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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 75

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 75

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

📞 Isn’t it to hear my voice?

📞 Yeah and also to tell you that we’re all on our place to your house.


📞Ohh.. okay” I responded, trying to control my breathing.

How’s Liam gonna feel if he sees Bryan Shaw?


📞 I’ll be expecting you,let me go prepare” i said and dropped the call.

I wiped sweat off my forehead and stood up.

“What happened?” Ana asked.
“Dan and his family are on their way here” I said.
“And what’s wrong with that?” She asked.
“Dan’s dad i…is Bryan Shaw” i said.
“Huh?” Her eyes widened in surprise.

“How come his last name is Martin” She said and sat up on the couch.
“He lied about that,his last name is Shaw”
I nodded.
“Dad really hates Bryan Shaw and now he’s on his way to our house,what are we gonna do?” She asked.

“I..i don’t know, should i call Mil?”
“No,she’s not here so calling her will be not helpful. Figure out something yourself” She said.
“I’m trying to…” I said and sat back on the couch.

I stood up again knowing they will be here any minute from now.
“Should we go tell Dad and Mum?” Ana asked.
I shook my head….if we should inform Liam that Bryan shaw is on his way to our house,he would probably go stand by the gate and embarrass the day living out of the poor artist.

“I think there’s no need to inform Liam about their coming,we should just tell Mary to prepare some meal and then when they arrive and already seated, I’ll go call Liam” I suggested.
“That’s fine” She said.
“Let’s go tell Mary to prepare some meal” I said and we both walked to the kitchen.


💞Dan’s POV💞

“Dad! What do you mean we have to turn back home, we’re almost there” I said,a bit pissed.
“I’m sorry but there’s an important contract waiting for me at home,we can come over to their place some other time” He said.

“That’s unfair Dad,your manager can help you handle the contract” Mike said.
“I know but i have to go myself, my manager is with her sick mother, it’ll be selfish of me to call her to attend to my contact”
“But there are other people who can do it for you”

“I don’t trust them as i trust her, just let me go myself,we can visit some other time” He said.
“Mum won’t you say anything” I frowned.
“Dan, Mike, your father has to attend to his business. This visit can actually wait” She said.

Of course that’s what she’s gonna say.

“But i already called her and told her we’re on our way to their place,I’m damn sure they would have been making preparations,are we gonna allow their efforts go to waste?”
Mum sighed softly and glanced at Dad.

“I’m sorry,i have to attend to this business,it’s a big contract and i can’t afford to loose it” He said.
“Fine, just park nearby and drop Mike and i, we’re gonna take a cab to their house” I said.
“Yeah” Mike conceded.

Dad glanced at mum who shrugged.
“Okay then” He said and drew to a corner of the road.
I grabbed the customised nylon containing boxes of chocolates before alighting from the car.
Mike also alighted behind me.

“Take care sons” Dad said.
“Bye sweeties, make sure you get home early okay?” Mum said and we nodded.
“Are you with enough cash?” Dad asked.
“Yeah Dad” I said.
“Bye” they drove off.

I grabbed Mike’s wrist and he tried to jerk it away.
“I can see how badly you wanna get hit by a car” I said and he stopped.

We waited for few minutes before we saw a cab driving towards us at a slow pace.
I quickly waved it to a stop.


“Wow,their compound is beautiful” Mike said after we were allowed in by the gate keeper whom i believed has been informed of our coming.

“Yes it is” I smiled and we both walked to the door.
This is actually the first time I’m visiting Anel’s house.

I hit Mike’s hands when he rushed forward to ring the bell.
“Ouch” He sent me a glare.
“Be well behaved, don’t try any of your madness here” I warned.
“You’re so mean” he hissed.

I rang the doorbell twice and stood by the door nervously.
The door opened and i expected to see Anel but i saw Ana instead.

Good enough!

“Dan” She hugged my legs,and i picked her up to hug my body fully.
“How’re you?” I kissed her cheeks.
“I’m fine” She giggled.

“Where are your parents?” She asked.
“Well..they had to attend to an urgent business” I said and dropped her to her feet.
She sighed and was about talking when she sighted the sulking Mike.

“Wow,he’s your brother right?” She asked and i nodded.
“He’s so cute but why’s he sullen like a balloon?” She asked and i laughed.
Mike rolled his eyes at her.
“You know what metal balls are right?” She asked Mike.
“Of course,i know it”
“Good! That’s exactly how your eyes is,when rolled” She said and i laughed harder.

I’ve forgotten Ana was Mike’s match.

“And do you know an India parrot?” Mike asked.
“Yeah i do”
“That’s exactly how you blabber” Mike retorted.

This two are…damn!

“Dan,your brother is so annoying” Ana said with a raised brow.

I don’t know what to say to this.

“Well…i bought a box of chocolate for you” I said and grabbed a box of chocolate in the nylon.
The remaining ones belongs to Anel.
“OMG, thanks so much Dan” She collected the chocolate with smiles.

“Ana, won’t you allow them in!” I heard Anel shout from inside.
I smiled on hearing her angelic voice.

“Oh..I’m so sorry,i got carried away, come in” She said and paved way for us to come in,hugging her box of chocolate to her chest.
We walked in and was welcomed with baking aroma.

The living room is the most unique I’ve ever seen,so beautiful and simple.

I didn’t notice Anel was seated as i was busy checking out the living room.
“Anel” Mike rushed to her and that was when i also turned and saw her.
She was hugging Mike but her gaze was on me.

We smiled at each other and i wonder how i gotten so attached to Anel.
The past weeks has been great for us, we’ve gotten closer than expected,what we now have for each other is more than friendship.
I’m attracted to her but i don’t think she is to me, she hates guys asking her out and that’s what has been keeping me. I have feelings for her.
I like Anel,i like her so much.
I wish..i wish i could just make her mine and kiss her till eternity😍

She dropped Mike after pecking him and then started walking to me.
The pink dress she wore hugged her body tightly and rhymed her creamy skin,her hair is in her normal pontsplait.

“Hey” She smiled as she got to me.
“Hu.. how’re you?” I asked.
“Stop trying to act formal maniac” She said making me chuckle.
“Okay,psycho what’s up?” I asked.
“Good! That’s what i want. Well I’m fine” She said and looked behind me.

“Where are your parents?” She asked.
“Well..they went to attend to an urgent business, they’ll visit some other time” I said.
“Aw! I was really expecting them but it’s fine” She said.
“Won’t you offer me a seat?” I asked.
“Sit on the floor maniac” She grinned.

“Like seriously?”
“You said i should offer you a seat and i just did” She said.
“You really have traits of a psychopath” i said.
“What!” She gave me a hard knock.
“Ouch! Is that how your visitors get knocked?”
“No but yes, for visitors that get on my nerves” She said.

“OMG, Ana is that chocolate in your hands” She rushed to Ana who was seated on the couch eating chocolate.
“Yeah but I’m not giving you any” Ana said.
“Let me have a wrap, please” She pleaded.

“I bought some for you too” I stretched the nylon to her.
“OMG really?” She grabbed it from me and peered inside.
“Thank you” She screamed and hugged me tightly.

She smells nice…
I sniffed her hair and didn’t want to let her out of my grip but i finally did.
She opened a box of chocolate and started throwing it into her mouth, giggling happily.
I quickly brought out my phone and took few unaware shots of her.
She looks cute though..
I chuckled and returned my phone back to my pocket.

“My bad, i didn’t offer you guys anything, please hold on. I’ll be right back” She said and walked away.
I sat down on the couch and smiled when i saw how engrossed Mike was in the cartoon series being displayed on the TV.
Ana was eating her chocolate and watching the cartoon at the same time.

My eyes continued touring the whole living room.
Anel walked back to the living room with a tray containing two glasses of juice and also two small plate of hot cookies.
She placed it on the table.
Mike smiled and sat properly and i nearly gave him a knock.

“Have this first,meal will be ready soon” She said, opening another box of chocolates.

She has finished the first box?
It seems her craving for chocolate is getting stronger each day.

“Okay thanks” Mike said and grabbed a cookie,he threw it in his mouth and started munching it.
“Delicious” He murmured.
“Thanks Anel” I said.

“I have to go tell Liam, mum and granny that you guys are here” She said and walked towards the stairs.
She turned and i got embarrassed she caught me staring at her.


“Nice meeting you Dan” Liam smiled.
“Same here Liam” I smiled back.
He actually told me to call him Liam.

We were all seated round the dining eating casserole.
This family is filled with nice set of people,they are so warm and friendly.

“You’re so handsome” granny said.
“Thanks granny” I smiled.
“He’s handsome but he’s also a maniac so handsome and maniac makes handsome maniac and that’s what i call him” Anel grinned.
“What!” They all exclaimed except Ana and Mike who laughed.
“Yeah,he’s a maniac.” She said.

“Ah! Anel,that’s rash” Liam said.
“You should hear what he calls me also” she said.
“Really? He also has a name for you ?” Ana’s Mum asked.
“Yeah,I call her beautiful psycho” I said and they all laughed.

“Tit for tat” Liam said when the laughter subsided.
“I’m so enjoying your company,it’s been long i laughed this hard” Granny said.
“Me too” Ana’s Mum said.
“You have such an amazing personality and i totally give in for you to remain Anel’s friend” Liam said.

I smiled and glanced at Anel who looked happy.
“Why are your parents not with you?” Liam asked.
“They went to attend to an urgent business” I said.
“Really? What does your dad do?” Liam asked.

Anel didn’t tell him?

“He’s an art…”
“I’m gonna punch your nose out of your face” Ana interrupted me, referring to Mike.
“Go ahead and I’m gonna make sure i twist your hand till it bends and breaks into four” Mike said.
“Urrgh! You’re getting on my nerves” Ana said.
“Same here” Mike said and continued eating.

We watched them amusingly, everyone trying to hold their laughter.

“You love food a lot” Ana said to Mike and this time i couldn’t hold my laughter.
Mike ignored her even though he looked pissed,he continued eating his casserole.
“We were quarrelling and the next thing you did was to eat!” She said.
“Said a girl who finished the whole of her casserole in four minutes” Mike said.

Ana banged the table. “Mum,you mustn’t give birth to a boy!”

We all laughed.


“I’m gonna show you around” Anel said and took my hand.
We were done eating and the whole family was seated in the living room.
I almost laughed out my lungs, they are funny people.

“Ana,can you please show Mike around also?” Anel asked.
“I’m just gonna lock him up in the attic” She said.
“I’m fine here,besides im enjoying this cartoon rather than getting locked in the attic” Mike said.

“Okay,fine.” Anel said and we both walked out of the door hand in hand.
I feel their gazes on our backs and felt a little bit uncomfortable.


We both sat at the edge of the pool with our bare legs dipped into the water.
We’ve finished touring half of the building and we decided to stay by the pool for a while.

We were both silent as we watched our legs dangle in the cool water.

“I thought you do visit your Dad on weekends” I said.
“Yeah but he is not around, he’ll be back today and he promised to come see me” She said.

I kept stealing glances at her, admiring how beautiful and natural she looked..
“You have nice legs” I complimented.
“Thanks,and you have ugly legs” She said.
“There we go again” I said and she laughed.

“Anyway,your house is beautiful” I said.
“Thanks but not as beautiful as yours” She said.
“I like your house more” I said.
“I like your house more too” She said.

“You have nice family, they’re warm and friendly” I said.
“You think so?” She twitched her nose.
“They’re funny too”
“Thanks but what’s up with the compliments?” She asked.

“I have no other thing to say and i don’t want us to remain in silence” I said.

I raised my feet and stamped it on the water, it splashed on Anel’s face.
“Ah!” She said and stamped her feet hard on the water,it splashed on our faces and clothes.

It seems like fun,we continued stamping our feet in the water, laughing hard in the process,we were both enjoying it and didn’t even noticed we’ve gotten wet.

We finally stopped after we got tired,my cheeks were starting to ache with laughter.

“Dan, we’ve gotten wet” Anel giggled.
“Yeah but it feels good” I smiled.
“Sure it does” She said .
“Let’s take few shots,i want us to have a memory of this day”
“Yessss” Anel giggled.

I brought out my phone from my pocket,put it on and scrolled through the apps,i clicked on the ‘camera’ .
Anel shifted closer to me as i raised up my phone.

We took several shots, posing funnily, laughing and teasing ourselves.
It was fun and i had to frown when my phone rang.


I received it…

📞Hi Dad

📞 How’re you Dan? and how’s Mike.

📞We’re fine dad,i guess you’re done with the business?

📞Yes,i called to tell you that we’re on our way,the business took just few hours.

📞 Really?

📞 Yeah..

📞Wow” I smiled “we’ll be expecting you,you know the home address right?”

📞Yeah,it’s here with me.

📞 Okay Dad,see you soon.


“Anel,my parents are on their way” I said happily.

“Huh!” Her eyes widened and she smiled.

💞Anel’s POV💞

Dan and i walked into the living room to inform everyone that his parents are on their way.
I’m happy I’m gonna be seeing artist Shaw again but then I’m worried.

Liam doesn’t like Bryan Shaw and i hope his coming here won’t cause any problem.
He might get to like him if he sees him.
Artist Shaw is a lovable person.

“Everyone,Dan parents are on their way” I announced happily.


“They are here already” Dan said when the doorbell rang.
Ana quickly rushed to open the door.

I looked at Liam and my heart pounded.
He looks happy, of course he isn’t aware that the person he’s expecting is Bryan Shaw.
How’s he gonna react to it.

“They are here” Ana shouted.

We all stood up to welcome them.
They both walked in and my heart pounded faster.
I switched my gaze to Liam,and i immediately know there will be war the moment his happy face grew furious when he saw Bryan Shaw who equally looked surprised to see him.

“B..b..bryan?” Liam stammered,his eyes has gone red.
“OMG!” Mum and granny exclaimed.
“L..liam?” Artist Shaw also said and tears slowly scrolled down his cheeks.

What’s going on?

“H.. he’s your father?” Liam asked Dan who nodded, looking unhappy.

“Liam pleas..” granny was saying but he already grabbed the flower vase on the table.

Everyone gasped as he furiously threw it at artist shaw who was quick to dodge it from hitting his head but he was not so lucky,the vase shattered on his shoulder.
Everyone stood in shock as blood seeped out of artist Shaw’s shoulder.



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