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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 74

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 74

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Invite everyone of them then” He said.

Should i tell him?😲

“Huh… okay” I said.

Mum yawned.

“It’s getting late,we have to go to bed” Liam said and helped mum up.
“Okay, we’ll also come to bed soon” Ana said.
“I’ll come back to check on you and I’m gonna make sure i punish you if you haven’t gone to bed” Liam said and started leading Mum up the stairs.

Ana rolled her eyes and shifted closer to me.

“What?” I asked.
“Aren’t you gonna gist me?” She asked.
“After you told Liam that my so called friend was a guy” I said.
“Com’on,we were all worried when you weren’t picking up,so i had to answer all of dad’s questions honestly” She said.
“Whatever ” I stood up.

“Ah! I can’t believe you’re pissed about that” She said.
“I’m not, at all” i said.
“Then tell me how it all went?” She asked eagerly and i felt sorry cause i’m not in the mood for that now.

“It went great” I said and started walking to the stairs.
“Anel” She called after me.
“I’m gonna do that tomorrow Ana” I said.
“Urgh!” She groaned.
“I promise” I said and she shrugged.

I quickly climbed the stairs to my room.
I feel a bit tired and sleepy.

I got to my room and dropped my phone on the bed.
I pulled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom.


I walked out of the bathroom in my pajamas feeling refreshed.
I sat on the bed and smiled remembering the moments i spent in maniac’s house.

I still can’t believe i met artist Shaw.
I’m gonna make sure i visit soon again,i can’t wait to see his studio house.
I know there will be hundreds of drawings.
I just hope i won’t die with enthusiasm.

I sighed, realising how bad i feel keeping something from Liam but i can’t possibly tell him or can i?
He hates Bryan Shaw for whatever reason and I’m sure there wouldn’t have been peace in the house tonight if i had told him.

I think I’m just gonna keep it all a secret till the Shaw family comes to visit.
Maybe once Liam sees him,the hatred will decrease or probably stop cause Bryan Shaw is such a lovable man.

I can’t wait to tell Dan about this.
I really want his family to visit ours.
I giggled as i picked my phone,i powered it.

Oh..i didn’t realize i have a message.

💬Hi, beautiful Psycho.

💬I hope you got home safely?

💬 Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.


I laughed as i remembered the moment i revealed the name i call Dan.
It was such a funny moment.
I never thought i would reveal that name ‘handsome maniac’ today, and right in his house with his family surrounding us but damn!

He also calls me ‘beautiful psycho!’
Good thing i gave him that name.
I smiled and hugged my phone to my chest.
I’ve grown to like Dan so much,he’s a wonderful friend.

I should sleep now,i need to get to school early tomorrow.
I can’t wait to see Dan.


I slipped under the covers after switching off the lights and then switching on the bedside lamp.
I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to accept me.

🌺Next Morning🎯

I stood in front of the mirror after i was done dressing up for school.
I smiled and adjusted my backpack before walking out of my room.


“Why are you always at the dining before me?” I frowned at Ana,who grinned and continued her breakfast.
“That shows how punctual i am” She said with a mouthful.
“Yes, only when food is involved” i said.

She sent me a glare but i ignored her and called out to Mary.

“Good morning Mary” I shouted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?”
“It was great” i said and dropped my backpack.

I sat down and started eating my breakfast.

“You said you are gonna tell me everything today” Ana broke the silence.
“That will be after we’re back from school” I said.
“Ahhn!” She frowned.
“We’re going to school Ana! Talking might delay us” i said.

“Just sum it up for me,you don’t have to to go into details, please” She pleaded.
“No Ana, we’re starting to run late. I’m gonn..”
“It’s so annoying to start thinking you want to start hiding things from me! I don’t want to hear anything anymore,keep the gist to yourself” She said angrily and stood up,she picked up her backpack and walked out.

I smiled,not surprised at her behavior.
“Ana” i called after her but she didn’t respond.
“Okay im sorry, I’m gonna tell you everything” I picked my backpack and ran after her.


“Bye Jack,Ana” I said as i alighted from the car.
“Bye Anel, have a nice day” Jack said.
I looked at Ana who has been ignoring me.

I turned and headed to the school gate.
I suddenly turned back and caught Ana looking at me.

I smiled and waved..

“I love you sis” i shouted.
She pouted and ordered jack to drive.
He did and i turned back to the gate.


I walked into the classroom and got the attention I’ve always gotten.
They all stared at me in silence for a while before saying “hi”

My eyes went straight to Dan’s seat and i couldn’t define the excitement that rose in me when i saw him seated.
Our eyes met and my heart pumped.


“Hello everyone” I waved in smiles as i walked to my seat.

I dropped my backpack before settling down.

“Psycho” Dan whispered to me and i secretly smiled before turning to face him.
“Maniac!” I growled and he laughed.
“You’re a psycho but guess what?” He asked.
“What?” I frowned.
“You’re beautiful” He said and i smiled, almost holding my cheeks.

“You’re a maniac but guess what?”
“What?” He asked.
“You’re ugly” I grinned.
“What!” He exclaimed and frowned.
I laughed and stuck out my tongue at him.

“I believe you both are aware that this is a classroom and you’re disturbing other students” Jacq half yelled.
“Yes!” Karissa conceded.

“We’re not complaining,are we?” The class prefect asked the class .
“No” They chorused making me smile.

I turned to Dan who appeared less bothered about the whole thing.

I sighed and turned to the front of the classroom.
Just then a teacher walked in.


We had three more subjects before the bell for lunch break rang.
I grabbed my bottled water out of my backpack.
I uncapped it and gulped it down my throat.

“You’re starving right?” Dan asked and i nodded.
“Plus I’m exhausted ” I said.
“Okay,hold on. I’ll go get us food from the cafeteria” He said and stood up.
“Let’s go together” i said.
“No,i don’t want that yesterday drama repeating itself,just sit okay. I’ll be back” He said.
“Thanks” I smiled and watched as him walked away.

Where are his friends?
I noticed they didn’t come to call him for lunch today.
I just hope I’m not the one getting between them, they don’t normally have issues before i became close to Dan.

I sighed and gulped more water.
I just hope everything will be fine.


I was about going to meet Dan in the cafeteria,he’s taking too long.

“Yoo!” I heard and flinched.
I turned towards the window and saw Dan standing in the garden with a tray of meal.
I smiled..

“Come to the garden” he winked and i rushed out of the classroom like wind.


“Don’t you think Mrs Oliver will be pissed to find out we’re having our lunch here,after what happened to you” I said with a mouthful.

I’m so enjoying the pizza rolls.
We’re both seated on the bench, having our lunch.

“How would she know? Do you plan on telling her?” He asked and took a pizza roll from my plate.
I sent him a look and he chuckled.
“I don’t plan on doing that but do you know there’s a CCTV in the whole building?”
“Except the garden” He smiled.

“Ohh.. really?”
“But eating in the garden is not among the school rules”
“I’m Daniel Shaw and I’m born to break rules” He boasted and i felt intrigued.
“Aaaargh!” I rolled my eyes.
He laughed.

“Well…my visit to your house was great,i totally enjoyed myself even though you didn’t stop being a dickhead” I said.
“Ouch!” I said when he dragged my hair.
“Serves you right” He said.

“You deserve a hard knock but I’m gonna pardon you” I said.
He smiled and gazed at me for a long time,my cheeks were starting to turn red and i finally managed to speak up.

“What?” I asked.
“I’m glad you’re part of my life,i get to laugh whenever I’m with you..”
“Now, you’re gonna make me blush” i smiled.
“Go ahead,i would love to see your creamy cheeks go red” He said and i laughed.
“Cheeks are not the only part of body that goes red when blushing”
“Yeah i know but the cheeks is the commonest for girls”
“You’re right and Liam wants your family to visit” I said.

“Really?” His eyes widened.
“Yeah,he wants to know you all better” I said.
“Wow,does he know we’re the Shaws?”
“No he doesn’t,I’ve not told him but i will, soon” I said.
“It’ll be a bit hard to make dad come,you know how he is right?”
“Yeah,i do”

“But,i don’t think he would refuse the offer cause he likes you so much” He said and i found myself grinning.
“You mean he would visit just because of me?” I asked.
He nodded “I’m gonna inform him first and I’ll get back to you,I’m so glad your uncle wants to meet my family, that means he accepts our friendship”
“Yes he does”
“Yaaay” he said excitedly and i smiled.

I was about picking another pizza roll when i realised there’s nothing remaining in the plate.

I’m okay with what I’ve eaten though.
I sighed and picked my bottle of water.

“I’ll go return this to the cafeteria” He said and picked the tray.
I nodded and watched him walk away.


“What about your friends?” I asked when he returned to the garden.
“They both refuse to talk to me” He said.
“Yeah…it’s normal” He smiled.
“Why are they doing that?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Probably they are jealous that i have another friend”
“Oh..you mean it’s all because of me?” I asked.
“Yeah, they’re jealous of you but don’t bother about that. They’ll loosen up soon,they are both nice people” He said.

“But if i haven’t become your friend,all this wouldn’t have happened,I’m the one who caused everything” I said sadly and wondered when i became this way.
He sighed ” Anel,you didn’t cause anything. They would have also behaved that way if it was another person i have as a new friend,so just chill huh? ” He said and i nodded.
“Don’t bother about them,now come over for a ‘friend’ hug” He smiled and i returned his smile.

I think I’m getting too soft.

We shifted closer to each other and he pulled me into a hug.
I nearly gasped when he kissed my forehead and then brushed back my hair.
My heart raced faster and my entire face grew hot.

I quickly disengaged from the hug and turned to face the other side,i think it’s best to avoid his face at this moment.

I breathed in and out for some minutes and then turned back to him after i was sure that I’m okay.

What’s happening to me?

I gasped when i found his face close to mine.
His hot breath fanned my face,i got to see how full and real his lashes were,his nose is almost touching mine and his lips..
Oh..my.. I felt hot and I’m sure my entire face has turned into tomato.

“Goddess Anel” He smiled and i must confess his nearness gave me new set of feelings.
My heart didn’t stop pounding and i couldn’t utter a word.

What’s happening to me?
This isn’t the first time I’m feeling this but it’s more intense now.

I don’t know the force that was pushing my lips to his.
Our lips were about touching when we heard a bang.


We both turned and saw Travis,he already turned red with anger.
He hit the rod he was holding on the bench one more time before yelling at Dan.

I so much dislike Travis!

But what were we about to do?
I mean Dan and i.

🌺{Few weeks later}🌺

It’s morning…

I yawned and sat up on my bed.
Its Saturday,i don’t have to rush into the bathroom to bath and get dressed.

I rested my back on the bed’s headboard and then picked up my phone.
I powered it and smile as our picture displayed on the screen…Dan and i.

I like him so much,he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
Our friendship has waxed stronger and i can proudly say Dan is now my best friend.
But i don’t understand the reason my heart beat faster whenever he’s close to me,i don’t understand the reason i feel so happy whenever i hear his voice,the reason i always long to be with him,the reason…the reason, i don’t just understand what’s happening to me.
Is that what friends always feel for each other?

I sighed and dropped my phone,then stood up from the bed.
I walked into the bathroom after grabbing my body towel.


“Like seriously,did you just called Dan with my phone?” I asked Ana after walking out of the bathroom.
“Yeah” She grinned.
“Why did you do that? And don’t break my bedside lamp” I warned.

She shifted to the middle of the bed,my phone still in her hand .

“I wanted to hear his voice and tell him something also” She said.
“But i made you talk to him yesternight” I said and started drying my body.
“Yeah,i needed to tell him something” She said.
“What?” I asked.
“It’s a secret” She smiled widely.

Ana likes Dan so much.

“Next time, don’t call anyone with my phone without my permission okay?”
She nodded.

I walked to the wardrobe and pulled it open.

“You don’t have to do that,i already selected some clothes for you” Ana said.
I turned and saw her holding my pink dress.

I smiled… Exactly what i planned on wearing.


“I’m so bored,I’m gonna sleep any moment from now” Ana yawned.
I laughed,i knew she didn’t like this particular cartoon but i do.

We sat in the living room after having our breakfast.
Liam, Mum and granny are upstairs in their rooms.
And of course Mil is gone,i miss her so much.

“Go to sleep little sis” I winked.
“I’m not little! and you’re being wicked!” She said.
“You knew i don’tt like this cartoon”
“But i do,should we split the TV into two?”
“Other older sisters allow their younger ones to watch what they like”
“I’m not ‘other sisters’ I’m Asanel Yates” I said.
“Arrgh! You’re so annoying” She said and i laughed.

“Your phone is ringing” She smiled and passed it to me.
Ana smiled? Just because my phone is ringing??
I wonder who’s calling.

I collected it from her.


I tried to hide my smile as i received the call.
I cleared my throat.

📞Hey Psycho.

📞Like seriously maniac!

He laughed 📞I’m sorry but I’m not deeply sorry cause you also called me maniac.

I rolled my eyes.

📞I know you just rolled your eyes now.

📞And i know you’re a wizard.

He laughed 📞 Well… you’ll make me forget the reason i called.

📞 Isn’t it to hear my voice?

📞 Yeah and also to tell you that we’re all on our place to your house.


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