after me.
I got to the door and rang the bell.

I waited for few seconds before the door was opened by Claire.
Her lips curved in a smile and i wondered why a psychologist is always on apron.

“Hi Asanel,how are you?” She asked.
I nodded,not wanting to ignore her completely.
I walked into the house and took a deep breath.

I heard the door close behind me..
I got to the living room and met no one.

Where’s dad?

“Where’s dad?” I asked Claire and regretted it immediately.
I already planned not to talk to anyone again!
“Kelly is in his room sleeping at the moment” She said.

I started climbing the stairs to my room.
“Anel,are you okay?” I heard Claire asked behind me.
I ignored her and continued walking to my room.
“I prepared a meal for you but if you don’t like it,I can prepare another one” She said..

“Claire,I’m back to the way i was. Don’t talk to me cause i won’t respond..it won’t be nice to continue ignoring you” i said and walked to my room.

I smiled when i saw my bed neatly spread.
One thing i love about this room is the bouncy bed.

I walked to the wardrobe and dropped my backpack, then started unpacking.
I finished unpacking and gladly jumped on the bouncy bed.

“Ah!” I sighed sweetly and closed my eyes.
I should sleep off Immediately but I’m starving,i need to eat before sleeping.

I got up from the bed, slipped my feet into my pink slippers and walked out of my room.
I walked to Dad’s room, opened the door and met him sleeping.
I smiled when i thought of disturbing him but i decided to let him be,he might be stressed out.

I closed his door gently and descended the stairs.
I saw Claire sitting in the living room,busy with her phone.
I walked to the kitchen…


I was eating the noodles i prepared at the dinning when dad walked in.
I gulped half of my water before rushing to hug him.

“Princess” He pecked my cheeks.
“Dad,how are you?”
“I’m fine,a little bit stressed though..i miss your face” He said and i giggled.
“Me too”

“Why aren’t you eating the meal Claire prepared? She made it because she knew you were coming” He said.

I felt bad immediately..

“I’m sorry Dad, I’m gonna have it for dinner” I said.
“Ohh .. okay,go continue your noodles,it’s gonna get cold” He said.
“Okay Dad” I said and walked back to sit.
He walked to the kitchen and returned later with a glass cup of juice.
He sat on the dining chair opposite mine.

“How’s Liam and Everyone?” He asked.
“They are all fine and guess what?” I asked.
“You’ve learned how to make baguette?”

I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.
I also laughed when remembered when i made baguette for Dad,it burnt terribly,the whole kitchen was filled with smoke and we nearly choked to death.

“Stop trying to make jest of me” i feigned a frown.
“I’m not but i can never forget that day” He laughed and i joined him.
“Well…it’s not that,it’s about mum” I smiled.

“What happened to her?” He asked.
“She’s carrying a baby” I said happily.
“Wow! That’s a great news” He smiled.
“Of course it is” I said.
“i should call later to congratulate her” He smiled.

“Kelly, please come” we heard Claire called from the living room.
“Coming babe” He said and picked his glass cup of juice, smiled at me then walked away.

I stood up after i was done eating,took my dishes to the kitchen.
I quickly washed it in sink,dried my hands and started walking back to my room.

I passed the living room and met Dad and Claire watching a movie.
“I’ll be up in my room” I said.
“Okay princess”.

I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.
I need a longgggg sleep.

I jumped on the bed and bounced, laughing as i did that.
I laid on it and closed my eyes.

I yawned, knowing I’ll be asleep soon,i dragged the blanket closer to my chest.


I laid on the bed awake but still with my eyes closed.
I opened my eyes and sighed knowing i have to help Claire with the chores.

I got up from the bed and adjusted my pyjamas before walking to the bathroom.
I rinsed my face and brushed my teeth before walking back to my room.

I slipped into my footwear and walked out of my room.


“Thank you Anel” Claire said to me.
We were done with the chores,she’s off to prepare breakfast while I’m off to take my bath..

I met Dad also coming out of his room.
“Good morning Dad” I greeted .
“Good morning princess,how was your night?” He asked.
“Fine dad” I said.
“Have you seen Claire this morning?” He asked.

“Yeah,we just finished with the chores” I said.
“Good” He smiled.
“I’m going to take my bath Dad” I said.
“Okay princess”

I walked into my room, selected my outfit before going to bath..


“I’m gonna wash it” I insisted for the umpteenth time.


We just finished having our breakfast, and Claire won’t let wash the dishes.

Is she trying to make me talk to her or what?

“Claire,let her wash it” Dad said and i was glad she gave in.
I packed the dishes to the kitchen and started washing.

It took a while before i was done with it cause my thoughts were diverting to someone it should avert from.

I dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.
I headed straight to my room..I need to complete the novel i was reading then maybe swim.

I got to my room and pulled the drawer open.
The novel laid there,looking untouched, i picked it and walked back to the bed.

I can’t remember where i stopped,i forgot to fold it.
I read it the last day i visited dad.

I opened a page that looked a bit opened.
I laughed when i saw a piece of chocolate there, that was when i remembered that it was the chocolate i used to make a sign on the page i stopped.

I picked it and unwrapped it,i threw it into my mouth and chewed it.
I felt like eating more but i continued with the novel.


“Princess” Dad called through the door.
“Yes Dad” I answered sitting up on the bed.
“Someone is here to see you” He said.
“Someone? Who?” I asked.

“The guy you call maniac” He said and my heart skipped a beat.
“What’s he doing here” I yelled and stood up.
I rushed to the door and opened it.

“Where’s he?” I asked sliding my feet into my footwear.
“He’s by the door,i told him to come in but he refused”.
“Okay” I walked out of my room.
“Is everything okay?” Dad asked.
“Perfectly fine Dad” I said before descending the stairs.

I got to the door and hesitated before pulling it open.
I met maniac standing by the door, looking at his feet.
He glanced up and that indescribable feeling rushed into my body.
His curly strands landed on his forehead,long enough to get to his pointed nose.

His eyes bored into mine and his lips curved in a smile.
My heart pounded faster.
Where’s the courage i felt before coming to the door?
Was i not determined to lash out at him?

“What do you want?” I finally asked.
“Anel,I’m here to apologise…”
“Okay you can leave” I cut him short.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me. I took it the wrong way”
“Okay,you can leave” I said.
“Anel, please I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way…i didn’t know what came over me” He said.

“Okay,you can leave” I said.
“Anel, please just forgive me…im so sorry,i can explain better. You know friends forgive each other” He said and i laughed.

“Daniel,you’re not my friend anymore, i already cease to be friends with you,you made me accept you as a friend,you also made me do the opposite. If you don’t know,I’ve returned to the way i was.. the Anel who doesn’t talk to people and i would love if you can maintain your lane” I said and shut the door on his face.

I’ve gone back to the way i was.

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