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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 72

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 72

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

The tattoo!
The love tattoo on the perpetrator’s neck!
The exact love tattoo!

But the perpetrator is a man!
I’m damn sure he is.
What the hell is going on?


“Dan” I whispered slowly.
“Huh?” He answered.
“T..the tattoo” I said in shock pointing to Mrs claude.
“What?” He asked.
“The tattoo!” I nearly screamed..
He looked in the direction i was pointing and then gasped.

“The tattoo” He also said, in shock.
I nodded,not able to utter a word.
“How come?” His voice shook.
“I also don’t know”
“You said the perpetrator is a man?” He asked and i nodded.

“I’m very sure of that! He’s a man” i said feeling like getting out of my seat to confront Mrs claude.
“T..then H..how come?” Dan stammered not taking his gaze off Mrs claude’s neck.

“Now,let’s resume the explanation” Mrs Claude said and turned back to the class and at that moment i could bet she wasn’t the perpetrator.

Who else has the tattoo.

Dan and i glanced at each other as she continued teaching.


“What was that?” Dan asked immediately Mrs Claude left the class.
“I’m damn confused as you’re”
“I’m not seeing any manly frame in Mrs claude” He shifted in his seat and I also did the same.
“This is weird”
“Of course it is” Dan conceded.
“But do you know one thing I’m sure of?”
“What?” He asked.

“Mrs Claude isn’t the perpetrator”
“Then who is? That tattoo is our only proof, and surprisingly we saw it on Mrs Claude. We’ve found the perpetrator then” He said.
“She isn’t the one” I said.
” She’s the one!” Dan nearly yelled.
“Chill,the perpetrator is a man..I’m damn sure”

“You might have seen wrongly at that moment,you were probably in shock” He said.

“Nay! I didn’t see wrongly and I’m damn sure of what i saw. You just have to believe me,the perpetrator is a man” I insisted.

He sighed “So what are we gonna do?”

“Is Mrs Claude probably in a relationship with any of the male teachers in this school?” I asked.
“How would i know that. Besides, Mrs Claude is married with two kids” He said.
“Like seriously?”
“Of course” He said.

I rubbed my forehead and sighed.
“This is damn confusing but do you know what?” I asked with a smile.
“We will fish out the perpetrator” I said confidently.
“Huh?” He raised a brow.
“Soon” I added.
“I trust you” He winked and i think my smile got wider.

“Let’s not allow that get to us,I’m still excited about seeing your dad tomorrow. I can’t wait” I said happily.

I’m gonna meet Bryan Shaw!
“I hope i won’t collapse” I said and he laughed.
“You might” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cause you want to” He said and i hit him playfully.

“A teacher is here”. He said and i frowned.

School Over 💋 💋 💋

I stood waiting by the gate with Dan, Karissa and Jacq.
I’m not speaking to the two Puff girls though but Dan is and i couldn’t get more happy when my car pulled up in front of me, i quickly walked towards it.

“Hi Jack” I greeted.
“Asanel,how are you?”
“I’m good, little girl how you doing?” I asked Ana and held my smile knowing she hates been called ‘little girl’
“I’m not little!” She yelled.
“Really?” I teased and that earned me a glare from her.

I laughed and was about opening the backseat door.

“Hey Dan” Ana called happily from the car.
I turned and saw him.. I didn’t know he followed me.
“Anastasia how’re you?” He smiled with a wave.
“I’m fine and please i need more chocolate” She grinned and looked at me before glancing back at Dan”

“Wow! Then you’re also a chocoholic like Anel” He said and pulled my hair.
I slapped his hand away playfully and he laughed.
“No I’m not,i just feel it’s necessary to have chocolates once in a while. It develops the brain yunno. But Anel loves chocolates more than anything in the world” She said and laughed at my glare.

“Yeah even a blind person knows Anel loves chocolate” Dan teased.
I rolled my eyes “Whatever”
“So you’re gonna get it for me right?” Ana said.
“Of course” Dan said.
“Thanks” She grinned.

I opened the car door and got in.
“Bye Dan” We waved.
“Byee” He waved back.
“You mustn’t forget the chocolate” Ana shouted as our car drove off.
“Sure,i won’t” He shouted back.


I felt like telling Ana about my proposed visit to Shaw’s tomorrow but i decided against it.
I’m gonna keep it a secret.


We got home and alighted from the car.
Ana ran ahead of me into the house.

Does that mean I’m gonna carry her lunchbox?

I swear down,I’m gonna hit it on her head once i get into the house.
I picked her lunchbox together with my backpack and headed into the house.

I got to the living room and luckily for her,i didn’t meet her.
I dropped her lunchbox on the couch and proceeded towards my room.

“Hi Anel” Mary called.
She was descending the stairs, holding the laundry basket.
“Good afternoon Mary” I greeted paving way for her.
“How’re you and how was school?” She asked.
“I’m fine and school was great. Is Mil in?” I asked.
“Nay,but i guess she’ll be returning soon”

“Your lunch is ready” She said.
“Yeah, thanks I’m gonna come down after i freshen up” i said and started climbing the stairs to my room.

I’m starving.
That dickhead didn’t allow me finish my lunch in the cafeteria and I’m glad i taught him a lesson.


🔉Let’s go….

🔉 Faraway…

I sang as i descended the stairs, holding my phone in hand.
I’m done freshening up,I’m going to the dining to have my lunch.


“I should have known you’ll be here before me” I said when i met Ana sitting on the dining chair, eating her lunch happily.
She frowned…
“If you say anything then I’m gonna punish you for leaving your lunchbox in the car for me” I threatened.

She grinned and continued eating without saying a word.

‘Good’ I smiled.


“At last you’re here” I said when i saw Mil walked in.

I was relaxing in the living room after lunch. Ana has gone to her room for siesta.

“Yeah” She sank on the couch tiredly.
I admired her outfit for a while.
Mil always look good in anything she put on.

“It been days i saw you,yet we’re in the same house” I said.
“Yeah,you leave for school before i wake up and go to bed before I’m back but i guess we broke the yoke today” She smiled..

“You look tired”
“Of course,the works in that location is tedious but we’ll be done soon..in a week i guess” She said bringing out her iPad.
“I can’t wait to watch that movie once it’s out” I said.
She grinned…” Trust me,you’re gonna love it”
“Everyone inclusive” I said knowing how people love to watch Milana Sydney in a movie.

“Yeah, Mary please get me a plate of ice cream and some biscuits” Mil said loudly.
“Okay” Mary answered from the kitchen.
“So,how’s Tha..”
“Thack Holcomb” She completed my statement and we both laughed.


“You mean you’re going to Bryan Shaw’s house tomorrow!” Mil exclaimed almost dropping her plate of ice cream.

I actually didn’t know when that slipped from my mouth.
I guess i was feeling too excited with the news to keep it in.
My mouth needs some spanking though.

“Yeah” I grabbed a biscuit from the plate.
“T..to do what?” She asked,now dropping her plate of ice cream.
“Just to see him,is there a reason i shouldn’t go?” I asked sensing the shock written on her face.

“N..no but you must make sure Liam never find out” She said.
“And if he does?” I asked.
“H..h you know he doesn’t really like B..ryan S..haw” She stammered and i wonder when she became a stammerer.

“Isn’t that cruel?” I asked.
“What?” She asked sitting up on the couch.
“How could Liam hate that great artist for no reason!” I said a bit pissed.
“There might be a reason…” She was saying.
“Whatever reason! That great man doesn’t deserve any form of hate”

“Yeah,or do you hate him too?” I asked.
She wiped her brows which i found weird.
“No i don’t hate him,he’s a great man like you said” She smiled.
“Yes he is”
“I will go up to my room,i think i need some sleep” She said and stood up.
“Yeah you really need it” I said and watched as she grabbed her pink shoulderbag before walking away.

She look so stressed…

💞Dan’s POV💞

“You mean she’ll be coming here tomorrow?” Dad asked.
“Yes Dad,I’m gonna pick her after school tomorrow. You need to see how excited she was” I smiled and threw a cookie in my mouth.
We were all in the living room watching a movie.

Mum and Mike were so engrossed in the movie while Dad and i talked.

“I’ve been wanting to see her too,she’s the only girl you do talk about frequently and i must commend you to have easily became her friend,considering how you said she was”
“She’s now changed…i mean she has changed a lot,she now respond to people’s greetings even though she won’t talk to them”

“That’s something. I believe she’ll soon proceed to talking to people” Dad smiled.
“She might not” I said.
“Her mind is made up already” I said.
“Wasn’t her mind made up before you dissolved it? Then you’ll dissolve it once again”

“I’m afraid that won’t be easy and i won’t wanna press her much more. I think i gotta respect her decision for now”
“Sounds right” He said and i nodded.

“She was pissed when she realized i lied to her about my last name”
“She should be” Dad said solemnly.
“Yeah but she forgave me and was so happy when I told her I’m gonna bring her to you,she knows so much about you and I’m afraid she might collapse once she sees you”

Dad laughed hard…”Really?
“Yes Dad”
“I can’t wait to see her too” He said.
“I wonder the reason she likes you so much even without seeing you yet”
He smiled…”I’m not surprised,she isn’t the only one who’d kill to see me. You know i have a lot of fans,she’s probably one of my die hard fans”

“I think hers is more than that, you’re gonna conclude yourself once you see her tomorrow” I said.
“Wow. what’s her name?” He asked.
“Don’t you know her name?” I asked.
“I don’t,you call her Psycho,you never mentioned her name” He said and i laughed.
“Well…her name is…”

“Please don’t die” Mike suddenly shouted.

We were both shocked but laughed very hard after realising he was referring to the movie.


🎛️🎛️🎛️NEXT DAY🎛️🎛️🎛️


I fling dresses across my room..
I’ve been here for minutes searching for what to wear.

I just got back from school,all freshened up and now battling with the dress I’m gonna put on.

Dan will be here soon!
I wonder where my beautiful dresses are.

I searched more and more till my eyes finally landed on my yellow jumpsuit with black buttons and belt.



I rubbed my sweaty palms together as the car drove on.
Dan and i were seated on the backseat.

He came to pick me at the exact time i finished dressing up.
I actually lied to Mum and Liam that I’m going to a friend’s place. They were so happy I’ve started making friends.

I glared at Dan who has been laughing at my nervousness.

“It won’t take me two seconds to fling you out of the windscreen” i said and he laughed again making me want to laugh too but i held it.
“You look more beautiful in this dress” He complimented and my cheeks grew hot.
I faced the window..

“Won’t you say thanks?” He asked.
“Travel to Babylon for thanks” I said and he laughed.


I held Dan’s hand as we walked into his living room.
My heartbeat accelerated and my palms got more wet.

“Relax” He said to me.

Relax! When I’m about to meet BRYAN SHAW!

“Dad she’s here” Dan said loudly.
I wiped sweat off my forehead when i heard footsteps.
“You can have your seat” Dan said.
“I..i.. I am not sitting” I managed to say,my gaze fixed on the curtain connecting the living room to other rooms.

The curtain opened slowly and slowly till it finally revealed;

Bryan Shaw!

I couldn’t move,my hands trembled,I’m pretty sure I’m gonna develop high blood pressure soon. I could collapse any moment from now. Everything seem just like a dream.
My lips parted open slowly till…till i finally had the strength to scream “BRYAN SHAW”

I ran into his open arms with tears in my eyes.


“Can i hold your hand while we eat” I said to Bryan Shaw who smiled and offered me his hand.

I can’t believe this!

We were all at the dining, including Mike and his Mum whom i realised is a very nice woman.
Bryan Shaw is far handsome than in pictures, the connection i feel anytime i view his picture now seem so real.

I wouldn’t have believed if i was told i would be sitting and dining with Bryan Shaw.
His eyes spoke of intelligence and dignity and he promised to show me his studio house before i leave.

Can any celebrity be more down to earth?
My love for him increased.

“You’re the only celebrity i like so much, thanks for giving me the privilege to see you..I’m so honored” I said feeling so high.

He smiled…”I’m also honoured to have a loyal fan as you,you really surprised me,i didn’t know i have people who love me this much” He said.
“If i should express how I’m feeling now,i guess im just collapse. I can’t believe I’m seeing Bryan Shaw. This is a big honour” I said and glanced at Dan who kept grinning.


“I hope you’re enjoying the meal?” Mrs Shaw asked.
“Yes ma’am,i am. Thanks so much” I said.
“So bad of us; we haven’t asked for her name” He said.

Didn’t Dan tell him my name?
Dan can be so crazy at times.

“Really? Dan didn’t tell you my name?”
“Yeah he d.. didn’t,i feel it’ll be nice if we hear from you”
“Okay my name is….”

“Beautiful psycho!” Mike suddenly said.

I’ve heard this before!

Oh..no,you can’t be serious.
This is what Dan calls me???


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