JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 68

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 68

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Do you want more?” Mary asked Ana who nodded.
We’ve gotten dressed for school and we were at the dining, having our breakfast.

“Anel, do you also want more?” Mary asked me but i didn’t answer her.
“Ask her,does she also want more” She said to Ana who looked at me.
I’m damn serious about going back to the way i was and i already made it clear to everyone not to speak to me, it hasn’t been easy though,I’ve gotten used to the life Dan kinda created for me.

“Pumpkin do you want more?” Ana asked.
I shook my head and took the last bite of my burger,i gulped the remaining coffee and stood up from the chair.

I grabbed my backpack.
“I’ll be waiting for you at the living room” I said to Ana.
“I’m also done” She said and picked her backpack.

“Bye Mary” She said.
“Bye Ana, Anel” Mary said.


We got outside the house, Ana greeted jack while i got into the backseat.
I sat properly with my backpack by my side,Ana also slide in beside me.

Jack got behind the wheels.
“Should he come pick you after school?” Ana asked me and I nodded.
“Jack you’re gonna be picking Anel after school today” Ana said to jack who has started driving out of the compound.

“Okay and good morning to you Anel” He said.
I ignored him and looked on….


“Bye Ana” I alighted from the car.
“Bye pumpkin,my greetings to Daniel” She smiled and my heart raced at the mention of his name.

I got to the gate,did the routine before i was allowed in.
I started walking to my class, students said ‘hi’ to me as i walked past them and i felt bad that i ignored them.
I got to the class and pulled the door open.

I walked in…
“Hi Asanel” They chorused but i ignored them,stared at my feet as i walked to my seat.
They looked sad and i felt sad also.

I got to my seat and sat my butt down.
I brought out a note and started studying.

I heard the classroom door open and thought it was a teacher,the classroom is filled with students already.
I glanced up and my heart raced past my chest when i saw Dan walked in,dressed in his school wears and why the hell did he have to look more handsome.

Our eyes met and i quickly wavered my gaze.

“Dan!” The whole class screamed, jumping out of their seats and rushing to hug him.
I couldn’t see him anymore cause he has been crowded.

Why did he come to school when he’s not fully healed.
Did he wanna hurt more?

The noise subsided and he was finally allowed to go to his seat.
They threw questions at him as he walked to his seat.

My head was bent all the while and i know he already got to his seat by the strong fragrance of his perfume.

His chair squeaked and i saw him backpack hit the floor.

He’s seated.

I raised up my head, looking straight ahead.
I was staring at the class board but my mind was entirely on another thing.

“Hi” I heard and nearly dragged out my heart when it pounded.
I ignored him even though i badly want to face him.
“Hi Asanel” He said again and i thought he was a fool to greet me knowing well that i won’t reply him.

“I’m sorry” He said.
“I brought some chocolates for you” He added and i laughed inwardly.
Chocolates can’t melt my already made up mind.

I remembered how i got angry at everyone but my mind melted when i heard i was gonna get a piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork.
Everyone has something that calms them down whenever they are pissed,does that means mine is Bryan Shaw’s artwork?

He dropped the box of chocolates on my desk.

Finite taste!
My favorite!

I cleared my throat and shifted on my seat.
I felt like grabbing the chocolate and tearing it open but damn! I can’t.

The chocolate is tempting,why the hell did he brought it for me.
Does that mean he is truly sorry?
I glanced at him and he smiled.

‘Stop smiling idiot!’

“I’m sorry” He said.
“I’m not gonna forgive you and get this in your skull; I’ve gone back to the way i was and I’ll be happy if you stop disturbing me” I said, picked the chocolate and flung it on his face.

Wow! I wonder where that strength came from.
That’s the type of strength i need to deal with everyone.

“Anel, please forgive m…”

“Good morning class” Mrs Carde came in and i sighed in relief.
“Good morning Mrs Carde”..


We had four more classes before the bell for lunch break rang.
I’m quite exhausted…

He’s back,i can go to the cafeteria but i don’t feel like going.
I have some chips in my backpack,I’ll make do with that till i get home.
Students trooped out of the classroom,heading to the cafeteria.

“Anel” Dan called.
“Can you please stop disturbing me!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry but won’t you go to the cafeteria?” He asked calmly not minding my yell.
That brought tears to my eyes..I’m treating him badly,i know that, but i can’t just help it.

“I’m not going” I said trying not to make my tears fall.
“Okay,I’ll stay here with you” He said softly and this time my tears dropped.
I quickly bent my head on the desk and sobbed quietly.

“I’m sorry” He said and i felt him tuck my hair behind my ear..
I felt like shrugging his hand off but i felt so weak by his touch.

“Dan,i miss you” I heard jacq’s voice.
“I miss you too” Dan said.
“You look more handsome Dan” Karissa lousy voice sounded.
“Thanks” Dan said.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria” Jacq said.
“Well…Im not going” He said.
“Why?” The two fools asked.
“I can’t walk about now,my head is still healing. I came to school today for a reason” He said.

I cleaned my tears and raised up my head.
Karissa shifted back.
I picked my backpack and grabbed my chips and a bottle of water.

“Oh ok” Jacq said and they both turned to leave.
I opened the pack and started eating,not minding Dan’s stare.

“Can i have some chips?” He asked.
“If you’re starving,it’s better you go to the cafeteria” I said.

Didn’t i promise not to speak to anyone.

“I’m not starving,i only want a taste of your chips” He said.
I ignored him this time and brought out my phone.

“Anel,I’m so sorry. I know i acted out of proportion,i promise never to behave that way again” He said.
“I’m not fully healed,my head still hurts but i came to school today just because of you, please forgive me” He added.

I’m the reason he came to school and damn! Why is he making me feel bad.
I threw my phone in my backpack,shove the remaining chips under my desk and gulped some water.

I stood up and started walking out of the class.
I know I’m gonna burst into tears if i don’t leave that seat.

“Anel” He called after me.
I opened the classroom door and stepped out.
I breathed in and out as i walked past hallways.

Im glad to leave the class,even though i don’t know where I’m heading to.
“Hey!” I heard but didn’t turn.

I swear down,if Travis provokes me right now..I’m gonna deal with him.

He jumped to my front, stopping me from moving further.
“Sexy damsel,i know you’re jealous of seeing Karissa with me in that hallway but trust me,i didn’t do anything with her. That girl is a slut!” He said.

I laughed…

He licked his lips and smiled…”I didn’t know you’ll forgive me this easily”
“Jealous my foot! Like seriously? Jealous?” I laughed more.
“What? Weren’t you jealous?” He asked.

“Numskull! I dont get jealous and even if i do,i get jealous over better things not shits! ”
“Well… that’s not a problem, you’ll start getting jealous when we start dating though cause i attract lots of girls” He smiled.
“Move away” I said but he didn’t.

“Or i help you move with a kick” I added and he quickly moved out of the way.

I walked away…
I started walking round the school but stayed clear of the garden.
I headed back to the class after a while.

I walked into the class, students are already on their seat meaning lunch break is over.
I got to my seat and was surprised to see Dan eating my leftover chips.

What the f**k!

“Why the hell are you eating my chips! You used my black towel also after i warned you not to!” I yelled and the whole class gasped.
They started murmuring…

I sat down,not caring about whatever thought they had in mind!
I met jacq’s glare which portrayed hatred.
Karissa’s portrayed jealousy.

I knew right from the start that this two girls are thorns in the flesh.
They shouldn’t dare cross my path. If not, I’m gonna show them a part of Anel that they aren’t aware of.

“I’m sorry” Dan said returning the chips back to me.
“I don’t need it anymore,you can have all of it” i said and started preparing for my next class.

💐💐💐School over💐💐💐

“Anel” Dan called and i stopped walking but didn’t turn.
School is over for the day,i was about walking out of the class when dan called me.

His footsteps got louder and he was standing in front of me in no minute.
“Can you help me give this to your sister?” He stretched the box of chocolate to me.
“Excuse me” I said and walked out of the classroom.

I got to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my ID before stepping out of the gate.
Jack isn’t here yet.

I stood waiting for him, ignoring the stares of the students and passer-by’s’

Why the hell is Jack not here.
Dan walked out of the gate with Karissa and Jacq.

“Anel,your mum isn’t here yet” He said and came to stand beside me.
I created a distance between us and waited impatiently for Jack.
“Ahhhh!” I sighed when Jack finally parked in front of the school gate.
I walked to the car and opened the backseat door,i got in and closed it after me.

“Hi sis” Ana said.
“Hi Ana,how are you?”
“I’m fine”
“What took you so long?” I asked Jack.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“Well…i was the cause,he waited for me cause we were having pra…” Ana stopped talking and i saw her face brightened in a direction.

I traced her gaze and saw Dan standing by the car.

“Hey girl” Dan called waving at Ana.
“Dan” Ana called cheerfully.
“I have something for you” He said.
“Jack, can you please start driving home” i said.
“He wants to give Ana so…”
“Drive!” I yelled and he quickly turned on the ignition but Dan was quick enough to throw the box of chocolate in the car before Jack drove away.

“Wow! What was that” Ana said holding the box of chocolate in her hands.
“Is this meant for you?” She asked.
“It’s for you” i said.

“Is anything wrong between the both of you?” She asked.
“No and I’ll like to be left alone.” I said.
“Okay…I’m gonna eat the chocolates though” She grinned.


I walked down the stairs after freshening up.
“What should i prepare for you?” Mary asked when i entered the kitchen.
“Pancake” i said and turned to walk back.

“Asanel, you’ve changed in a way i don’t really like” Mary said.
“You don’t have to like it,your opinion doesn’t count…I like it and that’s all that matters” I said and walked out of kitchen.

Who am i kidding?
I don’t like it but I’ll learn to like it.
I just kept wondering…I’ve been lonely for years,why is it so difficult to cope now.

I sat on the dining chair waiting for my pancake to be ready.
I have my phone in hand but too many thoughts are running through my head now.

Should i accept his apology?
He looked so sorry that i almost gave in to forgive him.

Mary walked into the dining with my pancake.
She placed it in front of me and i started eating.
It isn’t tasting like mum’s but its fine.
People have different ways of preparing meals.


I carried my dish to the kitchen after i finished eating.
I dropped it in the sink and started washing.

“Asanel,I’m gonna wash it” Mary said.
I ignored her and continued washing.
It’s just a dish,i finished in no time and wiped my hands with the napkin and walked out of the kitchen.

I got to the dinning, picked my phone before proceeding to the living room.
I sat on the couch and stared at the blank TV.

He’s such a fool.
I won’t forgive him.

My phone rang in my hands and i checked the caller ID.

‘unknown number’

No one else has my contact except my family so who the hell is this.
Has dad gotten a new phone or Milana!
It should be her.

I quickly received the call from the placed it my ear.

📞Hi Anel” I heard his voice and shivers ran down my spine.

How did he get my contact!

📞Dan! How did you get my contact?

📞I’m sorry but i stole your phone from your backpack when you went out of the class.

📞 You’re a dickhead you know right?

📞Yes i do” He said and i almost laughed.

📞What do you want?” I asked.

📞I want you to forgive me… please Anel.

📞Well….i won’t” I said.

📞 I’ll bring you two beautiful pieces of Bryan Shaw’s artwork tomorrow.

I’ll surely walk on air with excitement.
Who told him seeing Bryan Shaw’s artwork melts my mind.

📞You can’t bribe me to forgive you,i know that’s what you’re tryna do.


📞I can’t believe I’m still talking to you.

📞 That’s because you’re starting to forgive me” He said and i knew he smiled after saying that.

📞I’m not forgiving you,I’m gonna hang up soon.

📞I’m gonna add two boxes of chocolates to it.


📞I don’t want!

📞I know you want… please all i need is for you to forgive me,I’m so sorry.

📞Well… bring the artworks and chocolates first,then I’ll know what to do.

Did i just said that!

📞 Thanks” He screamed and i quickly hung up.

I’m starting to get soft hearted.
What’s Dan turning me to?

Anel,you have to get a grip of yourself before he turns you into a moron.



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