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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 73

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 73

By Zeemah writes


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💞Dan’s POV💞

“My name is…..”

“Beautiful psycho” Mike suddenly said and i saw her face widened.


“Mike!” Mum scolded.
“Huh?” He asked with a mouthful.
“Shut up! You talk too much” I yelled at him.

Anel suddenly laughed and everyone turn to look at her.

“Dan,you call me ‘beautiful psycho?’ ” She asked and i sighed.
“He doesn’t,i wonder where Mike got that from. Don’t mind him ,he jokes with everything” Dad said to Anel who nodded with a smile.

“Actually, even if he calls me that, I’m not pissed about it” She said wiping her mouth..
“Really?” Mum asked.
“Yes ma’am” She grinned and continued her meal still holding dad’s hand.

“To be sincere, that’s what he calls you” Dad said and i nearly banged the table.
“Well great!” She snickered.
“Why is that great?..i mean,he calls you a psycho. You should hit the hell outta him” Mike said and i swore under my breath.

I’m gonna kill Mike once she leaves!

“Mike!” Mum glared at him.

“That’s great because i also have a name i do call him” She said and Dad laughed while Mum and Mike looked amused, I’m damn sure i looked surprised right now.

She gave me a name just like i did to her?

“Okay,may we hear the name you gave him too?” Dad asked.
“Awwwn,i can’t believe I’m with Bryan Shaw and he’s so down to earth. Thanks so much but i think Dan might weep if he hears the name” She said raising a brow.

I was thinking it was a sweet name.

Dad laughed…”Go on, Dan doesn’t weep,but is the name that worse?”
“It is, artist Shaw” She grinned.
“Yes! Go ahead and tell us the name,i can’t wait” Mike said and quickly shifted from my side to avoid the spoon from getting to his head.


“Well…i call him handsome…”
I grinned when i heard that and then stuck out my tongue at Mike who rolled his eyes.
“Maniac!” She added and i think heart dropped.

Mike was the first to burst into laughter,then Mum and Dad and PSYCHO!!!

“That sounds worst than beautiful psycho’ ” Mike laughed more.
“Damn! Do you know the meaning of maniac?” Mum said trying to control her second round of laughter.
“What a great comeback” Dad laughed more.

I glared at everyone of them and then smiled.
The name sounds cute.
At least,she added handsome to it but WHAT THE HELL!!

I hissed at them all and gulped water.
I felt more infuriated when they laughed more.
I can’t just get what seems so funny.
“Everyone just keep quiet..I’m pissed right now” I shouted.

“You shouldn’t be pissed. Remember you also call me ‘beautiful psycho’ and i wasn’t pissed by it” Anel said.
“Yeah” Mike conceded and this time i succeeded in hitting the spoon on his forehead.
“Ohhh” He grunted and i sighed satisfactorily.

“What? Why did you hit him?” Anel asked.
“He’s so wicked,he does that everytime” Mike cried.
“Yes” He cried more while Mum and Dad laughed as they looked on.

Anel stood up and also grabbed a spoon.
I realized what she was about to do and quickly stood up and ran to the second living room before she could get to me.

I laughed and was about sitting on a couch but stopped my butt halfway when i realised she followed me!
How the hell did she know her way around this house!

“You thought i won’t get you,but Mike described this place to me” She grinned and advanced to me with the spoon which i realised has been changed into a bigger one.

Swears, I’m so gonna kill Mike.

“Well…come get me psycho” i winked and ran out of the living room heading to the garden.

“Maniac!!” I heard her yelled.

I laughed and proceeded to the garden.
I wonder how she will find me this time.


I sat on the grass in the garden allowing the cold breeze to kiss my face.
I smiled and wondered why i normally feel complete anytime Anel is around me.

Who could have thought she’ll be in my house this minute.
She made everyone laugh even without trying.
I can tell Mum and dad are impressed,they already took a liking to her,no one makes mum and dad laugh that way including that little brat called Mike.

Well… Anel will finally return to the dining room to continue her meal cause there’s no way she can find this garden not to talk of finding me.
I laughed and sang;

🔉I’m free….

🔊Free…free..” I sang…


🔉You’re not free…

🔊Not free…not free…” I heard and turned startled.

I saw Anel behind me with the big spoon, grinning as she sang on and on.

What sort of girl is this?

🔉 Don’t you dare get up…

🔊Or i’m gonna hit you twice on your forehead” She sang and i frowned, wondering how she found me.

“You mean,you’re gonna hit me with that big spoon after calling me a maniac?” I asked after thinking of ways to escape but none came!
“Shush,you called me a psycho first! Now shut up and bring your forehead closer to make the hit less severe” She said raising up the spoon.

“I can’t believe you wanna hit me in my house..i shouldn’t have invited you over” I said and she laughed.
“Thanks for inviting me dearie but i won’t need your invitation to come next time because artist Shaw said I’m free to come anytime” She smiled and jumped around for a while.

“Now come over,stop trying to avoid the hit” She said.
“That spoon is so big,why the hell did mum allow you take it”
“Well… Mike gave it to me” She laughed.

Haaaaa! Can someone get me a whip!!!

She dropped the spoon and sat beside me.
“You never told me there’s a beautiful garden in your house” She said staring admiringly at our little but beautiful garden.

I smiled and stood up,then dusted my pants.

“Come,let me show you around” I said holding out my hand.
She took it and my heart did a funny flip.

We stared at each other for a while,my heart was about bursting.

“I’m beautiful,i know that” she smiled.
“Yes you are” I said.

She’s truly beautiful but i don’t think what am feeling right now is about her beauty.
It’s entirely something else.
I’m not just attracted to her beautiful but something i can’t name.

“Come on” She said.
“Yeah” I smiled and tightened my hand on hers.
“Now let’s go over to those flowers…”


“Aw! I wish to swim but It’s getting late” She said after i finished showing her the swimming pool.
I glanced at my wrist watch.


She came here around 3:20.

“I came to spend time with artist Shaw but you took my time instead” She frowned.
“Nay, you took my time instead” I said.
“Nay, you did!”
“I didn’t ask you to chase me around with a spoon” I laughed.

“Keep quiet and lead me back inside,i need to see artist Shaw before i leave” She pouted.
“So you won’t thank me for showing you around?”
“Go to Babylon for thanks” She said and i laughed out loud.
“What’s with you and Babylon?” I asked still laughing.

“Get lost! I’m just gonna find the way inside myself” She said and started walking ahead of me.
“Come here Anel, you’ll get lost” I laughed and ran after her.


“Huh? I already missed Liam’s calls. I really have to get going, they’ll be so worried” She said after picking up her phone.
“Where’s Artist Shaw,your Mum and Mike? I need to say goodbye” She said.

“Come with me to the second living room” I said and she quickly followed me.
I wasn’t feeling so happy she’s living soon.

We got to the second living room and met them having dessert.
Mike’s lips were filled with whipped cream,he grinned when he saw Anel.

“Did you finally hit him on the head like he did to me?” He asked.
“No i didn’t but i promise I’m going to next time”
“Aaaargh” He rolled his eyes and then shrugged.
Anel chuckled.

“You’re prepared to leave?” Dad asked.
“OMG i can’t believe artist Shaw is asking me that? I’m just gonna die if i wake up and find out this is all a dream” Anel said and everyone smiled.

I actually don’t know where her love for dad originated from.

She quickly rushed to hug Dad who gladly reciprocated.
“Im leaving now, even though i don’t want to” She said.
“It’s fine,you’re always welcome here dear” Mum said.
“Yes Anel,I’ll make sure maniac prepares enough meal for you when next you wanna visit” Mike smiled.

If i don’t stop him,that’s what he’s probably gonna call me for the rest of my life.

“It’s so sad you’re leaving,we enjoyed your company and i think I’ll have to show you the studio house some other time” Dad said.
“Ah! I’ve totally forgotten that,you can quickly show me now” she said.

“Nay, I have to show you whenever you’re not in a hurry so you can get to view and acknowledge the arts in patience ”
“That’s right,with that I’m gonna make sure i visit very soon” She said.
“Okay dear, we’ll be expecting you” Dad said.

“Thanks everyone for the hospitality” She bowed.
“You’re welcome”
“Bye, artist Shaw it was nice seeing you,you made today one of my best days” She grinned.
“I’m honored” Dad smiled.

“Bye everyone” She smiled.
“I’m gonna see her off” i said and led her outside.
“Artist Shaw i love you” She shouted happily before walking out of the door.

I shook my head.

My driver was waiting already, seated on the driver’s seat.

“Thanks for coming anel, your presence was great”
She rolled her eyes and i laughed.
I so much like this girl.

“Well… thanks for inviting me but next time,i won’t need your invitation” She stuck out her tongue.
“I should have just let you remain fantasising about meeting Dad” I said.
“But you didn’t” She laughed.

“Ah! Liam is calling again. Gotta go” She said and opened the car door then got in.
“Bye” She waved.
“Bye” I waved back with smiles.

We held each other’s gaze till the car drove out of the compound.
I sighed and held my racing chest.

‘Mike’ I thought and quickly ran inside the house.
I swear down, i’m so gonna deal with him.


“Where’s Mike?” I asked immediately i got to the living room and couldn’t find him.
Mum laughed before dad joined in.

“What?” I asked.
They kept laughing.
I started walking to the stairs thinking he might have ran to his room.

“I’m here,come get me maniac” I heard that little brat’s voice and quickly turn, only to find out he was hiding right under mum’s legs.

How could i get so blind not to notice! Plus he called me manic!!

He got up and started running when he saw me advancing towards him.

I gave him a hot chase and smiled when i heard Mum and dad’s laughter trailing behind us.

💞Anel’s POV💞

“Anel where are you coming from?” Liam threw the question at me when i walked into the living room.
Mum, Ana and granny were also seated and i can see they all wore worried look.

“I’m sorry for returning late” I said.
“Where are you coming from?” He repeated his question.

“I told you i was going to a friend pl…”
“Shut up!” He cut me short.

If he thinks he’s gonna make me cry tonight then he’s joking.

“You allowed me go and now you’re yelling at me. Who does that?” I said getting pissed.
“You never told us you were going to a guy’s house! a bastard’s house!”
“Really? Well.. he’s the only friend i have” I said.

“What! How could you make a guy your first friend” He shouted.
“I’m free to make anyone my friend, remember it’s ‘my friend’ so i gat the chance to make my choice” I said throwing my phone on the couch.
“Knowing well it was a guy who destroyed your mother! ” He yelled and that brought tears to my eyes.

He finally succeeded in making me cry.

“Yes,it was a guy not all the guys. Just because of mum’s story i didn’t make friends since i was eight,i didn’t feel the joy of childhood,im always screaming and pushing away anyone who come close to me,it made me hate people!!! But do you know the person that made all that stopped;
It was him! The guy you call a bastard was the only one who came close to me,he made me realize the life i was living was bad,he changed me!!” I said in tears.

I saw Ana wiping her face and knew she was crying.
I can’t go to her at this moment.

“Even if you don’t like me as you liked Mum,that shouldn’t make you yell at me all the time. It’s high time i started deciding for myself” I said and picked my phone slowly.

I sniffled and started walking towards the stairs.

I felt a hand pull me back,i turned and saw Liam. He quickly pulled me into a hug and of course i hugged him back.
“I like you more than your Mum okay?” He said to me and i nodded.
He wiped my tears away and led me to a couch.


“Really?” Liam smiled after mum and Ana were done telling him how nice Dan is.
Granny has gone up to her room.

“Yes” I smiled also.
“Yes Dad,i like him” Ana said.
“Wow! So what’s his name?” Liam asked.
“Dan” Ana said.
“Dan? You mean like Daniel?” Liam asked.
“Yes Dad” Ana grinned.
“What’s his last name?” He asked after glancing at mum.

“Martin” Ana answered and i noticed how he quickly sighed in relief.

It’s not Martin,that dickhead lied.

“That was what i also thought at first” Mum whispered to Liam but i overheard.
Liam nodded and then smiled.

What did she thought at first?

“You can invite him over next time” He said.
“Really?” I smiled.
“OMG thanks Liam” I giggled happily with Ana.
“It’s fine” He said.

“His family treated me well,they are very nice people,so awesome and down to earth” I gushed over the Shaws.
“Really?” Liam asked.
“Yes Liam,they are great people” I said.
“Wow” He smiled.

“Invite everyone of them then” He said.

Should i tell him?😲



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